Speed ​​Dating Dallas TX

Adding to the Wiki soon: "Haunted Lubbock"

2020.10.01 15:32 nitecrawla Adding to the Wiki soon: "Haunted Lubbock"

For those that have been around awhile know around this time people seem to post looking for "haunted locations" in/around Lubbock. I've compiled a list of the locations as well as what the redditor commented about it. Listed Sources and sites. Still looking for more input & information for the Wiki.

Lubbock High:

La Quinta at Q & the Marsha Sharp

Pioneer Hotel:

Hell’s Gate:

O.L. Slaton :


LP&L Building

Lubbock Cemetery :


Memphis Man-



Old Gay Hill School Luther Texas

“Train trestle that is near the Guadalupe arroyo”

“Yellowhouse Canyon”

“Prison House Legend”


Skinwalkers -

They're fascinating. Too fascinating. I went a little crazy around 2014-2015 and couldn't stop thinking about them. Started having dreams about them scolding me but not actually saying any words. Then my appendix ruptured and I almost died. Was in UMC over night and when I came back I found handprints all over my porch in the snow, but no boot/shoe prints. I was done after that. I took my warning and lived. - u/CrypticCryptid


Books :

Links :

Sources :

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2020.09.29 16:54 Mazurroo There are no studies done, r..right? Just point out to normies to discuss with someone smarter in this topic than me, you or them. But they won't touch this, I am sure of that.

1.Men's Looks Matter More Than Women Claim, Study Shows. 2.Do Women Care More About Looks Than They Claim To?
Source: Fugère, Madeleine A., Caitlynn Chabot, Kaitlyn Doucette, and Alita J. Cousins. “The Importance of Physical Attractiveness to the Mate Choices of Women and Their Mothers.” Evolutionary Psychological Science (n.d.): n. pag. Evolutionary Psychological Science – Springer. 10 Mar. 2017. Web. 17 Apr. 2017.
  1. Physical Attractiveness is the Strongest Predictor of Initial Romantic Interest in Both Sexes; No Evidence Male Personality Plays Any Role for Women; What Leads to Romantic Attraction_Similarity_Reciprocity_Security or Beauty Evidence From a Speed-Dating Study
Source: What Leads to Romantic Attraction: Similarity, Reciprocity, Security, or Beauty? Evidence From a Speed-Dating Study Shanhong Luo and Guangjian Zhang, University of North Carolina at Wilmington, University of Notre Dame
4.Predicting Romantic Interest at Zero Acquaintance: Evidence of Sex Differences in Trait Perception but Not in Predictors of Interest
Source: Olderbak, Malter, Wolf, Jones, & Figueredo, 2017
5.Men liked 61.9% of women on Tinder and women liked a mere 4.5% of men on Tinder; Education Level and Mating Success: Undercover on Tinder
6.Link2 to this research with complete PDF
Source: Education Level and Mating Success: Undercover on Tinder: Brecht Neyt - Ghent University, Sarah Vandenbulcke, Ghent University, Stijn Baert, Ghent University; University of Antwerp; Catholic University of Louvain (UCL); Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA), 2018
  1. Facial attractiveness as a moderator of the association between social and physical aggression and popularity in adolescents; Study finds facially unattractive adolescents lose social popularity when they act aggressively, but facially attractive ones do not lose popularity when they do it
Source: Lisa H. Rosen, Marion K. Underwood, School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences, The University of Texas at Dallas, PO Box 830688, GR 41, Richardson, TX 75080, USA, 2009
  1. Women are twice as choosy as men when they go speed dating. Men want to see about five women again, while women only choose to see two men again after the speed dating event. n = 3,600
Source: Dating Preferences and Meeting Opportunities in Mate Choice Decisions, Michèle Belot, Marco Francesconi Journal of Human Resources, University of Wisconsin
9.Women want taller men more than men want shorter women
Source: Women want taller men more than men want shorter women,Stulp, G., Buunk, A. P., & Pollet, T. V. (2013).

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2020.09.22 05:56 morshedulpython Watch NFR Live Stream 2020 Texas Rodeo Onlin

Watch NFR Live Stream 2020 Texas Rodeo Onlin

Watch NFR Live Stream 2020 Texas Rodeo Online


When talking about 2020 Rodeo is basically it basically refers to an annual [National Finals Rodeo](https://nfrliverodeo.com/) event that is meant to happen on Thursday, December 3rd to the Saturday 12th at the Globe Life Field which is located in Arlington, Texas, United States. Additionally, the scheduled event is supposed to cover about Bareback Riding, Barrel Racing, Bull Riding, Saddle Bronc Riding, Steer Wrestling, Team Roping and Time-down Roping. Importantly, NFR live stream 2020. The NFR is shaping up to be one of the most competitive and entertaining rodeos that the world has ever seen. The top cowboys in the world will be putting their boots on and taking each other on to try and claim a world championship in their respective events. Mark your calendars and make sure you do not miss out on a single second of action this December.
Long before the Dallas Cowboys were winning Super Bowls in American football, real-life cowboys were competing in the “Super Bowl of Rodeo” in Dallas, Texas as early as 1959. The seven-competition tradition began there, but also saw stops in Los Angeles, California from 1962 to 1964, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma from 1965 to 1984, and Las Vegas host since 1985 but in 2020 The National Finals Rodeo will move from its usual home in Las Vegas to Globe Life Field in Arlington in what would be the park’s first major non-baseball event since its opening this past spring.
Rodeo fans are eagerly waiting to see theNFR live stream. The National Finals Rodeo is not the only showcase of the best cowboys but also showcase of patience, bravery and spurs.

Globe Life Field, Arlington, Texas, United States
Start Date
Thursday, 3rd December 2020
End Date
Saturday, 12th December 2020
The Cowboy Channel
Live Stream
Watch Here
So, don’t miss a single moment of the WNFR live action. Don’t worry, If you can’t attend in Texas NFR, we’ll discuss here how to watch National Finals Rodeo online real-time TV coverage.
Contents [hide]
  • 1 When is the National Finals Rodeo?
  • 2 Where will the NFR Texas 2020 be held?
  • 3 What TV Channel will the NFR be on?
  • 4 How to watch NFR Live Stream 2020 Online
  • 4.1 The Cowboys Channel
  • 4.2 PRCA on The Cowboy Channel+ App
  • 4.3 RFD-TV Now
  • 4.3.1 Supported platforms
  • 4.4 Sling TV
  • 4.4.1 Supported platforms
  • 4.5 2020 NFR Live Stream Using a VPN
  • 4.5.1 ExpressVPN
  • 4.5.2 IPVanish
  • 4.5.3 NordVPN
  • 5 Can I listen to NFR 2020 live stream on radio?
  • 6 NFR Live Online on Social Media
  • 6.1 YouTube
  • 6.2 Facebook
  • 6.3 Twitter
  • 6.4 Reddit
  • 7 How much are tickets to the NFR?
  • 8 Everything You Need to Know About NFR
  • 9 Main Performance
  • 9.1 Bareback Riding
  • 9.2 Steer Wrestling
  • 9.3 Team Roping
  • 9.3.1 Headers
  • 9.3.2 Heelers
  • 9.4 Saddle Bron Riding
  • 9.5 Tie-Down Roping
  • 9.6 Barrel Racing
  • 9.7 Bull Riding
  • 9.8 All-Around Champion
  • 10 Contestants
  • 11 Super Bowl of Rodeo
  • 12 Miss Rodeo America
  • 13 Wrangler NFR Preshow
  • 14 Cowboy Christmas
  • 15 Standings
  • 16 NFR Prize Money
  • 17 Wrangler NFR World Champions
  • 18 Final Words

When is the National Finals Rodeo?

For individuals who plan on attending the NFR festivities in Texas, there are a variety of sponsored activities to get involved with during the 10-day period between 9:00AM to 5:00PM (PT). Each night’s NFR performances will officially take place between 6:45PM to 9:00PM (PT). See complete NFR schedule page.

Where will the NFR Texas 2020 be held?

All of the NFR’s main performances will take place at the Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. Normally home of the home of the Texas Rangers baseball team, this venue can seat up to 40,300 people and tickets will go on sale to the public on Sept. 25, 2020.

What TV Channel will the NFR be on?

The Cowboy Channel is the official media partner for the PRCA and Wrangler NFR 2020. Because this is an exclusive deal between the network and the PRCA, the NFR will not be shown on any other TV network during the 10-day period.

How to watch NFR Live Stream 2020 Online

The Wrangler NFR is a 10-day event that includes the fan-favorite Cowboy Christmas as well as the PRCA National Convention. The schedule also includes nightly Buckle Presentations, Benny Binion’s World Famous Wrangler NFR Bucking Horse Sale, the PRCA Awards Banquet and Gala also the Pro Rodeo League of Women Style Show and Luncheon. All performances will be covered by The Cowboy Channel live and simulcast on RFD-TV. Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (NFR) move to The Cowboy Channel (TCC) and RFD-TV beginning in 2020. The performances will also be streamed on the PRCA on Cowboy Channel Plus app. The PRCA on Cowboy Channel Plus app users will be able to stream events both live and recorded.

The Cowboys Channel

The ultimate annual rodeo event will now be seen by millions of people live simultaneously on two national TV networks. Also included in the deal is a wide variety of other PRCA programming, including expanded live coverage of the PRORODEO TOUR and the PRCA’s Xtreme Bulls Tour events which will result in a huge increase in the amount, availability and quality of PRCA PRORODEO coverage on The Cowboy Channel here. The Cowboy Channel now available on Dish Network-232, Direct TV-603, Cox-260 anytime, and anywhere. You can enjoy Rural Media on these platforms:
  • AT&T (Channel 568 & 1568)
  • Charter Spectrum
  • Comcast
  • Cox
  • DIRECTV (Channel 345)
  • DISH (Channel 231)
  • Mediacom
  • Sling TV’s Heartland Package
  • Suddenlink
To find out if RFD-TV and The Cowboy Channel are available in your area, please click here and enter your zip code also choose your Pay TV provider.

PRCA on The Cowboy Channel+ App

The PRCA on The Cowboy Channel+ App will keep fans up-to-date with their favorite PRCA rodeos and athletes, as well as provide behind-the-scenes access to livestreamed and on demand PRCA rodeo events from around the country. The content can be accessed via the mobile app (available on Android and iOS), as well as any browser, smart TV or device. Viewers will be able to enjoy free access to up-to-the-minute news, bios, rodeos and highlights. Those with a subscription will unlock premium content such as up to six simultaneous live rodeo feeds, classic PRCA archived rodeos, The Cowboy Channel video-on-demand programming, and the only place viewers can stream the National Finals Rodeo (NFR). The Cowboy Channel+ is available for only $9.99 a month or save up to 25% and purchase the whole year for $89.99. To sign up for the PRCA on The Cowboy Channel+ App, visit www.cowboychannelplus.com.


RFD-TV Now delivers both real-time NFR 2020 LIVE programming as well as an expansive on-demand library with access to more than 90 shows such as Hee Haw, Opry Encore, The Best of the Marty Stuart Show, Ag PHD, and FarmHer, as well as daily broadcasts of Market Day Report and Rural Evening News. RFD-TV Now is available on a huge lineup of streaming players and devices including Roku players, Roku TVs, and Amazon’s Fire TV. RFD-TV Now costs $9.99 a month or $89.99 a year.
Supported platforms
Can I watch RFD-TV on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or Chromecast? Yes! you can here is the complete list:
  • Android 4.4+
  • Android TV 5.0+
  • Apple TV 9.0+
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • IOS 9.0+
  • Roku
  • Web: Chrome, Firefox, IE11, Edge

Sling TV

Sling TV includes RFD TV as part of their Sling Blue Heartland Extra package for $35 a month. Sling TV has 30 channels as part of their plan, including A&E, AMC, BET, Bravo, Cartoon Network, CNN, Comedy Central, Discovery, Disney Channel, E!, ESPN, Food Network, Fox News, Freeform, FX, HGTV, History, Investigation Discovery, Lifetime, MSNBC, Paramount Network, Syfy, TBS, TLC, TNT, Travel Channel, truTV, and USA Network.
This is the full Sling TV Channel List.
Every Sling TV subscriber can record to their 10 hours Cloud DVR, while 3 users can stream at the same time.
Supported platforms
Sling TV supports a wide-range of devices to stream including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, iPhone/iPad, Web Browsers, Android Phone/Tablet, Android TV, Xbox, Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, and VIZIO Smart TV. Sling TV is not available to stream on PlayStation and Nintendo.

2020 NFR Live Stream Using a VPN

Sling TV is only available to residents of the United States. Even viewers located in our neighbor to the north, Canada, cannot access the Sling TV service. In these situations, a reliable and encrypted VPN (Virtual Private Network) can prove to be helpful. A VPN will allow an individual to remotely connect to a server located in a different country that allows the desired website viewing to take place. The following VPNs can prove to be very useful:
  • ExpressVPN
  • This source offers a selection of servers that spans over 90 countries. Currently, they offer monthly ($12.95/month), semi-annual ($59.95/6-months), and annual ($99.95) plans. Included with each plan is the offer of a 30-day money back guarantee in the event that a user is dissatisfied.
  • IPVanish
  • The offering from this source includes servers that span over 60 countries. The current subscription plans consist of monthly ($10/month), quarterly ($26.99/3-months), and annual ($77.99/year) options. Included with each plan is the offer of a 7-day money back guarantee in the event that a user is dissatisfied.
  • NordVPN
  • While maintaining a selection of servers that spans over 60 countries, this VPN source currently has subscription plans that consist of monthly ($11.95/month), semi-annual ($54/6-months), annual ($83.88/year), and bi-annual ($95.75/2-years) options.
Once you have connected to US’ Fastest server, the Sling website will instantly be accessible to you. Simply subscribe to Sling Live TV service and enjoy live streaming of all your favorite TV channels right at home!

Can I listen to NFR 2020 live stream on radio?

This season, you can hear daily from the ten days of the Wrangler NFR, scheduled for Dec. 3-12 (find an affiliate near you), as well as on SiriusXM serving rural America and Canada and is available to more than 34 million vehicles and homes. RURAL RADIO also offers a broad slate of Western sports programming year-round featuring Western Sports Roundup and coverage of WPCA and PRCA events.
Launched in March 2019 under the theme of “All Dirt, All Rodeo, All Year,” NFR Extra follows current and former rodeo contestants, country music performers, stock contractors, rodeo industry insiders and more. New episodes are released weekly with the plan to broadcast daily from the ten days of the Wrangler NFR, scheduled for Dec. 3-12. If not listening on RURAL RADIO Channel 147 on SiriusXM, NFR Extra can be accessed at NFRexperience.com or on Spotify, Apple Podcast, iHeart or anywhere fans like to listen.

NFR Live Online on Social Media

One increasingly popular method of viewing NFR live stream comes in the form of social media viewing. The way this typically works is through an individual using their mobile device to live stream the event to a social media platform of their choosing. The most popular platforms for this method are as follows:
  • YouTube
  • The most popular video-sharing site on the planet has historically built its name upon uploaded videos. However, the site now allows live-streaming capabilities, making it perfect for free viewing of live events such as NFR, as long as a streaming user can be found.
  • Facebook
  • Various individual accounts or pages are bound to be streaming the National Finals Rodeo events. Interested individuals will have to search for these opportunities throughout the platform as it gets closer to the festivities.
  • Twitter
  • This platform has increasingly become the go-to place for action as it happens in real-time. That makes it a prime destination when searching for all things related to NFR. A quick search bar or hashtag follow will almost assuredly lead to the discovery someone streaming the NFR.
  • Reddit
  • Mainly known as a news aggregation site, this platform has increasingly become a well-known discussion forum hub. Within those forums, there is undoubtedly discussion concerning how to watch the NFR live stream on Reddit.

How much are tickets to the NFR?

National Finals Rodeo Tickets have been placed on this website by our trusted brokers, who offer those tickets in a range of values. Have a look at all the ticket prices and select the tickets which best suit your budget. 2020 Wrangler NFR new ticket prices are as follow:
  • Balcony: Individual – $76, Season – $760, 4pk – $304, 6pk – $456
  • Plaza: Individual – $105, Season – $1,050
  • Gold Buckle: Individual – $300, Season – $3,000

Everything You Need to Know About NFR

Beyond the payouts for the Cowboys, the PRCA estimates that the event brings in about $90 million annually to the Las Vegas economy. Furthermore, recent attendance stats have shown that 177,565 rodeo enthusiasts decked out in Wrangler jeans, Justin boots and cowboy hats attended events at the Thomas & Mack with an additional 40,000 fans who watched at the 40 hotels who hosted watch parties. It is during this rare time of the year that many marquees on the Strip have the face of bull riders replace DJs’ faces.

Main Performance

Seven main events have historically taken place at the NFR. Each event has its own monetary prizes that are paid out, and those payouts are determined by each top-placing competitor’s rank in relation to the event’s overall prize pool. Individuals placed in the top-six of a particular event are paid out accordingly, while individuals placed in the top-eight of the overall NFR are also paid out. The NFR’s main events are as follows:
  • Bareback Riding
  • This consists of a horseback cowboy using a bareback rigging as the primary means of staying on top of the horse. This grip has often been compared to the equivalent of hanging on to a suitcase handle and makes for the only support that a cowboy has on top of the wildly bucking horse. An 8-second ride constitutes a qualified ride and the cowboys is judged on riding technique.
  • Steer Wrestling
  • This act involves a horseback steer wrestler, alternatively known as a “bulldogger”, bringing a fast-moving steer to a halt on its back as fast as possible. The bulldogger utilizes a combination of strength, technique, speed, and precision to jump off of their horse from a designated starting point and onto a steer sprinting off from the same starting point.
  • Team Roping
  • Headers
  • One of two horseback team members whose job is to successfully rope the head of the steer in one of three tries as fast as possible; around both horns, around one horn and the head, or around the neck.
  • Heelers
  • One of two horseback team members whose job is to successfully rope the hind legs of the steer as soon as the header has successfully done their part. To avoid a 5-second penalty for roping only one hind leg, the heeler must rope both hind legs.
  • Saddle Bron Riding
  • Similar to Bareback Riding, the goal of the horseback cowboy is to maintain their balance as much as possible for 8 seconds while the horse is bucking. In this event, however, the cowboy sits on a saddle while using one hand to hold on to a thick rein that’s attached to the horse’s halter.
  • Tie-Down Roping
  • This event centers around a cowboy on horseback attempting to restrain a calf by throwing a well-timed rope loop that’s attached to the cowboy’s horse. The cowboy and the calf both leave from a designated starting point, with the calf getting a slight head-start. The cowboy depends on the horse to mitigate any slack in the rope after dismounting, then proceeds to tie-up the calf as fast as possible.
  • Barrel Racing
  • This is a women’s event where horseback cowgirls race against the clock to complete a strategically set course where barrels are set up as landmarks. The intent is for the cowgirls to complete a cloverleaf-shaped run around 3 barrels placed in a triangular formation as fast as possible. Barrels that are accidentally knocked over result in 5-second penalties.
  • Bull Riding
  • The cowboy on top of the bull has the main objective of staying on top and maintaining their balance for 8 seconds. They are judged based on technique and can earn extra points by spurring while the bull is bucking. The cowboy stays on top of the bull by grasping a flat braided rope, which also wraps around the bull’s chest.
  • All-Around Champion
  • Being crowned the All-Around Champion speaks volumes about the versatility and high level of talent exhibited by the winning cowboy. In order to receive this honor, the cowboy must have won the most prize money in a given year and competed in at least 2 NFR events while earning at least $3,000 in each of those events. This is widely known as the highest honor bestowed by the PRCA.


There are 120 cowboys from all over the United States that will step foot as competitors within the NFR. A full list of the contestants can be found on the event’s Contestant Roster page. The top 10 ranked competitors are as follows:
  1. Tuf Cooper – Tie-Down Roping
  2. Trevor Brazile – Tie-Down Roping
  3. Sage Kimzey – Bull Riding
  4. Tim O’Connell – Bareback Riding
  5. Jacobs Crawley – Saddle Bronc Riding
  6. Caleb Bennett – Bareback Riding
  7. Ryder Wright – Saddle Bronc Riding
  8. Rhen Richard – Team Roping (Header)
  9. Shane Hanchey – Tie-Down Roping
  10. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi – Barrel Racing

Super Bowl of Rodeo

The NFR has consistently been referred to with this phrase because of the sheer massiveness of its popularity and money-generating power within the context of rodeo. The event is considered to be so big and consistently sold-out that the UNLV basketball team that normally uses the NFR’s venue during the season has to annually build its schedule in a way that keeps the team on the road for the duration of the NFR festivities.

Miss Rodeo America

This event is a pageant that takes place in conjunction with the NFR as part of the NFR’s overall festivities. State rodeo queen winners from across the United States compete for the Miss Rodeo America crown and put themselves in line to potentially win $20,000, among other smaller prizes. In addition to the prizes, the winner is expected to travel to various rodeos throughout the United States and to promote the rodeo during the subsequent year.

Wrangler NFR Preshow

The former Miss Rodeo America titleholder is no stranger to the excitement of the “Super Bowl” of Western competition, with six years of WNFR reporting under her belt. She is most excited about bringing the pre-show to the fans. Be prepared for this Wrangler NFR Preshow, don’t miss a single moment of the Pro Rodeo live action.

Cowboy Christmas

For those that need a break from the constant adrenaline that comes with the NFR’s main events, the Cowboy Christmas experience allows for a welcomed change of pace. This portion of NFR centers around cowboy shopping and serves as a marketplace for hundreds of exhibitors from the United States and Canada to sell to thousands of eager buyers. Typically taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Cowboy Christmas will also move to Arlington, TX in 2020. All exhibitors will have the opportunity to Opt-In/Opt-Out for 2020.


The 2019 PRCA season has been extremely competitive as a lot of the top cowboys are gunning for glory. Tuf Cooper sits atop of the all-around standings and many experts believe that he is going to win his second all-around title in a row. There will be a lot of close competitions and many of the world championships could come down to the last day. You can check the current standings here.

NFR Prize Money

The total payout for the entire event is $10 million and will remain at that amount until 2020. After that, the amount will be adjusted and remain in place for the subsequent five years. All 120 qualifying contestants receive $10,000 as part of participating. This year’s detailed payout structure can be found on the PRCA’s 2019 Wrangler NFR Payoff page.

Wrangler NFR World Champions

2019 All Around World Champion
Stetson Wright
The 2019 NFR World Champions
Bareback Riding
Clayton Biglow
Steer Wrestling
Ty Erickson
Team Roping (Header)
Clay Smith
Team Roping (Heeler)
Wesley Thorp
Saddle Bronc Riding
Zeke Thurston
Tie-Down Roping
Haven Meged
Barrel Racing
Hailey Kinsel
Bull Riding
Sage Kimzey
For a full recap, please click here.

Final Words

All in all, the National Finals Rodeo is a landmark event and a de facto defining period of time within any given rodeo year. For anyone who is a fan of rodeo, the main events and the surrounding festivities are must-see events and must-participate experiences if the financial means allow for it. Don’t miss a minute of the exhilarating NFR live stream action this year from December 3rd until December 12th.
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2020.09.03 18:30 TheRealFanjin Colors/images in Shadow are glitching a lot

Any suggestions will be appreciated :)
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Top Ten G-ay S-ex Da-ting New
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2020.08.20 16:44 nefariousnick_ The Aurora UFO Crash of 1897

The Aurora UFO Crash of 1897

In April, 1897, mysterious airships were reportedly seen over Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kansas, and Texas. The reports claim that they averaged about 300 feet long, and say that they had enormous wings and sails. It looked as though it traveled 60-80 miles an hour. Some people described it as a “cloudless tornado” with some residents running for shelter in their storm houses. One witness says he didn’t see a ship, only a small red light which he first mistook as a meteor. An unnamed investigator concluded that the airships were “aerial war cars” from Mars, and that the Martians had come to see how many reinforcements the United States would need if the armies of Europe invaded.
On April 17th 1897, in the town of Aurora, Texas, it was reported that an “airship” crashed into a windmill belonging to a local judge, Judge Proctor. On April 19th, The Dallas Morning News reported that “The pilot of the ship is supposed to have been the only one aboard and, while his remains were badly disfigured, enough of the original has been picked up to show that he was not an inhabitant of this world.” The newspaper also talks about papers found on the supposed dead E.T., and claims these papers contained an “unknown hieroglyphic” writing. It goes on to say that the ship was to badly damaged to understand its construction and mode of propulsion and power. Some say the metal it was created with looked like a mixture of aluminum and silver. People came from all over to view the wreckage and collect pieces of the strange metal the object was constructed with. The newspaper claims that it seemed like the craft wasn’t working properly, as it was traveling at an estimated speed of 10-12 miles an hour, slowly descending towards the Earth. It descended over the town square, and crashed in the north part of town, destroying Judge Proctor's windmill. There was an enormous explosion, which scattered debris over several acres, and destroyed the judge’s flower garden. After the crash, the townspeople allegedly buried the alien with Christian rites in the Aurora cemetery. A resident of Aurora, Toni Wheeler, whose family has lived there for generations first heard of the crash from a neighbor. She came up with a name for the E.T. “Ned”. The original gravestone (depicting what looks to be a cigar-shaped object) was stolen around 1973, and was replaced with a three inch pipe in the ground. Another marker was seemingly constructed after this, with this marker disappearing in 2012, this time, being replaced with a boulder to mark the grave. People still come to the grave to bring gifts and write on the boulder. Researchers have tried to find evidence for the crash, including using radar to try and tell if there really is an alien body in the grave, digging up metal at the crash site, and testing water in the well where the wreckage was supposedly stored. In the 1970s, people tried to dig up the grave. Wheeler states that the cemetery association kept people from digging up the grave because by law you cant' exhume remains unless you notify next of kin, which Ned doesn’t have. At least, none that we know of.

Early in 1897, a slew of disastrous events plagued the small town of Aurora, including a boll weevil infestation that destroyed the towns cotton crop, a fire that killed several people and burned down multiple buildings, a railroad that was supposed to run through the town, but was cancelled, and a spotted fever outbreak that forced the town into quarantine. The former mayor of Aurora, Barbara Brammer, researched these events, and found that the man who wrote the article detailing the alleged crash, S.E Haydon, was apparently a known jokester, and concluded that Haydon was trying to keep the town alive with an exciting story about visitors from another world, hoping it would bring people, and with them, commerce, to the small town. This compliments the fact that Haydon never followed up with the story, and didn’t even cover the burial of the supposed extraterrestrial pilot. Time Magazine interviewed a resident of Aurora in 1979, who said that Haydon had fabricated the entire story, and that Judge Proctor never had a windmill on his property. A UFO Hunters episode investigated the case, and found that there were four windmill stops on the Judge’s property that could’ve held up a windmill.
This case would’ve been the first reported UFO crash, taking place before Roswell, and even before the Wright Brothers first flight. There's evidence that suggests that something could’ve crashed in Aurora, but skeptic claims are compelling as well. Haydon lost his wife and two sons to spotted fever, while another son was left blinded. It could’ve been desperation that motivated him to make up a gripping story to save his town from decimation. The sightings of strange craft before the incident give some credence to a UFO explanation, but the fact that much of the supposed debris found at the sight was hauled off never to be seen again creates a blank spot in this theory. This case has interesting evidence on the skeptic side, as well as the believer side. Only the 19th century residents know what happened, and who knows, maybe there really is a small alien body buried in Aurora. Thanks for reading.





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Christian Harmony Da-ting Si-te
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2020.07.27 17:30 pahohi1327JJul Christian and Single Da-ting S-ite

Christian and Single Da-ting S-ite
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2020.06.30 07:46 thedallasdating Speed Dating Dallas Tx

Speed Dating In Dallas Tx: Don’t waste your time trying to connect with singles halfway across the country. We focus exclusively on the Dallas area, including surrounding suburbs in Collin, Denton, and other DFW counties.
Visit www.thedallasdatingcompany.com
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2020.06.22 03:15 Li-vu First PC Build! Budget $1500

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using. Just programming (VScode) for now but I would like to delve into games like Monster Hunter World, Overwatch, and Minecraft.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes? $1500
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy. Within the next 2 weeks
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc) Everything! I am building from scratch so plus tower, monitor, keyboard, mouse.
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location? Dallas, TX, Microcenter is very accessible
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated. I have a friend who willing to give me his 2.5' 5400 and 3.5 ' 7400 hdd. I am not sure what brand they are but I would rather have an ssd for speed? No plans for overclocking
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc) Very fast processing, 16 GB RAM, Wifi, and 500 GB SSD. A good sized monitor too (27" up).
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components? Mini ITX would be nice and a window panel. LED Lights are also preferred but not too much lol. I also like the look of gray PC builds but any color is fine.
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference? Windows home is fine
Extra info or particulars: I'm interested in Linux but I have no idea where to start if anyone could give me advice :)
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2020.06.14 22:21 giant-rabbits A single person’s week in Dallas, TX and what food they spend $177 on

Background Number of people in household: 1
Pets: 0
Dietary restrictions: none
Occupation: Corporate finance
Location: Dallas, TX
Budget: don’t have a grocery budget. Average spend per month for the last 12 months: $130 / $33 weekly Average spend per month from last 12 months including dining out (excluding alcohol): $226 / $57 weekly
Stores I typically shop at: Aldi, Costco, Kroger, Walmart
Fridge contents in the beginning of week: 2 cage free organic eggs, 18 (full carton) conventional eggs, ¾ Planet Oat regular oat milk, full Silk regular oat milk, half a big thing of blueberries, 1.5 containers of raspberries, asparagus, full block of cheddar cheese, almost full block of pepper jack cheese, half coconut water
Day 1 - Sunday
8:30a: Stayed at a friend’s place for the night and didn’t have the most restful sleep.
9:30a: Finally get up after checking Instagram for almost an hour. Offer my friend some of my Flamin Hot Cheetos, but they had spicy chicken yesterday and refuse to eat anymore spice today. Eat two because why not.
10a: Head out to Tom Thumb to redeem a free coupon for their private label brand sparkling water. The coupon says “with caffeine” but none of the options I see have caffeine. Oh well let me take my chances and see.
10:15a: Ring up at self checkout and it doesn’t take off the full amount of the sparkling water. Total is $1.50 which is a good deal for a 12 pack, but not interesting in buying if it’s not free... I wave the staff over and have him void my item and walk away. Kind of awkward, but whatever.
10:30a: Head to TJ Maxx to see if there are any running shorts available. Texas has been open for business for almost a month now, but this is the first time I’m heading into a store. Didn’t really want to, but figure it will be quick in and out. Not many people given that it’s still early. Clearance deals all over.
11:30a: No running shorts, but somehow I have six items in my hands and I’m debating what to buy. I shouldn’t have come in here.
12p: Check out with three items… might return them.
12:30p: Get to Walmart primarily to pick up some quinoa. Stop by the bakery section first. Spot a red velvet caked that’s discounted ($7) because today is the sell by date. I always see those as recommendations. I love red velvet mainly probably because of the cream cheese frosting so I snag it.
Check the price of boneless skinless chicken breasts because I’m interested in how it stacks up to Aldi. $1.80 per pound here vs. Aldi is on sale at $1.90. Note to self to buy them here.
I go into the rice aisle to look for quinoa and can’t find anything. Ask a worker who gives me “what’s quinoa? Did you check the international foods section?” I chuckle to myself and head over to the pasta section and try that.
Nothing there so I check the international foods section and nothing there. I’m reminded that I was supposed to check the price on rice vinegar. I notice there’s a coupon for the item so I snag it.
1:30p: Disappointed that I couldn’t find the quinoa. I feel like Walmart MUST have it. Check out with a red velvet cake, rice vinegar, and non food item. Total $8 for the food items. Have a gift card so technically costs me $0.
1:45p: Get home and check the internet on the latest random things I’ve missed (protests, clothing sales, etc)
2p: Have a late lunch and make two soft boiled eggs and ¼ cup of blueberries.
2:30p: Cut the red velvet cake and dig in. Supposed to be 10 slices as the recommended serving size. I split it into 14 with a bigger one for today. The calorie count for one slice is 340 which is crazy. I started counting calories during quarantine as a way to limit my snacking at home. I’m a big slacker.
2:45p: Try on the clothes that I got because the dressing rooms were closed.
Finish up Self Less on Netflix. Not a big stimulating movie, but it’s good entertainment.
I grab some Popcornopolis Vanilla Bean popcorn. Not my favorite, but they taste like kettle corn which is good I guess. End up having 2.25 cups. Yes I measure my popcorn out now! Not sure how I ever lived without measuring cups.
5p: Decide to do a Nike Training Club workout. The premium workouts are free due to COVID and I’ve been doing them recently. Today is abs / core.
7p: Have canned soup for dinner even though it’s 90 degrees outside. Opt for Campbell’s Chunky Chicken Chowder Potato soup. Quick and easy dinner.
I try to eat more slowly now and consciously eat and enjoy my food. Also take a few sips of water between bites.
7:30p: I wasn’t going to have any chocolate since I already had a lot of sugar with the red velvet cake, but it’s fine I suppose. Have a Sander’s Dark Chocoalte Caramel chocolate; it’s 70 calories per piece which isn’t bad.
8p: Go for a walk. I’ve been taking walks after dinner recently because it’s too hot even at 6:30 or 7. It also gives me time to listen to my podcasts now that I’m not commuting to work anymore.
8:30p: Do dishes and get ready for bed. Was supposed to read a book, but end up falling into a Reddit rabbit hole.
10:30p: In bed.
Total food spend (including eating out): $0
Day 2 Monday
6:15a: Alarm goes off. This is 15 minutes earlier than I normally wake up. Trying to wake up a tad bit earlier to get out on runs earlier because it’s already 75 at 7! Ugh Texas summers.
6:50a: Get out for a run. It doesn’t feel terrible out yet…
8a: Was planning on a 7 mile run, but went for 8. The first 1.5 miles I was barely awake. Felt better at the end of it, but I’m very sweaty and tired. It’s 79 degrees by the time I finish. Dreaming of the leftover coconut water in the fridge.
Chug water and the Vitacoco coconut water. Stretch and just lay down on my yoga mat. Don’t feel like moving. Do a 5 minute cool down off the Run Experience’s Youtube channel.
8:45a: Spent too much time moping on the mat. Get ready for the day.
9a: Log in to work. Been working from home since quarantine, which has been almost three months? Losing track. Best part is not having to wash my hair after a sweaty run.
9:30a: Been unintentionally doing intermittent fasting during quarantine & don’t usually have anything to eat until 11:30 or 12. But my stomach is growling and I need to refuel.
Grab a Vanilla Almond RXbar. I love RXbars in general. I think it’s the “clean” / “minimal” ingredients. I’m a sucker for the packaging too.This is the first time I’ve had this flavor and it’s not too bad. The vanilla tastes fake though. “Natural” flavors.
12:00p: Two zoom meetings this morning and update some models as a result.
12:45p: Cut my personal watermelon up. Realized I don’t have the proper knife for it, so it’s a bit of a struggle. Good thing I didn’t get a big one. Take a few bites here and there off the rind. I’m happy it’s pretty sweet.
1p: Still working on cutting up the watermelon and multitasking while on this zoom call. There’s a breakout session at 1:30, so I keep track of the time. It’s making a mess and I probably should’ve put the watermelon over a cutting board instead of only newspaper.
1:30p: Finished in the nick of time and ready for the camera.
3p: I look up the calorie count for watermelon and realize there’s no way I’m going to be able to measure it accurately because it’s counted as a “cup.” Mine are cut up into wedges so I’ll wing it. That’s the thing even though I’m counting calories unless you are weighing everything it’s not accurate. Shrugs.
Put two eggs in the pot. I sit back down and finish up an email. Shoot realized I forgot to set a timer so that the eggs come out soft boiled. Wing it by putting how much time I think is left.
They actually came out pretty good. Probably better than if I had remembered to set it from the beginning. I’m super hungry and peel them as soon as they are ready.
Pour out ½ cup of blueberries. I got a big box at least a week ago and few of them are starting to get moldy.
3:30p: Go for a Costco run. Glad that even with working from home, my workplace is flexible as long as you get all your work done. Better to go now when people are busy with their days. I’d like to think that the 9-5 is no more in this environment.
Not that many people are here. Grab some Brownie Brittle and Boomchickapop; both of which are on BOGO deal. Dangerous!! Had the Brownie Brittle once before and I don’t think I liked them THAT much, but it is on a BOGO... I spot Off the Eaten Path Veggie Crisps which I love. They only have them on a rotational basis so I snag a bag. I also get two Sander’s dark chocolate caramels since they’re on sale. Oh gosh too much snacking.
Debate whether to get Clif Bars (on sale), but I see the protein count (9g) and they are marketed more so as energy bars and have a lot of sugar. I love these, but get Autumn’s Gold Grain free bars instead (also on sale). Haven’t tried them before, so we’ll see.
Grab a bottle of wine (2014 cab from Napa Valley ooh) as a gift for a friend who is leaving Dallas ($17). I wouldn’t spend this much on a bottle of wine for myself and I know it’s not even a lot. A bag of tamales peak my interest. It looks like a local Texas item? Maybe not.
I roll around to look for quinoa and debate getting it, but decide against it. It’s a big bag and the cooking prep isn’t as convenient as say rice, so it takes me a long time to get through it. Think I’ll get a smaller bag from Aldi at some point.
(Farmed Atlantic) Salmon prices look high at $11/lb. I don’t know why Costco prices are so much higher than salmon at other places, which are at $7 on sale even less. Costco does get rid of the skin for you though.
4:30p: Log back online. No major messages. Pour another 1/2 cup of blueberries.
5p: 1/2 cup of the Popcornopolis Vanilla Bean.
5:30p: Log off, read some news, read a friend’s grad school essay.
6:15p: Decide to do some leg workouts: 15 pound weights with lunges, deadlifts, squats.
7p: Today’s dinner: boiled shrimp, ⅓ cup of pasta, Roma tomatoes (raw). After finishing, I decide to heat up some chicken nuggets since I had a lower calorie day. Have a slice of red velvet cake.
8p: Go for walk in the neighborhood, do the dishes, talk to my mom. Read my latest book, Upstream by Dan Heath. It’s about solving problems “upstream” (before they happen) instead of waiting until after the fact. Attacking the problem at the root cause.
10p: In bed.
Total food spend (excluding the wine since it’s a gift): $105 for 2 bags of Brownie Brittle, 4 bags of Boomchickapop Autumn’s Gold Grain free bars, Off the Eaten Path Veggie Crisps, tamales.
Day 3 - Tuesday
6:15a: Wake up for my run. I woke up randomly throughout the night thinking I was going to oversleep. Guess I’m committed to running.
8a: Finish 5 miles. I didn’t start seriously running until this year and didn’t think I’d say it, but 5 miles isn’t hard for me to do anymore! (Not fast though.) Don’t feel as dehydrated today, but have ½ of a coconut water anyway. Stretch and do some arm exercises (skull crushers, triceps dips).
9a: Log into work from bed since I have no morning meetings today. Tackle a request from yesterday and watch a training video.
12p: Make two soft boiled eggs. I’m pretty hungry and shove them in my mouth quickly. Have the remaining blueberries. Pour some Plant Oat oat milk. I’ve weirdly been into oat milk lately & only slightly lactose intolerant.
12-3p: Rest of the afternoon flies by with a Zoom call, all hands meeting discussing current events affecting the black community and what the company is doing, updating some reports.
3p: Heat up chicken nuggets. A serving is only four andI have more than that. Makes me think about the times when I’d eat 20 piece chicken nuggets from McDonald’s in one sitting. Good times.
Have some watermelon. I’m delighted that it’s pretty sweet.
4:15p: Log off work. It’s a slower day. Put on “When They See Us” on Netflix. I’ve seen it come on in the recommendations a while back, but feel like it’s a good time to watch plus it’s only 4 episodes long.
4:30p: Take out a slice of red velvet cake. The cake is not tasting as good as the previous days… Have a bit of pepper jack cheese from the cheese block. I don’t typically buy cheese but it was on sale. I do like cheese though.
5:30p: WOW can’t believe this show is based on a true story. Recommend it to some friends. Fool around on the internet for a little.
6:30p: Do some arm exercises (shoulder press, rows, bicep curls with 15 lb weights).
7p: Dinner today: boiled shrimp, roma tomatoes (raw), bulgogi dumplings. These dumplings are SO good and each one has a ton of meat in them with decent protein too (15g per 4). You can taste a bit of sweetness in them, which makes sense given that it’s bulgogi. They are a little greasy though? Talk to my mom. Have a Sander’s caramel chocolate.
8p: Go for a walk. It feels noticeably cooler and not humid tonight!! So odd as today was the first 100 degree day (of many.) Eek!
8:30p: Back to the internet and reading my book, Upstream.
11p: Go to bed. Why did I end up in an internet rabbit hole looking at clothes on H&M?
Total food spend: $0
Day 4 - Wednesday
6:20a: Get up for a run, sleep in an extra 5 minutes today because the weather is supposed to be cooler. It’s actually like 64 out!! A miracle.
8a: Supposed to do a speed workout today on the track: 4 x 1 miles, but only complete 2 miles because I get kicked off because the football team is practicing and mornings are for the teams only. Annoyed, but whatever. I’ve used this track during the summer and it was fine, but no one was practicing then. Do 3 more miles in the surrounding neighborhood.
Stop by Tom Thumb since it’s on the way. Buy chicken breast, mangoes, and Chobani Greek yogurt. Wish I had more room in the freezer to get more skinless/boneless chicken breast because it’s $1/lb! I have a roommate and they actually take up most of the freezer...
8:30a: Log on because I have to send out a report this morning. Have some raspberries that I almost forgot about.
11:30a: Busy morning. Call Chuck E Cheese to place an order for a large pineapple pizza and sweet chili boneless wings. Thanks to T-Mobile Tuesdays for the coupon!! They are running carry out specials in general which don’t look too shabby either. ($6)
12p: Pick up the pizza and wings, return some clothing, stop by Market Street for a bag of avocados. ($1)
12:30p: Get back in time for a Zoom call. Shove half of the wings and 2 slices of pizza in my mouth. The wings are actually pretty good! The pizza tastes like Little Cesear’s and it’s a little cold. I can’t believe the original price for this is $17... Oh well it was a good deal.
2:30p: Have another slice of pizza.
4:30p: Have the rest of my Talenti Pistachio ice cream. I LOVE this flavor. This and the coconut from them are my favorite. Haven’t tried any other flavors from them. I’ve done a good job of portioning each pint out so it lasts a while. The new quarantine me.
6:30p: Log off work. It’s been a busy day - working on a model that I need to have ready by Monday. Finally shower. Great thing about working from home is not having to get ready.
7p: Heat up the remaining wings and two slices of pizza. Pizza is not too bad after being heated up. Wings are still delicious.
7:30p: Can’t resist and have a piece of Sander’s chocolate. So good. Might have to grab another tub from Costco.
8p: Go for a walk. Internet, watch a bit of When They See Us, finish Upstream. The book is about solving problems at the root to try to prevent them from happening in the first place. I recommend it.
10:30p: In bed.
Total food spend: $20 for pineapple pizza, wings, Chobani Greek yogurt, 6 lbs of chicken breast, 3 mangos, 7 avocados
Day 5 - Thursday
6:20a: Wake up for a run.
8a: Another cooler morning!! Planning to run 6, but end up doing 7.5 miles. A lot of it was downhill, but oh well. I don’t feel as sweaty or thirsty which I know I will miss as summer kicks in.
8:30a: Log into work because I’m expecting some files from people. Get that squared away and get ready for the day (actually shower after my workout).
9a: Log back into work. No meetings until this afternoon!
10:30a: I feel my stomach growling and have a Chobani coconut Greek yogurt. This is better than expected! I prefer plain yogurt, but I love anything coconut. There’s tiny coconut flakes in this.
1p: Heat up 2 slices of leftover pizza. Take out my last thing of raspberries that I bought last week and I find that most of the berries are moldy. UGH. Salvage what I can and eat those. Probably threw out half the small box.
1:30p: Have some watermelon.
2:30p: Try to resist, but pour out some Popcornopolis vanilla bean popcorn.
3:30p: Have some more popcorn after a meeting that kind of goes sideways.
5:30p: Wrap up a work virtual happy hour, where I was multi tasking and doing real work. Have a slice of red velvet cake.
6p: Log off work. Was planning on leaving after the happy hour, but someone pinged me a question. Do a Nike Training Club workout. Today is lower body (split lunges (hate these), split stance rows, goblet and regular squats, planks). There were times where I didn’t think I could do it, but I muscle through.
7p: Cut up / freeze the chicken breast that I got yesterday. Boil some asparagus that’s starting to go bad. Finish up the last 2 slices of pizza and microwave 3 chicken tamales (courtesy of Costco.) First time that I’ve had these tamales and they are pretty good. I don’t get tamales normally, so I’m not the best judge of this. Microwaving them is not the preferred method of cooking. Talk to my mom while I eat.
Debate the Sander’s chocolate of course, but drink some oat milk instead.
8p: No walk today and internet instead. Start a new book, Ask a Manager which reads more like a career advice column. The author does have a blog by the same name.
Total food spend: $0
Day 6 - Friday
6:10a: Up before my alarm.
6:15a: Actually up and open my eyes. Roll around in bed a little before getting up for a run. This morning is a little warmer than past mornings but still feels great out.
8a: No mileage goal today, but I was thinking 5. Ended up doing 6 with the big goal of tackling this HUGE hill. It actually wasn’t too bad.
Drink the remaining half of the coconut water. It’s recommended to consume 24 hours after opening, but it was fine even with it being longer than that. Do some stretching and get ready for the day.
9a: Log into work. Have one meeting today and one webcast to listen in to. Have some random calls that come up.
10:30a: Put laundry in after my meeting. The bulk of my clothes to wash is my workout clothes now that I’m work from home. I love it.
12p: Step outside for a walk to the end of the block, which is literally a 2 minute walk. Needed a stretch and some sunshine.
1p: Heat up 2 chicken tamales. Eat some watermelon. I have one big thing of Tupperware of it left. Soft boil an egg that comes closer to hard boiled.
2p: F!! Forgot to take out my laundry HOURS AGO. Move everything over to the dryer.
2:30: Log off work. Typically people leave the office earlier on Fridays anyway plus we get summer Fridays!
Start prepping my slow cooker coconut curry chicken. More so following my own recipe. Oh well we’ll see how it turns out. I have organic peanut butter and the oil separation is gross! I got the coconut milk from the Asian market and I’m disappointed to see that this has slightly higher calories than the one I got from Walmart…
3p: Continue watching When They See Us.
4p: Pour out some 1.5 cups of Popcornopolis popcorn because I can’t resist. One more episode of the show left. It moves through the characters’ timelines pretty quickly, which I appreciate.
6:30p: Start boiling the remaining asparagus since the chicken is about to be done. The chicken breast actually is not dry for once! I think 3.5 hours in the slow cooker was the sweet spot. It’s not shredded and still intact. The coconut curry peanut butter sauce curdled a little bit… you can taste the peanut butter. This chicken breast is HUGE!
When I’m done with the main meal, I grab a slice of red velvet. Almost done with this cake. Kind of regretting getting it, but also kind of not.
7p: Pour out Planet Oat milk.
8p: Netflix movie night party of one: V for Vendetta and The Lincoln Lawyer. Matthew McConagehy is pretty good in this movie. Didn’t really like V for Vendetta that much… but probably because I was getting tired and falling asleep.
My roommate offers me some Doritos and a cookie, which I RESIST!
1:30a: In bed and exhausted. Been sleeping by midnight on the weekends lately. I’m boring now.
Total food spend: $0
Day 7 - Saturday
8a: I’m up, but don’t want to be. Attempt to fall back asleep.
9a: I think I did manage to go back to sleep. I text some friends to make sure we’re still on schedule. We’re going to a park and catching up with a bit of social distancing.
Roll out of bed and get ready.
10:30a: People are running late of course. I’m feeling kind of hungry actually, so I eat a Choabni coconut yogurt. I typically eat really late on weekends.
11a: Head out to meet friends. This is the first time I’ve seen them in 3 months since the quarantine! We catch up on life, dating, work. Glad we’re in a shaded area.
2p: We decide we’re hungry and go to Weinberger’s Deli for sandwiches. There’s quite a few people in the shop. I order an Italian pork sandwich ($10.) First time having Italian pulled pork. To my delight, there’s some chips that come with the sandwich, but it’s barely any and mine are mainly crumbs… oh well.
Luckily we snagged a spot outside. I’m still not comfortable dining in, but patio eating is fine. I’m pleasantly surprised that the sandwich is really good. I’m not a huge sandwich person, but always down to try something new.
3p: We walk around the downtown area and it gets toasty. I feel my hair get sweaty. First time that I’ve been in this area.
4p: Stop by Tom Thumb to get more chicken breast since it’s on the way home. I’ll MAKE room in the freezer. Pick up organic Tom Thumb label peanut butter. Free because they sent me a coupon via their app!
5p: Get home. Wasn’t expecting to be out so long. End up stumbling upon a purse that I’ve been eyeing that’s on sale… Have some watermelon. I’m making progress on finishing it.
6:30p: Go pick up a sushi platter ($45) with tuna/salmon/spicy tuna. It’s four rolls that have more protein / bigger than usual, but not sure if it’s a good deal or not. Trying to take advantage of the final moments with my friend who is leaving Dallas soon. Also get some book chop from 99 Ranch(Asian store.) I’m mad that the price is higher than I thought.
7p: We eat at at a local park and spend a lot of the meal trying to swat away flies. There’s actually a lot of people out.
7:30p: Walk around this area, which I’ve never been to before either. The trail is really nice.
9p: Head to my friend’s house for another Netflix movie night. We watch Da 5 Bloods. I have some stale tortilla chips and salsa. Why I don’t know because I’m still full from the sandwich and the sushi.
Da 5 Bloods is pretty good, but got a bit long at the end. 2 hours and 35 minutes. I can’t sit still for long these days.
12:30a: Go to bed.
Total food spend (includes eating out): $52 for my portion of the sushi, 9 lbs of chicken breast, organic peanut butter, bok Choy, Italian pork sandwich
Total food spend for the week: $177
Fridge contents at the end of the week: 3 mangos, 1 container of watermelon, ¼ Planet Oat oat milk, 1 full Silk oat milk, ¼ red velvet cake, 6 avocados, 13 eggs, 2 Chobani coconut Greek yogurt, bok choy
Reflection Ate out more than usual this week. Wasn’t planning on getting the pizza at all! Wasn’t planning on eating the sandwich when out with friends.
Spent more on groceries than a usual week with the costco run. Recently, my grocery runs are typically on the way back home from something. I used to deliberately go out to the store, but not much since quarantine. I think recently I’ve been going to the store MORE than in the past, which is the opposite of what people are doing.. whoops.
When I’m in the office my lunch consists of salads with chicken EVERYDAY because it’s easy to make and pack. I haven’t had a salad in a really long time. Also when I was in the office I would have some sort of breakfast for sure. Like I said the random IF is new, I think sitting in the office makes me antsy in a way that’s different than being at home.
My dinners are pretty simple - I tend to boil a lot of of things. I think my cooking would be pretty bland for most people. I love using the slow cooker as well, but just need to find the right recipes.
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2020.05.05 15:51 ilikedosefish shadow not working

shadow not working
hi ive been trying for the past few hours to get shadow working
the issue is
i start the program it says "An issue happened during the update"
then i press start streaming it takes a few seconds
i press start now
then it goes back to the start screening page
and says "An unknown issue happened restart the app if the issue remains"
ive shut down and opened the app again
ive restarted my pc
My shadow works perfectly on my phone though
Any idea on a fix?

Some more info

  • Application type Windows
  • Shadow Client Version Official
  • Local device GPU Nvidia Gforce Gtx 1080
  • Datacenter location Amsterdam, Chicago, Dallas, New York, Paris, Santa, Clara, Gravelines (sorry im unsure on what to do for this one)
  • Connection speed (Datacenter speed tests EU: Paris AMS or US: CA TX CH NY)
  • Description of issue Stuck on Shadow is ready start now
  • Date when problem appeared. 05/05/20
  • Did you take any action(s) which could have created this problem? If so, what? Nope
  • Do you recall any action(s) you took after it happened? nope
  • Do you use a VPN and/or antivirus? i have a VPN but its not enabled and i do have an anti virus
  • Please provide a screenshot of your shadow stats (Alt+Win+O). Also make sure it captures a timeframe when the issue has happened.
submitted by ilikedosefish to ShadowPC [link] [comments]

2020.05.04 01:38 EleventhTry [EVENT] A Digital Future

Federal Communications Commission

445 12th Street SW, Washington, D.C.
Although the United States is home to several, if not most of the world's largest information corporations and Americans being one of the most avid users in the world of the internet, we lack behind severely among other OCED nations in several sectors. Notably, millions of Americans lack access to high-speed internet, and in some places, internet at all. As the arrival of globalization and the dominance of the information-age unravels, there is an ever increasing need for Americans to be online. A report by the Federal Communications Commission in 2022 shows that roughly 92.8% of all Americans are connected to the internet, although there are several million in this number who do not have access to high-speed internet. Although having updated the definition of broadband in 2015, the Federal Communications Commission has again called for a review of this definition among other existing policies on the books. New Chairman Jessica Rosenworcel to many is a breath of fresh air to several critics of the FCC, as well as to economic analysts, information companies, and middle-class Americans. However, her bold stances do render her as a threat to many internet providers not seeking the best interests of Americans.


  Bringing to the city of Seattle a limited 5G commercial network was CenturyLink which had started plans for an implementation of this in 2018. Although, only about 1/3rd of the city is covered by the network, with CenturyLink promising to get the rest of the city covered by the end of 2024. The success of this large leap has showed the possibility of spreading further 5G networks into larger American cities, but that will have to wait for the future. Although, CenturyLink is not alone in the pursuit of 5G networks, as AT&T, Verizon, and Frontier Communications have promised the arrival of a 5G network in the city's with their HQ. All 4 companies have announced plans towards implementing national 5G coverage by 2036 with 3/5ths of the United States to be fully covered with 5G access by 2030.


  Although hopes were cut for many when Google announced it would no longer expand Google Fibre, this has been recently reversed. CEO of Google Inc. Sundar Pichai announced after the arrival of the 5G network in Seattle that this would be reversed, as Google put out invitations across the country to several metropolitan areas to deploy the fiber. Google has begun deployment of cable in these cities, which will fully connect their respective metropolitan areas by 2026.
  • Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
  • San Jose, CA
  • Palo Alto, CA
  • San Antonio, TX
  • San Diego, CA
  • Seattle, WA
  • Portland, OR
  • Houston, TX
  • Boston, MA
  • Nashville, TN
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Waco, TX
  • Toledo, OH
  • Washington, District of Columbia + New Columbia
  • Raleigh, NC
  • Lincoln, NE
  • Miami, FL
  • Des Moines, IA
  • Tallahassee, FL
This massive expansion will launch Google into being a much larger Internet Service Provider across the United States. Similarly, AT&T has announced their intentions to make further strides in the deployment of cable, planning to lay around 1,440 cumulative miles of fiber in the states of Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio, Arkansas, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. This ambitious plan to bring cable has been funded by both AT&T and the cities that it will run through and connect. Existing plans to complete this put 2029 as the end date. Helping to combat the costs, all 12 of the recently mentioned states will be issuing grants for the deployment of the fiber cable, at a total cost of $19 billion. This is to be received from newly imposed state taxes on sodas and alcohol, and a newly leveraged nation-wide federal tax rate for cigarettes to be listed:
  • Helping to fund this package, the federal tax rate for cigarettes will be raised from $1.01 per pack to $1.42 per pack.
  • Tennessee will raise its tax on beer from $1.17 per gallon to $1.32 per gallon.
  • West Virginia and Ohio will raise its tax on beer from $0.18 per gallon to $0.74 per gallon
  • Wisconsin and Missouri will raise its tax on beer from $0.06 per gallon to $0.64 per gallon.
  • Michigan will raise its tax on beer from $0.20 per gallon to $0.85 per gallon.
  • Indiana will raise its tax on beer from $0.12 per gallon to $0.68 per gallon. State-wide institution of a one-cent-per-ounce soda tax.
  • Pennsylvania will raise its tax on beer from $0.08 per gallon to $0.72 per gallon.
  • Arkansas will raise its tax on beer from $0.34 per gallon to $.0.99 per gallon. State-wide institution of a one-cent-per-ounce soda tax.
  • Illinois will raise its tax on beer from $0.23 per gallon to $0.89 per gallon. State-wide institution of a one-cent-per-ounce soda tax.
  • Kentucky will raise its tax on beer from $0.78 per gallon to $1.24 per gallon. State-wide institution of a one-cent-per-ounce soda tax.
  • Ohio will raise its tax on beer from $0.18 per gallon to $0.68 per gallon. State-wide institution of a one-cent-per-ounce soda tax.
  • Iowa will raise its tax on beer from $0.19 per gallon to $0.70 per gallon. State-wide institution of a one-cent-per-ounce soda tax.
[M] Going off of this%20(2).png)


Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission Jessica Rosenworcel publicly announced changes to existing guidelines following a 2021 Broadband Progress Report. These changes will move existing required download speeds for classification as broadband from downloads speeds of 25 Mbps and upload speeds of 3 Mbps to download speeds of 40 Mbps and upload speeds to 5 Mbps. Rules regarding net neutrality will be congressionally set to as they were in the Open Internet Order back in 2010 following an act proposed by Representative Kennedy III, (D-MA)
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2020.04.28 22:29 Schmubbs [MEGATHREAD] Southern Great Plains/Midwest Severe Weather Discussion, Tuesday, April 28, 2020

While severe weather is still ongoing, with the thread slowing down (only a few new comments posted in the past couple hours) and the most significant severe weather threat having passed, I'm going to go ahead and unpin the thread. I'll leave some links to where general information can be found here; otherwise, we'll return to regular posting rules on the subreddit.

Thanks to everyone that has participated!


Information below may be out of date.

The Storm Prediction Center (SPC) has issued a Moderate Risk for severe weather for Tuesday, April 28, 2020. As of 0100 UTC (8:00 PM, Central Daylight Time) the forecast includes the following summary:
Severe thunderstorms with widespread damaging winds, some greater than 75 mph, large hail, and a few tornadoes are expected this evening across parts of the Ozarks into the southern Plains. The metropolitan area of Dallas-Fort Worth will be affected later tonight.
...01z Update...
Earlier thoughts regarding severe weather from the Ozarks to north-central TX remain.
Frontal convection is expanding in areal coverage, elongating from MO - northeast OK - south-central OK. This activity should continue to mature into a well-defined squall line that is expected to surge south into north-central/northeast TX later this evening. Pre-frontal 00z soundings from OUN and FWD exhibited very steep lapse rates and large CAPE values, though FWD is notably capped at 800mb. Very large hail remains possible for the next several hours across OK, but with time wind will become more likely as convection becomes more linear. The only significant changes to the southern Plains risk area was to lower severe probs behind the front.
Farther northeast, organized frontal squall line is advancing across IL/MO. Severe threat has diminished across this region with frontal passage as well.

Storm Prediction Center forecasts:

Please avoid rapidly refreshing SPC pages - they can struggle under heavy load on days like today

Severe Thunderstorm/Tornado Watches

Alternate links for further information

Live Streams

None currently

Live updates

Current conditions

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2020.04.12 04:39 waste-of-a-saxophone Speeding Ticket Date Invalid?

Just got a speeding ticket for going 71 in a 45 (I know, I know) and he gave me the ticket. Got home and saw that the date says 12/31/2014 at 6:01 pm when I got the ticket on 4/11/2020 around 8:45 pm. question is, does that make the ticket invalid when I go to the court or what happens?
Edit: Happened in a suburb of Dallas, TX.
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2020.04.05 22:51 Kiha My best friend wants a pc and I need help choosing parts as im not too familiar with hardware.

  1. >**What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.**
  2. He loves RTS games, TT Rome 2, CIV, ECT but would love to have him run other games at HIGH/ULTRA setting
  3. >**What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?**
  4. He is looking to spend max around 1,400-1,500 but I can lend him 200/300 bucks if the build goes over his budget
  5. >**When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.**
  6. ASAP, withing a week
  7. >**What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc\)**
  8. We do need the mouse, keyboard, dual monitor, headset, ECT all the good stuff
  9. >**Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?**
  10. Us, Tx, Dallas, and yes we have a micro center relatively close by
  11. >**If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.**
  12. no reusing as it's his first build
  13. >**Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?**
  14. Would rather not overclock, as my understanding is that it wears down the hardware faster for better performance but wouldn't be opposed to it
  15. >**Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)**
  16. Not too sure what this is but would like for him not to have issues down the road with storage/speed
  17. >**Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?**
  18. Would like for it to be a full tower, window and lights as he's flashy
  19. >**Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?**
  20. We do need a copy of windows 10 key
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2020.03.22 21:00 AintEverLucky [Liveblog] Gov. Abbott's Sunday briefing, starting ~3 p.m. CDT on March 22nd

EDIT TO ADD: Thanks for the awards, kind strangers O:-) Just trying to get useful information out to the people!
As of right now Infection2020.com indicates that TX is showing 617 confirmed cases and 6 deaths, out of 32,121 cases and 401 deaths nationwide. The U.S. caseload has increased by 7,469 in the last 24 hours, and we also notched +110 deaths in the last 24 as well
3:00: loading up YouTube...
3:11: Still nothing yet, getting a little sound from KSAT as u/PowerlessOverQueso linked below
3:15: Okay here we go. SHS Commissioner Hellerstedt and Emergency Management honcho Nim Kidd are also there. They pointedly do not have many other people, to practice good physical distancing
3:16: "We now have 334 confirmed cases in 43 counties, with Comal and Nueces counties being the newest. 8,700 people have been tested."
3:18: Gov. Abbott calls out the Johns Hopkins numbers, says it includes "presumed" cases, whereas the state numbers are all confirmed cases only. alrighty then
3:19: "Less than 10 percent of the people being tested, are testing positive"
3:20: "You can expect the numbers of people tested, as well as of people testing positive, to both increase dramatically. We have received more testing capabilities from the federal govt"
3:21: "We are keenly focused on maximizing healthcare and hospital beds, supply capacity, personal protective equipment or PPE, we're working on all these things"
3:22: "We will allow retired nurses, nurses with expired licenses and nursing students in their final year" to all become full-tilt nurses quickly
3:23: The Governor is issuing two Executive Orders today to increase healthcare capacity. One is to call off all surgeries and medical procedures that are not essential. The second will increase the number of hospital beds
3:24: "Im organizing a strike force" to speed up Texas production and acquiring medical supplies
3:28: About the close-bars-gyms-restaurants-etc order, Gov. Abbott says he's seeing good compliance, but not total compliance. Reminder that this order carries with it $1000 fine, jail of up to 180 days, and/or quarantine orders
3:29: Will Texas move to a shelter-in-place order? Not yet, we'll see how things go, and we still have 200+ counties that have zero confirmed cases. "What may be right for the big counties may not be right for the less densely populated counties. Local and county officials already have the authority to issue their own orders, if they feel those are appropriate"
3:31: Big counties need to follow my new Exec Orders to increase bed space in their hospitals
3:32: Gov Abbott: "I had already activated the National Guard for this. I will deploy the Guard to hospitals to help them increase bed space, and to stand up additional medical facilities"
3:35: Brief comments by Hellerstedt and Nim Kidd
3:36: Q&A session starts with "When do you think COVID-19 will peak in Texas?" Hellerstedt: "It all depends on how well we deal with it, via social distancing and other measures designed to slow the increase of its spread"
3:38: Hellerstedt believes that the peak could be weeks or months away
3:39: Will schools reopen for the rest of this year? Abbott: Time will tell, we'll have to see how things go
3:40: "I'm governor not just of Dallas or Houston, but of those locations and all 254 counties. So I have to take all those communities into account"
3:42: Abbott with a follow-up on the add-medical-capacity bit: First tier strategy is to add fully-equipped medical tents; second tier strategy would be to convert hotel room into hospital beds. (that's a new one on me)
3:45: Abbott: "Like all the other states, we're running into supplier problems about PPE and related equipment. They're offering delivery dates of, say, July; we need deliveries tomorrow. And we have money ready, and we will cut checks on the spot to suppliers who can provide what we need."
3:46: Briefing ended
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2020.02.28 06:01 assessment_bot [ Non-Fatal ] [ 02/12/2020 ] Cessna 560, Benbrook/ TX

On February 12, 2020, about 1527 central standard time, a Cessna 560 (Citation Encore) airplane, N654CE, was substantially damaged when two engine cowlings departed the airplane inflight over Benbrook, Texas. The air transport pilot and the one passenger were not injured. The airplane was registered to and operated by SC Cole Aviation, LLC, under the provisions of Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 as a corporate flight. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the flight, which operated on an instrument flight rules flight plan. The flight originated from the Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL), Dallas, Texas, at 1517, and was enroute to the Midland International Air and Space Port Airport (MAF), Midland, Texas.
The airplane was climbing through flight level (FL) 225 for FL 380, when the pilot heard a "loud crashing noise" followed by a "turbulent air sound" he described as similar to flying with the main landing gear extended. At time of the initial noise, the pilot reported the airplane was on a heading of 255, the airspeed was about 265 to 270 kts, and the autopilot system was engaged. The autopilot system was set to lateral navigation (flight management system 1) and the vertical speed was set for 1,500 ft per minute for climbing. The power was set to the climb N1 (the rotational speed of the low-pressure engine spool and the primary indication of engine thrust) setting as given by the N1 computer system.
The pilot reacted to the initial noise by disconnecting the autopilot system, announcing the issue to air traffic control (ATC), slowing down the airplane to 170 kts, and descending to 11,000 ft above mean sea level. There were no master caution or warning lights illuminated on the cockpit annunciation panel. The pilot initially thought the airplane hada main landing gear malfunction based of the sound of the airflow around the cabin. The pilot slowed the airplane further, cycled the main landing gear, cycled the flaps, and moved the flight controls. He reported everything checked out normal except the "turbulent air sound" which was exacerbated with rudder movement. The pilot decided the main landing gear was functioning normally and there was a problem with the empennage.
The pilot located the closest airport with a paved runway greater than a 5,000 ft length, contacted ATC, and proceeded to land at the Mineral Wells Airport (MWL), Mineral Wells, Texas. The pilot executed an uneventful landing at 1545 and shutdown the airplane without further incident. He reported that during the landing, he did not notice any abnormalities with the airplane and the flight controls felt "fine."
A postlanding inspection revealed the top and bottom cowling for the number 2 (right) engine were missing as shown below in figure 1.
A portion of the separated cowlings was found wrapped around the inboard section of the right horizontal stabilizer. A portion of the separated cowlings impacted the area between the leading edge of the vertical stabilizer and the top of the fuselage, resulting in substantial damage as shown below in figure 2.
The remaining pieces of the separated cowlings have not been recovered. The airplane was secured for a future examination of the airframe.
According to the operator, the airplane was maintained through an Approved Aircraft Inspection Program and the last maintenance work performed on the right engine occurred 153.6 flight hours prior to the accident.
Category Data Category Data Category Data
Event Id: 20200213X95851 Investigation Type: Accident Accident Number: CEN20LA082
Event Date: 02/12/2020 Location: Benbrook, TX Country: United States
Latitude: 32.673056 Longitude: -97.460833 Airport Code:
Airport Name: N/A Injury Severity: Non-Fatal Aircraft Damage: Substantial
Aircraft Category: Airplane Registration Number: N654CE Make: Cessna
Model: 560 Amateur Built: No Number of Engines: 2
Engine Type: Turbo Fan FAR Description: Part 91: General Aviation Schedule:
Purpose of Flight: Executive/Corporate Air Carrier: Total Fatal Injuries:
Total Serious Injuries: Total Minor Injuries: Total Uninjured: 2
Weather Condition: VMC Broad Phase of Flight: CRUISE Report Status: Preliminary
Publication Date: 02/26/2020
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2020.02.16 20:55 JustMeInBigD Things to Do - Feb 17-23

Here’s your list of fun things to do in Dallas between February 17th and 23rd. As always, please share events I missed in the comments of this thread.

Multi-day & Weekend Events

Feb 18-23 The Band’s Visit Winspear Opera House Tickets $30 and up
Feb 20-22 Melissa Villasenor Addison Improv $25-35
Feb 20-23 Dallas RV Super Sale/Show Dallas Market Hall Tickets $15, CASH ONLY
Feb 20-23 Nickelodeon's The SpongeBob Musical Bass Hall, Fort Worth Tickets $44 and up
Feb 20-Mar 1 Paranormal Circus North East Mall, Hurst Tickets $21.65 and up
Feb 21-22 16th Annual Festival Of Black Dance Bruton Theatre $5 and up
Feb 21-23 Indigo Girls With The DSO Meyerson Symphony Center Tickets $29 and up
Feb 21-22 NO COAST 2020 Noise Rock Fest Division Brewing, Arlington 2-Day Pass $25
Feb 21-23 Fort Worth Home & Garden Show Will Rogers Memorial Center, Fort Worth $10
Feb 22-23 Minefaire Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Tickets $59.98 and up

Local Exhibits

Albrecht Dürer: Master Prints at Arlington Museum of Art through Feb 23
Structure Photography at Afterimage Gallery through Feb 25
The Fight for Civil Rights in the South at Holocaust and Human Rights Museum thru Jun 30
Signs of the Times at Photos Do Not Bend Gallery through May 2
Artcrush at Canvas Hotel Dallas through Apr 5
Flores Mexicanas: Women in Modern Mexican Art at DMA through Sep 20
Kinsey Collection at the African American Museum through March 1
Ruckus Rodeo at The Modern, Fort Worth through March 29
Barry X Ball: Remaking Sculpture at the Nasher Sculpture Center through April 19
Hip Squares at The Museum of Geometric and MADI Art through April 26
Beili Liu: One and Another at Crow Museum of Asian Art through August 16
Uplift Education 2020 Art Show at NorthPark Center through March 6

Local Theatre

Much Ado About Nothing Feb 13-22 Plaza Theater, Garland
The Residents of Craigslist Feb 16-23 Margo Jones Theatre, Fair Park
Loving and Loving Feb 5-23 Bishop Arts Theatre Center
Harvey Feb 6-23 WaterTower Theatre, Addison
The Drowsy Chaperone Jan 30-Feb 23 Firehouse Theater, Farmers Branch
To Be Young, Gifted & Black Jan 24-Feb 23 Jubilee Theatre, Fort Worth
Little Women Feb 8-Mar 1 Kalita Humphreys Theater
The Scenic Route Feb 7-16, Feb 28-Mar 1 The Core Theatre,Richardson
I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change Feb 14- Mar 1 Theatre Frisco
One Man, Two Guvnors Jan 30-Mar 7 Circle Theatre, Fort Worth
Alabaster Feb 13-Mar 8 The Trinity River Arts Center
A Raisin in the Sun Feb 14-Mar 8 Theatre Arlington
Mlima’s Tale Feb 19-Mar 14 Bryant Theatre
Madame Bovary Feb 12-Mar 15 Undermain Theatre
Catch Me If You Can Feb 21-Mar 21 Pocket Sandwich Theatre

Daily Things to Do - Feb 17- 23

Monday, 2/17
Hair of the Dog Presidents Day Brunch at Mutt’s Canine Cantina, Dallas
Monday Run Club at Braindead Brewing
Meditation Monday at Unity of Dallas
Cole Risner & John Pedigo at Sundown at Granada
Songwriters in the Round at Opening Bell Coffee
OPA! The Music of the Balkans at Reveler’s Hall
CHURCH GIRLS (philly) • Ruff Wizard • Upsetting at Double Wide
Twilight – Live Comedy Roast at Texas Theatre
Magic: The Gathering Tournament at Common Ground Games
Stone Cold and the Jackal at Addison Improv
Monday Night Board Gaming at Dallas Games Marathon, Plano
Keyboard Conversations with Jeffrey Siegel at Eisemann Center, Richardson

Tuesday, 2/18
Early Voting Begins in Dallas County
Walk Off the Earth at The Majestic
Debussy & Brahms Trios at Meyerson Symphony Center
Tembi Locke in Conversation at Dallas Museum of Art
Flor De Toloache - Indestructible Tour at House of Blues
Dallas Art Fair Guided NorthPark Art Tour at NorthPark
The Big Movie: Gilda (with Rita Hayworth) at The Magnolia
SMU International Film Festival: Loveling (Benzinho, Brazil) at McCord Auditorium, SMU
Dallas Lesbian Speed Dating at Ill Minster Pub
Agave The Spirit of a Nation Screening and Tasting at Las Almas Rotas
APIs & IPAs - IT Networking Event at Four Corners Brewing Company
Bloomin’ Ball 2020 Kick-Off Party at Samuel Lynne Galleries
Bowl Glazing Workshop at Make Expression, Frisco
Today is National Drink Wine Day - check your news and social media sources for specials!

Wednesday, 2/19
Dallas Stars vs. Arizona Coyotes at American Airlines Center
Central Track Music Honors at Granada Theater
Masa Madness/James Beard House dinner pop up at José
Stomp The Runway: Men Against Abuse at Nordstrom Galleria
Cine de Oro: Aventurera at Latino Cultural Center
SMU International Film Festival: Quanto Basta (Italy) at McCord Auditorium, SMU
Lost Dog Street Band at Deep Ellum Art Co.
Speed Dating Hosted by Dallasites 101 at Dallas Comedy House
Jon "Polar Bear" Gonzales at Hyena’s Dallas
Peng Dang & Friends Showcase at Addison Improv
BAD OMENS, Oh, Sleeper, Thousand Below, Bloodline at Tomcats West, Fort Worth
Black History Month Presentation at Riverside Community Center, Fort Worth

Thursday, 2/20
12th Annual Soup's On! Luncheon & Art Show at The Omni Dallas
Third Thursdays Art Walk at Dragon Street Galleries, Design District
Shaken or Stirred: Mixology Class at W Dallas
Helbing Jazz Initiative: Charlie Parker’s legacy at The Kitchen Cafe (Facebook link)
Silversun Pickups at House of Blues
Black Tiger Sex Machine at The Bomb Factory
Illuminati Congo + Chilldren of Indigo at Deep Ellum Art Co
Travis Laplante: New Music at the Nasher
Kat Edmonson with special guest Adam Levy at The Kessler
Pop Punk Nite Featuring Van Full Of Nuns at Gas Monkey Bar and Grill
Whoreible Decisions at Canton Hall
IMomSoHard: Mom's Night Out Round 2 at The Theatre at Grand Prairie
Blake Gossett at Legacy Hall, Plano
Buckcherry at Lava Cantina, The Colony
Texas Legends vs South Bay Lakers at Comerica Center, Frisco
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Friday, 2/21
Dallas Stars vs. St Louis Blues at American Airlines Center
‘til Midnight at the Nasher Sculpture Center
Late Nights at the Dallas Museum of Art
Reverend Horton Heat at House of Blues
Have Mercy at Club Dada
Rex Orange County at The Bomb Factory
Drivin N Cryin at The Rustic
Ian Moore with special guest Andy Timmons at The Kessler
JAUZ at South Side Ballroom
Borgore at Stereo Live Dallas
Matt Lange at Lizard Lounge
Sundance Head at Love and War in Texas, Plano
The Gatlin Brothers at Arlington Music Hall, Arlington
Bob Schneider at Billy Bob’s Texas, Fort Worth
Standards Floral Halfsleep at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios, Denton
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Saturday, 2/22
Harlem Globetrotters at American Airlines Center
Erykah Badu: A Badu Bday Dance at The Bomb Factory
Mardi Gras Texas Style at Fair Park Automobile Building
Tones and I at Canton Hall
Rebel Yell And Sonic Temple at Gas Monkey Bar & Grill
Dadju at Swayz Ballroom
The Princess Bride – Screening at The Majestic
The Bodarks Birthday Bash at Poor David’s Pub
LUSH – oak cliff at Texas Theatre
Monty Python’s LIFE of BRIAN at Texas Theatre
Mardi Paws at Texas Lottery Plaza at Toyota Music Factory, Irving
Mardi Party at Legacy Hall, Plano
Festival of Darkness at Tupps Brewery
Soul of DFW Food & Black History Bus Tour in Fort Worth
The Texas Bluesmen at Billy Bob’s, Fort Worh
Alan Jackson at Dickies Arena
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Sunday, 2/23
Dallas Stars vs. Chicago Blackhawks at American Airlines Center
Gospel Brunch at House of Blues (Dallas) at House of Blues
The World Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra at The Majestic
Pinegrove at Trees
The Aggrolites: Reggae Now Tour 2020 at Three Links
Lower Dens at Ruins
OM + Wovenhand at Gas Monkey Bar & Grill
KNON Mardi Gras Gumbo Party at Poor David’s Pub
Krewe of Churchus presents: MARDI GRAS at Lizard Lounge
Mardi Gras Oak Cliff Parade at Davis Street to Bishop Arts
Absolute Beginners Ukulele Workshop at Señor Chachote Cantina, Garland (Facebook link)
Krewe of Barkus Dog Parade and Festival at Historic Downtown McKinney/Mitchell Park
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2020.01.18 15:17 s810 Old Austin Tales: Attack of the Airships - Spring of 1897

Lord, don't I wish I had a photo of the subject of today's story. You'll have to bear with me. Lots of descriptive 19th century newspaper articles coming through.
Today I bring you some Austin UFO stories from 50 years before the Roswell incident of 1947. I've seen and participated in a few discussions about this topic here before, but some new shit has come to light, so I've got to get this one off my chest. The acronym "U.F.O." gets taken for granted as something extra-terrestrial but it really means anything flying that's unidentified. Besides something alien, in today's world that could be anything from a weird looking drone or an Air Force test plane, or even a Chinese lantern.
There comes a time when technological progress advances to a point where the materials needed to invent something new and great are available to many people at once, so you end up with different people inventing things like the telephone, or the television, at roughly the same time. That's also kind of what happened with human flight. A few years before the Wright Brothers glided over a beach in North Carolina and before the Germans perfected the Zeppelin, there were apparently a few different people flying around the country in what was at the time referred to as "mystery airships". By most accounts these were cigar shaped craft, sometimes with elaborate sails or wings mimicking those of many different bird species, that could carry passengers and/or cargo flown over great distances. If you saw one today you would probably call it a blimp with wings, but it was really more like a floating paddleboat. Back in the late 1800s the thought of attaching a mechanical engine, whether steam or oil powered, to a balloon to guide it places was experimental and revolutionary. Different types of airships began test flights over Europe in the 1860s and by the 1880s there were Americans doing it too, although it would be more accurate to say these early inventors had very little idea what they were doing at all. They were basically trying out different forms of balloons with accessories more than inventing the blimp. But one thing is for sure, when these things would "fly"/float over anywhere near a populated area they would scare the crap out of the public and become the talk of the area for weeks. These were the UFOs of their time; some people thought they were from Mars. 123 years ago these things captivated The City of Austin when they began appearing over our violet crowned skies. There were more than a few sightings, locally, statewide, and nationally, and the Statesman of the time covered most of it. One Statesman reporter even had a sighting himself. The Legislature was freaking out over how to regulate them, and there was an incident at The Driskill. But as usual I'm getting ahead of myself.
The most famous incident during the "mystery airship" wave of 1896-1897 is probably the Aurora, TX UFO incident. To quickly sum it up, an airship with an alien visitor on board is supposed to have crashed after hitting a windmill in the small North Texas town of Aurora on April 17, 1897. The "martian" was said to have died from the crash, and was buried in an unmarked grave in the local graveyard.
That's a very important date to remember: April 17th, 1897. The following day on the 18th, the Statesman announced a "Strange and Startling" discovery. A few years ago Michael Barnes did a writeup on this in the Statesman, from which I quote:
Balloon? Airplane? UFO? What flew over Texas — including Austin — with searchlights in April 1897?
Bob Ward of the Travis County Historical Commission drew our attention to this airborne mystery. We’re not suggesting aliens, but the reports fit the definition of an “unidentified flying object.”
A headline in the April 18, 1897, Austin Daily Statesman shouted “Strange and Startling: A ‘What Is It?’ Serenely Sailing over the Blessed Long Star State.” Texans in Sherman, Fort Worth, Hillsboro, Marshall and Paris spotted unusual objects in the night sky. This was six years before the Wright Brothers took off from Kitty Hawk, N.C., and 50 years before an unexplained object crashed in Roswell, N.M.
On April 26, the Daily Statesman reported that airship had made another appearance, this time behind Mount Bonnell traveling north. “At least, three young men who were camping up on Bull Creek at Huddle’s Point say they saw it. Messrs. Geo. Powell, Ted Tobin and Jas. Caldewell went up the lake Saturday afternoon for a couple of days’ camp and pitched their tents. ... About 3 a.m. it began to rain and the men were compelled to get up and fasten the tent. It was at this time they saw the mysterious aircraft. They claim it was in sight fully 15 minutes and are positive they could not be mistaken. At intervals of every few seconds, it would throw its searchlights, and the boys say the light looked as big as four ordinary arc lights.”
Of course, those interested in UFOs have not let the subject of the 1897 aircraft go. An April 15, 2016, story in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reached back to revive the tale of an airship that crashed into a windmill, “killing a spaceman,” in the North Texas town of Aurora on April 17, 1897. (In other words, before the Austin sighting.)
The town recently celebrated the crash with an event called the Aurora Alien Encounter with talks and shuttle tours, including a stop at the cemetery where the alien nicknamed “Ned” was supposedly buried.
This 2017 Statesman article was I think the first time I had heard of this story. So the same night a UFO allegedly crashed in Aurora, airship(s) were seen all over North Texas. The Statesman of 1897 reports on that, but then eight days later comes another report of some boys seeing an airship near Mt. Bonnell. Well come to find out that was only one of many local airship stories dating back to that Spring and Summer of 1897 in the old Statesman archive, and not even the best one in my opinion. Allowing for the yellow-journalism tendencies of The Statesman and newspapers in general at the time, some of the reports are made with intricate detail by otherwise credible people from all walks of life, while others seem obviously a hoax too fantastical to be believed.
I'm just going to go through Statesman articles in chronological order. We will start in 1896 with a bit more backstory:

May 31, 1896 - A New Flying Machine

Prof. Samuel P. Laughley's Successful Flying Machine.
Professor Langleys has invented a flying machine which is a success. At Occoquan, Va.. near Washington, D. C. the Smithsonian Institute Professor recently tested this machine to his complete satisfaction. The machine rose 200 feet in the air and flew steadily for half a mile. Fuel in the engine then gave out and the machine sunk gently to the ground. The flying machine carries a small steam engine of one-horse power. The whole contrivance weighs twenty-five pounds. Its light steel frame work holds extended horizontally three sheets of thin canvas. one above the other. The length over all is fifteen feet. The engine runs two propellers.
The machine could fly 100 miles, or even a much greater distance with a sufficient, supply of steam. But the small engine employed is not of the condensing pattern and has no means of using the same water over again.

October 2, 1896 - Flies Like a Bird

Remarkable Success of the Lamson AirShip at Portland, Ma.
Big machine rises steadily to an altitude of six hundred feet and then gracefully settles to the ground again. A New York Sun special from Portland. Maine. Charles H. Lamson performed a feat here the other day practically demonstrating that a large airship or kite capable of carrying a man can be floated successfully and steadily. He raised his ship with a dummy man on it 600 feet. The retaining rope broke when the ship was at that altitude. Had it not been for this break, Mr. Lamson would have sent up a man to navigate his ship. As it was, W. A. Eddy, of Bayonne, NJ. an authority on aerial experiments, declared that Lamson'a achievement was the greatest step toward solving the problem of aerial navigation of the age. Two records, at all events, Lamson made. He flew the largest kite or airship ever floated. He carried by mean of this kite the heaviest weight to the greatest altitude on record. Tbe kite which made the flight is an invention of Mr. Lamson and is called "The Lamson Airship." The kite, when in the air, resembles two large, oblong j boxes parallel to each other and attached to each other in the middle. It took 15 men to carry the kite or ship into the field from which it was to be sent up. The cord tested to a pull of 500 pounds This was made fast to a reel and four men attended to it. About 400 feet of the rope was run out along the ground, and at a signal from Mr. Lamson the snip was released. It quivered a m ment and then steadily rose skyward. Seated on the car of this ship was a dummy weighted to 150 pounds. The ship rose to an altitude of 600 feet, and was rising steadily, "when, with a sudden gust of wind, snap went the rope, showing what a tremendous pressure was brought upon it by the soaring of the ship. The ship floated out a half mile and descended as easily and gracefully as it went up. Had a man been in the car he would not have been harmed in the slightest.

November 23, 1896 - An Airship Sure Enough!

Frisco lawyer says one is perfected and has had a successful trial.
San Francisco, Nov. 22. The Chronicle printed a story which would indicate that the airship in practical form is at established fact. About 1 o'clock last Monday morning. the inhabitants of Sacramento who astir at that hour claim to have seen an airship passing rapidly over the city (Some merely say they saw a bnght light, while others went so far as to say they saw a cigar shaped flying machine and heard human voices from it.) The residents of Oakland also say they same the same sight. The story of the mysterious airship ha been told all over tin state and has created considerable amusement, as it was generally believed to he a hoax.
So you can see that at least a few people were experimenting with airships in various forms at that time. This brings us to 1897, and the first incident mentioned in the 2017 Statesman article. This was written the day after the Aurora incident but doesn't mention Aurora by name.

April 18, 1897 - Strange And Startling

What is it serenely sailing over the blessed Lone Star State? Be it a big airship or something else seen in the heavens at various North Texan points.
Keep a Watch Out Here. Of late strange sights have been witnessed in the heavens and some day ago.
The Statesman obtained a dispatch saying that an airship or something of that sort had been seen sailing over Oklahoma. Now the mysterious aerial craft has been seen at various points in Texas and from all accounts it is a fast sailer. Friday night at Sherman, Mr. W. S. Hellyer, cashier of the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad, saw a mysterious oval-shaped object of large proportions plass over the moon. On the same night, Conductor W. M. Honney of Fort Worth, his wife and mother saw a strange object pass over the city.
On the same night Hon. J. S. Bound of Hillsboro, on his way to visit a sick friend, had an experience he will not forget soon. He was jogging alone quietly, when suddenly his horse whirled around and came near overturning the buggy. There was a brilliant light, as if coming from an arc light. This light, he says rested on him less than a minute and then he saw it gliding over a field nearby. It then turned upward and he watched it until he says it must have been 1000 feet in in the air. The light appeared to him to be the headlight of some kind of it ship. While he watched, the light went out and small ones such a incandescent lights, appeared all around the body of the vessel, or whatever it was.
The strange craft sailed slowly in a southernly direction and while Mr. Bounds watched it all the lights were extinguished and then it disappeared.
On the same night, about 2 o'clock, J. A. Black of Paris, Tx., night watchman at the Paris Oil and Cotton company's plant, observed a faint but luminous body in the northeast heavens. It looked at first like a luminous cloud, but as it drew nearer he saw it was some, huge monster. He hurried over to the cabin of a negro named Jim Smith and woke him up, and when Jim caught sight of the heavenly visitor his wool promptly straightened out and Jim piously went to praying. Mr. Black watched the object carefully, and to a Dallas News reporter he said its body was shaped something cigar, and appeared to be 200 feet long. It carried sails and attachments that looked like great fans. It finally disappeared, going in the direction of the Mississippi river. Mr. Black's dog was with himi when he first discovered the monster and he was greatly agitated and moaned until the thing disappeared.
On the same night Conductor Virgil Brown and his brakeman on the Texas-Pacilic Railroad saw the curious monster near Jewella. La., about thirty miles east of Marshall. It appeared to have a search light attached to it that threw out rays in several directions. It appeared to be going in the direction of Marshall and traveled faster than his train. On the same night at Marshall, Marshal Dick Wentberby. night watchman at the Pacific Railroad shops, saw the monster pass over. From Jewella to Hillsboro is some 300 or 400 miles, and the ship being seen at both places only a few hours apart shows it is a traveler. Whence is it? 'What is it and whither is it going, anyhow? Are we living in the days when strange sights are to appear in the heavens?
From this point onward the word was out that these things were being seen in Texas. What follows in the coming days in the Statesman seems like borderline mass hysteria.

April 20, 1897 - Rickety Airship

The report that Deputy Sheriff Thorp and Uncle Dick Boyce, afraid of the airship, were sleeping in the boiler room at the court house, is untrue. They stay in the basement of the Capitol. No weak boiler room for them with a rickety airship sailing overhead.

April 20, 1897 - The Heavenly Mystery

Possible soldiers from warlike Mars out on a terrestrial reconnoiter
An astronomical theory about the mysterious stranger as seen in Chicago. The celestial craft the talk of the town.
The great and mysterious aerial vessel that has thrown north Texas and many parts of the country into a state of excitement and commotion, was first seen sailing over Kansas, but the stories about it did not excite much attention. Since then, however, the mysterious stranger has been seen in many parts of the country, and Friday night last reputable citizens in scores of Texas towns had a view of the aerial vehicle. It has traveled over Illinois, Indiana, Iowa. Wisconsin, Arkansas, Louisiana and other states, and everywhere has excited great curiosity and in some places provoked consternation. On Friday night, April 9, the strange light skirted over the northern border of Chicago and could be seen, according to the numerous reports of residents in that neighborhood. A great crowd gathered at the corner of Milwaukee and Oakley avenues and gazed at the object, trying to figure out to their satisfaction what it might be. It was an "airship" for lack of a better name to designate it by, but most were skeptical about the identity of the "manifestation." It was said the object looked very much like a balloon, but the "red light" was plainly discernible. Many of the people mounted the roofs in the neighborhood and all the field glasses in the vicinity were called into play.
In Texas:
The strange craft seen at many points in North and East Texas Friday night has thrown those parts of the state into a whirl of excitement. Col. R. N. Burt, cashier of the National Bank of Ladonia, Texas, saw the craft, or whatever it is, last Friday night. His description varies very little from that of others, only that it appeared much larger to him, as he says that it seemed to be about 300 feet long, its wiungs being enormous and looking like huge sails. It seemed to hover for a short time over the city and then rise and go rapidly in a southwesterly direction. At Farmersville, Texas, Friday night, as reported in the Dallas News, about 9 o'clock a dim tight was seen in the northwest, apparently moving slowly to the south or southeast. When first seen it did not look larger than an ordinary 30-cent silver piece. Those watching it soon discovered that the object was approaching the city. It traveled; at the rate of sixty or eighty miles an hour. Some thought it to lie a cloudless tornado, and those who had storm houses lost no time in getting into them, whilst the more unfortunate waited and watched the result, of the approach of the queer object. In a very short time fully two-thirds of the citizens of the city were out looking at what they then supposed to be a large planet or meteor approaching the earth. In a few moments, in fact, in less time than one can tell it, the queer thing was almost hanging over the city. City Marshal Brown was in the western part or the city making his rounds before going home and says the ship or balloon passed over him about 200 feet from the ground. Mr. Brown says he could see two men in the ship and something resembling a large Newfoundland dog. Mr. Brown says he was close enough to hear them talking, but could not understand one word of their language.
Mr. Walter L. Norwood, an undertaker at Galveston, had a professional call about 3 o'clock Saturday morning, and he says he and his driver. Bob Tevis, saw the airship and said to a Galveston news reporter: "The moon was shining brightly, and we could see almost as fully as in daylight. There was not a cloud in the sky. When we were out on the beach not far from our destination I happened- to look up and saw the thing. It moved to the eastward down the beach, following the line of the beach as closely as one would do in driving a buggy. We stopped and watched it. When down about the end of the island it turned and followed the bay front until almost Tremont street, when it turned and went south out over the gulf, disappearing in the distance." It was pointed at both ends, according to Mr. Norwoods description, and the headlight was directly in front. It looked like a great big bird, with wings flapping regularly and it traveled swiftly.
Statesman's Mystery Man.
The mystery man of The Statesman heard yesterday that Mr. R.H. Cousins had caught a glimpse of the mysterious ship Friday night, and Mr. Cousins was seen about it. 'No, I saw no ship," he said. "I stepped out into my yard and my attention was attracted by a moving light which appeared to lie some distance above the earth, not far from the residence of Mr. J. W. Graham. I first I thought it was a meteor, but I soon discovered it moved too slow for a meteor. In the light was not very large, I think possibly I could have covered it with my hand. I watched it as it moved and it passed over and down in the direction of Shoal Creek. I saw no dark object, nor anything that resembled a ship; I saw nothing but the light, and at the time thought nothing about it. The story, as reported, was that Mr. Cousins had seen a large ship-like shape, with the light attached to it. To the Statesman's gang last night the mystery man, to the utter consternation of the boys, gave it as his unalterable opinion that there was something in this airship business. "Where there's so much smoke there must be some fire," he said. "So many reports, from so many different points can not be fabrications. People may say what they will, but there's something in it."
The gang was visibly moved. "It is my opinion," continued the mystery man, "that the airship, so-called, is nothing more nor less than a reconnoitering aerial war car from warlike Mars, investigating the Conditions of the United States to see what reinforcements we'll need when the country is invaded by the allied armies of Europe, the Mars soldiers having no confidence whatever In the American jingoes as real fighters," "With these soldiers of Mars cavorting around over our heads, do you think there is any danger to us of the earth?" asked the gang in concert,' "I most emphatically do.
Last Thursday night one of their aerial boats exploded, and scraps of steel and piece of electric wire were found on the school house, the roof of which workmen were repairing. They heard an explosion during the night, and just before it took place the aerial vehicle was seen sailing through the air. There is great danger in venturing out these nights. What if one of those fellows from Mars should tumble out and fall on you ? The city editor and telegraph man were profoundly impressed, and last night they slept under a table in the editorial rooms.

April 21, 1897 - Shadbolt gets a package at the Driskill

Say, you people all know Shadbolt, manager of the Driskill, and are acquainted with his reputation for veracity? The fact that he is in the category with George Washington in this line, inclines me to take stock in these airship yarns that are at present flooding the country. Shad asserts that while on the roof of the hotel last Monday night engaged in taking clothes off the line, he was astonished first by a peculiar sizzling noise, followed immediately by a biff, bang, whiz, and a current of cold air that chilled him to the marrow. Dodging behind a chimney pot, he saw coming towards him a frightfully constructed cigar-shaped balloon, or something of that character.
His heart was in bis throat for a moment, but swallowing it with an effort, be sang out: 'Ship ahoy!' A voice replied: 'Howde? Is this Austin?' 'You're bloody right,' yelled Shad, whereupon the main guy on that flying monster called out: 'Stand by you lubbers, and let go that freight'. Something struck the roof, and the startled manager says as the thing went out of sight there was a man sitting cross-legged on the quarter deck, working a concertina. and grinding out the music of 'Me 'Art Is True to Poll,' (???) In the bundle, which smelled of stale fish and a few decayed things of that kind, was a note stating that the ship was en route to China, but would return in October next, by which time the writer hoped the Texas legislature would have passed all the blooming (democrat) platform demands formulated at Fort Worth. Now Shadbolt will not deny bis fondness for potted cheese and a bleeding glass of 'alf and 'alf, but be says neither of these appetizers had the slightest connection with his experience on the roof. He's got the note, and the brick that came with it, and will take pleasure in showing it to his friends.

April 21, 1897 - Weary Man Sick of Hearing About Airship

A weary man: "Can yon direct me to a boarding house where they do not talk of the airship?"

April 24, 1897 - Airship Resolution

Proposal to have the commission regulate them.
Yesterday morning, in a spirit of fun, Mr. Brigance offered the following resolution about airships: "Whereas, There is an airship sailing around Texas, carrying freight and passengers; and whereas the owners or incorporators of said airship pay no taxes for said traffic; and whereas, the railroad commission have been derelict in their duty in fixing rates tor said airship; and whereas, The State of Texas is badly in need of fund to run the state government; therefore,
Be it resolved that the advocate of revenue measures. Hon. J. T. Curry, the representative from Van Zandt county, is hereby requested to be the master of making rates for the government of said airship before the Railroad Commission of Texas and request that said commission proceed at once to make rates and charges for the transportation of passengers and freight in Texas, and in default of the payment of said rates, said commission shall apply to the Justice of the Peace of Precinct No. 1, Travis County, and procure an attachment and proceed to levy the same upon said airship for the purpose of collecting said rates, etc.
Now comes the second instance mentioned in the 2017 article.

April 26, 1897 - Airship Again

The airship made its appearance again early yesterday morning. At least three young men who were camping up on Bull creek, at Huddle's point, say they saw it. Messrs. Geo. Proctor, Ted Tobin and Jno. Caldwell went up the hike Saturday afternoon for a couple of days camp, and pitched their tents at Huddle's point. About 3 o'clock yesterday morning it began to rain, and the young men were compelled to get up and fasten their tent. It was at this time they saw the mysterious air craft. They claim it was in sight fully fifteen minutes and are positive they could not have been mistaken. At intervals of every few seconds it would throw its searchlight, and the boys say the light looked as big a four ordinary arc lights. It made its appearance from behind Mount Bonnell and traveled north. The boys broke camp last afternoon they say because it was raining so hard, but that mysterious light probably made the rain seem wetter than usual.

April 27, 1897 - Another Airship Again

It seems impossible to hide anything from the "argus eyes and ears" of a Statesman reporter. Mr. Teagarden of Teagarden & Shumate, "The Peacemakers," has been in "telepathic" communication with the inhabitants of Mars for some time past. In fact his summer location on the summits of various mountains in Colorado has been the means of enabling him to adopt a system of telepathic communication, and he intimates that "the airship" now voyaging around us is for the purpose of discovery, and not war, as some suppose. The ship is named "The Peacemaker" and is now used in the interest of his manufacturing centers of goods kept by this firm and perfect such arrangements as may be necessary for their interests. Upon his return early in May, Mr. Teagarden designs taking a trip over the eastern continent as a guest of the representatives of the fiery planet. No alarm need be felt by the inhabitants of Earth as the appearance of the ship only betokens peace. In fact, wars are a thing of the past in Mars, and the art is lost with them.

April 27, 1897 - Airship Located

It is en-route to Cuba to scatter dynamite for Wyler's forces.
A carefully planned expedition left for Cuba last night from near Sea Isle, N. J. The supply of arms and ammunition left New York Saturday on lighters and was placed on a tug between Barengal and Long Branch. The tug came steadily down the coast and was soon joined by another boat. In the way of munition, the expedition took along a Hotchkiss gun. 1000 rifles, 13000 rounds of ammunition, 2000 machetes, a lot of medicine and what is known as an experimental flying machine adapted to the use of dynamite.

April 29, 1897 - Airship Seen Here

It passed over the city yesterday morning in a rain.
Moved Slowly, Plainly Visible
Seen by more than one person. Work of Hiram Wilson, son of the master-mechanic for the New York Central (Railroad).
The airship, carrying a large headlight, passed over the city yesterday morning, apparently about 300 or 400 feet above the earth. It moved slowly at first, traveling in a northwesterly direction, but its speed seemed to lie greatly increased when it reach a point probably over Shoal creek. A gentleman out north of the capitol saw it, and a colored man living on Robertson Hill had a sight of the aerial visitor. A fine view of it was had by Mr, Otto F. Porsch, an intelligent and wholly reliable gentleman living at the corner of Colorado and Second streets and doing a grain and feed business at 402 East Sixth street. He is well known and has a large circle of friends. A Statesman reporter saw Mr. Porsch at his place of business yesterday, and he told the following story: "I was aroused from my sleep by my dogs barking and growling, and I went to a window and looked out. It was very cloudy and dark, and I saw the glare of a big light on the clouds. I thought a large fire was in progress and hastily put on my clothes and went out into the yard to see where it was. As I opened the door to go out, my young dog, greatly scared at something, pushed by me and went into the house. My old dog stayed in the yard, and I noticed he was barking at something overhead, and I looked up and saw great light slowly moving over the Salge Hotel. It was coining from the southeast and moved in a northwesterly direction. It appeared to me to be about 300 or 400 feet above the hotel, and it traveled very slow, the light being so blinding that I could not see the shape of the vehicle or whatever it was carrying it, I watched it carefully, and after it had gone some distance and has passed me, I could see the shape of the rear end of the vessel, and it appeared to be in this shape." And Mr. Forsch arranged his hands in a V shape, somewhat like the tail of a fish. "It was still moving very slowly, but as I watched 1 saw a movement on each side of it like a bird flap ping its wings, and its speed was once greatly increased, and I watched it until it disappeared, which was not long after it began to increase its speed. It was drizzling a little, and it rained pretty hard after the light disappeared. Asked if he saw any colored lights, he said "No, I did not. It was a very large, ordinary light and very blinding until it passed me." Mr. Porsch said that a gentleman living out north of the capitol told him yesterday forenoon that he had seen the ship at the same time Mr. Porseh did. Mr. Porsch said: "After it had disappeared I went buck into the house and looked at the clock, and it was exactly fifteen minutes after 4." A colored man named Gray saw the ship as it passed over yesterday morning.
The Galveston News of yesterday contained a story that the vessel landed in Uvalde a few days ago near the residence of Sheriff H. W. Baylor. Two men were aboard, with whom Mr. Baylor talked, one of them giving bis name as Wilson, and he said be had lived in Fort Worth, and the News of yesterday confirmed bis story and shows he did live in the Panther city, where he worked on an arship.

May 2, 1897 - Letter to Sheriff Baylor of Uvalde

A gentleman in this city has written Sheriff Baylor of Uvalde for the particulars of the airship he boarded and inspected at Uvalde.

May 4, 1897 - Cripple Creek Airship

The airship has been heard from at Cripple Creek. The information comes through a letter dropped from the airship. The letter states that there are three person in the airship, and that they are out of water and can not make a landing on the earth and have given up in despair. A man who could invent such an airship a that would have the ingenuity to condense water from the clouds, but the whole thing about the airship seems to be getting to be "in nubibus." (?)

May 4, 1897 - Airship demonstrated at Nashville

A sure enough airship
A Practical Demonstration Given at the Nashvllle Exposition
Today at the Tennessee Exposition, Professor Arthur Barnard, physical instructor of the Young Men's Christian Association of Nashville, began a jonrney in an airship constructed by himself. Professor Barnard promised to sail against the wind after arising into the air, and he did so. The airship will be continued in use at the exposition. Professor Barnard said he would land at the starting point tonight. The ship is 4 feet long and 20 feet in diameter

May 11, 1897 - Travis County Man Knows How To Build An Airship, But Won't

In a burst of confidence yesterday, Uncle Dick Boyce informed a Statesman reporter that Joe Costa had seen an airship sailing majestically through the deep blue heavens.
Joe was hunted up and asked if he saw the aerial mystery.
"I have not seen an airship, nor do I want to see one," he indignantly said. "If I wanted to see an airship I'd build one and be done with it. I know exactly how one should be constructed. You know I've watched buzzards and a ship modeled after them will fly"

May 23, 1897 - Webberville Airship

It was seen in Austin and Webbervllle Friday night.
Friday night, about 12:30 o'clock, Mr. O'Brien, the Associated Press operator in the Statesman office, while standing on the gallery in front, saw what was evidently the airship, or at least the mysterious aerial body that has been seen several times in these parts. Mr. O'Brien watched it about a half minute, and then hastened to the window and called to the telegraph editor to come quick. The latter, although mentally absorbed in the interesting St. Louis produce market, hastened to the gallery, but when he got there the airship had passed out of view behind the business buildings southeast of the office. Both watched for some minutes in vain, and then returned to their work, the operator with a puzzled look, and the telegraph editor with an incredulous smile flitting across his face. They resolved not to say anything about it till next day, to see if any other night hawk had seen anything of the sort. Yesterday word came from Webberville announcing that John T. McCall, a prominent citizen of that section, had seen the airship about 10 o'clock Friday night. It was sailing very low, and he had a good view of it. He said it looked to be about fifty feet long, and was brilliantly lighted, looking something like a steamboat at night. This description tallies exactly with Mr. O Brien's description. There is about two and a half hour s difference in the time the two men saw it, but this could be easily accounted tor. There is evidently something prowling about the heavens in this neck of the woods, whether it is an airship or some other illuminated body.

June 2, 1897 - Edison Says Mysterious Airship is Fake

Thomas Edison, Denounces It as a "Pure Fake" Thinks It Absurd, Believes, However, That Airships Will Be Successfully Constructed in Future.

June 2, 1897 - Legislature Sees An Airship

Along about 10 o'clock some enthusiastic member saw what be thought was an air ship hovering over the university, and in a many seconds as it take to tell it, all the dear solons were rubbernecking toward the airship. The House and Senate both were nearly disbanded in their vain endeavor to see the airship. It could be plainly seen hovering over the university, and the members spent some time in discussing exactly how the ship was operated. They will probably not feel so cheerful in the morning when they discover that the impossible airship that excited their admiration was but a kite -an aeroplane- the university professors were operating for the purpose of trying to secure electrical experiments. The horse is on the solons, and they might as well give in.
Well I'm almost out of space but I think you get the picture. It goes on like this throughout the summer of 1897 and into 1898 when primitive airships were used in the Spanish-American war. There is an old truism that says necessity is the mothers milk of invention, but I have always said ubiquity does the same thing. In this case it seems to fit, the materials for flight were available everywhere and a few visionaries put it together. As for all the Austin sightings, I can't say who it was or what they were trying to do. But I do think if even one of those sightings was real then there is probably a chapter on human flight in some history books that needs a little expanding.
No Bonus Pics today I'm afraid. I hope to make it up to you next time.
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2019.12.16 03:25 Trailblazer7232 Dallas BMW Half Marathon Race Report: PR or ER style

Race Information


Goal Description Completed?
A <2:20 Yes
B <2:15 Yes


Mile Time
1 10:02
2 10:14
3 10:20
4 10:16
5 10:13
6 10:11
7 9:57
8 9:44
9 9:40
10 9:50
11 9:40
12 9:53
13 9:53
14 9:03


This was my "A" race of the year and my initial goal was <2:30. However, after following Higdon Novice 1 & 2, last month I did a spontaneous half marathon as an easy test. "Easy" turned out to be a huge negative split for a 2:24 finish time.
Whoops, there went my original goal. Without a good sense of how much more speed I had, I figured I'd just aim for a PR (<2:24) and risk blowing up if it didn't go well. I worked more on speed in the last six weeks, only doing one long run (10 mi) between races. I also had a lingering TFL/hip issue, so in the last two weeks, I just ran a couple fun 5ks. I'd rather be 10% undertrained than 1% over-injured!
Pre-race I made a super bad beginner error: I used my pace at the time I signed up (April) as my expected time, which landed me in the last corral. Corral D (11:30 min/mile or slower) started 30 minutes after the gun.
The rest of pre-race routine went well. For a 9 AM start, I woke up at 6:30 AM, grabbed some salted oatmeal, and Ubered to the start. The race organization was very smooth; there were plenty of port-a-potties, which moved super quickly pre-race and I was in my corral by 8:15 AM. Took my salted watermelon GU 20 minutes before the start.
Weather: Really warm for December - high of 75ish with no cloud cover. I opted for a crop top, shorts and sun sleeves. I thought goal A (<2:15) was gone on weather alone, especially since being in corral D meant I started even later (hotter) in the day.


Miles 1-3: I divided the race into sections. The first, miles 1-3, were a flat warm up. Even though I started at the front of corral D, people went flying by me. I settled into a 10:15ish pace, eyeing my <2:20 goal.
Miles 3-7: Mile 3-7 was one long 1% hill for almost the entire stretch. It was the kind of hill that's too shallow to walk but just steep enough to feel. The route here winds through the wealthiest neighborhood in Dallas, Highland Park. It contains the likes of the Bushes, Mark Cuban and similar. Smatterings of people came out to cheer which was lovely. My personal favorite sign? "Run, bitches."
Props to people who can run in costumes - the face paint was literally melting off one poor joker (literally dressed as a joker) and some Elvises were relegated to walking by mile 4, sweating through their chops.
I took a gel at mile 5 (blueberry pomegranate, roctane FTW) and by mile 6, I had caught most everyone who passed me that first mile. My legs still felt fresh - thank you, unintentional two week taper - and as we wound out of SMU for mile 7, I knew the uphills were behind us.
Miles 7-9: Slightly downhill is the only way I want to run in the future. Is this how real runners feel, like they're just floating? It wasn't steep, but my Garmin pace slid under 10:00 min/miles and stayed there. I had a lead on the <2:15 pace and started eyeing <2:10 as a very real possibility.
At mile 9, the marathon and half marathon split off. My husband was there with a giant grin. He surprised me with a sign - on one side it said "You run farther than my dog" and on the other, "I love you, wifey." It sounds cliche now, but he spent hours on his Sunday to see me for 5 seconds. Tearing up a bit, I gave him a quick kiss, at which he panicked and yelled out, "GET RUNNING, YOU'RE ON PACE FOR A PR!" That's a real runner's spouse :)
Miles 10-13.1:
F#%K. Two things:
  1. It was hot now, with very little shade and no clouds, with a bit of headwind. Which bring me to...
  2. 90% of the people I was running with past mile 10 were now walking. Not run/walking, but straight up walking. Judging by bib numbers, I appeared to have caught the back of corrals B/C. It happened right as the course narrowed, so I was trapped behind groups of people. People walking on the right, on the left, in the middle, in groups, all over the place.
I have zero problem with people who walk during races, run/walk or have a bad day. But come on, folks, be truthful when you pick a corral and when you walk, walk on the side so people can pass. Getting trapped behind walkers cost me more than 3 minutes as I wove back and forth. I took another gel at mile 10 and put on some upbeat music to drown out my inner thoughts and focus on enjoying the moment.
The first four men leading the full marathon passed me and holy cow, *they are fast in real life.* They inspired me to keep the pace up in the last two miles, but I had to dig quite a bit. My entire core felt like a slight stitch with every step. My legs were stiff but I kept my sub 10 min/miles up and I crossed the finish line in 2:12:XX. My GPS (which had been very close to accurate until mile 10) had me at 13.25 miles. Despite the corral frustrations, I'm still stoked with the outcome - that's a 12 minute PR over last month.


  1. Pick the right corral. Problem (largely) solved. I do wish Dallas required time proof to be in the faster corrals, because it would have eased congestion considerably.
  2. Be more aggressive with my goals. I know I have a <2:10 in my legs if the conditions are right. Is there a potential <2:00 in the spring? Feb or March before it gets hot?
  3. Under-trained was definitely better than over-injured. Time to spend the holiday working on hip and glute strength.
  4. I ran a 10K PR in the last part of the race (1:00:32) - I should probably do an actual 10K just to get this under an hour.
Thanks everyone who read my last report and the gallons of wisdom I've gleaned here.
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