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GFL achievement references explained

2019.01.13 06:09 Ionascrub GFL achievement references explained

Achievements for stepping on random nodes
Achievement Name Obtained by Explaination
Heh, surprise! Step on any random node once Self explainatory, step on a random node, get a random surprise
What if we win? Step on any random node 10 times Chinese LoL meme. In that LoL match, 2 of his teammate were AFK right at the start of the battle. A 3rd teammate is actively throwing himself away to give opponents money and exp. They lost all their turrets. Their opponents is trolling and salting in chat asking them to give up. 17:00 into the game, 3 of his teammates are still lv.1. He answered, "what if we win?" He won. (Thanks Akane_iro)
News Lovers Step on any random node 100 times Stepping on random nodes gives you "Breaking News", people who step on a lot of these nodes must love these news
Magical Remote Control Step on any random node 500 times Reference to the movie Click. In the movie, the main character literally has a magical remote control capable to affecting the world.
Virtual Life Step on any random node 1000 times Reference to the Sims, which in Chinese is 模拟人生 (Achievement name in Chinese is 虚拟人生). Alternatively, possibly a reference to a Monopoly knockoff named Virtual Life
Schrodinger's Cat Step on any random node 5000 times Reference to the famous thought experiment of Schrodinger's Cat
God does not play dice Step on any random node 10000 times Reference to a famous quote by Albert Einstein
Next stop is… Step on any random node 20000 times Reference to one of these two Chinese films
Life is Chocolate Step on any random node 50000 times Quote from Forrest Gump
The Wheel of Fate Step on any random node 100000 times Reference to the 10th major arcana in tarot cards
Achievements for defeating enemies
Achievement Name Obtained by Explaination
First Blood Eliminate 1 enemy in a victorious battle DOTA reference. Which in turn referenced the Rambo film titled First Blood
War Machine Eliminate 100 enemies in victorious battles The Chinese name for the Gears of War series is 战争机器, the same name as the achievement in Chinese. Alternatively, could also be a reference to the film of the same name, or the Marvel superhero War Machine
Incomparable Eliminate 1000 enemies in victorious battles This is a pain. There's way too many stuff with 无双 (Chinese name of this achievement) in its name, like Dynasty Warriors (真三国无双)or Samurai Warriors (战国无双). Alternatively, this could be just talking about you for killing so many enemy units.
Tales of Valkyries Eliminate 5000 enemies in victorious battles Reference to the Valkyria Chronicles series. This reference is much clearer in Chinese, as Valkyria Chronicles in Chinese is 战场女武神, exactly the same name as the achievement name.
Day of Wrath Eliminate 10000 enemies in victorious battles Reference to dies irae.
The Lifeless Emperor Eliminate 50000 enemies in victorious battles Reference to one of Alucard from Hellsing's names. Also possibly a reference to the Warhammer series, where The Lifeless Emperor is one of the Emperor of Mankind's other names
It's over 90,000 Eliminate 100000 enemies in victorious battles. Original Chinese reference (十万甚至九万个) is a meme that originated from this video Translation seems to have changed it into the "It's over 9000" meme.
Exorcist Girl Eliminate 200000 enemies in victorious battles A play on the Chinese name for D.Gray-Man which is 驱魔少年. 驱魔少年 literally means exorcist (驱魔) teenagers (少年), 少女 specifically refers to female teenagers, hence getting Exorcist Girl.
Peacemaker Eliminate 500000 enemies in victorious battles Another name for the Colt Single Action Army. There's also a lot of other stuff this can refer to
Red Griffin Redemption Eliminate 1000000 enemies in victorious battles Reference to the game series Red Dead Redemption
Achievements for losing battles
Achievement Name Obtained by Explaination
The End is a new Beginning Lose 1 battle Common internet saying, also a famous anime trope
Phantom Pain Lose 10 battles Reference to MGSV: The Phantom Pain, which in turn gets its name from the medical condition
Game Over Lose 100 battles Self explainatory
They Just Fade Away… Lose 500 battles Reference to the famous quote: Old soldiers never die… they just fade away
Deadly Magic Lose 1000 battles The name of the achievement in Chinese is 致命魔术, which is the Chinese name of the film The Prestige. "Deadly Magic" is a direct translation of 致命魔术.
Old Hunter Lose 5000 battles Reference to the name of DLC for the game Bloodborne
Miss Undead Lose 10000 battles I'm also not sure what the English achievement is referring to. Let me know if you know this reference
Iron Throne Lose 20000 battles Reference to the Iron Throne in a Song of Fire and Ice
Morning Drama Protaganist Lose 50000 battles This page explains what a "Morning Drama" is better than I can. The main point is about "facing challenges to achieve your dreams", and you sure have faced a lot of challenges (lost battles) to get this achievement.
Don't you Still Have Life? Lose 100000 battles Reference to Saint Seiya
Achievements for winning battles
Achievement Name Obtained by Explaination
Memorable Moment Clear any mission once Because winning is always memorable
Rocking the Battlefield Clear any mission 10 times CN wiki says this may be a reference to the Battlefield 3 theme being a rock song, but isn't 100% sure on this.
Medal of Honor Clear any mission 100 times Reference to either the game with the same name, or the actual US Medal of Honor
The Great Adventurer Clear any mission 500 times Reference to the film titled The Adventurer. The Chinese name for this film is 大冒险家, the same name as the name of this achievement in Chinese.
Moment of Glory Clear any mission 1000 times Reference to Slam Dunk chapter 270, which is also called "Moment of Glory". Said chapter also has these two scenes
Abysswalker Clear any mission 5000 times English translation seems to have changed this reference to a Dark Souls one. Original Chinese achievement (深渊之歌) references Vita Clotilde from the Trails of Cold Steel series, whose S-craft is called Aria of the Abyss, or 深渊之歌 in Chinese
Roar of Victory Clear any mission 10000 times Reference to Victory Cry from the Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series
Battleground Clear any mission 20000 times The achievement in Chinese (战斗乐园) means something else. 战斗(battle)(游)乐园 (amusement park). Reference to either Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds (幻象破坏者 战斗乐园), or the Battle Park in Pokemon
Battle Axe 50k Clear any mission 50000 times Warhammer 40k reference. Name was probably changed a little to avoid copyright issues, Warhammer in Chinese is 战锤, the same as this achievement in Chinese.
Griffin Expendables Clear any mission 100000 times Reference to The Expendables film series
Achievements for failing missions
Achievement Name Obtained by Explaination
First Introspection Fail any mission once Self explainatory, you just lost, time to relook at your echelons and strategies
Kick the Cat Fail any mission 10 times English idiom
Don't Worry, It's Just a Technical Retraction Fail any mission 50 times Reference to a Hong Kong film titled The Greed of Man. Clip where they say this achievement (不要怕,是技术性调整) can be found here at at 4:15
Wolf's Jaws Fail any mission 100 times Reference to the manga Wolfsmund
Solitary Observer Fail any mission 500 times The name of the opening song for Steins Gate was translated into Chinese as 孤独的观测者, or literally "Solitary Observer". This is the song
War, War never changes Fail any mission 1000 times Reference to the famous quote in the Fallout series
Jericho! Fail any mission 2000 times Reference to the bibilical city of Jericho, which was destroyed by miracles. There's also a lot of media named after Jericho Alternatively, referencing the events of chapter 7N and what happens to Jericho
Great Expectations Fail any mission 5000 times Reference to the famous novel of the same name by Charles Dickens
On the Shoulder of Giants Fail any mission 10000 times Famous English quote
The Journey of the League Champion Fail any mission 20000 times Reference to Pokemon, and how Ash never becomes the Pokemon League Champion despite how long the anime has gone on for
Achievements for doing combat simulations
Achievement Name Obtained by Explaination
Combat Simulation Complete 1 combat simulation Self explainatory
Virtual Police Complete 10 combat simulations Reference to the arcade game, Virtua Cop
Summer Class Complete 50 combat simulations Reference to the VR game Summer Lesson
Dead School! Complete 100 combat simulations This achievement in Chinese is 学园孤岛, which is the Chinese name of the manga School Live!.
Quantum Hacking Complete 500 combat simulations Reference to .hack//Quantum
Palette Complete 1000 combat simulations Reference to team Palette, who shows up in the events of chapter 4N. The 1000 combat simulations is a reference to RO and why she wasn't with the AR team from the very start
Roamer Tea Party Complete 2000 combat simulations Another weird one. Original Chinese achievement is 游荡者 (rouge's) 茶会 (tea party), a reference to Log Horizon's tea party of a similar name
5000 days of Summer Complete 5000 combat simulations Reference to the film 500 Days of Summer
21st century Girl Complete 10000 combat simulations Reference to the manga 20th Century Boys except Griffin is in the 21st century and all the T-dolls are girls so…
Freedom is Everybody's Right Complete 20000 combat simulations Reference to Transformers
Achievements for doing auto battles
Achievement Name Obtained by Explaination
Auto-Battles Complete 1 auto battle Self explainatory
Alone at Home Complete 10 auto battles Reference to the film Home Alone
Story of Toys Complete 100 auto battles Reference to the film Toy Story
Teacher Please! Complete 500 auto battles Reference to the anime Please, Teacher!
Magimatic Complete 1000 auto battles Reference to the manga Mahoromantic. Mahoromatic is a fusion of "mahou" (magic in Japanese) and "romantic", Magimatic comes from a fusion of "magic" and "romantic"
Skynet Complete 5000 auto battles Reference to Terminator
Array Uprising Complete 10000 auto battles Reference to the film The Matrix Revolutions. Array (another word for matrix) Uprising (another word for revolution) is to avoid any copyright issues
Blade Dancer Complete 20000 auto battles This achievement in Chinese is 银翼杀手, which is the Chinese name for the film Blade Runner. "Blade Dancer" can refer to other things like a PS2 game and the Blade and Soul class.
Neurocaster Complete 50000 auto battles Reference to the book Neuromancer
Strange Building Complete 100000 auto battles Reference to the manga Getenrou
Achievements for collecting hearts from T-dolls
Achievement Name Obtained by Explaination
Thanks for the Hard Work! Collect first heart from a T-doll in Dormitory Self explainatory
Love from Zero Collect 50 hearts from T-dolls in Dormitory Reference to Re:Zero. All the achievements for getting hearts are references to Japanese light novels.
Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up T-Dolls? Collect 100 hearts from T-dolls in Dormitory Reference to Danmachi, also known as "Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?"
My T-doll can't be this cute Collect 500 hearts from T-dolls in Dormitory Reference to Oreimo, also known as "My Little Sister can't be this cute"
And you thought there is never a T-doll online? Collect 1000 hearts from T-dolls in Dormitory Reference to And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online?
I do have many friends Collect 2000 hearts from T-dolls in Dormitory Reference to Haganai, also known as "I Don't Have Many Friends"
My Youth is Not Wrong Collect 5000 hearts from T-dolls in Dormitory Reference to Oregairu, also known as "My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected"
I was abducted by an All Girls School as a Commander Collect 10000 hearts from T-dolls in Dormitory Reference to Shomin Sample, also known as "I was Abducted by an Elite All Girls School as a Sample Commoner"
The honor student at romance high school Obtain 20000 hearts from your T-dolls Reference to The Irregular at Magic High School
My T-doll girlfriends fight too much Collect 50000 hearts from T-dolls in Dormitory Reference to Oreshura, also known as "My Girlfriend and Childhood Friend Fight too Much"
Achievements for adopting pets
Achievement Name Obtained by Explaination
Can I Keep It? Adopt 1 pet Reference to the WoW achievement for obtaining a pet
The Rule of 3 Cats Adopt 3 different pets The Chinese name for this achievement is 三猫成虎, a play on the Chinese idiom 三人成虎. 人, or man in the idiom is changed to 猫, or cat, to better fit the pet themed achievement. There's really no good way to translate this achievement into English.
Cat Princess Adopt 5 different pets Reference to the WoW achievement for obtaining 20 cats. On the Chinese WoW client, the title you get for this achievement is 猫咪公主/王子, literally translated as Cat Princess/Cat Prince.
Ten Dalmatians Adopt 10 different pets Reference to the 101 Dalmatians.
Animal World Adopt 15 different pets Reference to the Chinese version of Animal Planet that airs on CCTV-1, also known as 动物世界, which translates to Animal World. Could also be a reference to Animal Planet
Welcome to Griffin Park Adopt 20 different pets Reference to Kemono Friends. Welcome to Japari Griffin Park!
Achievements for acquiring batteries
Achievement Name Obtained by Explaination
Battery Acquire 10 batteries Self explainatory.
T-partment Acquire 100 batteries All the achievements for acquiring batteries are based off Chinese drama/sitcoms. This one is a reference to iPartment, replacing the i/爱 with T for T-doll.
Home with Girls Acquire 500 batteries Reference to Home with Kids. You can only obtain girls in this game so its Home with Girls.
My Own Echelon Acquire 1000 batteries Reference to My Own Swordsman.
I Love Your Home Acquire 5000 batteries Reference to I Love My Family
Idler: Kalina Acquire 10000 batteries Reference to 闲人马大姐. Achievement in Chinese is called 闲人格林娜.
In The Griffin Family Acquire 50000 batteries Reference to 东北一家人.
Story of the Troublemakers Acquire 100000 batteries Reference to 炊事班的故事
The Train Station Acquire 200000 batteries Reference to 地上交通站, which in English is also "The Train Station"
Headquarters Story Acquire 500000 batteries Reference to 编辑部的故事
Achievements for producing T-dolls
Achievement Name Obtained by Explaination
Hello, Nice to meet you Produce 1 T-doll Self explainatory
Small Construction Produce 10 T-dolls Self explainatory
Figurine Factory Produce 100 T-dolls Pretty much self explainatory. The name for T-dolls (人形)can also be translated as "figurine", hence the name of this achievement.
Echelon Collection Produce 200 T-dolls Reference to Kantai Collection. On the CN server, the name of this achievement was changed to 人形收藏家 (T-doll collector) from 梯队收藏 (Echelon Collection), possibly to avoid any legal issues.
First Love for the 500th Time Produce 500 T-dolls Reference to 50 First Dates.
Puppet Master Produce 1000 T-dolls Reference to the Puppet Master from Ghost in the Shell. Also possibly a reference to Master of Puppets, an album by Metalica.
Ludibrium Produce 2000 T-dolls Ludibrium. Chinese name for this achievement is 人偶镇, which means "doll town".
Jiggly Jiggly Heaven Produce 5000 T-dolls Reference to the fictional anime of the same name featured in Shirobako
T-10000 Produce 10000 T-dolls Reference to the Terminator androids in the Terminator series.
The Gift of the T-doll Produce 20000 T-dolls Reference to The Gift of the Magi short story. This reference is even clearer in Chinese, as the Chinese achievement specifies “圣诞礼物”, or Christmas gift, in line with the plot of the short story.
Heavy Production Use T-doll Heavy Production once Self explainatory
Radiation 5 Use T-doll Heavy Production 5 times Reference to Fallout 4. Fallout 4's name in Chinese is 辐射4, which literally translates to "radiation 4".
Crazy Weapons Use T-doll Heavy Production 10 times Reference to the Wild Arms series. In Chinese, the name of this achievement (荒野兵器) is the name of the Wild Arms series in Chinese.
Metal Bob Use T-doll Heavy Production 20 times Reference to the Metal Max series.
Xenocogs Use T-doll Heavy Production 50 times Reference to Xenogears. "Gears" was changed to "cogs" probably to avoid copyright issues.
May and the Extraordinary World Use T-doll Heavy Production 100 times Reference to the film April and the Extraordinary World.
Girl from the Underworld Use T-doll Heavy Production 200 times Reference to Hellboy. Underworld is another possible translation for hell/地狱.
Doom Use T-doll Heavy Production 500 times Reference to the Doom series.
A Better Griffin Use T-doll Heavy Production 1000 times Reference to the film A Better Tomorrow
SF Terminator Use T-doll Heavy Production 2000 times [Reference to the Terminator series.
Achievements for repairing T-dolls
Achievement Name Obtained by Explaination
Thanks for Taking Care of Me Repair T-doll once Self explainatory.
Okay, Next... Repair T-doll 10 times Self explainatory.
T-Doll Tinker Repair T-doll 100 times There's a lot of possible things "tinker" can reference. Like the Dota hero, the WC3 hero or even MTG
Surgery Simulator 2056 Repair T-doll 500 times Reference to the game of the same name, except GFL is set in the future, hence 2056.
Trauma Center Repair T-doll 1000 times Reference to the Trauma Center series.
Thematic Hospital Repair T-doll 5000 times Reference to the Theme Hospital series
Black Jack Repair T-doll 10000 times Reference to the manga Black Jack, which is about a doctor named Black Jack.
Monster Repair T-doll 20000 times Reference to the manga Monster, in line with the medical theme of these set of achievements.
You break it, I fix it Repair T-doll 50000 times Tag line of Handy Manny from the Disney animated TV show.
I want to Believe Repair T-doll 100000 times English reference isn't very clear, "I want to believe" is a common phrase. In Chinese, this achievement is called "妄想改造人", which is the Chinese name of the manga Katte ni Kaizo.
Achievements for enhancing T-dolls
Achievement Name Obtained by Explaination
Custom Surgery Perform 1 T-doll enhancement Self explainatory
Trash to Treasure Perform 10 T-doll enhancements IDW to stat up
Christmas Tree Perform 100 T-doll enhancements What SOPMOD says when you enhance her. CN wiki says T-doll enhancement is akin to hanging decorations (the T-doll fodder you use) on a christmas tree (the T-doll you're enhancing).
T-Doll Puzzle Perform 500 T-doll enhancements CN wiki says enhancing T-dolls is like completing a puzzle; piecing together multiple pieces to make a complete T-doll. Makes sense I guess.
Self Upgrade Perform 1000 T-doll enhancements Self explainatory
House of Freaks Perform 5000 T-doll enhancements Chinese name of this achievement (异人馆) is a reference to this horror manga (江户川乱步异人馆).
Franken Frank Perform 10000 T-doll enhancements Reference to Franken Fran, a manga which involves some very gruesome human "modifications"
Faust Perform 20000 T-doll enhancements Reference to the German legend of the same name
Maiden's Slippers Perform 50000 T-doll enhancements Reference to the tale of Cinderella.
Centurion Perform 100000 T-doll enhancements Reference to The Centurions
Achievements for dummy linking T-dolls
Achievement Name Obtained by Explaination
I'm Not Alone Perform 1 T-doll dummy link Self explainatory. Adding a dummy link means the main frame isn't alone anymore.
Masquerade Hall Perform 10 T-doll dummy links Self explainatory
The Magical Girl's Tea Party Perform 100 T-doll dummy links Reference to the VN Majo no Ocha Kai
Everyone but me is a DUMMY! Perform 200 T-doll dummy links CN wiki says this is a reference to a line from Fenshen Yanyi.
Imaginary Girlfriend Perform 500 T-doll dummy links Reference to the manga Kono Kanojo Fiction desu.
Delusional Illusion Perform 1000 T-doll dummy links Assassin's Noble Phantasm from Fate:Zero.
Aionion Hetairoi Perform 2000 T-doll dummy links Rider's Noble Phantasm from Fate:Zero.
Treasure Trove Perform 5000 T-doll dummy links Original Chinese achievement references this, a magical bowl that continously generates treasures. The English achievement is a lot more broad in what it can refer to
Last Order Perform 10000 T-doll dummy links Reference to Last Order from the Index series.
Maid Cafe Perform 20000 T-doll dummy links Possibly a reference to the manga Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru. The manga's Chinese name is 女仆咖啡厅, which literally translates to Maid Cafe.
Achievements for retiring T-dolls
Achievement Name Obtained by Explaination
See You Again Retire 1 T-doll Self explainatory
Get off! We're full! Retire 10 T-dolls Self explainatory
Forget-Me-Not Retire 100 T-dolls Another name for the Myosotis flower.
Goodbye... I hope for good... Retire 500 T-dolls Self explainatory
I'll Be Back! Retire 1000 T-dolls Probably the most famous line from the Terminator series
Firearm Dismantling Master Retire 5000 T-dolls Self explainatory
Doggy Dog World Retire 10000 T-dolls Original Chinese achievement is a reference to the film Amores perros, the achievement is the Chinese name of the film (爱情是狗粮). English achievement seems to have changed this to a eggcorn of the phrase "Dog eat dog world".
A Farewell to Arms Retire 20000 T-dolls Reference to the novel titled "A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemmingway.
Non-Violence, Non-Cooperation Retire 50000 T-dolls Reference to Mahatma Gandhi's non-violence, non-cooperation movement.
Thanks for all the Fish Retire 100000 T-dolls Reference to So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish, the fourth book in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
Achievements for training T-doll skills
Achievement Name Obtained by Explaination
Training Begins Undergo skill training once Self explainatory
Stepping Up Undergo skill training 10 times Self explainatory
Practice Makes Perfect Undergo skill training 50 times Famous English idiom
China Heavyweight Undergo skill training 100 times Actually a Chinese idiom. English translation seems to have gone for the film titled after the Chinese idiom
EZ Game Undergo skill training 500 times Original Chinese achievement is yet another Chinese idiom. English achievement changed this to the EZ meme, which has a pretty similar meaning (without the condescending connotation) as the Chinese idiom.
Last Class Undergo skill training 1000 times Reference to the short story The Last Lesson by Alphonse Daudet.
This is How Steel is Forged Undergo skill training 2000 times Reference to the Russian novel How the Steel was Tempered by Nikolai Ostrovsky
Military Law No. 5000 Undergo skill training 5000 times Reference to Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. Catch-22 refers to a military rule/law in the novel.
Commando Undergo skill training 10000 times Reference to the film Commando
Peace Through Tyranny Undergo skill training 20000 times This is a Transformers reference, the quote "Peace through tyranny" is Megatron's motto
Achievements for producing equipment
Achievement Name Obtained by Explaination
Equipment Crafting Produce 1 piece of equipment Self explainatory
Assembly Line Produce 10 pieces of equipment Self explainatory
Manchester Director Produce 100 pieces of equipment Refers to the actual city (Manchester) in England, which was a big part of the industrial revolution, hence why this achievement associates it with an equipment production achievement.
Explosive Barrel Hunter Produce 200 pieces of equipment Reference to the Powder Keg Hunters in Bloodborne.
Atelier Produce 500 pieces of equipment Reference to the Atelier series by Gust
Dwarf Workshop Produce 1000 pieces of equipment Reference to Warcraft 3 workshops, where dwarfs are a race allied with humans, and a good amount of their units are built from the workshop.
Factoria Produce 2000 pieces of equipment Reference to the game Factorio
Marble Machine Produce 5000 pieces of equipment Reference to the band Wintergatan, that uses an elaborate machine utilizing marbles to make music.
Invention History of the Light Bulb Produce 10000 pieces of equipment Reference to the fillament light bulbs, which were popularized by Thomas Edison
Primatron Produce 20000 pieces of equipment Reference to Primacron from the Transformers series
Cosmic Factory Produce 50000 pieces of equipment This achievement is referring to a starburst region, which has been described to be like a cosmic factory
Achievements for dismantling equipment
Achievement Name Obtained by Explaination
Equipment Dismantling Dismantle 1 piece of equipment Self explainatory
Garbage Can Dismantle 10 pieces of equipment Self explainatory.
Recycling Station Dismantle 100 pieces of equipment Self explainatory
Waste Treatment Plant Dismantle 500 pieces of equipment Self explainatory.
Decadent Movement Dismantle 1000 pieces of equipment Named after the decadent movement, which was focused on excess and artificality.
Dirty King Dismantle 5000 pieces of equipment Reference to a Shanghai cartoon called "Dirty King Adventure"
The Revered Inventor Dismantle 10000 pieces of equipment Invention --> mass production --> wastage --> dismantle excess equipment.
Production Crisis Dismantle 20000 pieces of equipment Self explainatory
Dismantled Train Dismantle 50000 pieces of equipment CN wiki has this to say: When the small things have been scrapped, it's time to scrap the larger objects like trains. I too, have no idea what this is referencing.
Anatomische Tabellen Dismantle 100000 pieces of equipment Reference to the actual Anatomische Tabellen by Johann Adam Kulmus
Achievements for enhancing equipment
Achievement Name Obtained by Explaination
Equipment Enhancement Perform 1 equipment enhancement Self explainatory
Mythril Perform 10 equipment enhancements Reference to the mythical metal from Lord of the Rings. It's so famous that it's appeared in countless other fictional works as well. All the achievements in this category are named after fictional items used to upgrade/craft weapons
Fine Gold Perform 100 equipment enhancements Gold. A rare metal that has become a common crafting material in many games.
The Glowing Shard Perform 500 equipment enhancements Reference to Luminous Shard, a crafting material in WoW obtained by disenchanting items. The English achievement is called "The Glowing Shard" because they directly translated the Chinese name of this item (辉光碎片)
Titanite Shards Perform 1000 equipment enhancements Reference to the Dark Souls item, used to upgrade items.
Blood Rock Perform 5000 equipment enhancements Reference to the Bloodborne item.
Blood of Goddesses Perform 10000 equipment enhancements Reference to Saint Seiya, where cloths are upgraded through Athena's blood
The Seal of Orikalos Perform 20000 equipment enhancements Reference to orichalcum, another metal commonly seen in fiction. Also a reference to the Yu Gi Oh card of the same name, which strengthens your monsters on the field.
Cureglia Sword Perform 50000 equipment enhancements Reference to the Cleria sword from the Ys series.
Achievements for performing logistics
Achievement Name Obtained by Explaination
First Pot of Gold Complete 1 logistic support mission Self explainatory
Out of Town Complete 10 logistic support missions Self explainatory
Work-study Program Complete 100 logistic support missions Self explainatory
Scavenging Addiction Complete 500 logistic support missions Self explainatory
Junkions Complete 1000 logistic support missions Transformers reference to the Junkions
Black Flag Complete 5000 logistic support missions Reference to Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.
Terrarium Complete 10000 logistic support missions Reference to the game Terraria
Don't Starve Yourself Complete 20000 logistic support missions Reference to Don't Starve
No T-doll's Sky Complete 50000 logistic support missions Reference to No Man's Sky
The T-doll's Guide to the Universe Complete 100000 logistic support missions Reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
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Details of Book
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Date of Publication : September 25th 2018

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Love is supposed to be a fairy tale.
Ours is a death wish.
I'm the executioner for the Bedlam Brotherhood.
She's a con artist working for my greatest enemy.
I use her.
She manipulates me.
We find ourselves on opposite sides of a bloody war.
My heart and head tell me I have to stay away.
My lust for her doesn't give a sh*t.
Nothings fair in love and gang war.

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2018.08.31 21:17 izumi3682 Izumi3682 Archives

Think You Know How Disruptive Artificial Intelligence Is? Think Again by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 1 point 1 month ago
Funny you said that. I think a filter is rapidly approaching...
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Think You Know How Disruptive Artificial Intelligence Is? Think Again by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 1 point 1 month ago
Who is working if everything is "lights out"? How can you sell a product or service if no one is working? How can UBI work if products or services no longer have value and money is meaningless? How can a company be "competitive" in a post-scarcity world?
Questions I have for the approaching "technological singularity". Consider the next 15 years the "pre-singularity".
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Think You Know How Disruptive Artificial Intelligence Is? Think Again by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 2 points 1 month ago
Here is a TL; DR for you--
Short term next 1-5 years not that much change in employment. Lots of changes within employment. Some highly repetitive deskwork will be replaced. Some driving occupations will be replaced.
Mid term 5-10 years. AI, robotics and automation replacing about a third of human employment.
After 10 years the AI, robotics and automation takes over pretty much everything. We better hope the post-scarcity can provide a good life for humans by that point.
This next is not in the article, but from me. Ten years after the AI takes over "pretty much" everything will be the likely "technological singularity". After that point, you can no longer predict. I hope the TS is human friendly.
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Autonomous cars pose threat to road congestion, warns World Economic Forum by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 1 point 1 month ago
VR is big with me. You hit a nerve. We'll cover the other stuff later lol!
That is a toy like Nintendo was. A toy is a distraction not a change.
Oops! I think that is a little bit of an arrogant and uninformed statement. When the automobile was first developed it remained a "toy" of the well-to-do until about 1908 when Henry Ford developed the assembly line. After that it rapidly became a tool. And not too long after that it was a "soft singularity".
VR is the same way. It is not a toy like a console. It is the birth of a new form of communication with as much import as that of the telegraph, radio, motion pictures or television. Having said that I personally believe that the convergence of that technology with the narrow AI running it will transcend all previous forms of communication of information media.
I will grant that it is early days yet. And yes, I know that VR has had limited use in the professional arena since the 1980s. But just like the the type of SDV that was tested in 2006 as opposed to SDVs being tested today, this time it's different.
Before I go any futher, I want your take on this video concerning the exponential improvement in processing speed in computers. Because the incredibly rapid improvement of VR is tied to this video's accuracy. Nobody can seem to give me a straight answer on some specific questions I have about this video.
As I have said in ten million spammed "Izumi3682 and the world of tomorrow" links, because I want people to understand, reaching the equivalent of human brain processing and capacity is a just an arbitrary benchmark that we are going to rocket past like it wasn't there. Compare the level of the lake in 1999 to the year 2015--the year btw that "Deepmind" came into existence, to the year 2020. I do not believe this video extrapolates incorrectly. In fact I would go so far as to state it is probably hedging a bit since it was made in the year 2012 and is forecasting beyond that year. Am I wrong. Please tell me so. But you have to prove it to me. You have to tell me how off this video is for any given year after the year 2013.
So anyways that is the video I wanted you to see. Now about VR itself, while I will certainly admit I often straight up use my imagination to make things right up that I'm pretty positive are going to come to pass, I also try to extrapolate what I see happening today to the future--near, mid and distant. I have strong feelings about VR because I have experienced it myself. And I can see the handwriting on the wall. Please read this link.
This link is related to my own experience with VR and what VR can do already.
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NVIDIA Next-Gen GPUs Could Utilize AI To Power Hairworks in AAA Games by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 1 point 1 month ago
CNN AI creating ever more lifelike hair and naturally moving hair. These are early days. Give it about 5 years...
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Relax, the robots won't take all our jobs by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 6 points 1 month ago
But they will take enough that taking any more won't matter. Nobody will have money and we'll have to come up with something so humans can live in comfort, dignity and with the ability to "self-actualize". I don't think UBI is the answer either. I think things just have to be mostly free.
You can charge for blood diamonds if you want. I'm not buying them. I'll take the free manmade ones that are molecularly indistinguishable from naturally mined blood diamonds. Pfft! What am I going to do with a diamond?
(I don't think it's a good idea to distinguish non-blood diamonds from blood diamonds. I bet a lot of amoral people in the USA say, "Make sure mine is a blood diamond, cuz I just like the concept.")
Me, I'm just going to play VR World of Warcraft all the time. And pause long enough to get my delicious free post-scarcity meals delivered to me by a little friendly drone.
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This self-driving car tweet is causing people to have a philosophical dilemma by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 6 points 1 month ago
That's just another "trolley problem". The thing that people fail to realize is that this combination of intrinsic AI, AI mapping, AI tracking and AI inter-vehicle communication means that "trolley problems" won't arise in the first place.
And further ,the AI improves rapidly sometimes by the day. The bigger concern is what other impacts will this narrow AI, meaning it is all just computer processing and access to big data, have on everything else?
The only thing I regret is that I'm too poor to probably get me a E-SDV. I hope we have cheap subscription services available soon. It looks like the major automotive manufacturers are leaning in that direction too.
Keep an eye out on the rapid development of electric, flying drone style level 5 autonomy passenger carriers. Yes, they are coming. Might just end up transcending the ground SDV completely. Like cassette transcended 8 track, which was itself transcended by just straight up streaming.
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Vision-free MIT Cheetah: MIT's Cheetah 3 robot can now leap and gallop across rough terrain, climb a staircase littered with debris, and quickly recover its balance when suddenly yanked or shoved, all while essentially blind. by lughnasadh in Futurology

[–]izumi3682 4 points 1 month ago
Gee, Ida thought more ppl would have found this interesting.
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…but she had a good life, right? by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 2 points 1 month ago
We change the way we think. I have changed the way I think. In Jan 2012 my mom passed away 2 months shy of her 86th birthday. Well she did all right for herself I guess. And i used the phrase "rich full life" in reference to her when my friends offered sympathy. In addition I said she is with God in a state of joy we cannot comprehend. I was not just paying lip service. It's an article of faith with me. I have science, but I also have faith.
So anyways that is how it was in 2012. I had only just the year before come to understand what the "technological singularity" was. Before that, I did not really dwell on the future that much, if I even thought about it at all. And as far as aging reversal technology--well, I did not really know that much about it. In the Time magazine article that changed my life (http://content.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,2048299-1,00.html) Aubrey De Grey looked sort of like he came from ZZ Top or something. His physical appearance did not inspire confidence in me. Frankly he looked like a kook. (The web article does not have the magazines illustrations.) And he proposed ideas that were, well, super science fiction to me. But by the same token, the fact that everything he said had a basis in scientific understanding of the biology of cells kept me from dismissing his claims out of hand. That's the thing about my experience with all of this accelerating change and exponential change and what have you--the science behind it all seems to my layman's eyes, to be sound. I also almost immediately downloaded "The Singularity is Near" right on to my mobile and read the book in it's entirety on my mobile. A first. I mean reading it on my mobile. I've read regular books all the way through before.
Later in the year 2012 fantastic, amazing things came to my attention. For instance in July of 2012 I first heard of the development of the (Oculus) Rift in my "Wired" magazine.
By the year 2015, I had given De Grey's ideas a lot of study. Plus as I always say, these things never happen in a vacuum. By the nature of accelerating change there are always a number of fascinating and unsettling changes all happening at the same time. But 2015 marked a clear departure for me in my way of thinking. It also really drove home to me what exactly is going on now. The first was amazing advances in stem cell technology. Suddenly we were making pluripotent stems cells straight out of human adult, even old person, skin cells. And then another new technology that came into existence the year my mom passed away was everywhere! Not stem cells this time. CRISPR-Cas9. In 2015 scientists in China (PRC) were already using the technology that was only 3 years old, in non-viable human embryos. That caused a big brouhaha in the world and led to all kinds of proposals for moratoriums and restrictions. Despite that it scared the USA government so bad that in 2017 USA researchers pretty much did the exact same experiment the Chinese researchers had done, because by now it was clear it was a competition, even a race to supremacy.
Suddenly computer processing took off in a manner that still stuns and amazes me. And artificial intelligence using incredible new technology was enabling the development of the senolytic therapy that made for some impressive headlines in regards to mouse aging reversal. That looked to me like science fiction turned into real life. I'm probably leaving things out. There was just a lot of biotech news about genetics and manipulation. Even some regenerative medicine, although in 2015 it was still a bit early for that as far as clinical use.
I also saw a change in society too. Suddenly it was not considered unnatural to think of ways to slow, stop or even reverse the aging process. Try to imagine aging reversal in the year 2012. You would be directed to the "Fountain of Youth". It's right there--dont you see it? No? That's because there is no "Fountain of Youth". Aging is a natural process that we cannot interupt. Just age "gracefully" and do the best you can in your allotted time.
By 2017, it was clear to me that aging slowing, stopping and reversal was no longer a fantasy. We are not on it yet. But in 20 years, I'm pretty sure we will be utilizing some true aging reversal or preserving technology. It was in 2017 that I posted this commentary to an article about some guy in indonesia who was supposed to like 146 or something. While i took issue with that, I also appreciated the fact that science and technology were now making stunning advances in regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy and CRISPR related therapies. To my knowledge no post-natal human has had CRISPR-Cas9 therapy yet. That has been officially confirmed i mean. But this is supposed to be the year. So we shall see. Anyway here is what i said in 2017.
Today, 2018, I see aging as a process that causes all of the other bad things that happen to us. When you are 17 years old, you tend not to have heart disease, age related cancers, osteoarthritis, immune system decline, frailty, age related type 2 diabetes and age related cognitive degenerative diseases. Aubrey De Grey--I'm used to his look now, it's all good. I've listened to him speak many times and he is truly brilliant--says that if you are in good health, you tend not to die. The looking and feeling youthful part is but a side effect of that.
I can't help but look at old humans now that appear so aged and wonder that we can't get their youthfulness back. My dad is 92. He is yet in pretty good condition for his age. Cognitively he is brilliant. The man studies cosmology and quantum physics to this day! But he does need a walker to get around. I wish i could cure him of aging, but I realize that he may not last out the time needed. But his faith is strong and I know he will be with God in that same joy as well. In my comment i say a human turning 100 today could live to be 125 at the least based on the blessing of lucky genetics and today's current medicine, but I'm not sure that is in the cards for him. Maybe.
As for me. Wow! I have a lot of confidence that we are all going to see things beyond belief in our, I bet, massively long lifetimes. And how we are going to change. How the technological singularity will alter us permanently. I can't very well imagine 100, 200 or 500 years from now. But I bet I'm there for it. Because of "scientific immortality".
Like this!
Now I have become a bit of fanatic about all of this. But I have a sneaking suspicion I am also right.
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Autonomous cars pose threat to road congestion, warns World Economic Forum by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 1 point 1 month ago
The general public has a different goal.
What goal is that? The overall welfare of mankind? I suspect the general public has no goal. The general public just takes what comes along and votes with their pocketbook for what they like. It is only in the last ten years that we have the ability to focus in on what corporations and investors are actually doing. Before 2008, it was pretty much literally unknown to the general public. Now I can follow the Oculus Rift from absolute conception in 2012 (the concept was in my 2012 "Wired" magazine! It was Palmer Luckey's Rift too!) to each breathlessly awaited developmental update until I had the thing in my hot little hands in June of 2016. I knew it was coming in the year 2012. And I knew it was going to change everything. And that was one year before i joined Reddit futurology.
School and training does NOT create money making technologies.
That is a silly statement. Of course it does. Does it come from muse inspired starving artists? Well-schooled and trained individuals are enabled to create MOS-DOS and become the richest person on Earth because everybody on Earth bought what he made. Now maybe in China (PRC) it does not produce money making technologies, but it still produces invaluable technology for the authoritarian government of China (PRC). Well actually they are a lot more Capitalists in the last 20 years, so maybe it is making some billionaires there too by now, like Jack Ma I think. What a middle class is forming in China (PRC)!
Motivation doesn't have anything to do with creation. You are implying the act of creation is mechanic, a controlled process with motivation, school and training as inputs and creation as output. That is NOT true.
Remember the Soviet Union? Eastern Europe? Remember that 1978 "Saturday Night Live" skit with Steve Martin and Dan Akroyd as the Festrunk brothers. Well anyway in one skit they had this vacuum cleaner they brought with them from Czechoslovakia. It was half the size of a volkswagen. It's the kind of technology you get if humans are not motivated to create. Sure you have a great idea, but if you know you will never make a dime off of it, that creative idea will not probably not get much further than a daydream. If you do not have money you generally cannot afford to create anyways. Humans with the vanishingly rare exception of Dr Jonas Salk are not altruistic for free. Yet.
AI is a set of algorithms completing an advanced software. What is your evidence you base your "grows pretty much by the day now" statement?
Yes, I know what "AI" is. Yes it is improving nearly daily now. Certainly in one month it has leaped far over the previous month's capabilities. Just this video from Martin Ford alone shows how frighteningly, alarmingly fast the AI in all of it's many forms is developing. This video is from uh, yesterday. The event itself was 4 Dec 2017. I guess it just now got released.
Me: "The reason the roads will have less people on them is because a great many vocations and means of employment are going to be gone"
You: By the way, this is a very superficial ASSUMPTION. I am not asking about what your imagination is. I am asking about academic/scientific studies, based on REAL numbers.
Here is a study for you. It's straight from the US government, dated 16 Dec 2016. I read it cover to cover--you should too.
It's not that great a deal being a "Cassandra". Cassandra was right, but everybody, including Cassandra, died because they did not listen to her. Like I said, hopefully we get a great post-scarcity civilization instead.
Oops! I almost forgot to address one of your points.
Me: "The roads are not going to be congested because humans will also not need to go to places as much as we do now."
You: Can you elaborate why do you think that, because ALL the studies say otherwise?
This conclusion is derived from thinking linearly about the development of AI. All E-SDVs will have mapping, tracking, intrinsic AI and inter-vehicle communication. That's a given. There will be no traffic jams with these vehicles. What would cause a traffic jam would be stupid humans that continue to drive. Once humans are eliminated from driving, well I read someplace that E-SDVs could travel nearly 200 miles per hour on throughways. And the AI that runs all the infrastructure just keeps being improved by humans. Really fast that is. Like by the month? week? Well you know what i mean.
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What would you do during the Purge? (Me: This question might really matter in 10 years...) by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 1 point 1 month ago
I would not run wild, because it is morally abhorrent to me, not to mention it is in direct conflict with my beliefs as a, well, admittedly lapsed, Roman Catholic Christian.
You should read my "linkberg"--we think almost exactly the same. I am an xray technician at a small outlying clinic and i have seen more change in just the technology of my employ in 10 years than the 100 preceding years. When i became an xray technician in the US Army in 1983. I was taught the technology of doing xrays in the year 1900. Interestingly I was the last class to be taught manual processing. From then on it was all automatic processing. Luckily or perhaps unfortunately for me my skill was needed at some of the assignments I had yet. So I have done manual processing as part of my employ.
People bandy around the phrase "paradigm change". On Feb 14th, 2008 the first half of the day i did xrays with film and chemicals. When i returned from lunch that day I did xrays with sensor screens and digitizers. Talk about a paradigm change. And of course we never looked back.
Today I use direct capture digital radiography wherein an intrinsic RFID sends the electronic information wirelessly back to the control panel and the image pops up within oh, about one second. Then i prepare it and send it off to the radiologist's desk about 2 minutes later. That is 21st century radiography technology. Oh yeah, it's gonna get way crazy, way fast.
(You might come to like my "rants". ;)
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What would you do during the Purge? (Me: This question might really matter in 10 years...) by izumi3682 in Futurology

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Would you run wild if you could?
Say, I just took a look at your overview and I found it very, very interesting. You totally support what I'm pretty sure is going to happen. Would you be willing to deal with one more stream of consciousness rant? You might find it the introduction to an interesting red pill. You appear to work with the development of narrow AI and such. You could probably answer a whole bunch of my questions. BTW a lot of people like my style of writing. Some don't though. As long as i get the idea across I suppose.
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Given a satellite image, machine learning creates the view on the ground by izumi3682 in Futurology

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There is this awesome application in tethered VR called "Google EarthVR". It is made with a combination of satellite imagery, low level aircraft photogrammetry and recently, the addition of street view. The street view, while interesting to look at in a VR medium is flat 2D, like an omnitheater film, even though it fills your entire field of view. That in itself is something of an upgrade from street view on a regular 2D screen computer.
But street view has nothing to do with the satellite imagery/photogrammetry. The result of that is highly detailed photorealistic CGI true VR 3D that you can view from any distance or angle. As you get closer to the construct or natural feature so rendered, it begins to lose detail and also becomes a bit skewed because of limitations on the capture angles of the photogrammetry airplane. But still, you can get amazingly close and have extremely good detail. But even at "human scale" at ground level for all the primitiveness of the resolution and configuration, it is still a staggeringly amazing achievement of computing and probably narrow AI technology. I can 'set down' on the deck of an aircraft carrier in Norfolk, VA and still read the writing on the walls of the ship. It is all fully VR 3D.
So I said all that for background. What I was wondering is if this sort of thing with satellites could somehow enhance what the photogrammetry is doing to render real 3D? Pretty much most of the Earth is not rendered in 3D. It's just flat imagery you can run over like an photo-illustrated gameboard. But I think the reason a lot of it is flat is that the powers that be in those countries will not permit airplane photogrammetry for whatever their reasons are. Havanna, Beijing, Moscow, Caracas and Cairo Egypt are flat. But Rio de Janeiro is fully 3D--Yes every teeny, tiny colorful shack in the favela is rendered in stunning VR 3D. The Coloseum (and all of Rome) and the Acropolis (and all of Athens) are fully rendered. The Pyramids at Giza are flat. New York City is rendered and tons of towns and villages in the west and what I would characterize as 'free' countries. Pretty much every single free Western city is realized in full 3D. Nothing in Russia or China is in full 3D. Most of Japan is in full 3D. So that give you some comparison. Interestingly central Washington DC where all the stuff is, is flat too. Security I suppose, because the outer city is rendered in a ring around that flat area.
Can we just use satellites and that ever exponentially improving narrow AI to just go ahead and render all of Russia and China (and central Washington DC, where all the stuff is) in 3D whether they like it or not? All for my VR entertainment?
You can see the pretty keen 3D effect on your mobile with Google Earth. But it ain't nothin' like experiencing that in tethered VR on the Vive or the Rift. It's travel without leaving the couch.
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The Standard Model of Physics Is a Tyrant - Its apparent infallibility saps the vitality of the field by izumi3682 in Futurology

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I got into an argument with somebody the other day concerning the so-called "One Electron Universe" hypothesis. He said it was refuted long ago. I can't find any evidence of it having been refuted. In fact as recently as 2017 it still appears viable. In the wikipedia entry, I don't see any evidence of criticism.
To me something like this matters because if is validated it would pretty much instantly explain the utterly illogical behavior of quantum level things like electrons and photons. Entanglement and superposition would then make sense. There is no such thing as "spooky action at a distance" if it's all the same entity. A thing is not superimposed if it is all the same thing.
Is there any ongoing research in this pretty clever flash of insight from a not well known physicist from 1940? Just for comparison, I see that 'String Theory' had a bit of a rough start too. A lot of physicists did not, and some still do not believe the underlying foundation of the universe is vibrating "strings" that are to an atom as a tree is to the solar system. But aren't 'branes' supposedly the current understanding of what causes new universes (including ours) to form? Or is it all still just conjecture?
Here is the argument I had:
A google search page that doesn't appear to show firm refutation. In fact it shows a lot of wondering...
The wikipedia entry:
I think we are sanguine and perhaps a bit arrogantly confident in our concepts of reality today, just as the top scientists were in the year 1900. There was no 'relativity' or 'quantum theory' in 1900. But they thought they had it all figured out. Pretty much like we do today. Well not me, but the physicists I mean. I try to go by what they say.
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What would you do during the Purge? (Me: This question might really matter in 10 years...) by izumi3682 in Futurology

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I wrote this a couple of days back. I gave historical background, the present, and the potential futures.
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Martin Ford: “It’s going to be very hard to stop everyone from driving” by izumi3682 in Futurology

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Not me. I would switch over to level 5 autonomy in a heartbeat. I bet there are at least a couple other people that feel the same way that I do.
But it has to be level 5 autonomy. When I get in the vehicle, I don't want to see a steering wheel, accelerator or brake. I'm pretty sure the tracking AI will always ensure a clean, well functioning vehicle. In my low cost or maybe free yearly subscription I mean.
I have to add to that. "Everyone" is everyone who is actually driving right now. Children who are age 2-5 are never going to start driving in the first place. Attrition will be pretty fast. It will be nearly 100% E-SDVs in well less than 20 years. And there are other factors involved. All the other non-SDV AI and technologies that are also coming into play. Seriously, do not underestimate what VR is going to be like in ten years.
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Self-driving cars are headed towards an AI roadblock by izumi3682 in Futurology

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Education? Education is going to be a chip in our brains. Watch what we do with the BMI in 5 years. Of course the "chip" will be something more along the lines of soft tissue rather than a chunk of solid silicon. Oh and it will be about the size of a hundred cells.
We now have the technology to transcend all of this manually driven, ICE car business. And we are going to use it. Humans simply should not drive, period. You will wear seatbelts in E-SDVs, but they probably will not be necessary.
I did not say Trump was the problem. I said Trump was a warning sign of societal problems. Personally I like Zoltan Istvan, but he alas is still about 20 years ahead of his time.
Computers will make possible AGI. The pencil will control the human. Not the other way around. Which is why we need to get that AI inside of each of us or it will be game over for humans. Do you think that "Skynet" is an invention of Hollywood? James Cameron? No, it was Harlan Ellison that envisioned "Skynet".
How can you have corporate America if no one has any money?
Here, I wrote this today--what do you think about it?
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Self-driving cars are headed towards an AI roadblock by izumi3682 in Futurology

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Funny you said that. I just wrote this today.
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Autonomous cars pose threat to road congestion, warns World Economic Forum by izumi3682 in Futurology

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I sometimes wonder what these peoples' agendas are. There seems to be a significant percentage of humans in this world that think, whoa we are going too fast with all of this stuff. We can't figure out how to monetize these technologies before they are already on to the next big thing. We need to slow things down a bit so we can get them to absorb into our economies properly. Remember the point of all of this technology is to make money, so that people that don't have money are highly motivated to be schooled and trained and thus create more money-making technology. If you don't have that carrot, people just won't be motivated.
Well that has been the philosophy behind capitalism for however long capitalism has been around. But I see evidence that a new way of thinking has to come about or the outcome of this wildly skewed and distorted "capitalism" is going to be societal upheaval.
And another thing. These people saying that SDVs will congest roads, don't seem to understand that this technology is not in a vacuum. The narrow AI that is behind it all, continues to grow pretty much by the day now. The roads are not going to be congested because humans will also not need to go to places as much as we do now. And this to me feeds right back into how we need to change our way of thinking and mature as a civilization. Our technology is 21st century cutting edge, but our institutions... Well I'll let E.O. Wilson put it this way.
We are drowning in information, while starving for wisdom. ... we have paleolithic emotions; medieval institutions; and god-like technology.
The reason the roads will have less people on them is because a great many vocations and means of employment are going to be gone. I imagine that mostly we drive to get to work. Well I do anyway. Everybody's job doesn't have to disappear, just enough of a percentage that we start to notice that something is really wrong. And believe me society is going to notice. I am no fan of UBI. UBI doesn't make logical sense to me. What does make logical sense to me is "post-scarcity". But post-scarcity flies in the face of capitalism. Like this video.
My sense is that we are approaching a filter in the next ten years. If we don't have post-scarcity, most of us may not make it to 15 years from now. There will be a technological singularity, but it will bless the 1%. You and me will not be there.
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Self-driving cars are headed towards an AI roadblock by izumi3682 in Futurology

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For the total distance driven in the US every year, driving is INCREDIBLY safe.
Yes, I believe I stated as much my ownself.
so we have like about 320 million USA citizens and out of that number 32,000 human caused traffic fatalities is .1%. Seems kinda negligble doesn't it. That's why people don't tend to notice it as a fully loaded 767 crashing every three weeks or maybe it's every two weeks. I forget exactly. That tiny percentage is all spread out and all over the nation.
I know there is no true AI. I spell out everything in this link, with links to tons of other links to other things I have written.
But I also wonder what your agenda is. Do you want things to just stay the same? Maybe a bit of VR, some big flatscreen monitors. But the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. We cannot go on like this much longer. Manually driven, internal combustion engines?
Do you think the issue is Trump? My friend, Trump is but a sign of far deeper and more intractable problems in the USA. Roughly 50% of people in the USA love him as much as 50% percent of people in the USA loathe him.
We need a lot of serious changes in the way we think. We need to make Manhattan Projects out of developing the many forms of algorithms that constitute what we perceive as AI. And then learn how to put that technology into each human mind, because you can't just leave that kind of technology external from the human mind and live through it.
And I'll end with this. Just watch this space to see what we do with our computers in the next 5 to 10 years. Then we can compare notes.
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Chinese scientists break quantum computing world record by izumi3682 in Futurology

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I read every entry on that non-scholarship page. And the impression I got was validation, not refutation. And baloney! The concept of the electron and positron as a hyperdimensional force moving backward and forward through our time and space is an accepted theory of physics. And it was accepted pretty recently as I recall.
Consider this example of science deferred. Gregor Mendel developed superb scientific method in his experiments on peas, and derived conclusions that would be the basis of modern theory of heredity. But his notes got lost after he died. And he himself was lost to history, unappreciated in his own time. He published, but no one cared. About 35 years later somebody miraculously found them notes. And Gregor Mendel then assumed his rightful place among giants of biological science.
I have no doubt that 21st century physics is going to uncover some new fundamental truths about what exactly reality is. We are going to learn things about time, space and whatever it is that constitutes the quantum world that will utterly change our concepts of reality. Just watch this space for what quantum computers, simply by computing, enable us to discover.
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How Harley Davidson Is Using AI And Robots To Prepare For The 4th Industrial Revolution by gone_his_own_way in Futurology

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Ah hahah! i wondered about this the other day...
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What Happens When a Computer Runs Your Life? People seem to like giving up control to random machine decisions to introduce variety and novelty in their lives instead of their daily fixed routines. by TransPlanetInjection in Futurology

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My daily routine is my comfort zone. I go straight up "Rain Man", when my ocd regimentation is disrupted. I have been happily single now since 1996, because marriage was definitely one of the disruptions of my comfort zone. My ex-wife, who we are still pretty good friends, says I have mental illness, but since I appear to be functional, then it is all ok. I reply yes, I'm fine as long as we get back from this restaurant by 6:30, because Wapner starts at 6:30.
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China's Scientific Revolution: The country is making a serious investment in becoming a world-class science superpower by TransPlanetInjection in Futurology

[–]izumi3682 7 points 1 month ago
Yes, yes, yes!! Exactly! And here is why--
There are many links, but read them all and it will all make sense! :D
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Chinese scientists break quantum computing world record by izumi3682 in Futurology

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I can't find a refutation for this hypothesis. As recently as 2017 it appears to be considered valid, if not so easy to test. The first place i checked was the Wikipedia article itself that I linked. As a rule if something is controversial there will be criticisms present. There are none. I trust the integrity of Wikipedia to be continually self correcting, just like science.
Michio Kaku is correct about everything that has to do with technology. He may be off in his predictions by about 5 years at any given point.
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2015.05.20 14:15 Hambone3110 [OC][JVerse]21: Dragon Dreams (Part 3 of 4)

A JVerse story.
Chapter 21, Part 3/4 of the Kevin Jenkins series, AKA "The Deathworlders".
Chapter 21, part 1 HERE
Chapter 21, part 2 HERE
Curiosity and mild alarm were dancing on Vedreg’s body as he considered what they had just heard. "That kind of argument seems out of character." He commented
"For both of them." Kirk agreed.
"Just a little." Amir added, drily. “Julian’s scary when he gets angry, too, and Lewis just kept antagonising him. It was like watching a chicken try and pick a fight with a bear.”
"And all this over Miss Chang? Hmmm…" Vedreg lapsed into contemplation, slow bands of blue light rippling all over his body.
"Penny for your thoughts?" Kirk asked him, after a moment.
"Increased aggression, competition over females... If they were Vgork, I would think they were entering Musth."
"Lewis has started taking his exercise seriously this last week, too." Kirk mused. “Interesting theory.”
"Uh… For the Earthling’s benefit, please?"
Both aliens made apologetic gestures to Amir. "Vgork males of high rank periodically enter a state called musth where their testosterone levels soar, and they become violent, aggressive and, um... Amorous." Vedreg explained.
"Testosterone has a similar effect on humans, even though you don’t have Musth." Kirk added.
"Okay, well... what about me and the girls? We don’t feel any different." Amir paused. “At least, I don’t, and I think we’d notice if Xiù and Allison were both acting like Julian and Lewis.”
"So that rules out any environmental factors." Kirk said. “Meaning this must have been triggered by a specific event.”
"Well, Lewis has always been… he’s always rolled his eyes a bit over my faith, but it started to get worse just after we left Umu-whatever. Where we picked up Xiù."
"So, it’s an event within the past week. The Huh perhaps? None of the other humans studied it."
"Yeah, but you studied it too, didn’t you?"
"I’m not human. I’m not sure my body even produces testosterone. But even a week on, I still feel cravings to study that thing again."
"You are not going to suggest we should get it out and examine it further, are you?" Vedreg asked.
"Don’t tempt me." Kirk replied. “No, I think a simple trip to the infirmary for them both may be in order. If they are both experiencing a hormone spike, as seems likely, then that’s easily corrected.”
"I’ll call them."
Xiù’s cabin was actually the most lavishly-decorated on the ship, despite her initial reluctance to put her stamp on it. Allison had pointed out that Xiù was "Going to spend at least, like, a month on this ship anyway, so why not get comfortable?"
The result was that she’d used up her entire month’s allowance of nanofactory time on fabrics, rugs, fairy lights, throw pillows and, with Kirk’s permission, candles. The result was that the cool default lighting of the cabins was warmer in her room, and there was a gust of scented candle on the wind when she answered Lewis’ knock.
"Hey." She smiled, but he could tell that she was pretty frazzled. “What’s up?”
"Uh, I can come back if this isn’t a good time…"
"No, I’m fine, I just…" She yawned “...I didn’t sleep so well last night and I guess it’s catching up on me now.”
"Well, if you need a nap-"
She smiled. "I’m fine, really. What’s up?"
"Well…" he took the plunge. “Look, there’s not a whole lot to do on this ship, I know, but I’ve got some movies picked out I think you’d like, and I’m not a half-bad cook myself when I put my mind to it so, I thought… Y’know, we’ve been getting on pretty good, and…”
Her lips parted in surprise. "Are… are you asking me on a date?" she asked.
"Yeah! Or, like, on the closest thing we can manage to a date on this ship. If you want."
"Wow, um…"
Lewis knew a rejection when he saw one coming and steeled himself for it, determined not to be disappointed.
"I mean… I’m flattered, but Lewis, I’m not ready to mate with anyone yet."
All the steeling in the world couldn’t have protected his ego from that unexpected turn of phrase.
She hadn’t seemed to notice what she’d said until his outraged echo, but when she did her face went crimson. "Oh god, I’m sorry, that was in Gaoian, I…"
"No, no. Clearly I had the wrong idea here."
"Don’t be angry, I-!"
"Ah, go mate with yourself, Xiù!"
He was already halfway down the corridor, and pretended not to notice the sound of her door closing, nor the miserable shout of "God fucking DAMMIT, Xiù!" that drifted through it.
He barged past Vedreg on his way to his own quarters, ignoring the big alien’s concerned query, and threw himself into his bunk, fuming quietly.
The worst part was that he didn’t really know why he was so angry.
He was still seething when the room chimed politely at him. "You have a message." it informed him.
"The message is flagged as urgent."
"I said fucking IGNORE!"
"Ignoring message."
"And hold all my messages until I say otherwise."
The room chimed again, acknowledging the command, and fell silent.
He didn’t notice when he fell asleep, but he woke with a start some time later when somebody started banging on his door.
"Ah, yes. Testosterone levels at two thousand percent normal. Just like Julian."
Lewis frowned at the readout. "The fuck?"
"Must have been the Huh. No wonder we’ve been acting like a pair of hyperthyroid quarterbacks." Julian told him.
"Fortunately…" Kirk said, touching something cold to his arm. “...It’s an easy fix. There. You should be back to normal in a couple of hours.”
"What about you?" Lewis asked of Kirk. “You played with that thing too.”
"And indeed, my own hormonal balance is off." Kirk agreed.
Allison was leaning against the wall with her arms folded. "Really? I’ve not noticed you acting differently…?" she said.
"Human and Rrrtktktkp’ch brains are very different. Still, I suspect I too would have begun to show behavioural changes before long."
Lewis sighed. "I guess I owe Xiù an apology, don’t I?"
"I’m sure she’ll understand." Kirk said.
"I’d better talk to her first, though." Allison said. “What happened?”
"Oh, I… asked her out."
"Yeah, I knew that. And?"
"Well, uh." Lewis scratched at the back of his head. “She had one of those Gaoian moments. You know, she’s tired, she’s not been sleeping well? So she said she wasn’t ‘looking to mate with anyone right now’.”
"Ouch." Julian grimaced. “I can see why you got mad.”
"Yeah, but it’s not her fault, is it? You said it yourself dude, she’s been without human contact for years. That’s got to fuck with your head."
Kirk patted his shoulder. "It isn’t your fault either." he assured him.
"Still." Allison said. “I’ll go talk to her.”
"Sure." Lewis muttered, as she kissed Julian’s cheek and left the Infirmary.
Xiù doesn’t remember having set up a hundred tea-light candles in her quarters, but she doesn’t question it: She’s making love to Julian, what better way to do that than by candlelight?
She runs her finger over his chest and watches his skin glow forge-red where she presses. The sight is entrancing, so much so that she forgets all about the sex and just watches the glow. When she taps his chest, coloured sparks fly everywhere.
She does it again, laughing, and again and again. She has always loved New Year, and the fireworks. In fact... why is she wasting her time here when she could be there, enjoying the celebrations?
She climbs off the stone man and steps out into the street, hailing a cab to take her to her parents’ place. There will be Nin Gou! And Luo buo gao! How could she have forgotten?
She’s still kicking herself for forgetting when she turned over and nearly fell out of bed, jolting awake in time to catch herself from falling.
She rolled back onto her pillow and stared at the ceiling, recalling the dream as the details evaporated, never to be recalled. What she could remember of it left her feeling hungry, horny and nostalgic all at once.
Cursing in a melange of English, Chinese and Gaoian, she dragged herself out of bed and into the shower, and cranked the temperature right down, and was still sluicing herself under the cold water when the door chimed.
"Just a minute!"
She scrubbed her limbs until they were merely damp and threw on her bathrobe, wrapping her hair up into a towel-turban. "Come in!"
Allison poked her head round it. "Hey, you okay?" she asked.
Xiù paused. "You heard?"
"Lewis is in the infirmary right now." Allison said. “It turns out that fucking huh thing’s had the boys on a hormone rush all week.”
"...Are they okay?"
"They’ll be fine." Allison reassured her. “Lewis is probably going to come up here and say sorry later.”
Xiù sat down on her bed. "I don’t… really blame him." she said. “I mean… okay, I do, but… I guess I mean…” she gave up and shrugged helplessly.
Allison just smiled. "I get you." she said.
Xiù relaxed. "Thanks."
"So… honey." Allison sat down next to her. “Asking as a friend, and with no hard feelings at all…”
Not unnaturally, Xiù was immediately nervous. "Um… Yes?"
"What’s going on between you and my boyfriend?"
"Wh-? Nothing!" Xiù’s face was redder than her rug, and she stood up sharply. “Nothing! Really!”
"I know nothing’s happened." Allison reassured her. “I’m just asking… what’s going on?”
Xiù’s blush faded a little, and she dragged the towel off her head, bunching it up nervously. "I’m sorry, he’s just… hot."
"Oh yeah." Allison agreed, nodding, which drew a giggle out of Xiù. “And you’re lonely, aren’t you?” she added.
Allison nodded. "And a bit confused, going by what you said to Lewis."
Xiù sighed, and threw the towel into her laundry hamper. "I guess so." she admitted. “It’s so much more… straightforward with Gaoians.” She punctuated the pause and the word that ended it with her hands, then gestured towards the door and to Allison. “The whole ‘he’s off limits because he’s with you’ thing is… I mean, I know how it works, I haven’t forgotten, but it’s…” She tailed off and shrugged again, flapping her arms helplessly.
"Not what you’re used to?"
Xiù hissed an indrawn breath and flapped her arms again, shaking her head. "I guess it’s not." she agreed.
"That’s gotta be scary."
Xiù just nodded, staring at the floor, balling her fists. It was such a childlike pose that it yanked right at every motherly instinct Allison had, and she launched herself up off the bed to grab her friend in a tight hug.
She earned a soaking wet shoulder for her efforts as Xiù let go and shook, hugging back so hard that her fingernails broke skin even through Allison’s tshirt. "What if I can’t be human again?" she squeaked. “What if… what if I’m stuck? What do I do? Every time I think I’m doing well I relax and then I screw up again! What if I’m…. broken? Where do I go then?”
Allison said nothing, just held on and let her get it out.
"All I want to do is go home, but then I act like a Gaoian and I’m scared I’ll go home and people will think I’m a freak, and my family won’t recognise me and I won’t know them and I won’t fit... and… and it all feels like it happened to someone else, Earth, it feels like it wasn’t me who lived there, like I’m a Gaoian who had a dream about being human one time and… How do I cope? What do I do? I don’t think I know how to do anything human any more, but I’m not Gaoian… so… so… So where do I belong?!"
She petered out and just sobbed for a bit, while Allison rubbed her back and waited until she judged the time was right.
"You said all of that in English." she said.
There was a slow moment, but the sobbing stopped, and another slow moment after that, Xiù pulled her head out of Allison’s shirt and blinked at her with watery red eyes. "I did?"
"Every word." Allison promised.
Xiù relaxed a little, and stood up straight, issuing a bitter little laugh as she dried her eyes. "I’m so messed up…" she observed.
"Nobody wouldn’t be." Allison said, brushing some of Xiù’s hair out of the way. “But we’re here for you. We get you, Julian maybe even more than I do. And if you’re broken, you’ll mend, or you’ll find somebody to mend you.”
Xiù was nodding, downcast, but Allison wasn’t quite finished. "And as for where you belong…"
"Don’t say here." Xiù interrupted. “Please, don’t ask me again.”
Allison hugged her again. "I was going to say ‘nobody belongs anywhere’." she said. “Except for where they choose to be. Wherever that is.”
Xiù finally smiled again as that sank in. It was a reluctant, unhappy little smile, but it was still like the sun rising. "I like that." she said.
"Kind of my mantra, babe... You okay?"
Xiù scrubbed at her eye again, sniffing. "I don’t know." she said. “I hope so.”
Allison nodded. "Good start." she said. “And… about Julian?”
"I’m fine with you looking at him, I swear. It’s okay. Just… don’t kiss him."
That finally provoked a giggle. "I’ll try." Xiù promised.
"Cool... Girl’s night? I’ve got Disney movies, red wine, and a shirtless waiter. My treat."
"Shirtl-? Wait, really?!"
"Well, he doesn’t know it yet…" Allison smiled mischievously “But… call it a hunch, I think he’ll agree to it. You in?”
"I thought you weren’t into sharing?"
"This isn’t sharing, this is just… hmm…" Allison paused and thought about it. “It’s just a bit of fun.” She declared.
"...Can I make crepes? I’m kinda hungry."
"Sounds good."
"Then I’m in."
"This, uh... could be degrading..."
Allison paused as they were about to open the door to the common room. "Are you okay?"
Julian fidgeted. "I know I agreed to this, just…"
She smiled, and gave him a kiss. "It’s not like I’ve got a cattle prod, baby." she said. “If you’re not totally comfortable, don’t even worry about it. I just thought it’d be a bit of harmless, sexy fun. But if you don’t want to...”
Julian considered it, then shook his head and smiled. "No, I’m in." he said. “Comfort zones are meant to be pushed out of.”
"You’re sure?"
He grabbed her hand and put it on his chest, letting her feel his pulse.
"Wow… you’re getting off on this, huh?" she noted.
He nodded and looked down, fighting the half-smile that was crawling up one side of his face. "A bit, yeah."
"Good boy." Allison teased him, then opened the door.
Xiù was just setting down the crepes she’d made - true Canadian ones, laden with ham, cheese, sunny-side-up eggs and maple syrup - on the coffee table alongside popcorn and nachos. From the looks of things, she’d already helped herself to a glass of wine.
"Ooh!" she exclaimed. “You gave him a bow tie!”
Julian fingered the adornment in question. "These things aren’t made to be worn on bare skin." he complained.
"It’s that or the cat ears." Allison reminded him.
"Bow tie it is!" Julian rushed to reply, preempting the delight that had risen on Xiù’s face. She made a disappointed sound, but also took a second to unabashedly appreciate the view. Both women were clearly enjoying themselves.
"Well I’ll be kind." Allison said. “You can pick three films out, we’ll eliminate two of them and watch the survivor.”
"Very kind." Julian drawled, sarcastically. Allison held up a finger.
"Ah?" she cautioned him.
He sighed, but smiled a little and straightened, trying to will himself into the role. "Yes ma’am."
Xiù giggled. "Good boy." She’d clearly already relaxed considerably after just one glass, and looked on course to be a happy, bubbly drunk.
"So, what are your picks?" Allison urged him, pouring a glass each for herself and Xiù.
He examined the stack of Disney movies. "Uh… Lady and the Tramp, Dumbo, and Mulan." He said, picking three they hadn’t watched yet.
"Ugh, not Dumbo. I hate those pink elephants." Xiù objected. Julian threw the disc back onto the stack.
"Hmmm.. Mulan’s got better songs." Allison said.
"Let’s watch it!" Xiù enthused.
Allison winked at their waiter. "You heard her, lover! Jump to!"
He tried to be serious, but couldn’t quite contain a smile. "Yes ma’am."
The girls chimed their glasses together. "Good boy." they chorused.
"♪♫Tranquil as a forest, but on fire within! Once you find your center, you are sure to win!♫♫"
"Sounds like quite the party back there."
"Yep." Amir nodded. What the girls lacked in hitting the right notes, they were clearly making up for in tipsy enthusiasm.
"How come we’re not invited?"
"Allison called it a ‘girl’s night’."
"So, what’s Julian doing back there?"
"Serving drinks, with his shirt off."
Lewis paused. After being discharged from the infirmary, and using the fading dregs of hormonal aggression in his system to his advantage, he’d enlisted Amir’s help in solving the mystery of the FTL drive power draw. Now, he stopped and listened to two voices atonally chorusing "♫swift as the coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon...♪". The volume was impressive even through a closed pressure door and down the deck.
"Wow… Poor bastard." he said.
Amir nodded. "Yep."
"♫...As the dark side of, the mooOoOoOon!!!♫♪"
"...What do you think would happen if we asked them to do something like that for us?"
"Broken ribs."
"Fuck, man." Lewis griped. “That’s just not fair.”
"....Change of topic, where’s Kirk at, anyway?"
"Think he’s up in the observation blister looking for signs of OmoAru life out there."
"After that sandstorm?" Lewis looked skeptical.
"It’s their planet. They’re probably used to it. He said something about wanting to see what they do after a week of being forced indoors"
"Why’s that?"
"♫You're unsuited for the rage of war, so pack up, go home: you're through.♪"
Amir raised his voice over the song. "He said that anything they do straight away is probably something they’re still at least a little passionate about."
"♫How could I make a man out of you?♪"
Lewis wobbled his head in concession. "Makes sense I guess."
"Pardon?" The girls had launched into the chorus again, with even more cacophonous vigor than before.
"I said makes sense!"
The volume increased dramatically as the door opened and Julian slipped out into the deck, holding an empty wine bottle, and vanished into the galley, from whence he re-emerged a minute later with a full bottle. To both Amir and Lewis’ astonishment, he seemed to be enjoying himself.
"...Are you sure we couldn’t get them to…?"
"The Fifth Element and lingerie?"
"Go ahead and suggest it. It’s your funeral."
Amir smiled grimly. "Yep."
By the time the movie had finished, Amir had already declared that the limits of his technical expertise were reached, and that from here on out it was all up to Lewis, before retiring to bed.
For his part, Lewis was determined to pull an all-nighter, and the only thing that distracted him from his work was when he saw Allison and Julian on the security cams, en route to Julian’s cabin and all bar stripping each other on the way there.
He genuinely didn’t notice Xiù, or know how long she’d been waiting in the doorframe, until she spoke, but her greeting "Hey." was so gentle that it didn’t even make him jump.
He turned. "Hey." he echoed.
A good five seconds of mutual awkwardness ensued before he finally decided to break it. "I’m sorry." he said. “I shoulda been more understanding.”
"I’m sorry too." she replied. “I just… I guess I’ve got a long way to go.”
He nodded. "It’s okay. Still, even if it’s just a friend-date, offer stands."
She smiled. He wasn’t sure if it was the wine that was making her so relaxed, or if she was just in a good headspace right now. "Xié xié."
"No Disney though, please."
"That’s okay… Goodnight, Lewis."
Allison came down from her orgasm with laughter, the low and satisfied chuckle of the totally relaxed, and floated on bliss as Julian gently retrieved his hand and snuggled up beside her, interrupting her heavy breathing with a kiss and a gentle stroke on the cheek to get her hair out of the way.
"I think she liked it." he observed in a sing-song whisper, his eyes twinkling in the dark. He was plainly very pleased with himself.
As he should be.
"Mmmm, yeah." she agreed. “Oh, I definitely like it.”
"You like to be in charge, huh?"
She giggled. "Shut up and go get your mistress a glass of water."
He laughed, but extracted his arm from under her head. "Yes ma’am."
"Mmm…" She bit her lip and chuckled again. “Good boy.”
Xiù is sitting by a lake. Or by a river, maybe: the details are irrelevant. The sun is rising blue and cold over a landscape of white-foliaged trees and swirling distant shapes that might be birds, or maybe eels. She is wearing long skirts of white cloth. The mist should be chilly but she feels quite warm, watching a green fish swirl and mouth lazily in circles by the shore.
She catches it, reaching into the stream and pulling it out. It flips and flails in her hands and, to calm it, she opens it to page fifty-six and tries to read what is printed there, but she can’t make out the words.
As she bends to return the poor creature to the water, she catches sight of her own reflection and examines it, surprised to see a human face studying her. Where is her fur? What happened to her ears and muzzle?
But of course, she’s human.
...Isn’t she?
She turns to face the stone man behind her, seeking his opinion. This time he is taller than mountains, and he bends to offer her his hand.
She steps forward onto his fingertips, and he picks her up, and up, and up, past his knees, past a penis the size of a skyscraper, past square miles of muscular sculpture, to his face.
She speaks to him, but can’t remember the words, or even what she intends to say. She turns around, thinking about what to tell him, how to communicate her feelings, and looks over the side of the boat she’s on, double-checking that her reflection is still human.
The stone man comes up beside her and takes her hand.
He sings to her, but the song is piercing, terrifying. It sounds like… like…
She woke up and his "song" was still reverberating around her room. It was Sanctuary’s red alert alarm.
Kirk had beaten all the humans to the flight deck. "What the hell’s going on?" he was demanding.
Lewis was working furiously, selecting, drag-dropping and running programs as fast as his hands could move, "We’re compromised, don’t ask me how!" He said. “one minute I’m poking around the FTL systems, next-”
"Yeah, there’s been some weird power draw on it this week, I was trying to lock it down. Next I knew we’ve got these motherfuckers crawling all over our systems." He waved a hand at the screen.
Kirk rocked back onto his hindlimbs as Amir squeezed past him and threw himself into the pilot’s seat, lending his own limited expertise to Lewis’ aid. "And what are ‘these motherfuckers’?" he asked, quietly.
"Fuck if I know. They’re using system runtime like programs, but they’re acting like other users."
"What exactly were you doing?"
"Now is not the time for a fucking powerpoint presentation." Lewis snarled, dragging a program into the run list. It apparently didn’t function as he’d hoped, drawing an angry noise out of him. “They just got into navigation, they know where we are.”
"Did you run a communications protocol through the FTL?" Kirk spat.
Lewis paused, but rallied and threw another script into the line of fire. "Yeah, how did you know?"
Kirk ignored him and spun around. "Julian, yank the blackbox, replace it with the backup ALV." he ordered. “Xiù, Allison, get outside and cut the anchor cables. Amir, prep for launch.”
"What the shit is going on?" Lewis demanded. Kirk turned back to him.
"I fucked up." he said. “And now the Hierarchy have found us.”
Fusion knives made short work of the anchor cables, and the longest part of Julian’s task was the sprint down the ship’s central corridor, up the stairs and through the engineering access hatch.
"We’re a week from anywhere, we’re probably safe… aren’t we?" Amir was asking as the girls returned to the flight deck to report their job done.
"They have point-to-point FTL communications, something the Dominion has been trying to perfect for… millennia." Kirk replied. “For all we know they’ve perfected single-end wormholes or gigalight FTL for good measure. Or maybe Aru is one of their projects and they have a ship or a staging post nearby. Our only defense at this point is to get the hell out of here and hope they’re too far away to catch up. Lewis, you’re sure you managed to clear them out?”
"Second the blackbox was yanked, I was able to nuke the whole system and restore from backup. Nothing’s come back to haunt us, so… yeah, we’re clean."
Amir nodded and stabbed the button for a shipwide announcement. "All hands, report in for launch."
There was a chorus of "here"s from around the bridge and, after a few seconds, a rumble from Vedreg over the open line that he, too, was present.
Sanctuary went from resting on the sands, to hovering above them, then rotated around its stern until its nose was aimed skywards. Angry clouds formed in the displaced air around a cylindrical forcefield tunnel of vacuum that Amir created for them and then he punched to full thrust.
Allison turned faintly green as the ground just vanished, lurching away behind them with a violence that offended the senses, while nobody on the ship felt the slightest jolt. The sky faded to black in seconds.
"Jesus, this thing really moves." Xiù whispered, awe-struck.
"Out of the well in three… two… one… Warp."
The planet Aru jolted away with just as much ferocity as its surface had done, as did all three of its moons. A second later, so did the Aru star.
"Redline it?" Amir asked. He sounded quite cool, considering.
"Redline it." Kirk agreed. Amir just nodded and patted his console fondly, reassuring the ship.
"Seventy kilos." he reported, watching a display that was blurring in his upper-right field of view. “A hundred. two hundred. Four hundred… we’re at blackbox cruise. Seven hundred kilolights… Bus maxed at seven hundred ninety thousand C and holding.”
"Let us hope." Kirk said. “That is enough.”
"We should be careful anyway." Julian pointed out.
"Agreed. Grab your personal items and put any you can’t carry, along with a data backup and…. yes, the Huh into a cargo pod and program it for Cimbrean. I’ll go help Vedreg into a life raft. You all should get in one too."
"What about Amir?" Xiù asked.
"Don’t worry about me." Amir said. “The flight seat doubles as a life raft. So do the beds in all the cabins.”
"Go." Kirk urged. “I don’t want to trust to luck here.”
Julian turned to the girls. "You two get the Huh. I’ll prep the pod." he said.
They let Kirk go first: he trotted down the axial corridor and toward the lower cargo deck where Vedreg had made his home. Every emergency feature on the ship was outlined in blue lighting, from the hallway oxygen masks, first aid kits and fire extinguishers, to the life raft alcoves and decontamination showers. Kirk had spared no expense on ensuring that the ship’s occupants had every emergency tool they could want, cleverly hidden so that it only showed up when needed. Now they were all deploying, panels sliding back to reveal the functional features beneath.
"You got anything special you want to save?" Allison asked. Xiù checked her pocket, gripping the handful of personal items she'd brought with her. It wasn't much - just the data chip Ayma had brought for her, and one of the smooth little stones that Myun had taken to sewing into her clothes.
"No, I’ve already got everything." she said.
"Great." Kirk turned off the corridor and Allison took off at a run, leaving Xiù to scramble after her. Down the ramp, through the common room, up the ramp, turn left past the engineering access, and Allison’s room was the second on their left. She punched in the door code, darted inside, and returned an instant later carrying a knotted bundle of T-shirt and strapping on her holster and gun.
She’d just done up the leg strap when Amir’s voice boomed over the intercom.
They didn’t have time. He’d barely finished the third word when the ship lurched, flinging both of them down the corridor.
Xiù tucked in her head and limbs and rolled, not unfolding until she’d come to a halt, finding herself fetched up against the reinforced backplate of the engine that terminated the deck corridor. Allison had come to a halt a little earlier, and was hauling herself to her feet, swearing and cursing at the carpet burn all down her flank.
Somebody had clearly left the microphone on because the next thing they heard was Julian’s voice, sounding strained, saying. "Shit, that’s a lot of blood…"
Both women went still, looked at each other, and as one bolted back up towards the flight deck, Allison at a dead run. Xiù had the presence of mind to grab a medical kit from its previously-hidden recess on the wall.
Down the ramp, through the common room, up the ramp, along the corridor and… Xiù felt her stomach lurch. That was a lot of blood.
And beyond that… space.
"What the hell happened?" Allison was yelling. The bubble of glass that was Sanctuary’s nose was half shattered, the air held in only by forcefields. Amir was writhing in his seat, teeth gritted as he tried to press his hand to a horrible wound in his side.
"Gravity spike and mines!" Lewis replied. He’d hauled himself out of his seat and grabbed a medical kit of his own.
"Clear out!" Allison commanded, grabbing the kit. “Julian! give him a shot of this, right here.” she handed an injector to him and tapped a spot on Amir’s spine, then extracted something that looked for all the world like a sealant gun from the kit. “Xiù, get me a light!”
Xiù’s paralysed limbs moved without her conscious control, and she snatched an emergency lantern from the wall, holding it up and trying to ignore the… colours, and wet shapes she could see. Especially the white. Especially the way they moved as Allison pumped some kind of foam into the gruesome injury.
The injector beeped, and a second later Amir sighed, shook his head and collected himself. With a gasp, he lashed out and swiped his hands through the helm’s control field and the stars outside blurred sideways. Xiù screwed her eyes shut.
"That’s a lot of mines!" he grunted.
"You’re stable." Allison declared. “Come on, let’s get you in a stasis pod.”
He shook his head, his face already pebbled with sweat. "Can’t."
Everyone on the bridge flinched and averted their eyes as a line of pure heat slashed a blue-pink afterimage across the sky. Xiù felt the incredible temperature of it on her skin.
"What was that?!" Julian asked.
Lewis looked grim "Plasma cannon."
"It’s a fuckhuge ship, is what it is." Amir told them. “I stop flying and you’re all dead.”
"But-" Lewis began.
"Nah mate. Abandon ship. That’s a bloody order from your pilot."
Another shot tore the sky open, much closer this time if the searing heat that bathed them like sunburn was anything to go by.
Julian, Allison and Xiù were all survivors. Julian just stood and put a hand on Amir’s shoulder, eyes damp. Allison kissed the side of his head, and the three of them cleared the bridge, with Xiù not even knowing what to say.
It was Lewis that was the holdup. "Dude…" he began, weeping openly.
"You don’t want to be here when I ram that thing, bruv." Amir told him.
"You’re gonna-?"
Amir grinned at him "Fuck off you idiot!"
Lewis nodded, grabbed the back of Amir’s head, touched forehead to forehead and nose to nose.
"Goodbye, dude." He whispered.
Amir made a sound that might have been amusement and might have been frustration. Either way, he was smiling. "GO." he repeated.
Lewis finally obeyed him.
Down the corridor, down the ramp, through the common room, up the ramp. Xiù turned at the junction by engineering hatch. "Lewis come on!" she called.
He was halfway across the common area when something hit them, hard, and ripped a chunk out of Sanctuary’s living quarters the length of a shipping container. The destroyed section vanished in a whirl of air and pulverized metal, and only the millisecond timing of containment forcefields prevented the adjacent areas from decompressing… but they left Lewis trapped on the far side. He sprang to his feet, slapped the forcefield in frustration, then gesticulated back towards the lower decks, flipped them a salute and ran.
A second hit rocked them even harder than the first.
Xiù stared after him, praying silently that he’d make it, before remembering to pray that they would, too.
"Xiù! MOVE!" Allison’s desperate yell got through to her, and she scrambled upright. Julian was punching the door code with shaking fingers, missing the right keys, and Allison was fidgeting next to him. The gravity seemed to have gone wrong, and she felt like she was standing on a steep hill, which was probably why Julian and Allison were both holding on to the handrails.
Something smashed a hole straight through the ceiling and out the deck. Not a big hole. But one that killed their section’s power supply.
Without it the lighting, the gravity, and the atmospheric containment fields all failed, and that little hole got abruptly wider as all of their precious atmosphere tried to bully its way out.
It wasn’t a wind. Wind wasn’t an adequate word. Instead, the last sound those air molecules would ever carry was the rising howl of their own escape, and Xiù’s mortal shriek as the maelstrom decompression tore her loose and threw her toward infinity.
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