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Motmedel för raggare - rekommendationer?

2020.10.12 15:14 JargonTheRed Motmedel för raggare - rekommendationer?

Jag bor i ett mindre samhälle där vi tyvärr har problem med ett stort antal ungdomar som partajar järnet med sina epor och överjävliga baslådor på en mellanstor parkeringsplats. Parkeringen ligger mitt i ett bostadsområde, och det är nära till både ålderdomshem, barnfamiljer, och vanligt folk.
Att man ska kunna ha kul som tonåring är en självklarhet i min värld, men vi är ganska långt förbi det nu - det skriks, skränas, spelas ashög musik, bränns gummi och revvas motorer från sextiden på kvällen till fyra på natten varenda helg, och det gör det (som de flesta nog förstår) jävligt svårt att sova. För mig personligen som redan har sömnproblem och ska till jobbet 0545 varenda dag är det långt ifrån lika roligt som de ute på asfalten har.
Polisen har varit där ett antal gånger och brutit upp festligheterna, och både föräldrar och ungdomar har talats med. Lokaltidningen har vädjat, och det har till och med blivit våldshandlingar mot raggarna av något lokalt rikspucko som troligen glömde sina spärrar tillsammans med sitt folkvett.
Allt detta utan effekt. Störningarna fortsätter, min sömn lider alltmer, och raggarnas satans jävla technodunk förföljer mig till jobbet och tillbaka.
Min fråga är nu: med ovan i beaktande (och underförstått att inga olagliga eller farliga förslag kommer accepteras), vad har ni för rekommendationer på effektiva motmedel som kan återställa vardagslugnet (eller åtminstone skapa en marginellt underhållande katt-och-råtta - lek med det lokala buset)?
Arbetskamrater har lekt med tanken på en decibelstyrd trycksatt surströmmingsspray, såväl som [email protected]örsändare och riktade ljudkanoner med "Barbie Girl".
Förslag mottages med illvillig lust.
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2020.03.09 04:23 Poke-Memer-93 I’m making my own Star Wars timeline

This story starts about a year before the Battle of Exagol, on the planet Daxa (a planet filled to the brim with natural resources, so the people there are VERY mechanically gifted, with shops being set up all over the planet, selling anything from droids, to blasters, to star ships and landspeeders, to cybernetics) a boy named Rhysio Javik was born into a family of starship builders. A few months later, the First Order attacked, taking much of the population as slaves, and taking them deep within the Unknown Regions. Even the children were taken so they could be trained to become soldiers. So was the fate of Rhysio and his family. EXCEPT, the family droid (a heavily modified white R6 unit with orange accents who helps build ships) snuck aboard one of the transport ships. The First Order didn’t really seem to care, as the droid could just have its memory wiped, and become a loyal servant of the First Order. However, one of M4’s modifications was a password being required for a memory wipe. After the First Order gave up on wiping M4’s memory, they just slapped a restraining bolt on him and put him to work with the slaves. Unfortunately for the First Order, M4’s modifications made him over three times more intelligent than a standard R6 unit, and also immune to restraining bolts. So, as soon as he got put with with the slaves, he started planning a slave uprising, and subsequent escape. OOPS! A few weeks after the enslavement, M4’s plan was ready. With his hidden blasters, M4 started blasting away at the storm troopers guarding the slaves. This gave them an opening to escape, and some of them armed themselves with their captors weapons. All this chaos distracted the other slave watchers, giving the slaves an opening for them to attack guards with weapons supplied by M4. After all the troops guarding the slaves were dispatched, several large, hyperspace-capable shuttles. The Javiks thought: That’s a cool, recently-finished, hyperspace-capable, capital ship-killing, brand new TIE Skimmer you got there...would be a shame if....somebody......I don’t know...........STOLE IT! And that’s exactly what they did! Shortly after everyone jumped to hyperspace, they were all suddenly yanked straight out it, and crash land on a super dark planet. M4 said that he has no idea where they are, and that the planet is not even on his map, which includes many unknown planets and secrets hyper lanes. Suddenly, the whole planet jumped into hyper space, and when it came out, it was back in its star system, at sunset. R4’s circuits were nearly fried, and everyone just stared at each other with a look that said: “Are we all on deathsticks?” For a while, there wasn’t a sound made by anyone, not even a single baby was crying. The whole planet seemed to exude a calming aura. Then, an night fell, the whole planet came alive. Plants and animals started glowing vibrantly, and singing a melodic song while glow-birds danced in the sky. Rhysio started crawling towards a large, black egg, illuminated by many plants slowly bending down, and shining their lights on it. Rhysio giggles when he reaches the egg. His parents come to him and pick him up along with the egg. At which point more trees bend down, and shine their lights on Rhysio, as well as a baby Togruta girl named Lokala. The music intensified, and the sky seemed to whisper: “The chosen ones have arrived, the chosen ones will help the galaxy survive.” The music and lights suddenly stop, and M4 makes 2 bewildered beeps and falls flat on his face. Everyone looks at each other with an expression of: “We are DEFINITELY on Deathsticks!” After M4 wakes up, Mr. Javik said that whole whole planet seems to be alive with the force. Another person asked if it was like Dathomir, to which Mr. Javik said “we’ll yes but actually no. This planet was filled with the light side of the force, not the dark.” Another person replied with “Why didn’t you tell us that you were force-sensitive?” Mr. Javik stated that he just found out that he was force-sensitive, and unsure if he could actually use it, but he felt a feeling that he had never felt before, and knew deep down, that the feeling was the force.
(This is where I end the story today, be sure to check in tomorrow for an update)
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2017.01.16 08:13 Projlon Why throwing money at immigration is not beneficial and why immigration itself is a problem.

First of all - I'm a bit in between of Laurens political view and Stevens, here's how the political and cultural climate looks in Sweden and how immigration has affected it.
There's no mainstream media today in Sweden that dare reporting on a crime where they can relate the criminal to being an immigrant or that the crime itself has to do with cultural / religious reasons - when they do report on crimes done by immigrants it's either watered down so it can't be related to immigrant or they straight up say "We can't say anything due to security/investigation reason" and even when it does get reported on the mainstream media does something called whitepixeling example2 example3
and the list goes on.. There's crimes and problems that media doesn't even report on, so if you want to find different news sites or blogs that do report on these stuff, those news sites do get burned at the stakes for being racists even if they're not, and while some of them may actually be racist, ask yourself - where else and how are you supposed to be informed by these kind of stuff? I'm not endorsing reading from sites labeled as racists but again there's no other place you can get some information that's either covered up or racist leaning. So the individual him/herself has to have a filter of what you're reading and depending on your political standing etc. you either ignore it while it may be true or you eat it up when it might be skewed.
Immigrants allowance
Immigrants today in Sweden with 0-3 children get allowances equivalent to almost a full pay salary without essentially doing anything - they can get somewhere between 900-1300$ Source the only thing they have to do is participate in smaller activities like playing football or trying to find a job and they don't even have to take a job they get offered if they give legitimate reasons like not knowing the language which is okay but then you have all these other families that splits up just to get even more allowances, they're even lying about their age just to get even more money so, up to 77% of the "children" in 2014 were tested in 2016 lied about their age. And it's not like Sweden doesn't offer a good integration policy, they simply deny it or straight up skip it and Swedish people don't want to force them doing anything because we're too open minded and too kind to actually try to integrate them because of what they've supposedly been through.
Problems with rescue units and police
Our police doesn't have resources to deal with everyday crimes like assault, theft or even border control Source. They quit because they are getting underpayed and the crimes keeps stacking. Any kind of rescue unit gets stones thrown at them and they're even afraid of entering highly populated immigrant areas without police escort source1 old but still relevant Firemen assaulted Stone throwing not enough police
even when shit is going down and you can catch criminals red handed our police hasn't got enough resources to do shit just look at our new years eve - loud.
Biased / sympathizing with immigrant criminals just because they are immigrants
This guy got 6 months in juvenile prison and wasn't even sent from the camp where he raped a girl even when the personel was informed of what had happened, he was convicted of 2 rapes and only got 6 months in a juvenile prison. a direct quote from one of the leaders of the camp "We are sad that it happened but we didn't want to send Muhammad home". Here's another victim that was a carer for immigrants, she was stabbed and bled to death by a "15" immigrant the reason was that she didn't wear the right clothes. Source picture
He only got psychiatric healthcare, and wasn't convicted for murder.
Here's a victim that was strangeled to death by her man with a veil and the reasons for killing her was "unkown" source
Final words
There's alot of shit going on in Sweden and everything can't and wont be fixed by just having a better integration policy - these are principles that people from their country and their religion has had for many many generations and are justified through their religion, there are direct verses from muhammad himself that justifies this. Which would be the equivalent in the bible if Jesus told us to rape women or kill. These are people that refuses to change or adapt into a society that does not fit the one they are used to, the men still want all the rights and subdue women as much as the koran allows. Just look at the societies in these 3WC and compare that to what some of the demands they want or preach in other EU countries, like UK or even Denmark.
The immigration to every country should be strict and kept to a bare minimum - if you are fleeing from your country flee to your neighbour country don't come halfway across the world and bring your skewed, simple minded, fanatic, oppressive, ideologic "belief" system or principle's here - we don't want them and we don't need them else you can stay in the country you came from and you will have all the "benefits" of your belief system and more.. That's what I think, and that is what people in Sweden is starting to open their eyes to - with a country with ~6-9 million people and a small 1% population of that country stands for a almost a 2% increase in sexuality crime etc. an deny it has nothing to do with immigration that's insanely stupid and you are trying to make a reality which isn't realistic to the one that we're all actually in Source
Sorry for the wall of text, thank you for reading and have a good day.
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2015.05.10 10:22 ruskboll Hur dekadenta är sweddit?

(Obvious throw away för att upprätthålla mitt dubbelliv)
God morgon Sweddit!
Ifall innehållet skulle sticka i ögonen hos någon ber jag på förhand om ursäkt. Tänkte att jag har större chans att träffa rätt en söndag morgon då många är bakfulla eller har comedowns. ;-)
Själv har jag alltid haft en tjusning för dekadens och moraliskt förfall. För visst finns det något härligt med det, djupt där inne? Rockstjärnor som under senaste 30-40 åren vältrat sig i fler droger än måltider ätna, behandlat sin lever med vodka istället för vitaminer men som fortfarande håller igång vid en ålder av 70 bast och står på scen. Vi hittar naturligtvis också karaktärer som Jordan Belfort i The Wolf Of Wall Street, Chuck Bass i Gossip Girl, Charlie Sheen - osv osv.
Jag är bosatt utomlands i ett annat EU land, har ett väldigt OK kneg samt driver en liten verksamhet vid sidan av (när tid finns). Fast när jag stegar ut från kontoret så är jag en helt annan person - och jag älskar det.
Jag upplevde min första prostituerade när jag var 18, och sedan dess har det blivit många fler. Cannabis röker jag dagligen sedan länge, vissa dagar tar jag till och med några puffar innan jag strutsar in till jobbet. Hemma har jag en liten hörna i besticklådan fylld av diverse narkotikum för alla slags tillfällen. Jag festar, röker och har sex med såväl män som kvinnor allt för ofta (skyddar mig dock alltid). Min plånbok är fylld av visitkort till strippklubbar, bordeller, hotell och tveksamma barer som sträcker sig från Bucharest till Kuala Lumpur.
Under mina äventyr i världen har jag blivit rånad av lokala gentlemän (gatugrabbar) såväl som satt i förhörsrum hos lagens långa arm när det blivit lite för vilt. Ja listan fortsätter, behöver nog inte spalta upp allt. Men säkert är det att min tillvaro sedan länge är en berg- och dalbana av apati, sprudlande glädje och adrenalin. Släng in lite sömnlösa nätter emellanåt samt hårt arbete så har du mig i ett nötskal.
Så min fråga till Sweddit är; Hur dekadenta är ni? Dela med dig av hur just du kryddar livet sådär underbart som bara det förbjudna kan erbjuda!
TLDR: Massa förskönad text om min förkastliga livsstil. Känner du igen dig?
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