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2020.10.30 21:20 FrothyFantods My library would not let me in without a mask. Medical conditions don’t matter

I went to vote early at the library. There was a long line and I had to use the bathroom so I walked in. A huge guy followed me and told me nobody is let in without a mask. I said I have a medical condition and he said it didn’t matter. I said the Illinois Department of Public Health makes exceptions for people who cannot medically wear a mask. He said he knew nothing about that. I offered to show him the website but it did not matter.
Because it early voting, they have a separate door and I can vote without a mask. I was able to use the bathroom there.
I went back to my car and am waiting for my husband and daughter to vote. I’m too angry. I can try another day. I checked the Illinois website and it still says “Everyone over the age of 2 who can medically tolerate a face covering over their nose and mouth must wear one in a public place when unable to maintain a safe distance (6 feet) from others.”
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2020.10.30 21:18 A_solo_tripper [Meta] Just a list of non-elite people FBI arrested for bribery

Bribery Cases

Feds charge ex-FBI agent in alleged bribery scheme--Robert Lustyik, 50, was arrested Friday on an allegation that he and a childhood friend, Johannes Thaler, 49, solicited cash from a third man in exchange for documents and information to which Lustyik had access to because of his FBI job.
FBI arrests Puerto Rico Sen. Abel Nazario on bribery charges--FBI agents arrested Puerto Rico Sen. Abel Nazario and seven other people who were government employees Wednesday morning for allegedly conspiring to commit fraud.
FBI arrest agent over bribery cover up claim in battle over $10bn mountain --- On Sunday evening, Frederic Cilins, an agent for Steinmetz's company, was arrested in Jacksonville, Florida, after federal agents had covertly recorded a series of meetings. The recording shows, it is alleged, that Cilins plotted the destruction of documents which it is claimed could have shown the Simandou exploitation rights were acquired after millions of dollars were paid in bribes to Guinea government officials.
Twenty-Two Executives and Employees of Military and Law Enforcement Products Companies Charged in Foreign Bribery Scheme-- Twenty-two executives and employees of companies in the military and law enforcement products industry have been indicted for engaging in schemes to bribe foreign government officials to obtain and retain business, announced Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer of the Criminal Division; U.S. Attorney Channing Phillips for the District of Columbia; and Assistant Director Kevin Perkins of the FBI’s Criminal Investigative Division Twenty-one defendants were arrested in Las Vegas yesterday. One defendant was arrested in Miami. The indictments stem from an FBI undercover operation that focused on allegations of foreign bribery in the military and law enforcement products industry.
Nashville Judge Accused of Bribing FBI Witness -- Prosecutors on Tuesday brought bribery and witness-tampering charges against a Nashville judge, claiming he offered to pay a witness in his federal corruption probe $6,000 to change her statements.
FBI Arrest State Senator Malcolm Smith in Corruption Probe-- According to authorities, Halloran was responsible for finding party chairmen who were receptive to receiving bribes. The bribes were to be hidden in consulting contracts, doled out in increments of $10,000 or less. Some of the money had already been paid out by the time agents working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) put a halt to the alleged plot. Officials claim that Smith, a Democrat, attempted to buy a spot on the Republican ballot. Non-Republican candidates need the support of three of the five borough party leaders to gain access to the Republican ballot line.
California State Senator Indicted for Public Corruption in Major FBI Operation-- State Senator Leland Yee has been indicted for public corruption as part of a major FBI operation Tuesday morning spanning the Bay Area, according to law-enforcement sources. Yee highlights a string of multiple arrests that also includes notorious Chinatown gangster Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow, connected to a variety of charges including racketeering and drug crimes, sources said.
Feds allege state Rep. Luis Arroyo caught on undercover recording paying $2,500 bribe. ‘This is the jackpot.’--Instead, the Chicago Democrat was ducking reporters as he left the Dirksen U.S. Courthouse in Chicago, where he was the latest elected official to be charged in what has become a sprawling federal public corruption investigation.
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2020.10.30 21:17 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Politics] - Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp in quarantine after possible COVID-19 exposure Washington Examiner

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2020.10.30 21:14 Electricgrapefruit NHTSA PUBLISHES ANOTHER WHOMPY COMPLAINT....... that's it. Nothing to see here, move along folks. (SIGH!

October 28, 2020 NHTSA ID NUMBER: 11366782Components: STEERING, SUSPENSION
NHTSA ID Number: 11366782
Incident Date September 1, 2020
Consumer Location Unknown
Vehicle Identification Number 5YJ3E1EA4KF****
Summary of Complaint

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2020.10.30 21:12 The_Tautology 504s after the entire state tries to access it at once. 504s after the entire state tries to access it at once. submitted by The_Tautology to Utah [link] [comments]

2020.10.30 21:02 WhitePawn00 [Arma3] OP Checkup, Sat 10/31, Nova Squad

Mod Repo to Be Played In
Halo Event (1.0) / CUPT / Halo
TEST Arma mod Installation Guide
Moon Tria, Planet Galthen, Retevenon system, Perseus Arm [300, 30] (Tria)
Playable slots: Umbra-Norma Stellar Confederation, Nova Squad, UNSC Inquisition Taskforce.
Enemy Units: Unknown. Most likely traitor human forces.
With new assets secured and valuable caches of information gathered, Nova Squad aboard the Light of Defiance left behind the tattered remains of the traitor forces of planet Helvaan and headed to the next thread of information they could follow. However, before they could receive the full transmission they needed from a UNSC Intelligence outpost, their connection was cut off. A quick investigation with UNSC central command and UNSC Inquisition confirmed that the moon had gone dark at the same time Light of Defiance lost contact. One hour later, Inquisition intel informed Nova Squad that several interstellar projectiles had impacted the moon seconds before connection was lost, but the moon and indeed most of its facilities were intact. If Nova Squad wanted the intel they were supposed to receive, they would need to physically go to the moon and pick it up.
Due to the extreme lack of information on the situation ahead, your mission statement is very broad. You are to find where the decrypted software is stored, and retrieve it. There should also be an analysis file somewhere nearby which would need to be recovered as well.
Keep in mind that your mission here, and your overall objective, has nothing to do with the state or safety of the moon, which means so long as whatever is happening on the planet isn't severely impeding your progress, you need not concern yourself with resolving whatever is happening down there.
Due to the possible danger of near-luminal projectiles being aimed at the moon, the Light of Defiance will not be able to remain on station or offer any support. You will drop pod into a safe and desolate area of the moon and begin your mission. Two hours and thirty minutes later, the Light of Defiance will be in the exact location you dropped from, and you are responsible for finding a way to rejoin the Light of Defiance during its pass. Unless the moon has been reduced to ash, there should be no shortage of air vehicles capable of getting you to the Defiance when your mission is complete.
Additionally, due to the fact that the moon is within the sphere of influence of a gas giant, short range radio communication (on an interstellar scale, not just your short range radio) will not function, and GPS equipment will malfunction. This means your radios will not work. Your GPS systems will not work. Your tablet systems will not. And you will not have access to any smart navigation systems unless you find one that works on the moon itself.
Because TestBot is lazy and doesn't want to script anything, non-functional equipment will be simulated by way of disallowing players any smart navigational equipment. I hope you all know your landnav in unfamiliar terrain.
Arsenal update: You have been given the full array of ODST suit pattern variants, along with any missing wintearctic patterns on other pieces of armor. There are no supply boxes for collection during this mission.
Furthermore, as you have now reconnected with UNSC forces, it is easy to find people (or an AI who would answer any questions you might have in between your operations. Feel free to ask any questions about the world/story/friendlies/hostiles, or any other topic that you might want, in the briefing posts or in Discord.)
Just like previous campaigns, you have a limited arsenal which will expand as you collect more gear throughout your missions. You also have a box of "limited gear". Please DO NOT use the arsenal to replenish the limited gear you find in the box. This will make TestBot sad.
Planetary Information
Tria has average human-compatible weather and a 22.2 hour day/night cycle. Current weather is unknown. (I also lied about the fog but I swear this will be the last one).
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2020.10.30 20:59 gttm2019 Somali gov't approves 46% rise in budget to $671.8 Million for the 2021 fiscal year.

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2020.10.30 20:57 AutoNewsAdmin [Politics] - Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp in quarantine after possible COVID-19 exposure

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2020.10.30 20:56 mr_tyler_durden Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update October 30, 2020

Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update October 30, 2020
Today there is just a press release, we will pull out the numbers.
Check your registration status, ballot status, or how to vote here!
Note: Thank you to the people who have given awards to these posts but I do want to say: Please don’t spend money to give these posts an award or if you want to give then donate it here instead. These people need your help more than I need awards. I guess if you are just spending reddit coins that you already have then that’s fine but don’t spend new money, donate it instead. Thank you all!
Press release links:
Notes by mr_tyler_durden and the Daily Update Team
Watch here:
If you have been laid off/lost your job use the following resources to get help!
KY Medicaid: (855-459-6328)
Benefind: (855-306-8959)
If you see price gouging report by calling 888-432-9257
If you see a business or person not following the guidelines and putting others at risk call 833-KY-SAFER (833-597-2337) or report it on the website
As always our one true source of information should be the website or the hotline: 800-722-5725
You can find more information on our Wiki!
We are also up and running on Discord!
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2020.10.30 20:46 GetMeOuttaIT Employer regularly violates labor law with last minute scheduling changes. Who do I contact, and would it even be worth it right now?

Title explains the most of it -
For further context, it’s a retail store that is changing its hours all the time. They’re kind of a new store so new things are always happening.
Of course with the pandemic, I recognize that some items are out of their control and aren’t reflective of the management. Other stuff is just straight up having people in charge of things who aren’t familiar with labor laws. The most consistent issue is changing the schedule within less than 72 hours of the shift, which was made official in 2017
Is it with calling in with these complaints right now? I know a lot of nyc services are on hold, and was wondering what else I might need to lodge a formal complaint.
Thank you!
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2020.10.30 20:40 BellevueNews New BellevueTV video - Lake to Lake - October 2020 - by Bellevue Television on YouTube

Title: Lake to Lake - October 2020
Description: On this episode, see the new NE Spring Blvd., learn about Bellevue Utilities and take a guided tour of Bellevue’s old trees. For more information email [email protected].
YouTube URL:
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2020.10.30 20:35 koulnis Reminder: Check your ballot status!

Fortunately, the amount of ballots being received is high, so thank you for voting! But signature verification is also very important! So even though it's been received, please check out your ballot status by going here and entering your info, then navigating to the "Track My Ballot" tab.
Please bear in mind that if you get a site error, you may have to disconnect your VPN.
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2020.10.30 20:34 40YrsInTelephony FCC Approval Requested to Lease Excess Capacity of EBS Channels in FL

TMO, through Clearwire Spectrum Holdings III, LLC seek FCC approval of long-term lease of excessive capacity of EBS channels owned by Bay County School Board/Bay County Educational Media.
Explanation of Transaction and Public Interest Statement
Transaction Description - Lessor and Lessee are parties to an EBS Long Term De Facto Transfer Lease Agreement (“Lease Agreement”), for the use of Lessor’s EBS Station WLX265, whereby Lessor will lease the excess capacity on channels B1-B4 to Lessee, subject to the Commission’s approval. The Lease Agreement involves EBS channels B1-B4 with a Geographic Service Area (“GSA”) covering portions of three Cellular Market Areas (“CMAs”): Panama City (CMA283), FL 9-Calhoun (CMA368) and FL 10-Walton (CMA369) encompassing portions of six counties in Florida.
Map of EBS License Area
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2020.10.30 20:29 wqjehjegr “Debunk This: Rushan Abbas is a CIA asset who spreads CIA propaganda about the Uyghur situation in China and cannot be trusted.”
She has actually worked with in gitmo and worked with Radio free Asia- a us gov funded newspaper.
Is “She lying to spread more imperialism Like the Iraq war“
Can she be trusted?
Again the problem lies with the fact that us gov cannot be trusted but, somehow CCP is 100% trustworthy. We have already seen more ”transparent” countries such as Saudi’s Arabia say they are not committing war crimes in Yemen but, there is literally evidence they are.
Even the leaked China cables show China is doing something With uyghurs....,
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2020.10.30 20:29 ifoundit1 Shadow banning is starting to happen on reddit

It would appear to me that the shadow banning gov fad has spread to reddit I have been on reddit over 1/2 a decade and have been banned 2 times from 2 different subs here today when pre read and I haven't broken the rules towards what and where I have been posting.
Gov is already slowly stripping us of constitutional rights all over the place and its picking up speed fast. Soon no one will be able to communicate.
Honestly im surprised they haven't been cutting voice boxes out of newborns yet with as petty and controlling as they can get.
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2020.10.30 20:27 doppl NC GOV: DEM GOV Cooper leads GOP Forest by +19 (Marist)

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2020.10.30 20:26 granny_ew Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is quarantining following COVID-19 exposure, and his office won't disclose his test result

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is quarantining following COVID-19 exposure, and his office won't disclose his test result submitted by granny_ew to politics [link] [comments]

2020.10.30 20:25 Additional_Coyote_32 Can Griffithsin in Gaviscon liquid form treat gastroenteritis?

Thank you so much for answer.
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gamf7rl in Winnipeg on 30 Oct 20 (1pts):
I think you'll find people aren't as stubborn about not paying for something
gamf3mj in Winnipeg on 30 Oct 20 (1pts):
Pack the buses with the homeless/drunk...
Those people need somewhere to go, sure, but the bus is maybe not the best place.
gamdqww in Winnipeg on 30 Oct 20 (1pts):
Could you explain why to me? I thought it was kinda cool
gamdfuo in Winnipeg on 30 Oct 20 (1pts):
Beautiful! Mavic?
gaksbs3 in Winnipeg on 30 Oct 20 (1pts):
Far more young people in Manitoba have died of suicide during the pandemic than of covid.
gaks0wx in Winnipeg on 30 Oct 20 (1pts):
Evidently extra money is being spent at schools, on a per-student basis, but looks like OP's school hasn't been able to meet their needs with it, or they're spending it elsewhere and relying on...
gakrxq8 in Winnipeg on 30 Oct 20 (1pts):
Here's how the 52 mil saved by the provincial for a rainy day is being used: “to pay for masks, transportation and extra cleaning as students prepare to head back to class. Some of that money will...
gakr9wp in Winnipeg on 30 Oct 20 (1pts):
Eh you're gettin a lot of crap for this but honestly I don't think it's stuff like this that's spreading the 'vid. If you can do healthy things in a safe way I'd say good for you.
gagp55y in canada on 29 Oct 20 (6pts):
In our province our covid deaths are still a quarter of our suicide deaths to date, and if you suggest anything but 100% lockdown you must hate human life.
ga6v7bq in Winnipeg on 26 Oct 20 (1pts):
Money doesn't buy elections.
ga6uwep in Winnipeg on 26 Oct 20 (1pts):
Hey remember those massive BLM protests outside largely without masks? Guess what, they didn't cause spikes in those cities.
ga6ujxe in Winnipeg on 26 Oct 20 (1pts):
Rent control doesn't work. It's a matter of supply and demand. If you want cheaper housing you have to deregulate and ease zoning restrictions, making it cheaper to build. If a landlord can get a...
ga6u4mb in Winnipeg on 26 Oct 20 (1pts):
Ever think the problem might be the very contagious global virus, and not the particular sector of society you're predisposed to dislike?
ga6trm4 in Winnipeg on 26 Oct 20 (1pts):
Let's hope the number of cases continues to drop.
ga6szi7 in Winnipeg on 26 Oct 20 (1pts):
Also, 15 covid patients in ICU, out of 107 total beds seems a little less than 'to the Brink' but that's just me.
ga6qgb0 in Winnipeg on 26 Oct 20 (1pts):
In general the gov. response has been good given the magnitude of challenges brought on by the pandemic. I respect the decisions they've made, hindsight is 20-20 but the handling had been reasonable...
ga3rtzb in Winnipeg on 25 Oct 20 (1pts):
Everyone in here acting as if COVID the only thing that kills people, and that not killing a single person is worth shutting everything down. If that were the case we'd never have swimming pools,...
ga3r50a in Winnipeg on 25 Oct 20 (1pts):
Case count isn't that much compared to our suicide count (200+) which is exacerbated by lockdowns.
ga3qy1e in Winnipeg on 25 Oct 20 (1pts):
Road accidents kill people all the time. I still drive to the bar. I mean, obvs there's a question of degree, but that is what I'm saying, there's a question of degree.
ga3qrgf in Winnipeg on 25 Oct 20 (1pts):
Lol. He's right though, we might still be dealing with Covid in 10 years time, we are gonna have to live with it at some point.
g8pszod in Winnipeg on 13 Oct 20 (1pts):
"Maybe we shouldn't completely stop everyone's lives for something that has killed 10 times less people than the flu in MB" - B. Pallister
g81gcq5 in Winnipeg on 07 Oct 20 (1pts):
A reasonable take.
g73h0tw in Winnipeg on 29 Sep 20 (1pts):
Love to hear it. Keep up the good work boys.
g6a583n in psychology on 23 Sep 20 (-2pts):
And they insist it's the most important thing about a person and you can judge people purely on...
g62s8y1 in Winnipeg on 21 Sep 20 (1pts):
I mean it gets blasted up here on every media channel all the time. Trump porn 24/7, it's a wonder there's not literal brawls constantly.
g62s67c in Winnipeg on 21 Sep 20 (1pts):
What are his reasons for dancing around it?
g3ikpbe in Winnipeg on 31 Aug 20 (1pts):
U forget that reddit's hero is mr. strawman


g6z8xf in AskHistorians on 24 Apr 20 (2pts):
Is there anyone in history who successfully located the eye of a hurricane as it was forming, drove a boat into it, and rode the eye all the way until the storm dissipated?
g6z2op in AskReddit on 24 Apr 20 (1pts):
Would it be possible to locate the eye of a hurricane as it is forming, drive a boat into it, and ride the eye all the way until the storm dissipates or hits land?
ebrsgu in Finland on 17 Dec 19 (1pts):
Is there a Finnish word for "cleaning the oven"? I.e., procrastinating on getting down to something (baking) by endlessly preparing your work space (the oven)?
9b2gal in askscience on 28 Aug 18 (1pts):
What did we see? During an intense lightning storm this week, we saw a 2-3 second long red glow in the clouds, covering a reasonably large area of sky.
77pqs2 in LifeProTips on 20 Oct 17 (6pts):
LPT: if you losing money to a bunch of subscription services and want to reset them, simply change your credit card number, and all the companies will write to you asking to resubscribe, at which...
766x8y in TrueAskReddit on 13 Oct 17 (1pts):
Why is now, now?
733k3w in askscience on 28 Sep 17 (1pts):
Why does hot and cold water sound differently when poured?
6r70rx in AskReddit on 02 Aug 17 (1pts):
What's an interesting way of pictorially designating the order of steps (step 1, step 2 etc...) without using numbers or letters?
5ftejy in LetsTalkMusic on 01 Dec 16 (6pts):
Let's talk: musical dream-teams. If you could bring together any two artists for a collaboration, who would you choose and why?
5bhy31 in askscience on 06 Nov 16 (1pts):
How exactly does modern scientific academia define "biological sex"? By this definition is it plausible that there is "no such thing"?
4uxrai in AskReddit on 27 Jul 16 (1pts):
How can I best situate myself and my family to thrive in the event of dramatic (~4°C) global warming in the next 50 years?
4uxomt in AskReddit on 27 Jul 16 (1pts):
How can I best situate myself and my family to thrive in the event of dramatic (~4°C) global warming in the next 50 years?
4uxmzg in TrueAskReddit on 27 Jul 16 (13pts):
How can I best situate myself and my family to thrive in the event of dramatic (~4°C) global warming in the next 50 years?
4sprec in AskReddit on 13 Jul 16 (1pts):
For your average young, atheistic, western person (i.e. your average redditor), what, if anything, is too sacred (sacrosanct) to joke about? (x-post from /trueaskreddit)
4hc6ru in askscience on 01 May 16 (1pts):
Would it be safe for a human to eat their own motion-sickness induced vomit?
4hbyfk in askscience on 01 May 16 (1pts):
Does a 1:1 sex ratio say anything about the adaptive strength of monogamy?
4hbvxv in askscience on 01 May 16 (1pts):
Does a 1:1 sex ratio say anything about the adaptive strength of monogamy? (x-post from /askanthropology)
4hbq3i in AskReddit on 01 May 16 (0pts):
If you got motion sickness and barfed during a famine, would it be a good idea to eat the vomit?
3srf1u in AskReddit on 14 Nov 15 (1pts):
Based upon the teachings of their central figures, is Christianity a more violent religion than Islam?
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2020.10.30 20:20 BNEIte Hawaii and bushfires fade as halo effect shines on Scott Morrison
Scott Morrison’s political domin­ance is such that it’s hard to conjure up circumstances that would see him lose the next election. Morrison may have been the underdog at the last election, but he’s the firm favourite at the next. Every advantage is his. Prime ministers choose the timing of federal elections, which only adds to his chances of winning, by picking the exact moment in the electoral cycle to force Labor to the polls.
The summer of 2019-20 feels like a lifetime ago now. Morrison was under pressure, having returne­d from Hawaii, caught out for trying to secretly holiday while Australia burned. On his return he struck all the wrong chords when confronted about his failure.
The Morrison of today doesn’t make those mistakes. The ups and downs of managing the pandemic have hardened him politically, but softened him in the eyes of many Australians.
The PM’s critics sometimes find that hard to accept, because all they see is the rat cunning, which to be sure is still there. There is a hint of the left’s response­ to Howard in the way Morrison’s critics spitefully hiss at him. It can leave swinging voters who aren’t enamoured with Morrison­ defending him against the worst of insults they feel are over-the-top, just as swinging ­voters did with Howard.
Australians are appreciative for where the country is at versus how other nations are struggling through COVID, and they largely give Morrison the credit for that.
Anthony Albanese and the Labor Party aren’t that many seats short of the elusive majority, but the issues aren’t running their way. Not even close. In the post-pandemic world, incumbency advantag­e is high, as long as those in power haven’t mishandled the virus. Donald Trump is the example of what happens to a leader when they do mismanage something so important.
The Coalition government certainly hasn’t failed when it comes to COVID-19, and even the few pockets of failure along the way have been glazed over in the name of applauding the wider successes Australia has enjoyed. Because it has been a global pandemic, ­comparisons with other nations are easy. Whether it’s minimising the health impacts or evading the worst of the economic downturn, compared with neighbours near and far, Australia looks pretty good.
Morrison — the master of shifting blame or absolving himself of responsibility — has been able to do exactly that each time question marks have arise about mismanagement. We almost waited too long before shutting the border to the US. The disembark­ation of the Ruby Princess was found to be a failure of the NSW Health Department. The problems in the aged-care sector in Victoria only grew because of the second wave, which became the state Labor gov­ernment’s responsibility, courtesy of its mishandling of hotel quarantining and poor contact tracing procedures.
There is little doubt aged-care problems are the closest Morrison has been to coming unstuck in this pandemic. Even then, if the problem had grown out of control, he could have cut the minister, Richard Colbeck, loose — just as he did with Bridget McKenzie when the sports rorts scandal was gaining traction.
Federal Labor is talking of “the Morrison-Frydenberg recession”, but nobody is seriously­ buying into that. Not when the recession is global in scale. To the extent that the surplu­s target was both unnecessary and perhaps even unachievable in the wake of the bushfires, COVID-19 almost instantly insul­ated the Coalition from criticism, including for its “back in black” gloating before it had even been delivered. Labor would have been pilloried for the size and breadth of spending on schemes such as JobKeeper and JobSeeker had it delivered­ them.
The conservative side of politics being so bold, in contrast, was applauded. Even the decision to wind back the payments­, while difficult for some, can be seen through the prism of encouraging people back into work and attempting a return to normality.
The bushfires saw an alarmingly quick decline in Morrison’s personal support, however, those days are over. Just like state leaders right around the country, including­ Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, the PM’s personal numbers are significantly higher than the Opposition Leader he squares off against, and his satisfaction rating is sky-high.
Criticisms of potential lost ­opportunities when it comes to reform­ in the aftermath of a crisis, while valid, will not resonate among mainstream voters. This is Morrison’s heartland, and he is savvy enough to know how to feed it red meat when he needs to. A hint of nationalism when rebuffing British PM Boris Johnson for having the temerity to suggest Australia needs to adopt zero emissions targets. A sprinkle of hope that a further lowering of taxes to help with the cost of living is just over the horizon.
The PM also knows how to instil­ fear into these voters. Don’t risk a return to Labor, he says, lest it makes a bad situation worse. This is followed up by a positive message: trust the Coalition to steer the country the rest of the way out of this pandemic. Let us finish what we started.
Labor knows it is facing an uphill­ task to be competitive at the next election, much less win it. Alread­y we are seeing signs of turf wars over unity and individual survivalism over collective hope of victory. Albanese will battle this all the way up until polling day.
Team Morrison is also well served by its campaign unit. At last year’s election, new Liberal Party federal director Andrew Hirst may have been the difference ­between victory and defeat, with his deployment of ground-game tactics and a cut-through advertising campaign targeting Bill Shorten. He is already planning his line of attack for Albanese, not to mention alternative leaders in Labor’s caucus should change happen on the eve of the election.
The one-time novice director will go into the next campaign more seasoned but still hungry for further success. Unlike in years past, the Coalition is now every bit as good as Labor at online campaigning and fundraising.
Context is everything when it comes to the next election, and the Coalition will fight that campaign having successfully steered Austra­lia through the COVID recession­ and out the other side of the pandemic. Labor could have benefited from a similar halo effect­ at the 2010 election, having survived the global financial crisis, had it not been for the fact that it removed the leader who did that just months before polling day.
There is no chance of Morrison suffering the same fate.
Peter van Onselen is the political editor at the Ten Network and a professor of politics and public policy at the University of Western Australia and Griffith University.
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2020.10.30 20:18 legislative_stooge Gov. Larry Hogan Renews Coronavirus State Of Emergency In Maryland

Gov. Larry Hogan Renews Coronavirus State Of Emergency In Maryland submitted by legislative_stooge to maryland [link] [comments]

2020.10.30 20:15 OriginalPNWest COVID-19 Numbers (10/30/2020)

Here are the numbers for 10/30/2020
COVID-19 is not a problem without a solution. It just takes disipline to drive the numbers down and then making sure not to let them creep back up. Clearly what we are doing here is not working. Somewhere down the line people are going to have to realize that trying to avoid short-term pain is only causing worse long-term pain. We're heading into what promises to be a bad fall and winter. We don't even know where most of these record numbers of infections are even coming from.
Taiwan just went 200 days without a locally transmitted Covid-19 case. Here's how they did it:
Come on gang - push these numbers down!
Oregon Deschutes Co. Jefferson Co. Crook Co.
Cases yesterday 596 24 2 6
Cases total 43793 1209 609 116
Deaths yesterday 2 0 0 0
Deaths total 675 13 10 2
Tests yesterday 6143 378 - -
St. Charles
COVID-19 patients 6
ICU patients 2
Ventilator patients 1
The week in Deschutes County total cases - 1110, 1123, 1132, 1136, 1161, 1185, 1209
Recent new cases in Deschutes County - listed as x(y) where x is the number of positives, y is the number of tests reported each day
New cases each day since Sep 1 - 0(96), 1(177), 4(146), 1(201), 1(209), 3(362), 1(109), 1(91), 1(69), 2(89), 3(353), 9(407), 3(229), 3(300), 2(98), 4(97), 7(230), 7(244), 14(246), 9(200), 8(233), 10(121), 2(146), 4(155), 17(374), 15(346), 15(234), 12(321), 7,(121) 14(273), 6(358), 1(382), 18(257), 8(467), 11(151), 11(183), 10(279), 16(353), 13(384), 11(419), 12(351), 5(191), 1(235), 7(256), 18(506), 13(420), 6(207), 15(237), 3(211), 9(265), 13(316), 11(312), 12(397), 13(288), 9(211), 4(139), 25(176), 24(463), 24(378)

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Be smart and stay safe!
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