Dating i japan

How are we (ricecels) supposed to compete when literally everything is against us?

2020.10.28 11:52 bahadurcel How are we (ricecels) supposed to compete when literally everything is against us?

Multiculturalism is going to be normal in developed countries (I am neither against it or support it). Countries which don't adopt multiculturalism will be shamed and called racist by other nations. Japan and Korea will become more multicultural over the decades, so how are ricecels supposed to compete? Hookups are becoming common, and we ricecels are literally known for having small packages. Small dick stereotype doesn't exactly help us in dating or hookups. Every race (except currycels) mog us, so how are we supposed to compete with Chad, Tyrones, Chaddam and Chadriguez?
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2020.10.28 11:02 minamija 12 Top Cat Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women in 2020

12 Top Cat Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women in 2020

Cat Tattoos: The Connection Between Humans and Cats

The love story between humans and these furry felines dates back to the dawn of time. Numerous archaeological expeditions have uncovered graves dating back to the Stone Age with cats huddled against their deceased owners. Even today, many cat owners cannot stand the idea of being separated from their beloved tabby, no matter what. It is not surprising that the English word "cat" comes from the ancient Egyptian name for cats, "caute". The Egyptians were devout cat worshipers who believed the animal was an extension of the moon goddess Bastet.She was not only the guardian of the Pharaoh and of Lower Egypt but also the Divine Mother and a warrior goddess who watched over her beloved subjects.
mrokat via Instagram
In a lot of ways, the Egyptians saw cats as a representation of their patron goddess because these were renowned for their great hunting gifts and used to protect the food stores of the ancient Egyptians from vermin and rodent invasions. Cats were so revered in Ancient Egypt that killing one was a crime punishable by death. The pages of the story tell of the tragic and brutal death of a man, murdered by an angry mob after he accidentally killed his own cat. Even the official forgiveness of Pharaoh Ptolemy XII was not enough to save the poor man from his terrible fate.
The idea of associating cats with hunting, protection and motherhood spread to Ancient Rome where cats became the symbol of the goddess Diana. In Ancient Rome, having a cat was supposed to bring good luck to all who shared the home with him and bring them domestic happiness. Even the Nordic peoples took up this idea. Their fertility goddess, Freyja, was not only notable for her beauty, elegance, grace and intelligence, she was also a fierce warrior who protected her people. No wonder cats are seen as a symbol of feminine power and beauty in a caat tattoo! via Instagram
Felines have often been associated with witchcraft and paganism in Europe, possibly due in part to the importation of ideas from Egypt and Rome. Diana, the moon goddess, became a symbol of paganism and witchcraft in the Middle Ages. During this time when the atmosphere was heavy with religious repression, free thinkers, creative expression and pagan practices became outlaws and were considered abominable. Alternative thoughts were seen as the work of a satanic force, and all the symbols associated with them were considered evil.
petromila_tattoo via Instagram
Sadly, cats (and especially black cats) were seen as messengers of the demon and many of the superstitions that we still carry with us today stem from the religious stagnation of the Middle Ages. But one glance at the adorable face of your dear feline will be enough to convince you that there is nothing evil about him.
Cats are free spirits who display great independence and intelligence rarely matched in the animal world. Over the centuries, a collection of stories illustrating their ability to do exactly what they want has been armed. House cats are strange creatures: any minute they happen, they go from rubbing your legs so you are stroking their bellies, to ignoring you superbly. They can be loving and adorable and then totally haughty in the span of a nanosecond. The changing moods of cats have inspired many accounts describing the animal's keen changing abilities.
piinksoda via Instagram
According to legends, cats can change shape and roam freely between physical and spiritual realities, bringing messages to the deceased. In Japan, there is a legend that a cat could "change" a woman's behavior, which is why the weaker sex is often seen as unpredictable and secretive. For many women, this connection to felines is a compliment and a warning against those who would try to dominate or control them. Quite simply, one cannot control a free spirit.
christian_tattoozz via Instagram

Meaning of Cat Tattoos for Men and Women

Cats are more than our furry feline friends. They symbolize a lot of things, including:
  • Female power
  • Luck and prosperity
  • The mystery and the secrets
  • Spirituality and connection with the Divine
  • A link with the afterlife
  • Protection
  • Intelligence and intuition
  • Elegance and refinement
  • Attention
mattdoublem_tattooer via Instagram

Different Types of Cat Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

Whether you want a lucky cat tattoo, a fat cat image, or even a Felix the cat design on your body, you will find these types of cat tattoos available in all shapes, colors and styles. These designs can represent your favorite cartoon characters, like Garfield, or contain spiritual and tribal elements. Many of these images mimic the natural color of cats (black, white, gray, red, spotted, tabby, etc.) and are sometimes made as a tribute to a great life companion.
kittytattoos via Instagram

1. Cat Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women: Black Cat

When talking about black cats, images of witches, old brooms, and large black simmering cauldrons come to mind. Black cats are, in general, associated with unfortunate changes in fate, and many stories warn us not to disturb the peace of a cat of this color. These cat tattoo ideas come from Celtic culturefor at that time and place the black cats were sacrificed to ward off the demon. For some people, black cats are an omen of destruction, walking silently through the night, which should be avoided at all costs; while for others, the black color of the cat makes it enchanting, mysterious and intriguing. Black cat tattoos are symbols of femininity, mystery and latent power, because of their connections with the unknown and paganism.
rachel.welsby via Instagram

2. Cat Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women: Cat Footprint

The paw prints represent the emotional or mental overcoming of a difficult moment. They symbolize progress and the need to move forward in life. Have you ever wondered why Japanese and Chinese businesses have small statuettes of cats with a raised paw? In Asian culture, it is an ancient symbol of luck that dates back centuries and originates from the legend of Maneki Neko. While there are several versions of the myth, all of the accounts center on the story of a poor fellow suddenly making a fortune after being good to a cat that raised its front paw in front of him. Cat paw print tattoos represent prosperity, good luck and progress.
lewcid_ink via Instagram

3. Cat Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women: Cat Skull

Skull tattoos are often associated with death, destruction, and disease. The mere image of a skull can get on the nerves and upset many people. But, given this animal's strong connection to the afterlife, cat skull tattoos are considered more of a more subtle way to symbolize your understanding and acceptance of the inevitable. In a way, this tattoo is a sign of bravery because it shows that you are not afraid to face your mortality.
billiebentley_tattoo via Instagram

4. Cat Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women: Cat Eye

The famous sculptor of the USA, Hiram Powers, said: "The eye is the mirror of the soul... Intelligence, will, is seen in the eyes...". Nothing more true has ever been said about cats. The eye of a cat is often seen as a symbol of intelligence, wisdom and a doorway to the Divine. It is considered to be a secret object of mysticism which allows those who are close to this symbol to approach the elements of life in the hereafter. Cat eye tattoos represent your ability to see more things than they really are. You can analyze a situation and see each action as a manifestation of something bigger.
romeo.byr via Instagram
thedarlingapril via Instagram


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2020.10.28 09:39 IIWIIM8 Global COVID Cases For 28OCT20

Summary As Of: 28OCT20 @ 08:23 GMT
Countries 215 + 2
Cases 44,285,074
Deaths 1,172,136
Recovered 32,467,181
Active Cases 10,645,757
w/Active cases w/No Active cases w/All cases rcvrd
Cntry’s 207 2 6
Cases 44,285,074 84 109
Deaths 1,172,136 2 0
Rcvrd 32,467,181 82 109

Daily totals of new: cases, deaths & recoveries

Date Cases Deaths Recoveries
26OCT 412,268 5,099 276,338
27OCT 459,003 7,028 269,543
28OCT 50,158 836 24,485

Cases, Deaths, Active by Continent

Cont Cases Deaths Active
Africa 1,747,522 41,854 1,429,087
Asia 13,322,573 237,352 11,790,072
Europe 8,896,864 255,677 3,565,089
N A 10,815,210 345,971 7,198,929
Oceania 36,585 967 31,775
S A 9,465,599 290,300 8,451,570

Countries with Active Cases

Country Cases Deaths Recoveries
USA 9,038,030+ 232,084+ 5,877,964+
India 7,990,322+ 120,054 7,259,509+
Brazil 5,440,903+ 157,981+ 4,904,046+
Russia 1,563,976+ 26,935+ 1,171,301+
France 1,198,695 35,541 112,716
Spain 1,174,916 35,298 N/A
Argentina 1,116,609 29,730 921,344
Colombia 1,033,218 30,565 932,882
UK 917,575 45,365 N/A
Mexico 895,326 89,171 655,118
Peru 892,497+ 34,257+ 814,204+
South Africa 717,851 19,053 647,833
Iran 581,824 33,299 463,611
Italy 564,778 37,700 271,988
Chile 504,525 14,026 481,379
Germany 463,419 10,263 326,700
Iraq 459,908 10,724 388,081
Bangladesh 401,586 5,838 318,123
Indonesia 396,454 13,512 322,248
Philippines 375,180+ 7,114+ 329,111+
Turkey 366,208 9,950 317,519
Ukraine 363,075+ 6,755+ 148,642+
Belgium 347,289+ 11,038+ 23,504+
Saudi Arabia 345,631 5,329 332,117
Pakistan 330,200+ 6,759+ 311,814+
Israel 312,024+ 2,483 296,770+
Netherlands 311,889 7,142 N/A
Czechia 284,033+ 2,547+ 111,443+
Poland 280,229 4,615 119,237
Canada 222,887+ 10,001+ 186,464+
Romania 217,216 6,574 155,630
Morocco 203,733 3,445 168,706
Ecuador 163,192 12,588 141,759
Nepal 160,400 876 118,843
Bolivia 141,124+ 8,672+ 109,769+
Qatar 131,689 230 128,617
Panama 130,422+ 2,650+ 106,440+
UAE 127,624 482 122,458
Switzerland 127,042 2,147 62,700
Dominican Republic 125,008 2,226 103,324
Portugal 124,432 2,371 72,344
Kuwait 123,092 756 114,116
Sweden 115,785 5,918 N/A
Oman 113,820 1,203 99,997
Kazakhstan 110,832+ 1,825+ 105,883+
Egypt 106,877 6,222 99,084
Guatemala 105,571 3,665 95,206
Costa Rica 105,322 1,329 64,406
Japan 97,498 1,725 90,148
Honduras 94,623+ 2,639+ 38,833+
Belarus 94,609 965 84,237
Ethiopia 94,218 1,445 48,968
Venezuela 90,400+ 780+ 84,907+
Austria 86,102 1,005 60,308
China 85,868+ 4,634 80,936+
Armenia 82,651+ 1,243+ 52,508+
Bahrain 80,765 316 77,421
Lebanon 73,995 590 36,797
Moldova 72,460 1,710 53,201
Uzbekistan 66,037+ 557+ 63,165+
Hungary 65,933+ 1,578+ 17,098+
Nigeria 62,224+ 1,135+ 57,916+
Paraguay 60,557+ 1,347+ 40,748+
Jordan 58,855 668 7,508
Ireland 58,767 1,890 23,364
Singapore 57,987+ 28 57,883
Libya 57,975 812 32,253
Kyrgyzstan 57,276+ 1,138+ 48,637+
Algeria 56,706 1,931 39,444
Tunisia 52,399 983 5,032
Palestine 51,528 458 44,444
Azerbaijan 51,149 688 41,693
Kenya 50,833 934 34,832
Ghana 47,775 316 46,971
Myanmar 47,666 1,147 27,373
Slovakia 46,056 176 11,008
Bosnia and Herzegovina 43,151 1,125 26,903
Bulgaria 42,701+ 1,161+ 18,943+
Denmark 42,157 709 32,697
Afghanistan 41,145+ 1,529+ 34,237+
Serbia 40,880 798 31,536
Croatia 38,621 470 26,840
Georgia 33,858+ 253+ 14,829+
El Salvador 32,925 957+ 28,582
Greece 32,752 593 9,989
Malaysia 28,640 238 18,499
North Macedonia 27,827 949 19,479
Australia 27,554+ 907+ 25,225+
S. Korea 26,146+ 461+ 24,073+
Slovenia 25,603 264 8,968
Cameroon 21,793 426 20,117
Ivory Coast 20,488 122 20,229
Albania 19,729 487 10,808
Norway 18,666+ 280 11,863
Montenegro 17,091 275 13,251
Madagascar 16,968 244 16,301
Zambia 16,243 348 15,481
Senegal 15,571 322 14,437
Finland 15,163 354 9,800
Luxembourg 14,884 147 9,579
Sudan 13,747 837 6,764
Namibia 12,729 133 10,878
Mozambique 12,273 89 9,282
Guinea 11,819+ 71 10,505+
Uganda 11,621 103 7,400
Maldives 11,567 37 10,652
Lithuania 11,362 141 4,329
DRC 11,191 305 10,509
Tajikistan 10,860 81 10,009
French Guiana 10,397 70 9,995
Angola 9,871 271 3,647
Haiti 9,040 232 7,411
Gabon 8,937 54 8,548
Sri Lanka 8,870 19 4,043
Jamaica 8,787 196 4,347
Cabo Verde 8,472 94 7,599
Zimbabwe 8,315 242 7,804
Mauritania 7,680+ 163 7,392+
Guadeloupe 7,474 115 2,199
Cuba 6,678 128 6,051
Bahamas 6,502 136 4,088
French Polynesia 6,431 26 4,090
Botswana 6,283 21 4,438
Malawi 5,897 183 5,299
Eswatini 5,875 116 5,524
Malta 5,685 55 3,715
Trinidad and Tobago 5,568 106 4,186
Djibouti 5,544 61 5,421
Syria 5,528 275 1,821
Nicaragua 5,514+ 156+ 4,225
Réunion 5,361 20 4,630
Hong Kong 5,309 105 5,053
Congo 5,253 92 3,887
Suriname 5,187+ 111+ 5,039+
Rwanda 5,084 35 4,851
Equatorial Guinea 5,083 83 4,964
Latvia 4,893 63 1,382
CAR 4,863 62 1,924
Iceland 4,574 11 3,515
Estonia 4,465 73 3,561
Aruba 4,437 36 4,253
Andorra 4,410 72 3,029
Mayotte 4,321 44 2,964
Guyana 4,061+ 119 3,030+
Somalia 3,941 104 3,185
Cyprus 3,817 25 1,882
Thailand 3,759+ 59 3,561+
Gambia 3,666+ 119 2,666+
Martinique 3,552+ 30+ 98
Mali 3,515 136 2,665
Belize 3,232+ 51 2,045+
Uruguay 2,916+ 54 2,455+
South Sudan 2,890 56 1,290
Benin 2,557 41 2,330
Burkina Faso 2,466 67 2,181
Guinea-Bissau 2,403 41 1,818
Sierra Leone 2,350 74 1,790
Togo 2,229+ 54+ 1,612+
Yemen 2,060 599 1,364+
Lesotho 1,947 43 975
New Zealand 1,943+ 25 1,852+
Chad 1,460 96 1,290
Liberia 1,419 82 1,278
Niger 1,218+ 69 1,132+
Vietnam 1,172 35 1,062
Sao Tome and Principe 941 15 902
Curaçao 884 1 606
San Marino 852 42 716
Channel Islands 822 48 671
Sint Maarten 792+ 22 714+
Turks and Caicos 703+ 6 689
Gibraltar 679 0 547
Papua New Guinea 588 7 546
Saint Martin 566+ 9+ 488+
Burundi 558 1 511
Taiwan 550 7 508+
Comoros 517 7 494
Tanzania 509 21 183
Faeroe Islands 494 0 478
Eritrea 461 0 405
Mauritius 439 10 389
Liechtenstein 428 1 210
Isle of Man 352 24 321
Bhutan 345+ 0 314+
Mongolia 340 0 312
Monaco 320 2 256
Cambodia 290+ 0 283
Cayman Islands 239 1 218+
Barbados 233 7 217
Bermuda 194+ 9 175
Seychelles 153 0 149
Caribbean Netherlands 150 3 126
Brunei 148 3 143
Antigua and Barbuda 124 3 108
St. Barth 83 0 67+
St. Vincent Grenadines 74 0 69
Saint Lucia 65+ 0 27
Dominica 38 0 29
Fiji 33 2 30
Timor-Leste 30 0 29
Grenada 28 0 24
Vatican City 27 0 15
Laos 24 0 22
Greenland 17 0 16
Saint Pierre Miquelon 16 0 12
Western Sahara 10 1 8
Solomon Islands 8 0 4
Total: 44,285,074 1,172,136 32,467,181

Countries with No Active Cases

Country Cases Deaths Rcvrd
Anguilla 3 0 3
Falkland Islands 13 0 13
Macao 46 0 46
New Caledonia 27 0 27
Saint Kitts and Nevis 19 0 19
Wallis and Futuna 1 0 1
Total: 109 0 109

Countries with All Cases Resolved

Country Cases Deaths Rcvrd
Brunei 146 3 143
Montserrat 13 1 12
Total: 159 4 155

International Conveyances

Intl Cnvy Cases Deaths Rcvrd
Diamond Princess 712 13 651
MS Zaandam 9 2 0
Total: 721 15 651
Source Notations Full Version
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2020.10.28 08:27 Elmis66 update date

Sorry for the dumb question but when googling for update release date I'm finding either 28th (which is today) or 29th (tomorrow). I guess it's just a time-zone thing? One is US and the other Japan?
Does anyone know when it drops Europe-time?
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2020.10.28 06:55 arthouse2k2k Japanese men refusing to date women older than 29?

So I was speaking with some aquaintences of mine and a person I had never met at a tachinomi. He was clearly interested in me and flirty, and then he asked how old I was. I told him 30 and he goes, "Damn! I thought you were really pretty, but I only date women in their 20s!"
I had no interest in dating this man anyway, but I was shocked that he would say something like that so openy-- especially since it had just been established that I was the only person under 35 in the group.
I mentioned how ridiculous this was, but was shocked to learn that basically everyone there agreed! They said that some men are willing to date older than 29, but most are not, regardless of their own age.

I have heard men are more attracted to women in their 20s, because women in their 20s are generally more attractive. What I have not run into are men who are refusing to date women they are already attracted to just because of their age. It seems shockingly sexist even for Japan!

Has anyone else run into this?
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2020.10.28 04:19 just-a-biscuit [O LEVELS] history elect timeline

hiihi elect hist pp in 2 hours soo here’s a quick glance at important date and years to take note of !! [disclaimer: only key dates and years are written down so if some were missed out or any mistakes, feel free to add it in the comments :)] ——————————————————————————— 1919 June: TOV signed
1921: Hitler became leader of Nazi Party
1921: Washington Naval Conference
1924: Death of Lenin and Power struggle within the Communist Party
1929 29 October: Great Depression
1929: Stalin gained control of USSR
1931 September: Japan invaded Manchuria
1933 30 Jan: Hitler became Chancellor of Germany
1933 27 Feb: Reichstag Fire
1933 24 March: Enabling Act Hitler
1933 14 July: One party rule Hitler
1933 14 Oct: Germany withdrew from LON
1934 30 June: Night of long knives
1934 Aug: Hitler made the Fuehrer position
1934: Start of Great Terror purges
1935: Hitler passed Nuremburg Laws
1935 Oct: Italy invaded Abyssinia (Abyssinia crisis)
1936: Hitler remilitarised Rhineland
1937 April: German entered Spanish Civil War
1938 March: Auschluss between Germany and Austria
1938 Sep 29: Munich Agreement
1938 Oct: Germany gained control of Sudentenland
1938 Nov: Night of broken glass in Germany
1939 March: Germany took over rest of Czechoslovakia
1939 3 September: WW2 began in Europe
1940: Tripartite Pact Signed between Axis Powers
1941 March: US Congress passed Lend-Lease Act
1941 June: Hitler invaded the Soviet Union, opening up a second front
1941 7 December: Japan bombed Pearl Harbor
1944 June: Operation Overlord (D-Day landings)
1945 6 Aug: First atomic bomb, “little boy”, dropped on Hiroshima
1945 9 Aug: Second atomic bomb “fat man” dropped on Nagasaki
1945 Feb: Yalta Conference
1945 July – Aug: Postsdam Conference
1947 March: Truman Doctrine USA
1947 June: Marshall plan announced USA
1947 Sep: Cominform set up (USSR)
1948 June: Berlin blockade
1949 Jan: Comecon set up (USSR)
1949 Aug: USSR successfully exploded its first atomic bomb
1950 25 June: North Korea invade South Korea in 3 days
1950 July: North Korea push South to Pusan (known as Busan today)
1950 June - Aug: UN & USA forces retaliate
1950 15 Sep: South Korea push North Korean forces back to 38 parallel
1950 17 Sep: Mcarthur given permission to advance up North Korea
1950 Oct: China entered korean war
1951 Jan: China help NK push South Korean troops back to 38th parallel
1951 June - July: Armistice talks
1953 July: Armistice signed
1954 Sep: SEATO was set up
1955 May: Warsaw pact set up
1961 April: Bay of Pigs invasion took place
1961 Nov: Kennedy authorised Operation Mongoose
1962 16 Oct: USA discovered Soviet Nuclear missile deployment, Start of the CMC
1962 22 Oct: Kennedy announced Naval Blockade of Cuba
1962 26 Oct: Khrushchev offered to remove missiles in Cuba in exchange for USA’s promise not to invade Cuba
1962 27 Oct: Khrushchev offered to remove offensive missiles in Cuba in exchange for USA’s removal of Jupiter missiles in Turkey, Kennedy agreed to this deal as long as kept secret
1962 22 Nov: Khrushchev decided to remove all other tactical nuclear missiles in Cuba
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2020.10.28 03:34 djonesb83 I don't know what to do anymore...

I'm a 17 (soon to be 18) year old girl. For these last couple of months I've been talking to this guy that I met online. We've been texting through snapchat and after a while we started to call eachother. After almost 5 months of talking to eachother we decided to meet irl. I already started to develop small feelings for him, but right before we started to meet irl I noticed that my feelings dissapeared a little, and he said the same thing, that's why we started meeting irl. The reason why I took so long to meet him was because I was insecure and I thought I was going to screw it up. The first date went amazing and the second and the third. On the third date we kissed, and I felt amazing afterwards. After every date we had, I gained more and more feelings for him, but something happened during the fifth, sixth and seventh date. I noticed that I didn't feel the butterflies and I didn't feel anything anymore when we kissed. It worried me a lot and I said that to him, we both were insecure about our feelings and last week we decided to take a little break from meeting eachother. Yesterday I texted him and said that I didn't have romantic feelings for him and that we moved forward a little too quick, I also daid that I can't imagine a relationship with him. We talked about it and he said that there's no point in continue to date eachother and that we can try being friends. I really wanted that because I care about him a lot. We also decided to not speak to eachother for a little while so that all this can sink in. At first I was a little sad, but the rest of the day was fine, but now I have a lot of anxiety and I don't know why. I had anxiety before because I thought that I didn't like him and it felt better afterwards, but now I feel even worse than I did before. I've cried several times, and I want him to be here, I want to feel his warmth, his touch and his lips and I don't know why. When I think of him now I feel warm and tingly and it's weird because I didn't feel this way when I texted him or even before that. I have so much anxiety when I think of him moving to Japan next year, I don't want to loose him. The thought of him being with someone else bothers me a lot. I'm so confused about my feelings. I haven't been feeling anything for him for a long time, but now all of a sudden I have all these emotions and I don't know what to do.
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2020.10.28 03:24 theyabnasful Experience traveling from abroad with a local connecting flight during this pandemic?

Hello everyone! I just wanted to know if anyone can share their experience traveling from abroad(Japan) to the philippines (Bacolod) through the pandemic, how does the swab testing work since we wont be exiting in Manila. Also, depending on dates my son will be less than 6 months old , does he have to be swab too?
PS: I know its best not to travel right now especially with a newborn but were having family issues and want to be prepared in case we do have to go back . Thank you!
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2020.10.28 03:17 flyingostrich2002 Rant?

Hi reddit, I hope you’re all staying safe and well and happy during this time. Sorry I have a long rant coming up. Thanks if you do read the whole thing, if not I totally get it. It’s long to read haha too much work.
I’m 17, 18 this November, and I’m pursuing a really hard career: filmmaking/acting. I’m so serious about this that I graduated high school early, declared my major as video production in college, and currently am auditioning for projects, training and talking with this one agency for fit modeling. But my career hasn’t gone anywhere really yet, and I sometimes feel like I’m disappointing my parents. I really do like pursuing this and I’m grateful to my parents for helping me do this. But that’s just background not really my main point. I honestly started to go for my dreams due to my best friend.
My best friend I’ve known since I was 5, he’s a year older than me. When he was 10 he moved back to Japan unfortunately, but we kept in touch and I even got to study abroad there the summer between my 1st and 2nd year of high school. We had always been into each other, but we didn’t do anything about it till September 2018. We waited years for some reason haha. Unfortunately he passed away February 2019 due to suicide. Ever since then I’ve been in this weird state. I was sad before, but after he died I got even sadder. I really started to hate myself more and my idea on love has changed. I want it, but all the relationships I’ve had just end bad. My first one cheated on me. The second one wouldn’t stop hanging out with this girl one-on-one (I asked if he could just hang with her in a group) who had made a move on him (but he was loyal he didn’t cheat on me... but a year later he began to date her oof) and my third one was my best friend. He genuinely was my soul mate. That’s cheesy and I’m young so I get it I might be dramatic but I’ve never connected so much physically, mentally, and spiritually with someone. I really felt whole with him. I’ve been told that I should move on since it’s been well over a year but I just can’t. I know I won’t. He was a huge part of my life. I had so many firsts with him, and he showed me the world. He’s still my first and last thought of the day. Anything I do I have him in my kind. It’s stupid but true. I guess I’m just saying how do I deal with this? I just really feel unworthy of anything, and I feel like my life is going nowhere. I feel so unhappy and hate myself. I miss him so much and I have this little journal where I write to him sometimes to try and cope but I still just feel so, um I don’t know the word not dead but dead? I just feel so non-existent. Empty, hollow? I don’t know the word but I don’t know what to do. I’m just really bad at explaining feelings since I don’t normally so sorry if you did manage to get here. Thanks. I feel like I have so much more to say but this is fine for now.
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2020.10.28 03:13 youngbull316 I think in a solely cultural sense, either 1994-1999 (or just 1995-1998, give or take 1994 and 1999) and 1995-2000 could both make sense as the best Zillennial definitions by far

In a solely cultural sense, with this Zillennial label (which I really think is a also a cultural cusp or micro-generation, whatever) only makes sense as either 1995-1998 with 1994 and 1999 being the farthest the cusp traits can go, and also 1995-2000 (1994 at the absolute earliest, but they BARELY count, so I didn't really see much of a point to include them here), being the last branch of the Millennial generation with Z traits but also a member of Z for those who lean a bit towards Z in the 1998-2000 cohort. Either pure Gen Z starts in 1999/2000 or 2001 at the latest in a totally cultural, sociological sense since it would not make that much sense to extend Millennials into the 21st century by this logic.So, I will have reasons for both definitions:
Reasons for the 1994 or 1995-1998 or 1999 Zillennial definition
*That's basically it but if I had to pick who was more Zillennial by all of these events, then I would say 1994, as in late 1993-mid 1994 Class of 2012, so the cusp could be converted to 1994-1998 or late 1993-mid 1998 Classes of 2012-2016, who entered high school in the last pure Millennial era of the electropop era, with 1996 being the ultimate Zillennial, and 1999 would be pure Z. Of course, 1995-1999 seems better and more realistic, as late 1994-mid 1999 Classes of 2013-2017, graduating post-Sandy Hook, Hurricane Sandy (in my area, it was bad), Obama second inauguration, etc. but before Parkland, etc., with 1997 being the ultimate Zillennial year. Either way, 1994-1999 is the farthest it would go, with 1995-1998 being the TRUE Zillennial years that can never culturally be anything but, 1994 could pure Y and 1999 could be pure Z, but 1995-1998 could not be pure either, other than pure Zillennials.
Reasons for the 1995-2000 Zillennial definition
These are basically the main reasons and extra reasons why 1995-2000 could be the preferable Zillennial definition, whether they are a cusp of Late Millennials and Early Z, a micro-generation of both or neither, or just Late Millennials with a "touch" of Z, they would make the most sense. 1994 seems to not truly fit this Zillennial label even though many 1994ers don't feel fully Y but 2001 definitely is too young to be Zillennials in a cultural sense by either definition of 1995-2000 or 1994-1999 (1995-1998).
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2020.10.28 02:35 twofacedflyer Ranking The TDWT Characters Day 16

Ranking The TDWT Characters Day 16





3rd Cody:

Yeah apologies for being predictable guys, it's no surprise pretty much everyone called Cody coming next. But hey just because something in particular, doesn't mean it's wrong, and it's not like I hate Cody, quite the opposite in fact. Cody is the final of the Non Action characters who got more development, and while his development wasn’t the most drastic jump from what came before(That prize goes to Noah), it takes the cake for most surprising and most substantial.
Cody is introduced into this season as a fan favorite(because even back then people were shipping him with everyone), and things go pretty well for him, for all of 10 seconds as he is immediately introduced to his main focus of the season, Sierra. He’s placed on Team Amazon where he tries once again to woo Gwen, only to fail once again, to make things worse Sierra ends up on his team. She then spends pretty much the entire season stalking and abusing poor Cody, always being around him, stealing his things, harassing him in pretty much every way possible, and no one on his team even bothers trying to help(Which is a bad look for all of them, especially Gwen). Things don’t really go well for him in any aspect for a good half of the season, he is violated by Sierra, belittled by his teammates, gets hurt on a near constant basis, and can’t seem to garner respect from anyone except his psycho stalker. But things do turn around for him as the season goes on, he actually wins a few challenges for his team, knocks Duncan on his ass(WITH ONE PUNCH), and even begins to outlast the competition(Though largely due to various conflicts at play). He becomes sort of an underdog, as he fights against much more established competitors, he makes it all the way to the final three and even manages to come to terms with Sierra in the process. He ends up in a tiebreaker against Alejandro, which he came pretty close to winning before getting distracted and claiming a respectable 3rd place spot.
Cody is an interesting character in the grand plot of the season, he is almost entirely disconnected from the season’s main plots, outside of him punching Duncan during the love triangle fiasco, and of course his involvement in the finale. What plot he does have is, as I already mentioned before is wrapped up entirely with Sierra. This whole plot line just serves to show what I think is the thing that makes me like Cody so much, that fact that there are few characters in the series(for me at least) that generate as much Pathos as Cody. The poor guy can just never catch a break, he spends a good chunk of the season in pain be it physical(he’s frozen solid, gets a mild concussion due to a dingo, is drugged by Sierra to the point of hallucination, and almost eaten by shark) or emotional(being treated like dirt by his own team, Sierra’s harassment, Gwen rejecting him again), and is tormented by a crazy girl with serious boundary issues. On top of that the girl he likes picks a cheating asshole over him, and his chance at making the finals is stolen from him(he did lose to a distraction after all). It really does feel like the universe is just constantly shitting on him with no reprieve. But that helps feed into his underdog status. Fun fact, when I first watched this season he was far and away the character I wanted to win the most, not only because I find him relatable(fellow awkward nerd here) but because I really just felt bad for him and wanted him to get a win. You really find yourself rooting for the guy, especially as he starts to make it to the end, and it's out of this genuine sense of pathos, which makes it all the more satisfying when he actually does gain a victory here and there. Hell if it wasn’t of the HeatheAlejandro rivalry, I fully believe he could have beat Cameron to having the scrawny underdog makes it to the finale story, given the way the story frames it I almost believed that was going to happen.(But in retrospect I’m happy it didn’t)
But my love of Cody isn’t entirely based around pity. He still retains his dorky charm that made him likable back in Island, good examples of this are his interactions with Gwen(when they don’t get creepy that is), his pure child-like exuberance at getting candy, or even him caring for his Donkey during the China episode. He also has his fair share of awesome moments during the season, he wins the final challenge in Greece(all on his own might I add), ends up making a great commercial with Sierra in Japan(as the rest of his team wasted time arguing) and manages to build a giant version of Gwen’s head out of wood, which also doubles as a boat. And of course there is Planes, Trains and Hot Air Mobiles, where thanks to Sierra he gets a newfound sense of confidence, leading to him fighting Alejandro with a swordfish(Which is just badass) and very nearly winning the tiebreaker against him. One criticism I see lobbed against him is that he only made it far because of Sierra, while there is a degree of truth to that, moments like those show that when push comes to shove he can step up to the plate and I do believe he could have gotten far without her.
Another big plus Cody has going for him is his various interactions with the other characters. Firstly there is his main focus of the season Sierra, I already went on about their relationship, it is pretty entertaining(even if Sierra crosses the line majorly at points) it is a sort of karma for how he was with Gwen(But let me be clear here nothing he did with Gwen is anywhere near as bad as the stuff Sierra does to him) and there is a lot of comedy mined out of Cody’s continued suffering at her hands. But the best part about it is the resolution, as Sierra doesn’t end up getting to date Cody instead he(just like in TDI) makes the mature decision and simply talks to her realizing her good qualities(although he really shouldn’t have apologized as he didn’t need too) gets her to settle for just being friends(All-Stars notwithstanding but that’s for another time), and this leads to them being shown to be quite the effective team. Besides that there are other minor interactions, his continued pursuit of Gwen is nice even if it doesn’t get a happy ending due to Duncan, he gets into conflict with Alejandro near the end with is entertaining(now that I think about it it really reminds me of Lightning VS Cameron in a lot of ways) and Cody is even able to hold his own against him(at certain points), but the one that I enjoy the most, is his unexpected friendship with Heather. Now I’m gonna be brief on this for now(as I’m saving that discussion for Heather’s entry), but I really do love the kinda sorta bond they form, I am a big fan of odd pairings like that(same reason I liked Heather and Harold in Action) and it does lead to them both helping each other at points. Cody even ends up being the only person to genuinely support her in the finale, which is kind of sweet in a way, he even ends up being the catalyst for her victory, which is the cherry on top of there odd little friendship(At least I like to believe they consider each other friends in some sense).
Cody is a fun character this season, he takes what worked about him and Island and continues it while also getting to show off new depths. He’s funny, relatable(to me at least), is surprisingly skilled in areas, and is someone who’s easy to root for. His only negatives are that he can be really creepy sometimes(Not wearing underwear for starters), and his underdog story gets undercut right at the end(But it makes way for a better story so I’ll allow it). As a whole not too shabby for the Codemister.

\"From Simper to Simpee: The Cody Anderson Story\"
End Note: Yeah obvious final two is obvious I know, but be honest most of you probably have the same top two as I do (or maybe not Idk). But as obvious as the result may seem, I've have changed my opinion in the past so who knows?
Well make sure to tune in for the endgame starting tomorrow as we enter...
Final Two: Clash of the Villains!


18th: Ezekiel
17th: Blaineley
16th: Duncan
15th: Izzy
14th: Leshawna
13th: Bridgette
12th: Harold
11th: DJ
9th: Tyler
8th: Sierra
7th: Gwen
6th: Owen
5th: Courtney
4th: Noah
3rd: Cody
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g8v0536 in history on 15 Oct 20 (1pts):
The USA.
g8uxu97 in history on 15 Oct 20 (1pts):
The further we get from the greatest generation, the dumber we get. I think its the food processing, too much salt.
g8urs8u in history on 15 Oct 20 (1pts):
It's still practiced. It never stopped. Russia still had the nukes.
g8uqoh0 in history on 15 Oct 20 (1pts):
My understanding is, for most people, life was essentially the same for 1000's of years. Filled with day labor and night drinking. Hay rides and barns. Along with disease and warfare. Kings and...
g8uf9g5 in history on 14 Oct 20 (1pts):
Japan did not have a merchant fleet to blockade for. The were sunk. Subs were patrolling everywhere. Aircraft and the Allies navy.
I have no idea how the Japanese solders got back to Japan without...
g8udr2w in history on 14 Oct 20 (1pts):
Those northern tribes were probably influenced by the Vikings around 1000 AD. in their structures and forts. DNA needs to be tested for Viking signs.
g8sznqc in Conservative on 14 Oct 20 (1pts):
She is just full of hate for Trump. She has waged war on anything Trumpian. She is destroying herself with all that hate in her old age. Needs to be evaluated by the House members and removed from...
g8qyc5a in politics on 14 Oct 20 (1pts):
We don't support Obama anymore. He had 8 years and failed.
g8qvouh in politics on 13 Oct 20 (1pts):
Those Indians are running dope thru their lands that cross the border. They do anything and everything to stick it to white man.
They were allowed their reservation and abuse it in retribution...
g8qu436 in politics on 13 Oct 20 (1pts):
Except for the aliens, who are among us. Maybe white people are aliens.
g8jr7ds in Conservative on 12 Oct 20 (1pts):
The guy looks like John Wilkes Booth. Acts like him too.
g8j853q in Conservative on 11 Oct 20 (1pts):
The left overs with nothing to do on Saturday night. No date and not likely to get one anytime soon, leads to planned violence against the system.
These are glory hole workers.
g8it8j8 in Conservative on 11 Oct 20 (1pts):
That's not a female, that's an assailant who is robbing you.
Deck her.
g8i4vpz in cancer on 11 Oct 20 (1pts):
I feel for you. And hope you find a way.
I suggest alternative cancer treatments. Get a book off amazon called how to starve cancer and get on it fast. It does work and there is one error in the...
g8ela4k in politics on 11 Oct 20 (9pts):
Let's take a vote, right now. Up for Biden
Down for Trump
g88rkzi in politics on 09 Oct 20 (1pts):
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and the republic, for which it stands.......
It is not a democracy, it has never been a democracy, and it will never be a democracy.
g7mn66g in politics on 04 Oct 20 (1pts):
Wake up and smell the coffee.
g7jci40 in news on 03 Oct 20 (1pts):
We got a lot of learning to do. Those thermodynamic laws won't stand the test of time, forever. And, when they don't, they'll not tell you about it. If you don't use heat to do work, then the...
g7gs6ga in DetroitRedWings on 03 Oct 20 (1pts):
Whatever, we should wait to see if there is a season. If there is no season we don't need any FA's. That is the question, and if there is no gate, then that will explain all these big name FA's...
g7grlpp in DetroitRedWings on 03 Oct 20 (1pts):
I wouldn't let this stuff get to you. If they're stealing your signs, it probably is not the place to put signs. You're just advertising yourself and not converting anybody. Put a sign somewhere...
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2020.10.28 01:28 FormalSmoke Air Jordan 1 High OG CO.JP Midnight Navy 2020

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Air Jordan 1 High OG CO.JP Midnight Navy 2020
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Release Date: November 14, 2020Retail Price: $170 Style Code: DC1788-100
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The Air Jordan 1 High OG CO.JP “Midnight Navy” was initially a Japan-exclusive back in 2001, but it’s returning for its first-ever retro this fall. The 2020 retro featured above, essentially mimics the OG classic as details include white leather uppers with Midnight Navy overlays, Metallic Silver Swooshes and Wings branding. Finally, Midnight Navy for the inner liner, “Co.JP”-branded insoles, alongside a special 2001-2020 tag behind the tongue round out the style.

Latest News

Update (10/27/2020): Retailing for $170, look for this Air Jordan 1 High at select Jordan Brand stockists overseas on October 31, while the stateside release is slated for November 14.
Update (9/23/2020): The Air Jordan 1 High OG Japan Midnight Navy 2020 is officially unveiled as part of Jordan Brand’s Holiday 2020 Retro Footwear Collection. First released in 2001, accompanying the Metallic Silver Air Jordan I HI OG CO.JP, the Midnight Navy colorway returns for a global release. One of the first HI OGs to use Navy coloring, this model was popular with skateboarders and worn by Nike SB athletes when Nike SB first formed in the early 2000s. The shoe features a metallic silver Swoosh and a jewel-finished Wings logo, and releases in full family sizing.
Update (9/22/2020): The Air Jordan 1 High OG Japan Midnight Navy 2020 is now expected to release on October 31st.
Update (7/27/20): Clear look of the Air Jordan 1 High OG Japan Midnight Navy 2020 provided by hanzuying.
Update (6/9/20): A first look at the shoe has surfaced via wavegod_thelegend.


**atmos_tokyo (10/27/2020)

**@jaythesneakerguy (10/20/2020)
Nike (10/15/20)
Nike (9/23/20)
**Nike (9/23/2020)
sneakertigger (8/20/20)
DJ Folk (8/10/20)

hanzuying (7/27/20)
wavegod_thelegend (7/15/20)
**SBD (7/6/2020)
**earlygvng (6/28/2020)
leaked.sneaks (6/25/20)
wavegod_thelegend (6/9/20)
Images of the 2001 Pair
The post Air Jordan 1 High OG CO.JP Midnight Navy 2020 appeared first on
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2020.10.28 01:22 TimmyHate 0 New Community Cases - 2 New Imported Cases

Quick Highlights
New Cases
Yesterday; 3,335
Total; 1,075,827
Current active cases
Total Confirmed cases (as reported to WHO)
Press ReleaseDetails;

Auckland testing
Testing in Auckland is available today at seven community testing centres (CTCs) in addition to the usual testing in general practice and urgent care clinics.
Testing is available at Northcote Community Testing Centre, Northcare Accident and Medical, Whānau House in Henderson, Western Springs Community Testing Centre, Health New Lynn Community Testing Centre, Whānau Ora Community Clinic in Wiri, and the Otara Community Testing Centre.
Today is the last day testing will be available at Northcare Accident and Medical, this was set up as a surge CTC in response to the latest outbreak.
For information on where to get tested in Auckland, contact Healthline (0800 358 5453) or visit
Ken Rei
The cargo ship Ken Rei remains docked at the Port of Napier.
The crew are reported to be well and in ‘good spirits.’ They have all previously returned negative COVID-19 test results.
All crew members were tested again yesterday afternoon, these tests are being processed today.
No crew members have applied for shore leave in New Zealand. The ship will depart Napier on Thursday and head for Tauranga.
International mariners in managed isolation in Christchurch
There are no new cases to report today from the international mariners who are staying in managed isolation in Christchurch.
To date, twenty-nine international mariners have tested positive for COVID-19. Day 12 testing for all the other mariners who did not test positive during prior tests is underway.
A decision on how long the international mariners will remain in the facility will be confirmed after these test results are received and reviewed.
Genome sequencing has been completed from 11 high quality samples taken from the positive cases. The results are consistent with infections originating overseas.
As we have previously reported, a New Zealand child had returned a weak positive COVID-19 test after their arrival in Japan last Friday 23 October.
We suspect this is a historical case or a false positive result.
We continue to work with our Japanese counterparts and will provide further details when they are available.
NZ COVID Tracer App
A total of 757,592 scans were recorded yesterday, which shows the increase in scans we saw over Labour weekend has continued.
It is encouraging that New Zealanders are responding to the call to get back into the habit of scanning codes with the app, but we still have a way to go to get back to the level of usage seen in early September.
Thank you to everyone scanning everywhere they go – keep up the good work and don’t be shy to encourage others to scan, too.

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2020.10.28 00:12 283leis Need helping figuring out my world population

Hopefully this is the right place for this, and if not please tell me where I should post this instead.
So I'm working on a personal dnd world/setting where all of the bodies of water, and all of the water in the atmosphere, disappeared. Unsurprisingly this has resulted in the vast majority of the population has died out, and the few survivors have mostly moved underground as the world has turned into a giant desert and the surface is now inhospitable. A small group of powerful druids now provide the water rations for the survivors, assuming their town/tribe/kingdom can afford it, hence why there are still people alive. This also led to the vast majority of people living in large cities, often their kingdom's capital, as they would have the money to afford the water rations for everyone.
About 1% of the population have undergone "transference" which is the act of moving their mind and soul into an artificial body which no longer requires food or water, as well as no longer aging, at the cost of being unable to procreate. The Transferred also have their minds and soul become essentially immortal so long as the artificial "brain" is not destroyed, but the act of transference also results in them never being able to reincarnate again (which is a thing for the Yuan-Ti (snake people), or the devout followers of the God of Change). Unsurprisingly transference is extremely expensive, and the materials required to create the bodies is both rare and expensive.
However I have absolutely no idea what a reasonable population would be. I don't know if major cities would have 10,000 people or 100,100, or if the smallest villages would have 100 or 1,000. I imagine the population of the world before the water disappeared would be around our world's population around the year 1000 AD, and then maybe 80-90% of the population dying in the 500 or so years between the water disappearing and the current date.
So what would be a reasonable population number for the world? There are 5 major nations in my world, the Survivors' Conclave, Serpes S'alandas, the Underdark Alliance, Montari Si Rajat, and the Khandantat Gurvel.
The Survivors' Conclave is essentially an alliance formed out of the major kingdoms from the pre-desert era (PDE), but lost the vast majority of their people due to living on the surface. They are now living underground in the previously unpopulated parts of the Underdark. Population in the PDE era would have been around the total population of Europe in 1,000 AD. In the Desert Era (DE) they are the second most populous nation, but due to surprisingly high birth rates they will likely become the most populous within a hundred years.
Serpes S'Alandas is a monarchy ruled by Yuan-Ti located in the deepest dried out ocean trench and dug into its walls, with the capital being at the very bottom. Population in the PDE would have been the population of just Egypt in the year 1000 AD, but by the current year DE they would have their population boosted a little bit as they would have taken in people from the surrounding area that didn't or couldnt move underground, which would essentially be the population of the rest of Africa and the Middle East in the year 1,000 AD reduced by 90%. They are the third most populous nation.
The Underdark Republic is the result of the various kingdoms from the underdark coming together to work together in the DE. Because they were already underground their population wasn't as badly affected so their population total was likely only halved. Their PDE population would have been about equal to Japan's in the year 1000 AD. They would be the most populated nation, but not by much.
Montari Si Rajat is a theocracy ruled by the god of the sky, and exist solely on top of the tallest mountain in the world. It's population is likely only 1,000 in the DE so I'm not worried at all about this one.
The Khandantat Gurvel is a group of nomadic tribes that wander the surface areas mostly hunting down criminals that tried escaping punishment underground. Each tribe is mostly independent, but still come together at their various towns above ground each month to pay for their water rations. Weren't really a thing in the PDE, but for the sake of trying to figure out a modern population I imagine it would have been about the population of the plains of Mongolia, Eastern Russia, and western China reduced by 95%.
Finally there's a minor nation that isn't really a nation, but the remnants of multiple wood elven tribes that came together to live in a dead forested area putting aside past feuds and rivalries. They are the only nation to have their own druids to provide water and fertile land for them. Outsiders call them the Tri'ah Wendyla, which is elven for "Wood Elven Tribes". However after the Circle tried killing off their druids, they went into self isolation and made a policy of killing off any who intrude onto their land. Their population in the PDE would have been close to the combined populations of the native tribes from the Americas in the year 1,000 AD, but reduced by 95%.
Sorry for the long post, and thank you in advance!
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2020.10.27 20:34 Acravenraven Possible find

I found a disc a few years ago at my local bookstore but only recently picked it up and looked into it a little more. The disc itself is an installation and set up disc for a dating sim called Twins Story: Kimi ni Tsutaetakute. It took me a while to find information about the game but what little I could find is also contradictory to the disc I have. The publishing companies for the game are Fujitsu lmt. Which is on the disc and panther softwares, which doesn't appear to be the other logo on the disc. Additionally, the information about the game says it was a playstation exclusive among multiple consoles starting in 1999 and only in Japan, but the disc I have is labeled for 1998 and primarily written in korean. If there's a chance anyone has a good idea where to point me with more information or advice on what to do going forward I would greatly appreciate it.
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2020.10.27 19:08 Zerotheone68 Well I form Japan in the 1440 starting date

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2020.10.27 16:48 quishei To that special someone of mine whom I met last semester:

Hi, I hope that you still remember me. I know we only had a semester of of knowing each other but you had really impacted my life more than I expected it would be. We could'ved spent more time together but because of the virus, you had to go back to Japan. After that, we had no more communication. I sucks. It really does. But I was thankful that I met you. Despite the short amount of time I can say you had been someone special to me. I wish that we would see each other again after the pandemic. I hope that you stay safe there in Japan and I hope that you are doing well.
Btw, I really wanted to tell this since last semester. I really liked you because of your personality and I also find you cut specially when you smile and chuckle at small jokes. I really fell inlove with your charms and your everything. I didnt have the chance to tell you these things because I was too afraid that I might lose our friendship because it might be too awkward... and I regretted that decision not to tell you. Now I am living my life in regret and not I dont know when could I confess my feelings to you. This is especially true because I dont know if I would ever see you again. Lately you had been inactive in SNS...
Anyways, I just want you to know that I like you and I hope that our friendship would develop into something more. But, I know.. dating might not be a thing that you are interested as of the moment and I know you had found more friends that are way better than me (Sadly)... but I would still be happy for you.. if it isnt me that will be your forever, I would accept it and just move-on. :)
I think I had already said enough.. I really miss you and I hope that we see each other again!

------야, 나 당신을 너무 너무 보고 싶다. 정말로. 사랑해 :) 僕は貴方を本当に大好きです。 <3
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2020.10.27 16:17 bdawk11 November CONCACAF Friendlies

Date Team v Team (Location)
November 12 USA vs Wales (Wales)
November 13 Panama vs Japan (Austria) Costa Rica vs Qatar (Austria)
November 14 Jamaica vs Saudia Arabia (Saudi Arabia) Mexico vs South Korea (Austria)
November 15 Guatemala vs Honduras (Guatemala)
November 16 USA vs Panama (London)
November 17 Mexico vs Japan (Austria) Jamaica vs Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia)
The top 5 teams all have at least 1 game scheduled at the moment.
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2020.10.27 14:28 FormalSmoke Air Jordan 1 High OG CO.JP Midnight Navy 2020 Dropping Overseas First This Week

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Air Jordan 1 High OG CO.JP Midnight Navy 2020 Dropping Overseas First This Week

The Air Jordan 1 High OG CO.JP “Midnight Navy” was initially a Japan-exclusive back in 2001, but it’s returning for its first-ever retro this fall. The 2020 retro featured above, essentially mimics the OG classic as details include white leather uppers with Midnight Navy overlays, Metallic Silver Swooshes and Wings branding. Finally, Midnight Navy for the inner liner, “Co.JP”-branded insoles, alongside a special 2001-2020 tag behind the tongue round out the style.
Retailing for $170, look for this Air Jordan 1 High at select Jordan Brand stockists overseas on October 31, while the stateside release is slated for November 14. Click and bookmark our official Air Jordan 1 High OG Japan “Midnight Navy” 2020 hub page now for everything you need to know about the sneaker and where to buy it online. Always keep it locked to KicksOnFire for the latest in sneaker news,release dates and where to purchase your favorite kicks.
Images: atmos_tokyo
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2020.10.27 14:21 robotnewyork Every Kurosawa Film Reviewed - #12 The Idiot (1951)

Previous Kurosawa reviews:
1) Sanshiro Sugata
2) Sanshiro Sugata 2
3) The Most Beautiful
4) The Men Who Tread on the Tiger's Tail: The Warrior
5) No Regrets For Our Youth
6) One Wonderful Sunday
7) Drunken Angel
8) The Quiet Duel
9) Stray Dog
10) Scandal
11) Rashomon
I am following along with The Films of Akira Kurosawa, Third Edition by Donald Richie.
Watch date 10/26/20
I have been trying to keep to my schedule of watching at least one film per week, in hopes to try to finish all 30 films by roughly the end of the year. I have been putting this one off, because of the length and because I really had no interest in watching this at all. Hopefully it is the last of the "bad" Kurosawa films. And oh boy, was this one was a struggle. Richie has a few kind things to say about The Idiot, but overall his review is very critical. But I had to watch for completeness' sake. It wouldn't do to watch 29/30 films.
At 2 hours 46 minutes, this may be the longest Kurosawa film yet, and it was cut from even longer (per the studio against Kurosawa's wishes). The cut film seems lost forever, and the released version seems to have replaced the cut footage with silent film styled text overlays explaining backstory or character traits in between scenes. This is very distracting. Fortunately it is all in the first half (the film is broken into 2 parts), so once you are to the second part you can watch what Kurosawa intended.
I have not read Dostoyevski's novel, so can't comment on how the film detracts from the novel other than echoing what Richie has said. Some critics are not as harsh as Richie, and believe that although the film is flawed, this is mainly because of the cuts imposed by the studio, and we'll never know if it really was a masterpiece.
The Idiot was Kurosawa's favorite novel, and one he said he always thought would make a wonderful film. While watching the film I couldn't help but think it would be better as a novel.
For starters, I'm not sure of the exact mental condition of the lead. I'm assuming this would be more clear if I had read the novel, but from the film itself there seems to be conflicting portrayals of exactly what is "wrong" with Mori/Myshkin. He is said to have seizures or some brain injury, and I'm sure some PTSD from almost being executed, but his symptoms seem sometimes to be a form of autism, at other times it is very unclear what's going on. The film does try to make clear he has a "pure soul" and calls him a "lamb" (Christ reference).
He has beautiful women fighting over him (even before they find out he's rich) but seems incapable of having a conversation with either one, so I have doubts that a long term relationship would work out. It worked story-wise in Forrest Gump, but not here.
The Idiot also continues the unfortunate recent trend in Kurosawa of poorly using Western music in the wrong place, this time with "In the Hall of the Mountain King" and "Night on Bald Mountain". There is also an annoying music box playing throughout. I was very happy when Toshiro Mifune finally shut it off.
Speaking of Mifune, The Idiot also features for the first time a forgettable role of Mifune, and Takashi Shimura too, for that matter. They are both secondary characters, and don't add much.
The middle portion is very boring, and I found my eyelids getting heavy.
One thing I think makes this so dull is the constant reference to conversations that either just took place, or what was said in letters. Film is usually better when it is immediate.
Another thing confusing is the cultural aspect (and is related to Richie's main complaint). This is a 150 year old Russian story translated to Japan, with the main conflict around semi-prearranged marriages and shame surrounding mistresses. As a Westerner watching today, without understanding the culture around controlling women in this way, I can't really understand what's supposed to be happening in many places or why characters do what they do. Richie says the story doesn't work when translating from Russia to Japan. I say it doesn't work translating to America either.
Something I've noticed in Kurosawa's films taking place in this period is how women I presume to be in their 20s act like spoiled teenagers. I have to assume this wasn't something unique to Kurosawa, but reflects how they actually acted in Japan, at least at that time. After being proposed to by the lead (awkwardly at a family supper), Ayako storms out of the room. She is always dramatic and purposely lying to get a reaction out of people. Later, Taeko faints after Mori chooses her over Ayako. It's strange how similar in some ways Japan is to something like Victorian England. This feel very Jane Austen (although one review I read said that Kurosawa made this picture very "Western" so maybe he was emulating what he saw in Western films).
This may be a film that grows on you with repeated viewings, but I don't think I'll be returning to it anytime soon. I'd rather move on to Ikiru (1952), a film with some similar themes but executed much better.
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