Girl Scout trefoils

Created by: Nancy Mock. Shortbread/Trefoils Toffee and Chocolate Bark with Toasted Almonds is the grand prize winner and the Candies category winner of the 2016 National Girl Scout Cookie Recipe Contest Sponsored by Taste of Home®. Congrats on a job deliciously well done! Prep: 15 min. Cook: 10 min. + chilling Designed with trefoils and council logo. This multifunction headbuff can be worn 10 different ways including, scarf, head wrap, mask, and hair tie. Designed with trefoils and council logo. Free shipping on all orders » Shop Your Council ... Girl Scout Uniforms, Badges, Sportswear & More » ... Jan 4, 2020 - Explore Patty Bashford's board 'What To Do With Girl Scout Trefoils' on Pinterest. See more ideas about Girl scout trefoil, Girl scout cookies recipes, Dessert recipes. Shortbread/Trefoils ®. When a girl hands you a box of these cookies—each one in the shape of our iconic trefoil—she's building important people skills.She's meeting new customers, making eye contact, talking about the cookies, and saying thanks. Taking home the grand prize in the competition, 15-year-old Girl Scout Stephanie Salmento crafted this deliciously gooey dessert by layering coconut Samoas and buttery shortbread Trefoils with ... They are not the most flashy of Girl Scout Cookies, but they bring back good memories and they work well in recipes including Shortbread Trefoils Toffee. Winner in the “Candies” category of the 2016 Girl Scout Cookie recipe contest, these are a twist on the ever popular Saltine Cracker Candy, where Trefoils stand in for Saltines. The GIRL SCOUTS® name and mark, and all other associated trademarks and logotypes, including but not limited to GIRL SCOUT COOKIES®, THIN MINTS®, TREFOILS®, GIRL SCOUT S’MORES®, LEMON-UPS®, GIRL SCOUT COOKIE PROGRAM®, and the Trefoil Design, are owned by Girl Scouts of the USA. Many fans of Girl Scout cookies already know they are made by two different bakeries — ABC Bakers in Richmond, and Little Brownie Bakers in Louisville, Kentucky. ... Trefoils versus Shortbread: ... Bartell’s now sells Girl Scout cookies after coronavirus ended their annual sale. Stock photo of Girl Scout cookies. (CatLane / iStock / Getty Images) ... Samoas, Tagalongs, Lemon-Ups, Trefoils ... Order of the Trefoils. Order of the Trefoils, or more fondly known as OOTTs (pronounced oo-ts), is a volunteer-led group of Girl Scouts River Valleys service unit managers. This group meets regularly to connect and support one another, share information about upcoming events and activities, bounce ideas off one another, and more.

Girl Scouts shortbread or Peeps coffee

2020.08.16 20:04 Thirdfreshstart Girl Scouts shortbread or Peeps coffee

I'm not very good at ordering coffee. I can never usually figure out how I like it because I don't get it often enough. However, when Dunkin Donuts had the limited Girl Scouts Trefoil flavor or the Peeps flavor, they were both great. Does anybody know if there's something similar to either of those on the standard menu? I want to find a go-to order so that I don't have to wait until Dunkin decides to sell them just to have coffee I like
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2020.04.21 20:33 dippy_bear Shortbread Cookie That's More Sweet Than Buttery

Hi all,
I'm new to baking and am on a quest to make shortbread cookies that aren't so buttery and flaky. I've tried searching online, but haven't been able to find anything. I want to make something closer to the Trefoil girl scout cookies that have a light sweetness. I also like to put icing on them. Is there any way I can tweak the recipe I've been using or do I need a completely different recipe?
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2020.03.13 07:57 Under_TheBed Thin Mints are not the best Girl Scout Cookie.

Whenever someone thinks about Girl Scout Cookies, they think of Thin Mints. I really don’t know why, because there are so many other cookies that are way better than Thin Mints. Samoas- amazing. They’re unique and super complex. Tagalongs- so good. Your classic peanut butter and chocolate combo. Trefoils- one of my favs. A simple shortbread cookie. But Thin Mints? It’s just mint and chocolate. I believe there’s another post somewhere on this sub talking about how mint and chocolate ice cream is disgusting. It’s true. It’s such a basic flavor that is hyped up way more than it should be, and really does not deserve to be Girl Scout’s number one flavor.
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2020.03.01 05:06 throwawaygirl229 Shortbreads (trefoils) are the superior Girl Scout cookie

I never hear anybody talk about these. I don’t necessarily care for Girl Scout cookies in general but I’ll tear up some shortbread cookies any day. Other store bought cookies that are similar can’t compare.
Bonus unpopular opinion: Thin mints suck
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2020.02.26 01:26 levilarrington My Recently Divorced Cousin Chad Reviews Girl Scout Cookies

Hey all,
It's that time of year again - yeah, Coronavirus season. But of interest, it's also the time when corporate scum send nine year olds out into the streets to shill cookies for money they'll never see. Oh, sure, Mom will make sure you don't do drugs or alcohol, but why not send your children into the hands of sugar dealers to present American values in the form of more American trash.
Yes, it's Girl Scout cookie time.
I'll spare you my political thoughts on this and move on to the actual product. In no way shape or form will these cookies bring any happiness to your life, barring those nostalgia junkies that live off Stranger Things and Motley Crue reunions to remind them that they dashed their youth on the rocky shores of marriage, children, and death.
I guess we'll start with the Lemon Ups - not to be confused with the Lemonades, and please don't confuse Peanut Butter Patties with the Peanut Butter is cruel. The Lemon Ups are lemon cookies with motivational messages. This one says "I'm a Leader", which is a lie because if I were a leader why the hell would I be eating cookies? When is the last time you saw a leader eating - Christ, I keep forgetting our President is our President. Anyway, if you need a pep rally while you eat sweets, these cookies are for you.
Then there's the lemonades. These are basically Lemon Ups with no motivation and extra frosting. Kinda like getting a bunch of heroin with no needles to inject it. Or something. I gave up writing this review long ago when I realized people were teaching children to pluralize Lemonade with a fucking "S".
Let's not forget the Thin Mints. Everyone has to have Thin Mints. It's like a BMW SUV, the newest Nikes, and Thin Mints and you no longer need to think about pain and suffering anymore. Instead you become a diseased kidney tragedy with a middle aged sports car and colorful feet. All you need next is the right to die.
If there's one thing that I really hate about life, and there's a lot of things, it's fucking coconut. Especially flakes of it. It's not bad in Rum or something, but the flakes remind me of asbestos nightmares where you wake up tarred and feathered with asbestos and you choke on blood that comes out of your lungs like barbed wire vomit. Samosas.
My favorite Girl Scout cookie is the Peanut Butter Patties (or Tagalongs). It's peanut butter and chocolate and cookie. It's essentially one fourth of the candy bar population. But, hell, call it a cookie and give it to little kids to sell on the street like crack and people will wait all year for it. If I could get high and eat these all day I would. But I can't because I can't afford them because I don't have a job because I'm bipolar. Tagalongs.
The Peanut Butter Sandwich or Do-si-do is an oatmeal cookie with peanut butter. So, if you want to tell people you're being healthy by eating oatmeal in the morning, this is a good way to mask your shame with the lies that got you fat in the first place. Fucking brilliant cookie.
Then there's the Shortbread or Trefoils. More and more these cookies sound like food in a Tolkein novel. In case you didn't know, Tolkein is that guy who writes action movies with Liv Tyler in them. These cookies are pretty shitty. Almost to the point I'd figure they were healthy but of course they're not. Nothing is. Life is just full of drugs and donuts and you better start accepting one of the two is going to kill you.
Toffee-tastic. Here's a cookie for modern time. It's gluten free and full of candy. It's the Diet Pepsi of Girl Scout cookies: tastes great, no gluten, but will give you cancer in your bowels and make you bleed from the eyes. Toffee-tastic!
Thanks-A-Lot. I'm also noticing every cookie is hyphenated to prepare kids for divorce. These cookies, like the motivational ones, have thank you messages in five random languages. Hey, if you want to do the kids some good, write the Thank Yous in SQL. People these days hate foreigners, but love jobs. That's slavery for you.
Lastly, the Girl Scout Cookie S'mores. I guess Hershey must own the name S'mores or something or why the preamble? These cookies are actually pretty good. But then the next day you wipe your ass and it comes out black and you end up in ER with some resident nurse's finger up your ass because they didn't tell you chocolate cookie sandwich cream can make your stool black. Just another day in the life.
I didn't try the Caramel Chocolate Chip or the Girl Scout S'mores because I wanted a good baseline for my shits for the next week to ensure that I didn't in fact have colon cancer or a bleeding ulcer. So, best of luck with them.
Until next March,
Levi's cousin Chad
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2020.02.21 23:20 leahbrei Girl Scout Cookie form (results!)

Hello everyone! I’m the Girl Scout that posted a few days ago with a survey in hopes to find out which cookies are most popular in which areas/which bakeries. I got 58 responses in total, which is even better than I expected! I plan on keeping the survey open so more people can hopefully find it and take it themselves.
Out of everyone who responded, a little over 3/4 were from areas served by Little Brownie Bakers, with just 1/4 (22.4%) coming from areas served by ABC Bakers. I’m not too surprised though since it seems like LBB covers more areas of the US.
Unsurprisingly, Thin Mints were the most popular for both bakeries, with it being the favorite for 39.2% and 38.2% of people from LBB and ABC bakers, respectively. One thing that interested me was that while Thin Mints were the most popular first favorite, they were also the most popular second favorite for both bakeries.
For both bakeries, the category for third favorite cookie was split surprisingly evenly, with almost all the cookies being the third favorite of between 9%-15% of survey takers on average.
Now the part you’ve likely been waiting for- the ranking for overall favorite! This is based on what percent of survey takers voted for each cookie as their #1.
Little Brownie Bakers Thin Mints- 39.2% Tagalongs and Samoas- 17.6% each GS S’mores- 13.7% Lemon Ups- 5.9% Do Si Dos- 3.9% Trefoils- 2% Toffee Tastics- 0%
ABC Bakers Thin Mints- 38.2% Peanut Butter Patties- 17.6% Caramel DeLites- 11.8% Lemonades- 8.8% GS S’mores, Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Shortbreads, AND Thanks A Lot- all 5.9% each! Caramel Chocolate Chip- 0%
I’m going to try to figure out how to post the actual results on here within the next few days so y’all can see the pie charts for yourself. This way I can show all the results and not just the ones for the overall favorites. Thank you so much to everyone who took this survey and helping me get this information! (P.S. if I post the results in the future, it’s possible that more people will have taken the survey, so the final data might vary slightly from what I wrote here)
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2020.02.10 00:09 aedegiorgio Trefoils are the best Girl Scout Cookie and Samoas are the worst!

In my opinion the ranking for girl scout cookies from best to worst is as follows: Trefoils, Tagalongs, Thin Mints, Lemon, and finally Samoas. I love chocolate and coconut together, but for some reason Samoas are too sweet! Trefoils are sweet but not too sweet, and have that delicious buttery flavor that is spot on! Tagalongs are best when frozen. Thin Mints are also good frozen, but they do not have a lot of flavor to them. It appears that every year The lemon cookie changes; that is why I just called them “lemon.” Year after year the trefoils prove to be the best cookie in my opinion! :)
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2020.01.21 03:46 jw_mentions /r/AskAnAmerican - "Do you buy Girl Scout Cookies? And are they good?"

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Do you ever got visited by cute angels selling these cookies and were they any good? What is your personal favorite?

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Author trelene
Posted On Sun Jan 19 05:20:43 UTC 2020
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Yes, I buy girl scout cookies practically every year. But I haven't had any come door to door in ages, although I did go door-to-door when I was one decades ago. Parents bring the lists into work a lot and as others have said they set up outside grocery stores and some other businesses too. Samoas (mmm caramel and coconut) and Thin Mints (chocolate and mint) are my favorites. The others I can take or leave.
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Author 7000DuckPower
Posted On Sun Jan 19 03:02:31 UTC 2020
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I sold them back in the day, but I wouldn't say I was a cute angel. I went door to door in my neighborhood to take orders and then delivered the cookies a few weeks later from my little red wagon. The money went to my troop for a summer camp.
My favorites were Carmel Delights, a.k.a. Samoas, and Peanut Butter Patties, a.k.a. Tagalongs.
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Author nws2002
Posted On Sun Jan 19 03:52:45 UTC 2020
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They are often setup outside the grocery store or stores like Walmart and Target. I’ve never seen them go door to door. Their parents have order sheets they’ll bring to work sometimes.
I generally buy 2-3 boxes a year. Samoas and Trefoils are my favorite. Sometimes I’ll grab Thin Mints too and being them to work to share. I don’t stock up or anything though. The cookies are not that good, they taste like any other packaged cookies. It’s more of a supporting a decent cause kinda thing.
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Author spongeboy1985
Posted On Sun Jan 19 02:59:18 UTC 2020
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They are overpriced but not bad. You’re essentially helping fund their organization/troop not paying for a cookie, you can probably get the same quality at a super market for a lot cheaper.
Girl Scouts don’t typically go door to door selling as its seen as potentially dangerous so its often discouraged at least nowadays, instead they sell outside businesses as well as take orders from friends and family. They may have their parents take order forms to work and take orders from their coworkers.
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Author MrLongWalk
Posted On Sun Jan 19 03:19:08 UTC 2020
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They don't come door to door as much as they used to.
The cookies are overpriced but pretty damn good. I don't mind supporting the girl scouts. I'm a thin mint guy, followed by a tie between samoas and peanutbutter patties.
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Author penguin_stomper
Posted On Sun Jan 19 14:20:26 UTC 2020
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They don't go door to door now, do they? I remember my little sister did it that way in the 80s. These days they set up a table outside Walmart or a grocery store. I often miss them now since I do my Walmart runs in bulk so I only have to go 2 or 3 times a year.
I'll grab a couple boxes of thin mints. They're good. Not amazing and I'd pass if the price goes up again.
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Author ishie1013
Posted On Mon Jan 20 05:33:16 UTC 2020
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You want the super super American secret, there are different bakeries that have different variants depending on where you live.
But yeah, I stock the freezer. I’m on Jersey so find them at grocery stores but in PA, they came door to door.
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Author dogbert617
Posted On Mon Jan 20 19:09:24 UTC 2020
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I think for so many years, Girl Scout troops have not gone door to door selling those cookies. You are correct that usually I see them set up shop outside popular places(i.e. Target, Walmart, Starbucks), or say inside popular seasonal events. For example when it comes to the latter, I've NEVER not once seen the Girl Scout troop with this church not set up shop inside one of the dining rooms of this church's fish fry, to sell those cookies each year.
To me though it's almost getting to the point where it's getting more pricey to buy a box of one of those cookies, where I may as well instead buy such a cookie knockoff somewhere else. I.e. Aldi, Walmart, etc. I still buy them like once or twice a year, but that's probably enough for me.
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Author mollyologist
Posted On Sun Jan 19 06:08:57 UTC 2020
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Other people have already covered the lack of door to door sales these days. I was particularly impressed by the girl a few years ago who set up a sales point near a legal marijuana dispensary and sold a lot.
I like Thin Mints and the lemon ones. I don't remember what they're called; they didn't have those when I was a Girl Scout. Thin Mints are best from the freezer. They're also the most economical: you get quite a few for your $5.
They're better than other purchased cookies IMO. No store bought cookie holds a candle to homemade, but sometimes you don't want to mess with baking.
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Author Tacoman404
Posted On Sun Jan 19 17:37:04 UTC 2020
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Just picked up boxes of Thin Mints and Tagalongs. I usually get mine outside of grocery stores. Door to door isn't something they do anymore actually.
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2019.09.13 04:33 stoopapoop What did you call the Girl Scout cookie flavors: Tagalong/peanut butter patty; trefoils/shortbread; etc.?

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2019.02.28 07:39 That_One_N3rd Entitled dad tries to steal cookies from me. Gets yelled at by his wife.

This is a story from my time in Girl Scouts, it was in 2015 so I was either a cadet or a senior. I was selling at a wall mart and at this location we had to be set up outside. Cast: Ed: Entitled dad Nm: Nice mom Mom: my mom Me: uhhhh the cookies. (Jk it’s me)
My mom and I had just set up our booth, covered the cookies and I had my umbrella, my mom was in a little tent with all the cookies. I started calling out to people and started to get sales. The customers would go to my mom and I’d continue to ask. About an hour left in our sale a couple cones up and they go to look at the cookies before they went in. This is what happened.
Nm: How much is a box? Me: $5 a box. And they freeze well. Nm: walks to the table and looks over the cookies Ed: So where’s the Girl Scout? Me: sheepishly as I hated people asking this Oh, I’m right here. I’m the Girl Scout. Ed: But aren’t you too old to be one? At this point I’m going back and forth, talking to the Ed and asking people if they’d like to buy cookies Me: well you can be a Girl Scout until you graduate. Ed: oh. Walks to his wife and picks up a box to look at it
Eventually the couple leaves to enter the store the Nm saying they’d be back out to buy cookies. It’s only a few minutes when my mom asks me if I remember what the couple looked like.
Me: Yeah I do, why? Mom: I think the man took a box. Can you go into the store and look for them? Me: Yeah.
We were about to pack up anyway and we’re just waiting for the couple to come back out. I run into the store and ask the greeter if they saw the couple. I end up finding them and out of breath I speak.
Me: Excuse me Nm: Oh, hello! Is everything ok? Me: We believe your husband stole a box of cookies. We either need it back or need payment.
Note, the husband wasn’t saying anything but had their toddler in his arms and was giving her something.
Nm: Oh, I’m pretty sure we didn’t tak- She cut off by a plastic crinkling sound. I look around the toddler and see the Ed holding a roll of trefoils(shortbread cookies) and feeding them to his kid. Nm: Red faced Ed! Why would you take from the girl!? Ed: Toddler was hungry, and you said you’d pay when we came back out. Nm: $10 Now. You will be paying for this.
Ed gives Nm the money and hands it to me.
Me: The cookies are onl-Nm cuts me off and says in a lower voice Nm: keep the extra. I’m really sorry about this.
I walk back out of the store, give the money to my mom and start packing up. Later the Nm walks out WITHOUT Ed. She apologizes again and buys a few more boxes from me. Apparently they were trying to fix their relationship and this was the final straw for her. She told him to find his own way home and left with toddler and the cookies.
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2019.02.28 01:00 BigDildo Trefoils are the best Girl Scout cookie.

Nobody seems to like plain old short bread cookies anymore. When purchasing them, they always tell me they're the worst seller. Caramel delights (or Somoas if you're a heathen) are too fucking gooey. The mint ones and both peanut butter varieties are bland. There's also the fact a suggested serving is only 2 cookies for everything except trefoils.
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2019.02.26 08:44 RICOHARENA "Bring the trefoils for us"

Hi all, long time reader because I love reading these crazy stories while safely tucked away in my safe little corner of the world. This is going to be a long read, but bear with me, because I have good grades and deserve this :p. Please forgive any mistakes as I'm typing on mobile.
To preface, I should mention I have a lot of younger cousins. By a lot, I mean a lot. In my culture we typically think of cousins as siblings and I'm pretty close with all of them and quite a few are in the girl scouts. Being the good older brother I am, as I am the eldest of of everyone on both mom and dad's side of the family, I try to support them as much as I can, and this story in particular pertains to me buying girl scout cookies (alternative reasoning: I am weak as fuck when it comes to these cookies).
Also to note, I am a software developer at a medium sized company, I have a good group of co-workers on my team, and get along relatively well with everyone else at the office, save for a select few, but even then, it's just fake smile and polite obligatory greetings as we pass each other in hallways.
On to the story, which took place yesterday:
For the past 3 years I have been buying just slightly over 90 boxes of various cookies, spending around 500 dollars. I give away 1-2 boxes to my close teammates and I sell the rest around the office half price. As pretty much expected, peoe are always grateful they don't have to spend 5 dollars per box, until now.
There a two she-beasts in the office, both snooty product managers who believe they're better than 'shit-stain' developers as one so elegantly put it, and around 4:30pm (I leave at 5) they come over to my teams side to check out the boxes I have in my desk.
Me: ya boi, RRRRRIIIIIIICCCCOOO Robullied: Robert, my coworker with a gastrointestinal issue (similar to colitis) where his stomach is larger due to inflammation of stomach linings, IIRC Jessicunt: A cunt named Jessica Abbietch: A bitch named Abbie
Jessicunt: "Hey Rico, you got any more of those lemon cookies?"
Me: "not sure let me check"
Jessicunt: "I was the powdery ones, not the dry ones"
Me: pulls out a box of lemonades (dry one) "Sorry seems like we only have this one lemon one left"
Jessicunt: "well those are god aweful, can't you get more"
Me: "sorry this is all I have (I actually felt bad because she didn't get what she wanted), I think [unimportant] is also selling for her daughter"
Abbietch: "well can't you just buy more, also I want trefoils, get that for us too."
Me: "Sorry Abbietch, the only other types have left are Tagalongs, Dosidos, and a box of thin mints"
Abbietch: "But I'm allergic to peanut butter"
Me: .... (I am quitely literally just trying to wrap up my work so I can leave)
Abbietch: "Fine I'll take the lemon ones"
Me: " Okay, thats 2.50"
Abbietch and Jessicunt stood there confused for a fee seconds.
Jessicunt: "Wait what, why do we have to pay, you gave it to [coworker1, 2, and Robullied] for free"
Me: "And? They're on my team, they're my friends, I chose to give it to them"
Jessicunt: "Well Robullied won't mind if I take the trefoils from him then will he. He honestly needs exercise more than cookies. He can take the peanut butter if he wants"
The dude was within earshot and heard everything, but it's incredible. He doesn't let anything like that affect him negatively, hes open about his issue and doesn't get offended easily by strangers.
Abbietch is sniggering away, and I'm not proud of what happened next, as it was completely out of line on my part, but I have no filter and say what I think or have thought but held in when I am pissed.
Me: "That was uncalled for and definitely not something someone like either of you should say"
Abbietch stopped laughing to ask: "Well what's that supposed to mean"
Me:"Robullied has a medical issue but still married the girl of his dreams for 5 years, and have a kid together. What do you two have, 3 combined divorces, no kids, and more fake body parts than real? I'm sure you're the real winner"
Abbietch is just standing there with her mouth open like a goldfish, trying to think of a response, but Jessicunt cuts in with her oh-so-witty response.
Jessicunt: "Well think of it this way, We're the product managers who control you, and you're the low life shit stain developers who we can replace if we feel like it"
Me: "If we're low life why do you choose to talk to us right now?"
Abbietch is walking over to Robullied, but Coworker1 stops her and tells her to leave before he calls HR.
HR. For some reason, after all the shit they pull, the one thing they're terrified of is HR. And for good reason too. They both looked concerned and left without saying anything.
The remaining 10 or so minutes after that interaction were spent shit talking them, but the best bits from Robullied and Coworker1 were gold.
Robullied: " I honestly didnt mind swapping trefoils for lemon, but she still had to pay you haha" Coworker1: after starting blankly like he was in deep thought: "But why she just take the fucking thin mints?"
Reason I waited until today to post is because a coworker on another team is closely connected to an HR member, so he's in the loop. Apparently they were both reported prior to this incident for disrespectful behavior, bullying other employees, and disappearing for unapproved outings midday (Starbucks run). Let's see what happens from here, I'm optimistic
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2019.01.23 23:49 krallfish Girl Scout Cookies, Ranked by Calories

Because it's the time of the year...

ABC Bakers:
  1. Shortbread - 30 cal/ea
  2. Thin Mints - 40cal/ea
  3. Peanut Butter Sandwich - 57cal/ea
  4. Caramel Chocolate Chip - 57cal/ea
  5. Peanut Butter Patties - 65cal/ea
  6. Caramel deLites - 70cal/ea
  7. Lemonades - 75cal/ea
  8. Thanks-a-lot - 75cal/ea
  9. Girl Scout S'mores - 90cal/ea

Little Brownie Bakers:
  1. Savannah Smiles - 30 cal/ea
  2. Trefoils - 32cal/ea
  3. Thin Mints - 40cal/ea
  4. Do-si-dos - 53cal/ea
  5. Tagalongs - 70cal/ea
  6. Toffee-tastic - 70cal/ea
  7. Girl Scouts S'mores - 75cal/ea
  8. Samoas - 75cal/ea

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2019.01.13 01:52 Oxi-glo Girl Scout cookies aren't that good.

Worse, they sound like they'd be good too. Cookie entirely made of peanut butter and chocolate? Nope, tastes like styrofoam with peanut butter texture. Cononuts, caramel, chocolate? Tasted like shredded paper with a hint of chocolate. Savannah Smiles, Trefoils, and those other peanut butter ones taste like solidified laundry lint. Thin mints, the most overhyped, classic girl scout cookies of them all, are disgusting.
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  • 🎭 The Nutcracker (Tulsa Performing Art Center - Tulsa) Thru Sun, Dec 23rd This December, Tulsa Ballet presents "The Nutcracker" at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center. The story revolves…
  • Philbrook Festival (Philbrook Museum of Art - Tulsa) Thru Mon, Dec 31st The Philbrook Museum of Art hosts the Philbrook Festival each winter, an annual holiday tradition in…
  • Rhema Christmas Lights (Rhema Bible Church - Broken Arrow) Thru Tue, Jan 1st Join over 200,000 annual visitors at the Rhema Christmas Lights display and witness over two million lights and over 100,000…
  • West Bend Winterland (Claremore Expo Center - Claremore) Thru Mon, Dec 31st Claremore's West Bend Winterland is reminiscent of holiday memories with an ice skating rink, pictures with Santa, real…
  • Winterfest (Downtown - Tulsa) Thru Sun, Jan 6th Downtown Tulsa is transformed into a festive wonderland during Winterfest, an annual holiday tradition. Bring friends and…

Thursday, Dec 13th

Friday, Dec 14th

  • 🎡 Arvest Winterfest (BOK Center - Tulsa) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 10:00am The time has come to bundle up and enjoy the magical spirit of the holidays as Tulsa's favorite winter festival returns to the streets of downtown Tulsa....
  • The Breached Macrocosm - Jave Yoshimoto (Tulsa Artists Coalition - Tulsa) 1 day left Start Time: 6:00pm
  • Cannabis Corpse (The Vanguard - Tulsa) Start Time: 7:00pm
  • The Conciliation Series (December Installment Opening) (Black Wall Street Theatre - Tulsa) Thru Sun, Dec 16th Start Time: 11:00am
  • Cultural Fronteriza + The EXPERIENCE (Hardesty Arts Center (AHHA) - Tulsa) Thru Sun, Dec 16th Start Time: 12:00pm
  • Curtis Roper Band / RPM Xmas Show (Blackbird On Pearl - Tulsa) Start Time: 9:00pm
  • Eicher Wednesdays (Tulsa) Start Time: 7:00pm
  • Glow on the Green 2018 (Guthrie Green - Tulsa) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 6:00pm
  • Hoe You Think You Can Dance! Dance Contest (The Majestic - Tulsa) Start Time: 11:00pm
  • Hometown Christmas Variety Show (Collinsville) Day 1 of 2 Get into the holiday spirit at the Hometown Christmas Variety Show in Collinsville. This Dickensian-themed variety show…
  • John Mellencamp Exhibit & VR Dust Bowl Experience (Woody Guthrie Center - Tulsa) Thru Sun, Dec 16th Start Time: 10:00am
  • 😂 JR Brow (Loony Bin - Tulsa) 1 day left
  • Karaoke 21+ (Mainline - Tulsa) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 8:00pm
  • No Parking Playoff Run (Soundpony Lounge - Tulsa) Start Time: 10:00pm
  • Northeastern Oklahoma Wood Turners Association (108Contemporary - Tulsa) Thru Sun, Dec 16th Start Time: 12:00pm
  • 🎭 The Nutcracker (Tulsa Performing Art Center - Tulsa) Start Time: 7:00pm Set in 1920’s Paris, the birthplace of classical ballet, Marcello Angelini’s vision of The Nutcracker has been a Tulsa favorite since 2003. Whether...
  • Pie Night (Antoinette Baking Co. - Tulsa) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 5:00pm
  • Private Party (The Shrine - Tulsa) Start Time: 6:00pm
  • Remember This + Bean Dance: Hopi Kachina Carvings (Philbrook Downtown - Tulsa) Thru Sun, Dec 16th Start Time: 11:00am
  • Snow Much Fun Recruitment Girl Scout Event! (Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma - Tulsa) Start Time: 6:30pm Celebrate winter with us and learn about STEM too! We are going to decorate Trefoil cookies, make holiday sparkle slim, and much more! Come join the fun...
  • Vision Boards (36 Degrees North - Tulsa) Start Time: 11:30am
  • William Clark Green (Cain's Ballroom - Tulsa) Start Time: 7:00pm Advance $15 Day of Show $18 Door $18 Mezzanine 21+ $30 There is a $2 fee that applies to each ticket purchased at the Cain's Box Office. No re-entry! No smoking! No refunds! Support acts are subject to change without notice!
  • A Winter Rose Christmas (Broken Arrow Community Playhouse - Broken Arrow) Thru Sun, Dec 16th Broken Arrow Community Playhouse presents "A Winter Rose Christmas" this December. A showcase of the…

Saturday, Dec 15th

  • Artist Talk - "The Breached Macrocosm" Jave Yoshimoto (Tulsa Artists Coalition - Tulsa) Start Time: 5:00pm
  • The Breached Macrocosm - Jave Yoshimoto (Tulsa Artists Coalition - Tulsa) Last Day Start Time: 6:00pm
  • Chimera Cafe's Winter Market (Chimera Cafe - Tulsa) Start Time: 12:00pm
  • Chris Duarte Group (The Shrine - Tulsa) Start Time: 9:00pm
  • Christmas (Keystone State Park - Sand Springs) Keystone State Park hosts Christmas at the Park just in time for the winter festivities. Bring the whole family to this…
  • The Conciliation Series (December Installment Opening) (Black Wall Street Theatre - Tulsa) 1 day left Start Time: 11:00am
  • Cultural Fronteriza + The EXPERIENCE (Hardesty Arts Center (AHHA) - Tulsa) 1 day left Start Time: 12:00pm
  • Darku makes you Dance! (Soundpony Lounge - Tulsa) Start Time: 10:00pm
  • 🎭 David Phelps (Broken Arrow Performing Arts Center - Broken Arrow) Start Time: 7:30pm A graduate from Baylor University, David Phelps is credited among today’s most spectacular voices. His seemingly endless vocal range, which extends more...
  • DJ FenixFX (The Majestic - Tulsa) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 9:00pm
  • 🏃 Fleet Feet Rudolph Run (Broken Arrow) 5K and 1K Fun Run
    All participants will receive a finisher medal and a long sleeve cotton t-shirt
  • Gifted (Blackbird On Pearl - Tulsa) Start Time: 10:00pm
  • Glow on the Green 2018 (Guthrie Green - Tulsa) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 6:00pm
  • Holiday Ornament Making (Hardesty Arts Center (AHHA) - Tulsa) Start Time: 1:00pm
  • Hometown Christmas Variety Show (Collinsville) Day 2 of 2 Get into the holiday spirit at the Hometown Christmas Variety Show in Collinsville. This Dickensian-themed variety show…
  • 🎭 It Must Be Christmas (Broken Arrow Performing Arts Center - Broken Arrow) Start Time: 7:30pm This year marks the 20th season for the David Phelps Christmas Tour. Many of the songs featured are included on Phelps' O Holy Night album and new...
  • John Mellencamp Exhibit & VR Dust Bowl Experience (Woody Guthrie Center - Tulsa) 1 day left Start Time: 10:00am
  • 😂 JR Brow (Loony Bin - Tulsa) Last Day
  • Karaoke 21+ (Mainline - Tulsa) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 8:00pm
  • 🍴 LaFortune Park - Visit with Santa! (Lafortune Community Center - Tulsa) Start Time: 11:30am Join us for games, snacks and a visit from Santa! Ages: 0-12. Free.
  • Northeastern Oklahoma Wood Turners Association (108Contemporary - Tulsa) 1 day left Start Time: 12:00pm
  • 🍴 O'Brien Park Cookies & Milk with Santa (O'Brien Park - Tulsa) Start Time: 11:30am Ages: 0-12 Free Join us for games, snacks and a visit from Santa!
  • 🏆 Oklahoma Sooners Mens Basketball vs. USC Trojans Men's Basketball (BOK Center - Tulsa) Start Time: 8:00pm Time has changed to 8:00pm. Original tickets will be honored.
  • Pie Night (Antoinette Baking Co. - Tulsa) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 5:00pm
  • Remember This + Bean Dance: Hopi Kachina Carvings (Philbrook Downtown - Tulsa) 1 day left Start Time: 11:00am
  • Santa Fly-In (Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium - Tulsa) Anticipate the arrival of Santa Claus each December at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium. During the annual…
  • Saturday Test N Tune Gambler Race (Tulsa Raceway Park - Tulsa) Start Time: 12:00pm
  • Steelyface (The Vanguard - Tulsa) Start Time: 7:00pm Future Tapes, The Odyssey Music, My Heart & Liver Are the Best of Friends, The Noise Estate
  • A Winter Rose Christmas (Broken Arrow Community Playhouse - Broken Arrow) 1 day left Broken Arrow Community Playhouse presents "A Winter Rose Christmas" this December. A showcase of the…
  • Woven Paper Baskets Workshop (108Contemporary - Tulsa) Start Time: 1:00pm

Sunday, Dec 16th

  • Burn Co Barbecue Brunch: Dan Martin Live (Cain's Ballroom - Tulsa) Start Time: 10:00am
  • The Conciliation Series (December Installment Opening) (Black Wall Street Theatre - Tulsa) Last Day Start Time: 11:00am
  • Cookies with Santa (Oklahoma Aquarium - Jenks) Start Time: 1:00pm Join us Sunday, December 16th from 1:00-3:00 as Santa pays a visit to the Oklahoma Aquarium! We’ll be decorating gingerbread cookies, making ornaments,...
  • Cultural Fronteriza + The EXPERIENCE (Hardesty Arts Center (AHHA) - Tulsa) Last Day Start Time: 12:00pm
  • DJ FenixFX (The Majestic - Tulsa) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 9:00pm
  • Gift Raps (Soundpony Lounge - Tulsa) Start Time: 9:30pm
  • Happy Hour!!! Dirty Boots Fashion Show!! - Hosted by: Ali Pearcy (Soundpony Lounge - Tulsa) Start Time: 4:00pm
  • A Jazz Palace Christmas (Tulsa) Start Time: 5:00pm
  • John Mellencamp Exhibit & VR Dust Bowl Experience (Woody Guthrie Center - Tulsa) Last Day Start Time: 10:00am
  • Northeastern Oklahoma Wood Turners Association (108Contemporary - Tulsa) Last Day Start Time: 12:00pm
  • Outdoor Adventure Trip 2019 Info Meeting! (Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma - Tulsa) Start Time: 5:00pm It’s cold outside but let’s daydream and make plans for next summer’s outdoor adventure trip to Colorado! Sunday, December 16 at 5:00 p.m. at the...
  • OutlieBlood Between Us/Tell Lies/Undervalued/Fester (Chimera Cafe - Tulsa) Start Time: 6:30pm
  • Remember This + Bean Dance: Hopi Kachina Carvings (Philbrook Downtown - Tulsa) Last Day Start Time: 11:00am
  • Smile Empty Soul & Co-oP (The Shrine - Tulsa) Start Time: 7:00pm Headliner: Smile Empty Soul Main Support: Co-oP (Feat Dash Cooper)
  • Studio Sundays (Hardesty Arts Center (AHHA) - Tulsa) Start Time: 12:00pm
  • Vinyl Brunch Sunday (Chimera Cafe - Tulsa) Start Time: 12:00pm
  • A Winter Rose Christmas (Broken Arrow Community Playhouse - Broken Arrow) Last Day Broken Arrow Community Playhouse presents "A Winter Rose Christmas" this December. A showcase of the…

Monday, Dec 17th

Tuesday, Dec 18th

  • John Mellencamp Exhibit & VR Dust Bowl Experience (Woody Guthrie Center - Tulsa) Thru Sun, Dec 23rd Start Time: 10:00am
  • Open Mic Night (Gypsy Coffee House & Cyber Cafe - Tulsa) Start Time: 7:00pm
  • The " Pearl Jam" Aka Community Sound (Blackbird On Pearl - Tulsa) Start Time: 9:00pm
  • Toys for Tots Nights (Oklahoma Aquarium - Jenks) Start Time: 5:00pm Help us deliver a message of hope to less fortunate children in the Tulsa region. Donate a $10 toy to Toys for Tots and receive 50% off admission...
  • Trivia Night (Inner Circle Vodka Bar - Tulsa) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • Trivia with jack (Soundpony Lounge - Tulsa) Start Time: 9:30pm

See Also

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2018.11.12 07:44 allpurposeguru FreeFall 3200 - And I thought a trefoil was just a Girl Scout cookie...

FreeFall 3200 - And I thought a trefoil was just a Girl Scout cookie... submitted by allpurposeguru to FreeFallComic [link] [comments]

2018.08.20 23:45 rainbowterfly [Giveaway] Do it all for the cookies!

So, I'm a Girl Scout leader and cookie manager. At one point this Spring, I had 500+ boxes of cookies in my house. I have some cookies left over that we're never going to eat. That's where you come in!
All you have to do is tell me what your favorite cookie is! (Doesn't have to be a GS cookie, just in general.) And then let me know which of my cookies you'd like. I'm going to limit it to 2 boxes per person for now. If I have leftovers, I'll circle back.
Here's what I have:
Trefoils - 3 1
Toffee-tastic (gluten free) - 6
Tagalongs - 3
Samoas - 2
Thin Mints (vegan!) - 1
Do-si-dos (not pictured, bc I didn't find them until after. They are peanut butteoatmeal sandwich cookies) - 1
Gotta have an intro. Gotta be willing to send me your address.
Note: the cookie have a best by date of Sept. 1st. However, they've been in my freezer, so they should last past that just fine. And you'll get them before the 1st, so depending on how fast you eat, that won't be a factor anyway.
Yaaay cookies!!
Edited to add: I'm willing to ship international. Just going to take longer to get to you, obviously.
Ends when I run out, which looks like it will be tonight!
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2018.07.23 06:10 green_griffon Notes on solving the 07/22/18 New York Times acrostic puzzle

I knew four right away: “F. Shortbread cookie sold by Girl Scouts” (7 letters) is TREFOIL, “H. Alloy of silver and gold” (8 letters) is ELECTRUM, “P. Proposed particle that travels faster than light” (7 letters) is TACHYON, and “S. Brand of vodka made in Sweden” (7 letters) is ABSOLUT.
The first word in the puzzle is - - E; the second letter is the last one in “I. One of Cyprus’s two official languages”, so most then likely an H, and if that first word is THE then “C. Isolated and vulnerable (4 wds.)” (10 letters) would gain the T to become O - T - - - - - - - - which would make it OUTONALIMB, that looks encouraging.
Word 47-49 is A - - and it is between some long words on either side so AND looks likely. This makes “T. Gareth or Gawain, to King Arthur” (6 letters) start with N, let’s try NEPHEW there. Word 93-95 is now - H - after a two-letter word, so THE; in fact word 67-69 T - - after - F and word 103-105 T - - after another two-letter word are also worth filling in as THE, although none of that unlocks anything useful.
Single-letter word 174 just before the last word in the answer is almost certainly A; this makes “O. Skill displayed by funambulists” (7 letters) be - A - - - - -, so on the theory that a funambulist is a tightrope walker I’ll try BALANCE there. This doesn’t make anything pop out but it does have some nice meshing with the current letters, like word 50-58 ending in A B - - (possibly “ble” or “bly” ending) and word 149-157 starting with - N C - N (possibly “un” or “in” beginning).
I we fill in the L after AB in word 50-58, then “E. 1956 No. 1 album with the opening track ‘Rip It Up’” (5 letters) is - L - - -, filling in ELVIS makes the last letter in long word 130-138 be an S which is good. Elsewhere, the third-to-last word before A and word 175-180 is - - T -, I like WITH there, which makes “W. Publicly stated, sworn” (6 letters) be - - - W - - which is AVOWED, and that in turn gives us, starting at letter 11, - H - - E [hyphen] - O E -, - L O - - - which can only be THREE-TOED SLOTHS.
Finally we’re getting a bit of grid-to-clue-answer input. “J. California city of county, home to a University of California campus” (9 letters, - I - - - - - D E) is RIVERSIDE (the ending of word 50-58 revealed to be ABLE) and “Y. ‘Guess that’ll show you’ (2 wds.)” (7 letters, - - - H - - E) is SOTHERE (word 122-129 is now B - A - Y - U S…let me get back to you on that).
Assuming the ending of “I. One of Cyprus’s two official languages” (7 letters, - - - - - - H) is ISH, that makes word 39-46 - A I R C - - - which I am guessing is HAIRCUTS. Continuing on the hair theme, starting at 139 e have W - I - -, L O O - -, - N C A N - I - -, L - - E, -, - - C - - - T, WITH, A, M - L - - - which I think is WHICH LOOKS UNCANNILY LIKE A [something] WITH A MULLET.
That should break things open, and indeed it does. “B. Vanilla plants and their kin” (7 letters, - - - H - D -) is ORCHIRDS, “D. Orange fruit with an edible rind” (7 letters, K - - - U - T) is KUMQUAT, “I. One of Cyprus’s two official languages” (7 letters, - - - K I S H) is TURKISH, “K. End result, final consequence” (6 letters, U - - H - T) is UPSHOT, “L. Bearer of North America, per native myth” (6 letters, - - R T - -) I guess really is TURTLE (not “turtles”?!?), “P. Smell-related” (9 letters, - L - - - T - - -) is OLFACTORY, “Q. Vain, futile, to no avail” (7 letters, - S E L - - -) is USELESS, “U. Common site for a canal” (7 letters, - - - - - U S) is ISTHMUS, and “V. Where to find a crow’s-nest or a staff” (8 letters, - - S T H E A -) is (ha ha) MASTHEAD.
We currently have five unsolved clues: “A. Thought process” (9 letters, a mere C at the beginning), “G. The Big Rock Candy Mountain, to hobos” (6 letters, H - - - - N)—oh wait, is that…well, let’s wait and see, “M. Rootlike anchor for some aquatic life” (8 letters, H - - - - - S T) which I know I have seen before but can’t remember, “N. Forte of the sorcerer Albus Dumbledore” (7 letters, - - - H E - Y), and “X. Roughly shaped; dull-witted and lethargic” (7 letters, - - - - I - -).
Meanwhile on the grid the second word 4-10 is V - R I - U S VARIOUS, and then sloths S - O R -, M - D I E V A L SPORT MEDIEVAL haircuts, and also - - M O - A B L E, S M I - E S [something #1] SMILES. New sentence, then OF, THE, - - U R, - P E C I E S, THE, - - R - - S T, OF, THE, B U N - -, - S, THE, M A R V E L O U S - Y, - - - E - which is OF THE FOUR SPECIES THE [something #2] OF THE BUNCH IS THE MARVELOUSLY [something #3]. The name itself is BRADYPUS, T O R Q U A T - S (SRLSY C&R you put an obscure scientific name in your Acrostic!?!) which looks like a mulleted C O C - - U T COCONUT.
So we only have those three somethings plus the species name to fill in. “A. Thought process” (9 letters, C O - - I T - O N) is COGNITION, “M. Rootlike anchor for some aquatic life” (8 letters, H O - - F A S T) is (I remember now!) HOLDFAST, “N. Forte of the sorcerer Albus Dumbledore” (7 letters, - L C H E - Y) is ALCHEMY, and “X. Roughly shaped; dull-witted and lethargic” (7 letters, L - - P I S H) is LUMPISH.
Looks like we need an unexpected final back-and-forth to polish it off. The missing words are I M M O - A B L E IMMOVABLE (smiles), L A R G - S T LARGEST (of the bunch), M - N E D MANED (marvelously so); the species has been revealed to be TORQUATUS. So Big Rock Candy Mountain is in fact HEAVEN to hobos, the author’s name is COOKE, the title is THETRUTHABOUTANIMALS, and we are done!
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2018.03.11 02:37 That1weirdperson Why are Girl Scout cookies so popular?

Yeah, I get it. They're cookies. They're filled with sugar that people like. But what's so good about them? They're just mass-manufactured cookies that aren't even freshly made with preservatives so they can last for half a year. I don't mean to be hypocritical as I bought a box of Trefoils and Savannah Smiles, but I see so many people around me stocking up on them in large amounts eating tons in 1 sitting. I get that it's to help the Girl Scouts, but those boxes are overpriced, and you can get cookies fresher and cheaper in bulk at Whole Foods (their big, thin crispy oatmeal raisin cookies are far superior, in my opinion). So why do people buy tons of these cookies, because if they're looking for taste, they'd go to a bakery for fresh ones, or make it themselves.
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2018.01.26 00:11 Golightly1727 The names for Samoa and Trefoil Girl Scout cookies have been replaced with generic ones.

The names for Samoa and Trefoil Girl Scout cookies have been replaced with generic ones. submitted by Golightly1727 to mildlyinteresting [link] [comments]

2018.01.09 18:23 i2amme It is Girl Scout Cookie time

your local Girl Scout is taking Pre-orders for cookies! Thin mints, Samosa, Tagalongs, Do-si-do's, trefoils, and Savannah Smiles are $4 a box, and they also have the smore samwhich's and GF toffeetastics for $6.
Pre-ordering ends on Jan 22nd! Delivery is the week of Feb 12th!
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2017.03.17 16:30 Loxieeloxx Girl Scout 🍪 for Tea - World Wide

Hi All,
I have four boxes of girl scout cookies and I am open to all offers and prefer: pu-ehr, black tea or teaware. I have the following boxes; (1) Caramel deLites / Samoas, (1) Do-si-dos , (1) Savannah Smiles and (1) Shortbread/Trefoils.
Thank you. :)
Edit: Pending Trades; u/Abc7993 - Savannah Smile u/FaithlessRoomie Shortbread/Trefoils & Do-si-dos
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Trefoil TV: Girl Scout Uniforms Tie Dye a Girl Scout Trefoil design Make Trefoil toffee at home! - YouTube Girl Scouts Cookie Oven, I Bake Trefoil & Chocolate PB ... Girl Scout Featured on Trefoil Box  All Good Trefoils Shortbread or Trefoils: Where do my Girl Scout cookies come from?

Trefoils® Little Brownie Bakers

  1. Trefoil TV: Girl Scout Uniforms
  2. Tie Dye a Girl Scout Trefoil design
  3. Make Trefoil toffee at home! - YouTube
  4. Girl Scouts Cookie Oven, I Bake Trefoil & Chocolate PB ...
  5. Girl Scout Featured on Trefoil Box All Good
  6. Trefoils
  7. Shortbread or Trefoils: Where do my Girl Scout cookies come from?
  8. Trefoil TV - YouTube

Girl Scouts Cookie Oven - Making Trefoils - Duration: 8:41. HeyThatsMike 14,049 views. 8:41 🔥Getting Started with Zoom Video Conferencing🔥 - Duration: 19:12. In this video, I demonstrate how to Tie-Dye Girl Scout Trefoil design. This video also shows how I fold around very tight corners, and how to put a spiral around a design. Here are some links to ... Stuck at home and looking for something to stress bake? Have a sweet tooth and a pile of Trefoils? Here's an easy-to-follow recipe from Junior Girl Scout Car... Girl Scouts of Western New York 14 views 9:27 5 DIY Girl Scout Cookie Recipes Samoas, Tagalongs, Do-Si-Dos, Thin Mints & Trefoils RECIPE - Duration: 9:44. Girl Scout as a family! Each day on our YouTube, girls can look forward to short clips of Girl Scout history, singing along to camp songs, or other ways we’r... Here is our second video for the Girl Scouts Cookie Oven! I make two brand new refill packs, Trefoils & Chocolate PB cookies. Visit us online http://bit... 14-year-old Katelyn Roney was one of 6 girls selected by the Girl Scouts to be featured on their famous cookie boxes, to be sold for fundraising through the year. Congratulations Katelyn ... There are only a few things more tempting than your favorite box of Girl Scout cookies. There’s nothing quite like a box of Samoas. 41 Action News, KSHB, brings you the latest news, weather and ...