Rita g dating

Rita Gam had encounters with Farley Granger (1964) and Tyrone Power (1955).. About. American Actress Rita Gam was born on 2nd April, 1928 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA and passed away on 22nd Mar 2016 aged 87. She is most remembered for Saadia. Her zodiac sign is Aries. Rita Gam is a member of the following lists: American film actors, American television actors and Actors from Pittsburgh ... Going through a critically acclaimed novel Home Court Advantage, the name of the book's author seems a little familiar.Because writer Rita William Ewing is the ex-wife of NBA's Hall of Fame basketball player Patrick Ewing.Rita and Patrick share three kids. Born and raised in the United States, Rita has earned a degree in nursing and law. Who is Rita Volk dating? Rita Volk is currently single, according to our records. The Uzbekistani TV Actress was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on September 3, 1990. Actress and model best known for her role as Amy Raudenfeld on the MTV series Faking It. Relationship status. As of 2020, Rita Volk’s is not dating anyone. Rita is 30 years old. Dating / relationship history for Rita G. View ShagTree to see all hookups. Follow @ShagTree. HOME TOP-10 DIRECTORY PROFILE 1+1 VS. SIX-DEGREES Click to read comments. discuss. No votes. Rita G. Full Name: Rita Granberry: Age: 40 (February 5, 1979) Orientation: Straight: Star Sign: Aquarius: Height: 5' 7' (170cm) ... Who is she dating right now? According to our records, Rita G. is possibly single. Relationships. Rita G. has been in a relationship with K.C. Armstrong (2005). About. Rita G. is a 41 year old American Model (Adult/Glamour). Born Rita Granberry on 5th February, 1979 in New York, New York, she is famous for Claims to have worlds Best Natural Breasts. Nathan and Rita Rita G. is an outgoing, ambitious, and down to earth woman who believes in fulfilling her dreams. In fact Rita never looked back when she headed west to the state with 10,000 lakes. In Minnesota, she met and married one of her dreams — Nathan, a very special, high quality man who happens […] Dating / relationship history for Rita Hayworth. View ShagTree to see all hookups. Follow @ShagTree. HOME TOP-10 DIRECTORY PROFILE 1+1 VS. SIX-DEGREES Click to read comments. discuss. 4 votes. Rita Hayworth. Full Name: Margarita Carmen Cansino: Age: 68 (10/17/1918 - 5/14/1987) ... Today in random couples you wouldn't believe are dating, pop star Rita Ora and actor (and Emma Stone's ex) Andrew Garfield are a thing, The Sun is reporting. They are in the very early ... Rita G. Shoots Drake’s Ex Maliah Part III [Photo Gallery] Rita G. shoots Drake’s bombshell ex Maliah as Foxy Brown Pt. III ... 'Too Hot to Handle' Star Francesca Farago Dating Jef Holm from &a On 26-11-1990 Rita Ora (nickname: Rita Ora) was born in Prishtina, Cosovo. She made her 2 million dollar fortune with Hot Right Now, Radioactive, Shine Ya Light. The musician is dating , her starsign is Sagittarius and she is now 29 years of age.

5x AT on first attempt! If I did it, so can you!

2020.09.20 01:17 Owl_Movement 5x AT on first attempt! If I did it, so can you!

I finally passed! So relieved and excited. Now I finally feel comfortable contributing to this awesome sub. Long write-up ahead.
Prepcast (free) sim, 60q: As stated by most on this sub, Prepcast is the best. Scored 65%, 65%, 80%.
Free Prepcast exam, 120q: Scored 62%
Edwell, 75q: Scored a 69.3%; asked a lot that I didn't remember from Rita, several formulas, theory and chart questions
Lehmann,100q: Got 70%; only gives references, no explanations for answers
Lehmann, 200q: Didn't record the score. Strange wording, not all material is from PMBOK.
Simplilearn, 200q: 74.5%; liked the format and you can pause the timer; detailed explanations.
Dan Ryan, 200q: 73%, must finish in 1 sitting, no going back to any question after you submit the answer. Some grammatical errors. No explanations.
206 Exam, 206q: Can break up in blocks. Some info appears to be outdated to the current test.
OpenPM, 200q: 69.5%, must finish in 1 sitting. Many grammatical errors. Progress meter inaccurate. Lots of ITTO questions. Detailed explanations of answers, most word for word from the PMBOK, along with page number.
OpenPM, 21q: Quick quiz, 85.7%
PMI 200q: 69%; somewhat close to regular exam; pay attention to the wording. I'm of the opinion that you should take this once, before you sign up for the paid Prepcast simulator. This is so that you do not erode your confidence. A lot of people have posted here that after solid Prepcast scores, they take this exam and a lower score makes them nervous. Use this test to identify gaps in knowledge and word trickery in the questions. View it as just another practice test, not a definitive prediction of how you'd do on the actual exam.
Do not recommend these free exams, no links included:
PMPBank, 260q: Out of date; still uses PMBOK 5 questions.
CertChamp, 200q: Uses all of the same questions as the Simplilearn exam listed above, word for word. Take the Simplilearn version for a better simulation/easier to read interface.
PMAspire, 400q: Stopped in the middle; confusing language and more focused on ITTOs and definitions.

The Exam:
Again, thank you to all who contributed to this sub, you helped this stranger pass the PMP!
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2020.09.17 09:23 mcafigo Passed! AT/AT/AT/AT/AT

Passed a few hours back with AT/AT/AT/AT/AT!
Update on my post from a few days ago: https://www.reddit.com/pmp/comments/isjccd/exam_in_60_hours_am_i_ready/
My story stretches back about 2-3 years (I've been a PM for about 5 years now). I initially looked into the CAPM as I didn't believe I was ready/able to do the PMP. I didn't pursue the CAPM application in the end. At about the two year ago mark, I was a member of PMI and had downloaded the book to attempt to read. Read a bit of it, but didn't get very far. Just hadn't bought in at that time.
The catalyst for the urgency that came was due to the PMP exam changing in the near future. So at the end of last year, I got my application in and approved with no auditing. I purchased a hard copy of the PMBoK and got down to reading it. I managed to get through maybe 40-50% of it before life just made things too difficult, plus it was quite dry and not in the best logical reading order. Having heard about Rita's book, I purchased that and was floored by how good of a read it was. I went through about two chapters a week and did the end of chapter quizzes getting around 70-85% on each of them. I had Prepcast during this time and did a few quizzes every now and then (Cornelius, you're welcome - I reckon I renewed it three times due to continually pushing back the exam).
Anyway, here's the other things I found useful:
Rita's Book: Simply brilliant. Easy to read, great little tips inside. I read it over the course of 6-8 weeks and did just the quizzes but no exercises.
PMP Prepcast Exam Simulator: I got the exam simulator only and renewed it three times as I kept pushing back my exam date. Again, an utterly brilliant resource. Early on, I did a few 20 question quizzes and I would recommend against this! The smaller sample size greatly increases variance which means a bad run of question can really destroy your morale. I did not start attempting the 200 question quizzes until I finished Rita's book. Very important that you don't start doing the big practice exams until then as you will start to remember the questions in the bank and it will skew your scores.
My results in order were 74%, 71%, 77%, 70%, 71%, 79%, 82% (I did the PMI exam after the 4th prepcast exam and got 70%). I averaged two hours for each and every exam. Make sure you mark questions you are unsure of and then go back and read through the explanations for both the correct and incorrect questions. The last two tests I did were within 48 hours of the exam. Very important to realise I never ever got all ATs on any practice test I did.
Vargas Process Flow: Absolute legend, this guy. His video is fantastic, he's super engaging and does not drone on at all. Pleasure to listen to and it's put in the best way to understand how projects should run. I only watched his video last night. Should have watched it earlier.
And that was it!
Exam day, I got up, light breakfast, made my way to the exam centre which had the exam scheduled at midday. Very easy experience at the testing centre. I took it a bit slower than I did at home. I went through and did each question and then at the each (two) review period, I went back and reviewed (albeit quickly) every single question. I estimate that I changed about 5-10% of the answers I put down first. I finished with just under 100 minutes left.
The wording was really quite vague on many questions. Many many integrated change control questions. Maybe 8-10 EVM questions. As a lot of people have said, the most important thing is to recognise where you are in the entire process and realise that means that some answers can be ruled out immediately because they wouldnt happen at a particular stage. Clicked end review at the end, put my head in my hands (was not that confident), and was greeted with a pass. Didn't see any results, until the supervisor printed out a document that had all ATs on it which I was flabbergasted by!
Thank you to the community! I've been loitering in here for definitely more than 12 months and the information here is fantastic. Thank you all and keep it up!
Feel free to ask any questions below!
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2020.09.17 06:33 Path2Quick PMP Test on Dec 4th - Need advice

Hi everyone,
I have scheduled my pmp exam for dec 4th of this year with the contingency of 2-3 weeks before exam changes in January in case I need to retake. Started to look into some books and feel super overwhelmed at the moment.
I have about 11 weeks from now to the exam date. Considering I have a full time job and can only put in 1-3 hours a day on weekdays and longer duration on weekend. Is that enough time realistically?
My Background: I have taken a college cert on project management 4-5 years back. Still remember most of the basics. (Seem to have forgotten all the processes, formula and definitions etc). Currently a IT PM for about 3 years at a large enterprise.
I did some research and have the following resources so far below...I don’t think I’ll have time to read through all of these, perhaps anyone can suggest which one I can use to limit and allow me to laser focus on a the material. Or if you can suggest anything else?
Anyone with experience know what I should definitely start memorizing? (Ex: Knowledge areas, formula or ?)
For example can I get through with just Andrew crows book, maybe some Udemy videos and prep cast exam?
Already watched Richard vargas’s video.
  1. Andrew Crowe how to pass your pmp first try (I like how simple this book is to read but is this enough as a stand alone?)
  2. Rita M’s 9th edition
  3. Udemy Joseph Phillips
  4. PMPBOK 6th Ed
  5. Planning on Prep cast (seems to be popular on this reddit - is that good or have other suggestions?)
Hope you guys can help me! And I will definitely document my journey and pay it forward to new PMs in the future.
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2020.09.16 18:25 hdzaviary Questions About S500 W221

Hello everyone,
I'm currently considering to get an older S Class, as my wife wanted us to have a bigger car. We had experience with many kinds of Japanese cars (MPV, sedan & city car) but not with bigger German cars especially Merc. I have driven Mercedes many times which belongs to my father or my friends.
I had short term experience with 1995 W124 E320 "Masterpiece" Mercedes Benz which my father owned for a year ( I was in university when he owned that car). Last one was around 8 years ago when my father bought R172 2012 SLK 200. Also with both Mercedes I have never involved in the maintenance except washing the car only. I didn't even involved taking care the R172 because I lived in different city with my father.
My wife fell in love with S Class after watching Rita Ora's music video and she said she wants that car. I told her we don't have enough money to buy that one because that one cost more than €100k so I offer her the older year one. With my budget I can get 2010-2013 W221. I would like to get the S500 one as I lived in Northern Europe where the street is mostly empty.
Are there any major issues with this series ? Because the car that I can get will be mostly over 100.000 km under 200.000 km.
I understand that the repair cost will be expensive since this is an S-Class that's why I'm trying to get the best I can get so I can drive it for 3-5 years until I can afford newer S-Class.
I also put links to some of the car I'm interested if it is allowed just to give everyone a rough idea what car I expect to get and the potential problem coming with it. I have the opportunity to get car from anywhere in EU, but particularly Germany and Sweden as they are the closest to my place and from both country there is direct shipping route.
Thank you very much for the help.
Car 01
Car 02
Car 03
Car 04
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2020.09.14 21:43 k9centipede TRIVIA RESULTS - Godric's Tue Sep 1 Harry Potter Trivia Game [9:00 PM EST] - THEME: Loser!

Visit /Dueling for more information. The next game will be: Tue Sep 15 at 8PM ET with iSquash
Below are the PEEVES PICKS from this week's Live Game and Home Quiz. GO HERE for the CORRECT ANSWERS to this week's trivia questions!

Here are the results from Tuesdays's Loser Trivia Game!

Q01 [Names and Faces] Complete this quote: Take Charms and I shall drop _____ a line reminding her that just because she failed her Charms O.W.L., the subject is not necessarily worthless. [2]

Q02 [Lessons and Learning] For Divination homework Harry and Ron had to make predictions about their futures. Which one was predicted he was going to come off worse in a fight and who predicted he was going to lose a bet? [2]

  • harry and ron really are just crabbe and goyle huh - lifewhataninvention of Hufflepuff
  • Ron doesn't have enough money to gamble, so he must be the first one - armalcolite1969 of Gryffindor

Q03 [General Knowledge] How did Ron fail his first Apparation test? [2]

  • he forgot the fourth D: his dick - lifewhataninvention of Hufflepuff
  • He panicked, threw pocket sand into thr graders eyes, and ran to the destination. Malfoy snitched him out. - armalcolite1969 of Gryffindor

Q04 [Time and Date] How long does lacewings have to stew before it can be used in Polyjuice potion? [2]

  • legend says they're still stewing to this day - harleymeenen of Hufflepuff
  • At 350 degrees until gold and bubbly! - m5jdu009 of Hufflepuff

Q05 [Complex Level 3] Roddy Pontner made a bet with Ludo Bagman for the Quidditch World Cup. What was the bet (2pts) and did he win (1pt)? [3]

  • he bet Ludo wouldn't get into massive debt...he lost - harleymeenen of Hufflepuff
  • I thought this name was funny mash up of Ron and Harry when I read the question ... Bulgaria would score the first goal but he lost - theduqoffrat of Gryffindor

Q06 [Chapter Titles] Identify the BOOK this Chapter Title is found in: The Lost Prophecy [1]

  • do you think the brain in the brain room belonged to walt disney? - lifewhataninvention of Hufflepuff
  • hmm which book had a lost prophecy? can't be OOTP... oh it must be about one of Trelawney's predictions! POA, then. (OOTP lol) - anaceattorneyfan of Ravenclaw

Q07 [Spells and Incantations] Tonks used what spell to clean up the feathers and droppings in the bottom of Hedwig's cage, the first time she met Harry [2]

Q08 [Identifying Quotes] Identify the BOOK and SPEAKER of this quote: What are you doing with Potter, all these evenings you are closeted together? [2]

  • The Investigatory Committee, upon finding Dumbledore and Harry in a closet - harleymeenen of Hufflepuff
  • GOF, Rita Skeeter to Hermoine - kyleeeeee of Ravenclaw

Q09 [Places and Locations] What country did Scotland’s International Quidditch Team lose to, to be knocked out of the running for the 422nd Quidditch World Cup? [2]

Q10 [General Knowledge] What did Harry claim he saw in the Mirror of Erised, to Professor Quirrel? [2]

Q11 [General Knowledge] What does an acorn in someone's tea leaves predict? [2]

  • I couldn't come up with acorny pun - DoOfferRefFood of Ravenclaw
  • Gonna star in an ice age movie? - mtheaded102 of Gryffindor

Q12 [Spells and Incantations] When Ron and Harry were sneaking out of the dorms for the Duel against Malfoy, Hermione was concerned they’d get caught and lose Gryffindor all the points she earned for knowing all about WHAT category of spells? [2]


TIER 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
ELITE Ravenclaw - 19.2 [15] - 34 pts Hufflepuff - 18.64 [11] - 25 pts Slytherin - 17 [1] - 17 pts Gryffindor - 15.79 [14] - 8 pts
XPERT Gryffindor - 14.69 [13] - 24 pts Ravenclaw - 14.3 [20] - 18 pts Hufflepuff - 14.25 [8] - 12 pts Slytherin - 14 [3] - 6 pts
ADVANCE Slytherin - 14.78 [9] - 16 pts Hufflepuff - 13.09 [23] - 12 pts Gryffindor - 12.65 [20] - 8 pts Ravenclaw - 12.08 [50] - 4 pts
CASUAL Hufflepuff - 10.35 [37] - 10 pts Slytherin - 9.73 [22] - 7 pts Gryffindor - 9.58 [19] - 5 pts Ravenclaw - 9.3 [57] - 2 pts
TROLL Slytherin - 9 [5] - 5 pts Gryffindor - 8.2 [5] - 4 pts Hufflepuff - 7.33 [3] - 2 pts Ravenclaw - 6.75 [4] - 1 pts


  • 71 Players
  • 7 Outstandings
  • 14 Exceeds Expectations
    • 1 1st Place
    • 1 2nd Place
    • 2 3rd Place
    • 1 4th Place
    • 6 Peeves Pts


  • 82 Players
  • 5 Outstandings
  • 24 Exceeds Expectations
    • 1 1st Place
    • 2 2nd Place
    • 2 3rd Place
    • 8 Peeves Pts


  • 146 Players
  • 8 Outstandings
  • 32 Exceeds Expectations
    • 1 1st Place
    • 1 2nd Place
    • 3 4th Place
    • 5 Peeves Pts


  • 40 Players
  • 0 Outstandings
  • 13 Exceeds Expectations
    • 2 1st Place
    • 1 2nd Place
    • 1 3rd Place
    • 1 4th Place
    • 3 Peeves Pts
Please excuse the mess, /dueling sheets are still under construction!

Question 2 Results Edited

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2020.09.13 15:06 portlane Paula Sommers (May 31, 1929 - August 31, 2020)

May 31, 1929 - August 31, 2020
Paula Ann Costanzo Sommers passed away on Monday, Aug. 31, 2020 in Woodinville, WA. Paula was born on May 31, 1929 to Angelo and Lucile Tibbs Costanzo in Portland, OR. She had two older brothers, and attended school in both Portland and Seaside, OR.
After graduating from Seaside High School in 1948, Paula met Max Sommers, while she was working at a soda fountain. Paula saw Max and his new yellow convertible, and on Nov. 26, 2019, Paula and Max celebrated 71 years of marriage. In 1949, Paula and Max purchased City Shade Company in Vancouver, WA, she worked at City Shade with Max for over 44 years, only taking time off to raise her three children.
Paula exuded warmth, genuine caring for others, and unmitigated kindness; she created moments in time and space that made people feel loved, accepted, and prized. Around Christmas, virtually anyone who entered her home received a gift. Paula simply loved giving whether it be a gift, a compliment or a sympathetic ear, she welcomed everyone into her bubble of love and kindness. For many years, Paula sent so many greeting, sympathy, and birthday cards that she may have driven up the stock price of Hallmark Cards. Consistent with her character and values, she signed all of cards the same way: “Love always, Paula.”
Paula is survived by her husband, Max; children, Gayle Klein (Terry), Peggy Lotz (Dan), and John Sommers-Flanagan (Rita); and grandchildren, Chelsea Bodnar, Jason Lotz, Patrick Klein, Aaron Lotz, Rylee Sommers-Flanagan, and Stephen Klein. Paula is also survived by eight great-grandchildren along with many nieces and nephews.
Paula was preceded in death by her parents and by her two older brothers, Robert Costanzo and Larry Costanzo.
Please share a memory of Paula at www.columbian.com/obits. Memorial plans will be announced at a later date. Donations can be made in her honor to Share Vancouver at https://www.sharevancouver.org.
Most importantly, she would want all who read about her life to be happy and loving. In the spirit of Paula’s life and values, we hope in her honor you will take a day, a week, a month, a year, or the rest of your life to intentionally share kindness, acceptance, and generosity with others. And, as Paula would say, “Love always.”
source: http://obits.columbian.com/obituaries/columbian/obituary.aspx?n=paula-ann-sommers-costanzo&pid=196792052
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2020.09.08 16:49 Kind-Stranger-2507 PMP Application tips + Rita's or Andy's which book is better to start?

I'm currently struggling to jot down my work experience (4yrs as Project/Electronics Engineer in the Automotive industry) for application. Anyone has any recommendation for structure or a template to follow for application? I'm currently in the second week of Joe's Udemy course & planning to finish in 3-3.5 weeks. Below is my plan to attempt PMP by end of Nov or the beginning of Dec, depending on the availability of dates. 1. Finish Udemy course + Finish application (end of Sep) 2. Go through PMP Headfirst book (2 weeks Oct) 3. Andy's book + PMBOK in parallel. I heard good reviews about Rita's book, currently confused about which book to refer to. I have Andy's hard copy & Rita's soft copy. 4. Practice tests - Prepcast
Does the plan make sense or need to add/remove something? More practice tests? Thanks.
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2020.09.08 11:21 The_KAZ3 Returning Player Guide?

Are there up to date guides for returning players, as well as unit guides for reference? Not sure if I should restart or continue with my old account too
Information on my current account: Lvl: 50 Crystals: 45 Story Progression: C1, completed, C2, N/H 100%, S 0% C3, N 100%, H 30%, S 0% C4, N 50%, H/S 0% Valyries Kiana: Ranger (1star), Divine Prayer Mei: Shadow Dash, Bladestrike (1star) Bronya: Yamabuki Armor (1star), Snowy Sniper Himeko: Kriegsmesser, Valkyrie Triumph Yae: Sakitama, Gyakushin Theresa: Valkyrie Peldge, Violet Executer, Celestial Hymm, Sakuno Rondo Rita: Phantom Iron, Umbral Rose Fu Hua: Valkyrie Accipiter, Night Squire Etc: Excelsis, Swallowtail Phantasm, Blueberry Blitz 

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2020.09.02 20:34 leftyghost Texas School Outbreak Megathread Continued (Public Districts L-Z and Private Schools)

La Porte ISD at College Park Elementary + La Porte Junior High faculty
Lake Dallas ISD student
Lake Travis ISD 6 cases
Lake Worth ISD at Miller Elementary employee
Lamar CISD 65+ staff at Foster High school + Frost Elementary + A couple more students at George Ranch High School + 3 at Meyer Elementary Aug 31
Latexo ISD at Latexo Elementary and High School
Lazbuddie ISD football player
Leander ISD 34 employees also Winkley Elementary teacher dies of covid-19, possible - not completely confirmed also Leander ISD child nutrition services faculty member dies of covid-19 Aug 19th Cases at Rouse High School Sept 14
Liberty Hill ISD staff at Rancho Sienna Elementary
Lindale ISD "several confirmed cases" at Velma Penny Elementary so the school is shutting down for 2 weeks starting Aug 26
Lipan ISD "multiple staff and students"
Lockney ISD staff
Longview ISD students at Foster Middle School + Ned Williams Elementary + 15 Students in August
Lubbock ISD staff and student over the summer + new cases after reopening Aug 17 + at Honey Elementary - not shutting down despite exposure + Guadalupe Middle + Cases at 5 campuses Aug 21 - Estacado High School, Coronado High School, Smith Elementary School, Wester Elementary School and Roscoe Wilson Elementary School
Lufkin ISD 2 confirmed, 384 quarantined Sept 17 Gold Star for having a Dashboard
Magnolia ISD at Magnolia High School, + now with Gold Star Dashboard with 24 cumulative since Aug 12
Mansfield ISD 15 staff and students
Mason High School coach tests positive + A student at Mason Elementary Aug 25
Manor ISD staff at Manor High School
Marshall ISD student at Marshall Early Childhood Center, 14 students now quarantined also a Student at Marshall High School Aug19 and District transportation Staff Aug17
McLeod ISD students at elementary campus since school started back up Aug 14
Mesquite ISD at Poteet school official
McMullen County ISD 2 students
Midland ISD 38+ staff at Jane Long Elementary + Alamo Junior High + Lee Freshman + San Jacinto Junior High + Midland High + Central Office + Bunche Elementary + Coleman High + Rusk Elementary + Pease Elementary + Emerson Elementary + Lamar Elementary + Greathouse Elementary + Lee Senior High + Scharbauer Elementary + School Plant + De Zavala Elementary + Bowie Elementary
Midway ISD Woodway Elementary Principal quarantined after staff test positive Aug 21 also earlier this spring Principal at River Valley Elementary and Students over the summer also 2 Midway High School Students Aug 28 triggering quarantine for "several dozen high school students" - Midway ISD now has a Dashboard showing 8 active
Mineola ISD Mineola High School staff member + Junior High Staff Member + entire volleyball team quarantined + Student and Teacher Aug 26 at Mineola Elementary
Montgomery ISD Principal survives 51 days in hospital
Mount Vernon ISD 2 High School Students Aug 24
Nacogdoches ISD band student at Nacogdoches High School
Navarro ISD 23+ staff and students
Needville ISD one student at Needville Junior High one at Needville High School
New Deal ISD staff
Northside ISD Leon Valley Elementary employee dies of Covid-19 also 2 staff at John Jay High also 11 active Sept 2 and 112 cumulative since May and New cases Sept 10 at Oliver Wendell Holmes High School + Cases at Rita Kay Driggers Elementary Sept 14 + Cases at William Howard Taft High School Sept 16 + Cases at O'Conner High School Sept 16
North East ISD staff at Las Lomas Elementary + Longs Creek Elementary + custodians at Roan Forest Elementary + staff at Harris Middle School and Wood Middle School
North Lamar ISD staff
Ore City ISD student - two second grade classes now quarantined
Overton ISD employee
Richardson ISD 7 student athletes after 2 weeks of workouts Aug 23
River Road ISD student at River Road High School Sept 1 + 11 cases confirmed by Sept 16
Palestine ISD 2 student athletes at Palestine High School
Paris ISD staff at Paris High School
Pflugerville ISD employee
Pine Tree ISD staff at Pine Tree Middle School + additional Staff and student at Pine Tree Junior High Aug 24
Plano ISD staff Clark High School + student outbreak during summer school at Davis Elementary + a Student at Jasper High School Aug 23
Pleasant Grove staff
Pleasanton ISD student athlete
Port Neches-Groves ISD Teachers
Prosper ISD at 3 cases Hughes Elementary and Hays Middle School and School district administration
Queen City ISD outbreak among staff and students, school closing for a week Sept 16
Ranger ISD 3 Teachers
Red Oak ISD students at Red Oak High School and Red Oak Middle School
Redwater ISD student at Redwater High
Richardson ISD 7 students at Lake Highlands High School Aug 23 after 2 weeks of athletic workouts
Rockwall ISD students + Rockwall High school resource officer dies of covid-19
Rochelle ISD students
Round Rock ISD 24 employees
Saltillo ISD employee
San Angelo ISD staff at San Jacinto Elementary
San Antonio ISD Special Education Teacher at Ogden Academy his died of Covid-19 also San Antonio ISD Will Rogers Academy teacher dies of Covid-19
San Diego ISD staff
Sherman ISD 3 active staff 6 active cases students Sept 2Gold Star Dashboard
Skidmore-Tynan ISD students
Snyder High School students
Spring Hill ISD Staff
Spur ISD Multiple teachers and students aug 23 - going completely online for 2 weeks
Sulphur Springs ISD 5 staff also at Barbara Bush Primary
Sweetwater High School student
Taft ISD Football player
Terrell ISD student and Gilbert Willie Elementary staff
Texarkana ISD
Timpson ISD and 7 more positive cases Sept 9
Thrall ISD at Thrall Middle School
Trinity ISD Coach and Student
Troupe ISD students at Troupe High School
Tyler ISD at Legacy High School on campus when it opened August 19th + now at Rice Elementary on Aug 21 + Case at Rise Academy Sept 9 + Case at Tyler High School Sept 10 + 2 new cases Sept 8 and Sept 16 at Legacy High + 2 Cases at Moore MST Magnet School Sept 9 and Sept 16 + Case at Hubbard Middle School Sept 14 + Case Sept 16 at Birdwell Dual Language Elementary + Case Sept 10 at Bonner Elementary + Case Sept 13 at Griffin Elementary + Case Sept 17 at Orr Elementary + Case Sept 14 at Peete Elementary + Case Sept 8 at Ramey Elementary + 2 Cases Sept 10 and 11th at Rice Elementary good notadashboard New Covid Tracking page
United ISD cases at Zaffirini Elementary School Sept 15, class quarantined
Uvalde ISD at Uvalde High School 1 student athlete last week, but players did not quarantine so now more of them testing positive
Verbiest ISD 4 staff and students
Wolfe City ISD 3 staff
Waco ISD Middle School Principal dies this spring of covid-19
Willis ISD 2 cases at Meador Elementary Aug 25th
Windthorst ISD student since starting back on Aug 17th
Winnsboro ISD 2 students Aug 24 at Winnsboro Elementary School and Memorial Intermediate School
Wichita Falls ISD staff at Scotland Park Elementary and Cunningham Elementary Sept 3 + Staff at McNiel Middle School Sept 8 + Ryder High student Sept 4
White Oak ISD High School Closing until Sept 9 due to multiple cases
Whitney ISD student on Aug 21
Wylie ISD staff at Draper Intermediate + Davis Intermediate + Burnett Junior High + new cases Aug 19 at Birmingham Elementary + Cox Elementary School + New cases at Wylie East Junior High Sept 14
Zavalla ISD positive case on campus Aug 24
Private Schools with confirmed cases
Ascension Academy students Aug 24
Donna Shepard Leadership Academy staff
East Texas Montessori Prep Academy student
Incarnate Word High School teacher dies of Covid-19
SFA Charter School student
Anyone who wishes to offer support for keeping up with this project can support the Patreon here
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2020.09.01 22:10 WizardMama Summary of Governor John Bel Edwards Press Conference today


Governor JBE
Hurricane Laura
COVID-19 Update


600,000 were under a boil water advisory or their water was out of this morning. Have sheltering numbers picked up? If so it is it because people don't have access to water or because of damage
The shelter numbers ticked up again last night. It was the smallest increase since the storm hit. It does relate primarily to the availability of insurance. Also, individuals are realizing the condition of their homes is not safe, habitual, or secure. If there is a power outage to one's home there is a good chance the community water supply doesn't have power either. We are working every day to restore power, whether permanently, or by generator driven power. Some systems also received damage. What is driving people to shelter is a combination of damage to the home, and not having access to a secure shelter with power and water. The numbers continued to increase yesterday but by a smaller number than was seen previously.
On the critical needs assistance of $500 the state asked for $1,500 what was the explanation for the $500 and is that an appropriate amount to offer assistance to people.
I have not been given an explanation for the $500 versus and another amount. We want people to take advantage of the resources that they qualify for. Get them the information so they can complete the registration with FEMA and if they aren't to in their home because of the storm, and they have these extraordinary expenses they do qualify. I cannot tell you why that amount was chosen. People's lives are upside-down and I am never going to say a certain amount is right for them to get them back to where they need to be. Understand this is a one-time upfront short-term assistance that is valuable to those who can get it. We know a lot more needs to be done. Will continue to work so people can get all of the individual assistance can take advantage of, and not just in the 9 parishes that were approved by FEMA, but in the additional 14 parishes that were requested. Ultimately, we were not in control of the decision. No fixed formula for when it is approved. We will keep making our case as best as we can. Which is why you have seen FEMA go back and add more parishes.
Sent over a 100 letters from the Louisiana Bar association. They are very personal. People who are losing their lifetime investments and cannot pay their bills anymore. Feel unfairly targeted. I am from Slidell, they don't understand why casinos are allowed to be open but they are not. Why do you continue to leave the bar restrictions in place?
We have done it on the recommendations of our Public Health officials here, the data we have been given by the federal government, and specific recommendations given by the White House Taskforce -- primarily from Dr. Birx -- that bars with on-premises consumption are extraordinarily conducive environments for the spread of the coronavirus. That has been born out of the contact tracing efforts here, where 25% of the outbreaks and 26% of the cases go back to bars for on-premises consumption -- altough I may have switched the numbers, but it is only a percent difference. We understand it delivers a hardship on those businesses, but we also know that since Memorial Day the spread of coronavirus here, and across the Sunbelt, has been driven by people 18-29 years old. From contact tracing, we know that much of that happened in bars. So what we have done is bar on-premises consumption but allow for curbside pickup and delivery drive-thru (if they have that). We have also allowed them to change away from a bar, and operate as a restaurant if they are able; and if they can do that, they can operate under the same rules as a restaurant -- where alcohol service is incidental to foodservice and 50% or more of their income comes from food service component of their businesses. In addition, if they have video poker machines they can have up to 3 machines, and can have customers inside for that. We are giving them various opportunities to have income. It is about the spread of the virus and making sure we try to limit that. Especially after we come after Memorial Day and see the spread that resulted from there.
So continue to focus on spread among young people, the CDC just came out this week and they now acknowledge only 6% of people that died from COVID were only from COVID. Since March we have acknowledged that older people elderly people with other conditions are going to die. Why has the focused remained on shutting down bars and restaurants, why couldn't the focus have been on getting the older at-risk people to be locked down?
First of all, we have asked people who are vulnerable to stay at home as much as possible, to reduce their travel and activity, and to minimize them contracting the disease. I don't think there is any doubt that the increase in cases among young people did spread to older people over time. I will tell you I do not interpret the CDC information the way you did about the 6%. Because there may be 6% that only list COVID but the others will list a condition or a cause of death that they wouldn't have had but for the fact they had COVID. I do not think you have interpreted the CDC guidance correctly.
The LDH tells me today that the number of water facilities experiencing outages today did not have access to backup power prior to the storm which I as a violation of their requirements. How does that happen? What is being done to make sure every water facility has a generator before another storm gets here?
I cannot tell you why a specific water system did not have an onsite generator. We are working with them now to get them generators. A number of them had generators, some failed at the onset, others failed over time. It is not as simple as these facilities not having them. We are working with LANG to connect generators and have the fuel necessary to keep them running. If the generators have problems we are working to replace them as well.
You have a data-sharing agreement with municipalities to continue sharing COVID test information. Are you having any thoughts with sharing that data now that the first responders have access to PPE and the original reasons for sharing that info is no longer around, but the privacy concerns are...
Privacy concerns are always a concern. HIPAA precludes us from sharing information under certain circumstances. Early on when we didn't have PPE in order to preserve it and have it focused on our hospitals we were providing information to our office of preparedness that they could share information with first responders. Dr. Kanter are you aware of where are at right now currently in respect to hat policy? Kanter: "In Progress." So I know we are looking that the policy to see if currently, the circumstances warrant us to exchange that information. It is driven partly by HIPAA concerns, and partly because we have addressed the PPE, but also because we have such community spread that law enforcement should treat everyone as if they have COVID. We are reviewing the policy but I do not have a formal announcement today.
What would I recommend to residents that are within the 14 parishes that were included int eh request for a major disaster declaration but haven't been approved by FEMA for individual assistance?
Ask them to be patient. Even though they are not approved for individual assistance we are delivering aid to those parishes. LANG is working in those parishes to distribute, food, water, ice, tarps, and are asking other groups whether non-profits or faith-based to offer assistance there as well. We are focused on delivering aid to critical facilities like nursing homes, hospitals' and water systems. We are hopeful FEMA will see what we saw that the damage is concentrated enough and the population is vulnerable enough that availability of insurance is not widely available so they would be approved. Will continue to advocate on their behalf. I do not want to promise more than I can deliver.
Gov. LSU reported 182 new cases over the last 5 days. This comes after there testing sites were shut for the storm. Are you alarmed at the number of cases we are seeing at LSU?
I cannot say I am alarmed. I am concerned. I would rather there be 0 cases. I do not know the total number of tests that were performed to yield the 182 positive results you are talking about. It would also be interesting for me to know how many of those cases are symptomatic or asymptomatic. So long as individuals are properly isolating once they know they have the virus and not continuing to engage in activities that can spread the virus to others, especially the most vulnerable, then I would be obviously less alarmed and less concerned. There will always be concern around that. It will not be possible to resume any activity with the community spread at the degree we have and not have some additional transmission of the virus. I cannot tell you that specific number "shocks" me but it is something we will keep our eye on very closely. I will tell you testing remains critically important. One of the things about the past week, as we prepared for and responded to Hurricane Laura that concerns me the most is that we stopped much of our in-state testing especially in regards to surge and community testing, some of which were on our college campuses. I am gratified that I can tell you that as of yesterday we have stood back up testing sites including on some of our college campuses that remain open today. If a student has a positive result they have to properly isolate themselves to minimize the spread.
What do you see in the coronavirus numbers that indicate it would be safe to have fans inside of the super dome for Saints games?
Um, first of all, the number in New Orleans, their percent positivity, is the smallest in the State. I think it is a little less than 5% so that has an awful lot to do with it. Secondly, we know they put forth a plan. By the way, you just made news to me because I hadn't heard the Saints had made any announcement like that. Maybe they have. Did you say for the second game or the third game? Hm. They already announced for the first two games they would have none. The mayor took a look at it with her team. From the look I took, because of the protocols they have in place, and the limitation on the % of occupancy, and how the mitigation measures will be enforced we felt comfortable they could do that. Understand that between now and then, depending on what happens with our tests/cases/hospitalizations, that any decision is tentative. They have to have some target to drive their planning and actions going forward. It is based on 25% occupancy.
Early on deaths were the focus but since mid-June deaths have remained less than 50% and testing has become the focus. There seems to be almost an obsession with having to increase testing. Why are surprised to see more infections? Why are deaths no longer the focus that is driving decisions on how to progress to another phase?
First of all, I reject the premise of the question. Whether we proceed to a phase is determined by the White House guidelines and those are explicitly COVID-like illnesses reported to emergency rooms, cases as a raw number and a percentage of tests administered (percent positivity), and then it deals with hospitalization and the ability to deliver care without resorting to crisis care. Those have always been the main criteria that have determined our decision whether we move to the next phase. The deaths are a lagging indicator and I will tell you I'm very troubled here in Louisiana that we still report a stead number of deaths on a daily basis that is higher than anything I am comfortable with. Deaths are a lagging indicator because you cannot die from COVID-19 unless you get the disease in the first place. We are always going to base our decisions on the guidelines as we have told the people of Louisiana every time we have made a decision. By the way, a week from now we owe you a decision on what happens Friday after next.
Closing Remarks
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2020.09.01 20:18 Gavin_Magnus Critique of A Cadmean Victory

A few months ago I began to read A Cadmean Victory because it is so frequently recommended in this subreddit. Yesterday I finished it, and here is a critique of it that I’ve been writing while reading, and a few suggestions of making it better. This is meant for those who have read the story and know what happens in it. If you haven’t and are going to, I warn you: spoilers ahead!
I am a very perfectionist person: I notice flaws more easily than merits. I have very high standards, and when I read a story and encounter things I don’t like, I add them to a mental list of things that should be better. I don’t have a mental list of things that are good. That’s why this review appears to be just a long list of flaws and seemingly bitter complaints, and it’s easy to come to the conclusion that I hate the story and just want to rub my bad feelings to the face of the rest of the world like some Mr Plinkett. This is not so. I actually finished reading A Cadmean Victory despite its immense length, which is rare for a fan fiction story, especially one so massive. I had to find it sufficiently entertaining (although at some points only writing this critique urged me to continue), and that means I cannot give it a mark lower than Acceptable. (Exceeds Expectations would be too much.) Please, keep that in mind. I will do my best to point out things in the story that are actually good.
The prose of the story is generally good. Not professional level, and not impressive in any point, but better than the prose in more than ninety percent of fan fiction stories. There never was a moment when the writing was so clumsy or sloppy that it would have irritated me.
However, the overall tone and, shall I say, proportions of the story feel out of place. The beginning was rushed, as if the writer just wanted to get it over with and onto the actual plot. In the very first chapter Harry is first chatting with Hermione, then gets to the Quidditch World Cup, then has some insights about the Veela, then returns to the tent with the Weasleys, then the Death Eaters attack and Harry ends up killing Barty Crouch Junior. Too much was packed in one chapter, and as a result I found it impossible to immerse in the story. It was told in a boring, emotionless tone, skipping moments when Harry probably felt varying emotions. I almost stopped reading right then.
But later in the story the writer has no trouble using several chapters to tell about trivial things. For example, the first half of Chapter 68 is just light-hearted small-talk of Harry and his friends, Katie and Neville. At that point their friendship has been established long ago. That episode serves no function whatsoever, not the plot, not character development, not anything. Parts like it should be removed. The same applies to some of the romance parts. It may be nice for the writer to imagine all these lovely dates with a dream girl, but the reader just gets bored and annoyed. It’s totally unnecessary to tell about furniture shopping in Chapter 74 when the story should be building up tension for the climax. I actually got so bored at that point that I stopped reading the story for two weeks and read two books before returned. And I returned only because I had already begun writing this review. As late in the story as in Chapter 94 the writer admits in a note that the chapter is mainly filler. Remove the filler!
Another thing where the writer uses too many words is the lectures about magic. Early in the story Harry and Salazar Slytherin’s portrait discuss many topics of magic, and the discussions are far too long and thorough. The rituals and other magic systems are probably well thought out, but they were told in the wrong way. It is unnecessary for the reader to receive all the information that Harry does. I want to read a story, not someone’s meticulously thorough deep-dive thesis about how magic works! Such knowledge has no applications in real life, and is plot-wise irrelevant even inside the story. Instead of the long dialogues it should have been told as a summarised version by the narrator, maybe spiced with some of Harry’s ideas about them.
Another huge flaw in the tone is the fact that there are climaxes and anticlimaxes over and over again, and none of them seem to have consequences to Harry’s mental state after the one in Chapter 1. In Chapter 35 he confronts Voldemort for the first time, and in Chapter 36 he is starting his relationship with Fleur, not shaken or traumatised at all. In Chapter 65 he confronts Voldemort again, and in Chapter 67 he is back at Hogwarts toying with his friends. In Chapter 76 he confronts Voldemort yet again, and in Chapter 77 he is having nice time with his friends in Diagon Alley. In Chapter 98 he confronts Voldemort once more, and Chapter 100 begins with Harry and Fleur teasing each other before the final climax begins abruptly, without much built-up tension. This makes the story feel disoriented, breaking the immersion, and the lack of mental consequences make Harry feel inhuman, like some kind of robot. More about that.
Characters are probably the most important part of any story. Relatable and likable characters make a story good even if the plot is not that good, and even a good plot doesn’t feel like much if the reader is unable to feel its impact through the characters. Sadly, A Cadmean Victory lacks this most important part. Let’s analyse the four most important characters and find out why they do not make a good story.
Harry is supposed to be a slightly more introverted version of the character we know from J. K. Rowling’s books. Until the summer of 1994 he has gone through all the same events as the canon Harry, but they have a different impact on his person due to his introversion. This starting point is a good one. I am an introvert myself, and I thought, “Good, relating to this kind of Harry should be easier!” But, like I said, Harry feels inhuman.
The main character of a story may be a hero in which case the reader relates to him, likes him, and hopes him to succeed. Or he can be a villain in which case the reader enjoys him being ruthless even though he is not a nice person. A Cadmean Victory tries to combine these two types of main character, but fails utterly. The reader is clearly supposed to like and relate to Harry, but then Harry becomes a cold-blooded murderer. He murders Rita Skeeter just because she was being annoying and because framing the murder to appear to be committed by Death Eaters was strategically beneficial, but afterwards Harry is only concerned about Fleur’s disapproval.
From that point on I could not relate to Harry, but I could not enjoy him as a villainous main character either. As far as I am concerned, at that point Harry is as evil as Voldemort, and the story is about a child who evolves into a monster. Killing Pettigrew at least felt like a justified revenge, killing Umbridge was kind of divine justice, and the killed Death Eaters can be considered casualties of war, but the Skeeter episode just convinced me that Harry is a deranged psychopath whom I would like to see dying as well. Furthermore, all the boring small-talk episodes after the murder got a creepy undertone. Here is Katie, a normal teenage girl, hanging out with his friend Harry – who has murdered a woman for being annoying and felt no guilt or remorse afterwards. How am I supposed to enjoy reading about their day when all I can think is what if Harry snaps, kills Katie, and then feels absolutely nothing?
Harry totally lacks character development. The reader gets no such insight to his mental state that would explain him becoming a murderer. To put it simply, Harry is wildly out of character, but the reader does not actually learn what kind of person he is. There are more examples of this. When he finds out that he is Voldemort’s Horcrux, he quite easily accepts the fact that he will have to die. However, for a few chapters he is absolutely adamant that “he will not become nothing” or something like that. In other words, he gets some morbid satisfaction from the thought that even though he will have to die, he will die in such a remarkable way that his heroic sacrifice will be remembered and admired. But the canon Harry was never a glory hound. I would be okay with this kind of mindset if it was explained well. It was not explained at all. I think the writer just wanted to create some contrast to the happier and more confident Harry he became, and thus he needed to have some moments of desperation and depression.
It’s generally awful to read a romance story where one side of the romance is a psychopath. However, A Cadmean Victory at least has the merit that the other side is also unlikable.
Fleur’s most important character traits are bad temper and jealousy. Whenever she has a disagreement with someone, she treats them with contempt, usually threatens them with something, and swears angrily. Whenever someone is even slightly interested in Harry, she gets mad and fantasises about setting them on fire. There are no moments when she expresses any empathy or goodwill for anyone but her family members and boyfriend. And then Fleur too becomes a cold-blooded murderess who feels no remorse after killing an underage bystander in his own home for the crime of knowing too much. Oh, and then she and Harry just go home and are jubilant about how much they love each other. How is anyone supposed to like and relate to them? A Cadmean Victory is the only piece of literature I have ever encountered in which the good looks of a girl is more important and makes up for a vile personality, and I find it quite repulsive. At least both main characters are rotten apples, so at least I don’t need to be concerned about it if they eventually kill each other.
Also, why is Fleur of all people Harry’s love interest? Her entire personality and special Veela abilities are irrelevant to the plot. Nothing would actually change if she was replaced with some other girl. Is it just the fact that Fleur is the best-looking girl in the story? I dislike stories that feel like a personal fantasy of the writer.
Also Neville is out of character. In this story he is vengeful above all else: he hates the Lestranges and Crouch Junior with rage he can barely contain, and wants to kill them personally. That is both the total antithesis of the canon Neville and implausible too. Neville was too young to know his parents, so he should not be able to feel so strongly about their fate. He would be an interesting character if he had the feeling that he should hate the Lestranges and Crouch, but actually couldn’t. Their crimes would be like the crimes of some random historical people committed against random victims: worthy of being strongly disapproved, but something he just couldn’t take personally. That’s just how emotions like this work. You can’t form strong emotions based on stories you have been told but not experienced yourself. As a result, Neville is reduced to an angry and bitter sidekick who can barely keep up with Harry’s amazing power and talent. It’s a total waste of character that could be removed from the story without changing the plot. Neville has no impact in the climax of the story. He is present and told doing things, but then he ends up being irrelevant. Nothing was told about what happened to him afterwards which makes it feel that all the long chapters in which Harry trained him were pointless to the ultimate conclusion of the story and his own character arc, i.e. filler.
Katie was actually an interesting character because she felt like a real person and not a caricature like the three other most important characters. She caused a love triangle in the story, and I could empathize with her on some level. On one hand, I would have liked her to be successful in her love life, because she was a much more pleasant person than Fleur, but on the other hand, I would not have liked such a normal, likable girl end up with a monster like Harry. Her death was supposed to be a tough situation for Harry, but apart from one of Harry’s brief fits of rage, there were no consequences to Harry’s mental state or the plot. In the end, Katie felt like one of the many wasted characters of the story.
Harry and Fleur initially dislike each other, but then find some kind of strong personal connection because of their similarities. They both think about the other one before the romance begins, but I never understood it how they turned out to love each other. And even stranger is how Fleur comes to consider Harry the most important thing in her life, so important that she has no problems with Harry being a psychopath who murders a woman for being annoying. (She even continues teasing Harry, taking the risk of being the next annoying woman to face the ultimate penalty.) It seems like the writer wanted to give some insight to their thoughts because that’s what happens in good romance stories, but only made it even more confusing. In Chapter 64 Harry looks into the Mirror of Erised and sees himself with a family with Fleur. In Chapter 71 he is suddenly uneasy about being committed to his relationship with her. It seems that the writer wanted an unrealistically effortless beginning for such a perfect romance, but at the same time acknowledged that it needs some obstacles to be interesting to the audience. The result is convoluted and implausible.
The story would be much better if the entire romance was removed. The main problem is that romance and a total war against cartoonishly evil bad guys are quite incompatible genres of literature. Normal people are unable to invest emotionally in a romance if a mortal danger lurks everywhere and they know they are being targeted by an overpowered bad guy.
The lack of relationship dynamics also bothered me. Apart from Harry enjoying Fleur feeling jealous and protective, they are on a lovely honeymoon almost the entire time. They don’t learn new facets of each other, they never face serious moments of doubt or willingness to end the relationship. In fact, the romance would be an interesting one if Harry and Fleur had vastly differing hopes and expectations. Like the following, for example. Harry is stressed about the war and seeks comfort from Fleur. She, being the older one of the pair and having no such personal concerns, is willing to get a closer and more intimate relationship, and is disappointed when he is emotionally unable to comply. She learns more about people and lets go of her non-empathic composure. Defeating Voldemort becomes a mutual goal for them, because they know their relationship can flourish only if Harry is freed from his emotional burden. At the end of the story, they have both learned much about each other and life in general, and everything is fine. That would be a story worth telling!
This is a friendly advice for all aspiring authors: if you don’t have personal experience in romantic relationships, it’s usually not a good idea to write stories about them. Of course, I don’t know any personal details of the writer of A Cadmean Victory, but from the tone of the story I suspect he/she was around twenty years old when writing and inexperienced in romantic relationships.
Divergence type fan fiction stories usually follow the Stations of the Canon, i.e. the events of the books. I actually like it, because I find it interesting to explore the ramifications of the divergence. A Cadmean Victory, however, is a bad example of divergence, because it follows the Stations of the Canon even after it doesn’t make any sense.
At the beginning, Harry kills Barty Crouch Junior, and sometime during the next school year he kills Peter Pettigrew. Even though that should have totally derailed the canon plot, the Triwizard Tournament takes place with Harry as the fourth Champion, and he gets taken to Little Hangleton where he confronts the resurrected Voldemort and then escapes. The Ministry doesn’t believe him and Umbridge is being annoying, there is the adventure in the Department of Mysteries where Harry fights Death Eaters and Voldemort, and the Ministry learns the truth. There is the Horcrux hunt and Dumbledore dies following the events in the cave, then the Death Eaters almost take over Britain, there is the break-in to Gringotts, and the final showdown between Harry and Voldemort in Hogwarts. It’s mind-boggling how little things change even though for Harry so many things happen differently.
Harry gets taught by Salazar Slytherin’s portrait and does several rituals that make him more powerful, and he gets help from Fleur, but these things don’t change the overall plot. It’s unbelievable that someone is willing to go through the trouble of writing a 500,000 word story with own world-building and unique subplots, but then change next to nothing about the main plot. It was very disappointing and showed striking lack of creativity when compared to the more unique parts.
Many plot details were strange and annoying.
I never understood how Harry’s name ended up in the Goblet of Fire. In one of the early Fleur’s point of view chapters she witnesses Harry putting his name in the Goblet, but later Harry is surprised that the Goblet selected him. Did Fleur see someone who was Polyjuiced as Harry? It was never explained.
And then there was Peter Pettigrew hanging out at Hogwarts for some reason. I think he was giving orders to the Imperiused Ludo Bagman, but why was it necessary to do at Hogwarts? Wasn’t Bagman in London most of the time? But the most annoying thing is that even though Harry sees Pettigrew on the Marauder’s Map several times, he doesn’t do anything about it. Yes, I get it he doesn’t trust Dumbledore as much as he once did, but isn’t capturing Pettigrew quite an important thing? Why was Harry unwilling to interact even so little with Dumbledore as telling him about Pettigrew’s suspicious presence would have been? The entire Pettigrew subplot was ridiculous, like some kind of a side quest of a video game: Harry knows it is not necessary to act right now. Pettigrew will be there even if Harry wastes several opportunities to catch him.
A similar type of thing is that Voldemort repeatedly lets Harry go for no real reason. Yes, he wants to know how Harry would turn out given time, but considering Voldemort wanted to kill Harry when he was a baby it is totally out of character for Voldemort. He doesn’t take the risk of anyone equalling him. Voldemort’s stupidity also evaporates the tension from the story. When the reader knows that confronting Voldemort is not an almost guaranteed death, all those confrontations lack the necessary tension for an interesting adventure story. The story offers no surprises, the final confrontation will happen only when Harry is ready!
Harry’s stupidity about important tools annoyed me. He totally wastes the final use of the Time Turner and the Felix Felicis for unimportant things even though he knew he was going to face Voldemort eventually. Any sensible person would have saved them for the confrontation.
World building deserves recognition, but A Cadmean Victory creates several plot holes by taking Rowling’s world into the wrong direction. Specifically, the rituals.
There are lots of rituals, far too many for any plot purposes. I guess the writer wanted some kind of explanation for Harry becoming so powerful so quickly. That is better than no explanation, but when there is a new ritual every ten chapters or so, it becomes excessive. Harry should have done them all at once. Alternatively, skip the rituals altogether and come up with something entirely else. Magic opens so many possibilities; why does Harry have to beat Voldemort with superb power? Some creative application of previously known magic would be much more satisfying and spare the reader of many boring scenes with loads of inconsequential information.
Perhaps the over-emphasizing of power could be parallelised with a story of Harry Potter and Voldemort as weightlifters. Voldemort is the strongest weightlifter in the world, and Harry knows that if he is to win, he must become even stronger. Then the story tells about how Harry exercises and uses doping. Eventually he is stronger than Voldemort and triumphs. Not a very interesting story, I would say. The reader cannot feel Harry’s exercising, thus making it impossible for the reader to attach to the story. But how about a story where Harry realises that he doesn’t need to be stronger than Voldemort, he just needs to be cleverer, and triumphs by other means? (Actually, at some point of A Cadmean Victory Harry does say that he plans to defeat Voldemort through cleverness rather than power, but nothing becomes of it.)
Also, there was no sufficient explanation to why so few wizards do these rituals. Yes, the ingredients are expensive and the knowledge was rare, but if a teenager can become the third most powerful wizard in a few years through them, I would think the wizarding world would mass-produce the ingredients and use all their time to craft more such rituals. Plot-wise, a good ritual requires a sacrifice that few people are willing to make. The Horcrux is a good example. The rituals should have made Harry less human. That would not even change the story as such a personality change happens regardless.
Then there is the fact that paintings are actually sentient. If they are capable of learning new things and interacting with living people like living people, why is it not customary in the wizarding world to immortalize everyone in paintings? If paintings are just as good teachers as living people, why are they not in charge of teaching at Hogwarts? Paintings should not be some kind of good Horcruxes.
I found the direct quotes of thoughts annoying. Every now and then there is a short line in italics telling what Harry thinks. My problem is that usually people do not think in complete sentences. Thoughts are quick realisations and associations, and that is why it would be much better to let the narrator tell what kind of thoughts go through the mind of the main character. Direct quotes are okay if the character actually forms the complete sentences, for example when imagining a conversation, planning the line, or almost saying something but keeping quiet for some reason. This is just a minor detail, but when it happens over and over again for no good reason, it gets very annoying. It breaks the flow of the prose. Equally annoying is that usually the lines were so unimportant. If it is necessary to tell Harry’s opinion about a minor detail, why not spell out every single thought that forms in his mind? Or am I not believe that no thought processes take place apart from the ones written in italics?
But this next thing is a positive one. There is more social interaction with less close friends, something the Harry Potter books lack for some reason. (The most glaring example of this is in the Half-Blood Prince. At the start of the year Harry hears that the parents of the Patil twins would like to take their daughters out of Hogwarts. Then, just before Christmas, Harry says to Parvati, “How’re you? You’re staying at Hogwarts, then? I heard your parents wanted you to leave.” So, apparently, Harry never exchanged a single word of small-talk with her in more than three months before that?) Harry’s friendship with Katie is interesting partly because it should have been in the books.
This next thing is quite usual in fan fiction stories. Characters teasingly threaten each other like this: “If you get into danger, I’m gonna hex you until –!” Does that really happen between teenagers? Is that their way of expressing caring without appearing soft or sentimental? I have grown to hate it, because it’s like a trade mark of a writer who doesn’t know how real people interact.
Why was this story written? I think every story has some kind of creative spark, some moral the writer wants to tell the audience. But even after reading A Cadmean Victory, I don’t know what the moral is. It certainly is not that if Harry had been more independent, cunning, ambitious, and proactive, everything would have turned out for the better, because it didn’t! And it wasn’t that even though the so-called Dark Arts give you an advantage in a war, they are not good in the long run. In fact, the only moral I can think of about A Cadmean Victory is that it is okay to break into people’s homes and murder them for petty reasons. No, I don’t like it. Hermione is the voice of reason in this story, understanding Harry’s fall, but at the end it turns out she was being influenced by the locket Horcrux. I’m probably over thinking it, but it’s like a message to the reader: if you think Harry is evil, you’re influenced by Voldemort!
This is a divergence type of story. That means this is an alternative chain of events to canon, and we can judge if this is a better or worse outcome to the starting point. In the end, what is better than in canon: Fred, Cedric, and Snape survive. What is worse: Arthur, Katie, Hermione, and Ron die, as apparently does every Hogwarts professor, Teddy Lupin never gets born, Draco dies and loses his chance to get redeemed, Harry’s friendships with the Weasleys are ruined, and Harry and Fleur become monsters. Good for Fred, Cedric, and Snape, but overall I would say the outcome is much worse. So, apparently I read over half a million words and endured unlikable main characters just to learn that their sacrifice of their own humanity did not even make things better than the alternative. And there even was no clear or reasonable moral to the story. So, was this a story that needed or deserved to be told? If I could send a message back in time, I probably would advise my younger self not to bother reading this story.
Again, this does not mean that the story is bad. It just is not worth the trouble of reading over half a million words, because so much of it is filler and the important parts are plagued with flaws. Removing the filler parts, the inconsequential action sequences, the unnecessary lectures about magic, and most of the romance parts would make this a solid 150,000 word story without changing the plot at all. Then just a little more thought to the plot and character development would make this story a good one.
Many people consider this a very good Harry Potter fan fiction story, even among the best. I would like to read their thoughts about the things I have pointed out.
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2020.08.30 06:00 Mu69 Just finished Dexter after 9-10 months. Random thoughts and last episode discussion

WOW. This is crazy, I never expected to finish the show. Sigh so many memories with them. So many characters that I loved. My favorite characters were
  1. Isaak from the Koshkov brother hood
  2. James doakes
  3. Harry
  4. Special agent lundy
Sigh the last episode was real bad. Dexter the show was so smooth and clean until around s7-s8, it felt rushed. I’m not sure if I’ll ever rewatch it because how long it is but it’s just crazy thinking back to season 2 where he was dating rita and lilya. Or when he killed his brother, James, miguel, Jordan chase, the trinity killer, the doomsday guy. I don’t know where I’m going with this post but I am just sad that I finished it
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2020.08.30 03:02 jrmrjnck March 2020 Sky Islands Traverse (Abridged)

In March 2020 I attempted the Sky Islands Traverse, and covered most of the route with some significant bypasses and discontinuities. Finally got around to finishing a report which I wanted to share since this is not a route you hear much about. (And yes, in hindsight many of my activities were ill-advised during a pandemic (hitchhiking, etc.), but I simply didn't realize it at the time.)


Where: The Sky Islands Traverse (SkIT) is 500-and-some mile route connecting 10 "sky island" mountain ranges in southeastern Arizona, mostly within the Coronado National Forest, as well as a long section of the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area. Aside from the creator Brett Tucker's initial thru in 2010, I only found evidence of two other complete hikes by Dirtmonger and Not a Chance. The two links above provide fantastic narrative about the route's terrain, flora, and fauna so I won't spend much time reiterating that. Especially Tucker's photo journal is really worth reading through if you are interested in the route (he is a much better writer than I).
When: 2020-03-16 to 2020-04-12. 28 days including 1 zero
Distance: 460 miles. 62,000 ft gross elevation gain
Final Route Overview Map
Conditions: A couple of rain storms, but overall fantastic conditions prevailed. Average weather was sunny and warm, with highs in the 70s and lows in the 40s. Overall low temp recorded by my thermometer was 34.2 F at 8900' in the Pinaleños.
In addition to the great weather, most water sources were gushing due to abundant winter rains. Almost every source listed in Tucker's data book was usable, and I came across many more flowing sources and stock tanks that were not listed at all.
Lighterpack: https://lighterpack.com/8c8bct
Unused items marked with red star
Photo Album: https://imgur.com/a/bKezHIM


This was my first thru hike. It appealed to me because it was the right distance and season and connected a lot of fascinating terrain and historical sites. I planned the route in great detail and included "escape hatches" in case the main route proved too difficult. Ultimately, I did use almost every bypass and shortcut, resulting in an "abridged" traverse. The limiting factor was very slow travel through rough terrain eating into my time budget.
I think many people would call this an "advanced" hike. But my impression now is that it kind of maximizes one factor (route difficulty), while the other factors are not that bad. Bug pressure, climate, resupply interval, and cell service are all pretty favorable. But I can understand why the SkIT would not appeal to most hikers given all the other amazing well developed trails. Land access is another issue that might concern the more law-abiding hiker, since this is not an "official" route with negotiated access rights. There are more than a few fences and "no tresspassing" signs along the way, although there's also little chance of encountering anyone who would care.


I prepared paper maps for the entire route with CalTopo, using a combination of Tucker's data book and GPS track, and AZT info and GET info since the alignment of those trails has changed a bit since the SkIT was first published. I found Skurka's tips for printing maps quite useful, going with the "Forest Service" preset layer, double sided 11x17" at 1:36000 printed by Fedex. In practice, 1:36000 was too small to figure out where to go in some parts and I had to fall back to digital maps on my phone. Next time I would print larger scale maps, just for the non-AZT sections.


Dragoons (Cochise Stronghold to river, 2 days)

I flew into TUS and took the bus downtown to buy some fuel (don't rely on Miller Surplus for LPG fuel). Then took an Uber to the start at Cochise Stronghold - the road was passable except for some water crossings which were a little too deep for the Honda Accord - so I walked the last mile to the trailhead. Trail was nice and easy until the very first XC section towards Council Rocks. In what would ultimately be the most frustrating XC of the whole trip, I spent a couple hours wading through thick brush unsuccessfully trying to find the pictographs. I'm still not sure how I missed it since there is apparently a popular trail leading to the site, but eventually I found myself at the next waypoint so I just continued on. Slavin Gulch would be the last water source before reaching the San Pedro, and luckily water was abundant there.
The XC through Smith Wash was very straightforward and fairly pleasant, with numerous shady trees to rest under. It would set the scene for many future wash slogs, where can you choose between soft sand of the wash bottom, or the firm but brushy banks. Saw my first ever rattlesnake in the wash, and also saw my first border patrol agent parked along AZ 80. Made it to the river after sunset on a very long day 2.

San Pedro River (river to Nicksville, 2 days)

Awoke at 5 AM when rising winds collapsed the tarp on top of me (still a tarp newbie). Found that the river was relatively deep and swift, very unlike the lazy intermittently flowing waters I expected from pictures. Combined with threatening weather, I decided to walk the railroad grade along the west bank rather than the river bottom. The monotonous dreary setting, high winds, and coarse gravel of the railroad grade made for poor hiking, but it seemed a lot faster than navigating the river, and I needed to make miles on the first half of this route. I had marked a lot of historic sites on my map north of Fairbank, but missed most of them since I stayed on the west bank. Fairbank itself was shuttered due to COVID, so I continued on dirt roads to the historic Boquillas Ranch. Among the historic buildings there, there is also a newly constructed barn/garage (empty and unlocked), where I took refuge from the wind to eat lunch. Soon after, it started pouring rain, so I ended up staying the night there.
Continued from there on the occasionally marked San Pedro Trail. South of Millville/Charleston, I finally found a favorable section of the river to navigate, where much of the vegetation on the bank was flattened (by flooding I assume). Got back on the San Pedro Trail south of Escapule Rd, and from there the trail is well defined, although it's mostly wide open 2-track roads covered in manure, and therefore vastly inferior to the lush oasis of the river itself. San Pedro House was also closed due to COVID, but I later crossed paths with the site hosts, who informed me that you actually need a $2/night permit to camp in the RNCA. But they basically implied I shouldn't worry about it, so I'm still not sure how you camp here legally. The Miller Backcountry site is the only establisted site in the RNCA, but aside from having a bear box and pit toilet it is no more attractive than any other place - so I pushed on, and finally camped at the very end of the trail amid a cacophony of coyotes and dogs.
Once you cross Hereford Rd, you're basically walking past houses until you find singletrack again in Hunter Canyon, so definitely plan your rest stops accordingly. The 3 Canyons road walk is a private road blocked by a gated fence. There was more than a few cars going by but no one seemed interested in me. Met up with dantimmerman for a few hours before I headed up into the mountains 👍. The Nicksville Dollar General is a viable resupply point, although pretty much all the "real" food was sold out due to virus panic.

Huachucas (Nicksville to Patagonia, 3 days)

The trail up towards Miller Peak was a nice climb and surely a popular day hiking spot, and at high elevations there was patchy snow. Wild turkey and deer were abundant along this gorgeous trail, which at times somehow reminded me of the Appalachians. Started getting pain in my achilles which would persist for another week. But I eventually hobbled into Patagonia, where I got a hotel room and resupplied at the Market. I checked out the upscale grocery too, but didn't find much there that I like to eat while backpacking.

Santa Ritas (Patagonia to Vail, 2 days)

Split from the AZT onto Temporal Gulch Trail #595, which was in spectacular condition, especially in the upper sections near Josephine Saddle. It was actually a little difficult to pick up near the lower trailhead, but once you get going the right way it's a great hike: cairns, fresh signage, fresh tread, branches trimmed back for wide open passage, and even the shin daggers had their tips trimmed! Crest Trail #144 up to Baldy Saddle is in great condition, with a few inches of snow in late March. Did not summit Mt. Wrightson because I was at Baldy Saddle at 4 PM and wanted to get to lower elevations to camp. Beyond Baldy Saddle, the trails are easily followable but very overgrown and covered with blowdown in some spots. After descending the switchbacks on the East Sawmill Trail #146, the trail opens up and is easier. Going around Wrightson would be my biggest day of the trip at 26 mi, and also my first time night hiking (terrifying and exhilarating being watched by disembodied eyes).
Back on the AZT, things are easy, although this stretch into Vail was the most water-poor of any section on the SkIT for me.

Rincons (Vail to Italian Spring TH, 2 days)

Some other AZT hikers and I were blessed with incredible trail magic just before hitting Saguaro NP (full dinner, breakfast, oreos+milk!). And I even picked up a trail name ("spaceman").
If you want to camp inside Saguaro NP, Grass Shack CG looked decent, but Manning Camp was cold and windy and probably not a good bet in early spring. I did not camp in the NP so I don't know how the permit experience is. No other surprises on the AZT through the Rincons.

Santa Catalinas (Italian Spring TH to San Pedro River, 3 days)

Crossing into Molino Basin, there were many day hikers about (and I finally had that first experience of smelling people before seeing or hearing them). Due to foot pain, I decided to skip all the "inner Catalina" miles between Molino Basin and Summerhaven, and instead take a zero in town. But, I had prepared three resupply boxes in advance for the second half of the trip and sent them all to the Summerhaven PO, so I had to get up there before they closed for the weekend. Luckily, I managed to hitch a ride with a very kind woman up to the PO and then all the way back down into Tucson.
From Summerhaven, the route starts out on some trails which are not on the FS map, but do have tracks in MapBuildeOSM up to Bigelow. These trails do exist in reality, and there were many footprints in the snow to follow. From Bigelow TH to San Pedro Vista, there are well defined trails since it is actually now an official AZT Wilderness Bypass Route. There is no need to bushwhack down from Barnum Rock/Leopold Point like the reference route suggests.
The Brush Corral Trail #19 has seen some recent maintenance and is followable. Notably, from the Shortcut Trail #21A junction, there is extensive flagging with red, white, and blue streamers, and many parts have had the brush trimmed back for easy passage. There was one small section around a bump in the ridge where I lost the flagging and had to forge my way around, but on the other side of the bump the flagging picked up again to show the way. Once the dense brush peters out, the lower section of the trail is in great condition with clear trail and signage all the way down to the TH.
Here begins the longest water carry on the trip, out to Redfield Canyon. I carried 4 liters, which was sufficient, and I didn't see any other potential sources in between.
From Redington Rd, the reference route goes down a wash to the river bed under the bridge. Be aware that there is fence across the wash and another at the bridge which were a bit tricky to get around. Unless you really hate road walks, it might be better to just stay on Redington Rd north to the intersection and avoid all the fences.

Galiuros (San Pedro River to Klondyke, 4 days)

Despite lacking the grand rock formations or vistas of the other ranges, the Galiuros became my favorite section, due to the unique challenges, the total isolation, and the haunting history.
The trail down to the cliff house is cairned and straightforward, but I got excited when I saw the river and accidentally left the trail early and ended up doing a very sketchy scramble. Follow the cairns carefully and this should be an easy trail down to the canyon bottom. The cliff house itself is cool and totally worth a visit - and there is another access trail from the south side of the canyon.
The boulder scrambling in upper Redfield Canyon was an enjoyable, unique experience, and one of the highlights of the trip for me. In the photo journal, Tucker suggests an alternative route around the boulders, but I would just keep that as a backup. There were only two spots I took off my backpack to toss it up ahead on a climb, and overall it did not seem too difficult or risky. I suppose things coulds get rearranged by floodwaters though, so YMMV.
West Divide Trail #289 basically does not exist any more up until Kielberg Tank. There are occasionally cairns and faint tracks to follow but be prepared here for essentially XC routefinding. After Kielberg, and especially after Power's Cabin, the trail is well defined to the junction with Powers Garden Trail #96. At that point, the reference route keeps following the West Divide Trail out to Grassy Ridge, but it did not look promising to me. I took the easy way down to Rattlesnake Creek, and that really is a pleasant hike up to Powers Garden. Powers Garden Trail #96 continues to be easy to follow all the way up Powers Hill.
In Klondyke, I picked up a resupply box forwarded from Summerhaven. There are instructions in the GET town guide for how to send packages here (as there is no post office), and this method still works fine. But as always, pick up your package! The woman who owns the store where you send packages has to deal with uncollected boxes every year and I'm sure it's annoying. When I came through, there were 4 other boxes and 3 were past the ETA date. Had a wonderful stay at the Horsehead Lodge, although the front porch of the BLM office looked quite hospitable for a free option.

Santa Teresas (Klondyke to Klondyke Rd, 1 day)

I took the GET Buford Hill alternate route, having had my fill of bad trail in the Galiuros, so unfortunately I can't report on this section too much. There is an updated GET route that I mapped as an option rather than the outdated reference SkIT route. Thankfully my feet were fully hardened after leaving Klondyke, and I had no more pain for the rest of the trip.

Pinaleños (Klondyke Rd to I-10, 4 days)

Past Underwood Canyon, had a little uncertainty finding the correct ridge to XC up from Two Troughs to Tripp Canyon, but there are some cairns leading the way and it's clear many GETers have been through. Finding the way down on the other side is also tricky because many stock paths lead south away from the drainage. I pushed through a long day to get to Tripp Canyon because I thought it would be a nice campsite, but it wasn't - do not plan on camping here. Tucker's literature mentions "car camping sites" but the reality is more like "ravaged weekend bonfire party sites". I found an OK spot to camp, but most of this area is littered with broken glass, toilet paper, and tire tracks, and many of the trees have had entire limbs hacked off. This was also the only place I ever encountered abundant mosquitoes.
Next day I took the GET Sawmill-Blue Jay bypass route, which was a surprisingly pleasant and wide path following a black plastic pipeline, up until the short XC which was also easy once you pick the right drainage to go up. There were several car campers at Dry Lake stock tank, which seemed much more pleasant than Tripp Canyon. Then followed FR 286 all the way up to West Peak, skipping the Blue Jay Ridge trail. Had lunch at West Peak with the first and only GETer I would encounter. His account of the Teresas route made me glad I had bypassed.
Clark Peak Trail #301 was in moderate condition, deteriorating substantially in some steeper sections after Taylor Pass due to fire damage. But overall is it cairned and flagged well enough to follow without a map. Spent a windy night at Riggs Lake, and then ended up staying on the road (Swift Trail) all the way to Ladybug Saddle. There was patchy but substantial snow cover at higher elevations, and the trail from Chesley Flat to Webb Peak was not discernable (ended up taking FR 88 up and down to tag the high point). I had wanted to investigate conditions on Round the Mountain Trail #302, but even FR 508 looked snowed in and covered in blowdown, so I took the easy way down Swift Trail, which was cleared of snow all the way to Ladybug Saddle. Road walking the Swift Trail 366 would not be pleasant from Shannon CG to Ladybug Saddle if there had been significant car traffic. There are no shoulders in many places, so luckily there was almost no traffic this time of year.
Bear Canyon Trail #299 is not marked from Ladybug Peak and a bit hard to pick up. But once you find it off the west slope of the peak it is pretty easy to follow all the way down to the highway. There are many intersecting stock paths in the lower flatter section of the trail that can trick you, but there are numerous cairns to help guide the way. Look for a couple of stiles to cross the fence along AZ 266 to get down to Stockon Pass Wash, and from there the XC route to Gillespie Wash was quite pleasant and scenic. Gillespie Wash is pretty nice too, but the detour around Jernigan Ranch involved a couple of questionable fence crossings.
XC between Little Cottonwood Canyon and Willow Spring is passable, although it's deceptively steep and exhausting. As usual, the challenge is in picking the right ridge. Since I had to go into Willcox for a package, I rerouted south on the gas pipeline road just west of US 191, then took N Monk Ranch Rd out to the interstate junction. While walking the pipeline road, I almost had a heart attack when a single engine PIPELINE PATROL plane passed low overhead from behind. There's plenty of traffic at exit 352, and I hitched a ride into Willcox in about an hour. Picked up my package forwarded from Summerhaven, and got a couple beers and a hotel room.

Dos Cabezas (I-10 to Fort Bowie, 2 days)

Going out of Willcox, there is not as much traffic going east at exit 340, but I still had luck here, and hitched a ride back to exit 355 in about an hour. Between I-10 and the mountains, there was a locked gate near the interstate and two fences to scramble under after leaving the dirt road. Up in the Dos Cabezas, the cattle really did seem to be a different breed, much more athletic and less afraid of humans. Some of them were not interested in moving to let me through so I had to detour around them.
Fortunately, unlike in other mountains, the "faint trails" and "stock paths" (as described by Tucker) in the Dos Cabezas are actually followable in many places. Near Happy Camp Canyon there was actually evidence of trail maintenance through the catclaw thickets. But finding the way up Tar Box Canyon to the wilderness boundary was tricky for me. Especially past Cedar Log Spring there are many forking drainages to entice you in the wrong direction. Once you cross the pass and catch the road, it's smooth sailing down to Apache Pass (other than 1 locked gate). Ft. Bowie is a well curated historic site where you can easily spend a couple hours if you like reading interpretive signs. The visitors center has good developed water out front, and from there you can follow Old Fort Bowie Rd back to the reference route.
At the Ft. Bowie trailhead I happened to run into a couple travelling the country in their truck camper, who graciously shared their beer, gin, wine, and delicious organic food.

Chiricahuas (Fort Bowie to Portal, 3 days)

Emigrant Canyon Trail #255 is moderately difficult to follow in places, but you can always fall back to walking in the wash. If you want to closely watch your GPS, the MapBuildeOSM track does a pretty good job of following the easiest path. From Emigrant Pass up through Wood Canyon the walking is pretty nice, with some evidence of trail maintenance/realignment. Near Wood Canyon Park things get hairy: fire has destroyed the trail and the terrain in general. Be very careful to follow the correct ridge because there are many forking drainages that lured me well off route. This is now very difficult XC but at least not exposed. Difficult conditions continue until the pass under Cochise Head, where there is actually signage and a followable path down to Indian Creek. Trail #253 down Indian Creek is a very pleasant trail, and kinda fun when going through the canyon "narrows".
FR 356 actually takes a little searching to pick up from Indian Creek. It is almost just singletrack in a few sections since the road to Hands Pass is now impassable for any vehicles.
Shaw Peak Trail #251 is difficult to follow straight away, but there are a few hints and cairns. Once you start traversing the steep slope, the trail disappears completely into burned and eroded terrain. This traverse up to the ridge is very difficult and exposed. I was up near the ridge as a hailstorm rolled in, making my situation unreasonably dangerous. After gaining the ridge, the path becomes followable but still eroded and burned. When the path comes to a gate in a fence, go through the gate and follow the fence from the south side even though the path appears to stay on the north side of the fence.
I went down to Iron Springs to escape the bad weather for the night, via trail #366, which is in good shape at least down to the spring. Light rain continued into the night, and I think a mountain lion came to visit based on the terrifying sounds that woke me up. The prospect of putting on my cold wet pants the next morning kept me in bed until 10 AM, but eventually I mustered the courage and got going. Continuing south from Jhus Horse Saddle, #251 is in good shape and easy to follow.
I bailed out at FR 42 and followed that all the way into Portal. The previous two days had pushed the risk level beyond my tolerance and I wasn't excited about rolling the dice on another 25 miles of trail that might not be passable. Someday I would like to go back to see Chiricahua Peak and Silver Peak - I only had a taste of what this range has to offer but it was exhilarating.
Portal typically is overrun with birders in April, but I was able to walk in and get a room at the lodge. I hired someone from the Tucson craigslist rideshare to get back to the airport, although in typical years there would be a lot more car traffic through here and hitching back into the transit network might be feasible.
Finally, I found that chiricahuatrails.com has fresh, detailed information on the entire Chiricahua trail network, so you can fill the gaps I left with that great resource.

Gear Notes

This was the first big test for a lot of my gear, including the pack, tarp, and pad, and I had no major problems.
TL;DR: Walked at least a little bit through all 10 mountain ranges of the traverse, but skipped some of the harder bits due to foot pain and general laziness. Saw a whole lotta cows, and some snakes, turkeys, javelinas, and deer. Got soaked in a hailstorm on top of a ridge and noped out but generally had a blast exploring some of the most isolated places I've ever been.
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2020.08.28 06:20 6abhi6jeet6 Gave my exam a couple of days ago and passed with AT/AT/AT/AT/AT

I started thinking about getting the PMP in March/April this year. Initially I bought a set of videos that were basically a person narrating the ITTOs because it was really cheap and I wasn't sure of my interest levels at that time (it's from the provider called Whizlabs, if you're interested; it's really cheap, but I wouldn't recommend buying it). Took about ten days to finish that series.
Then I took an instructor led training in the month of May from a local provider. The training was for 9 days and in the end I had recordings of the sessions.
I started studying seriously (6 hours a day) about 3 weeks prior to my exam date. I would watch the recorded sessions from the training and then read the corresponding chapter in the Rita book on the same day. Finished both the book and the recordings in about ten days.
Then I started reading the PMBOK.. it's probably the driest book that I have ever read in my life. But I finished reading it nonetheless and it did help me out a lot. A lot of the content in the PMBOK is repeated and/or paraphrased and reading the same thing over and over again kind of subconciously solidifies concepts. This took about ten days. I gave the PMI mock test and got a 65%.
After finishing PMBOK, I did another round of the Rita book which was a quicker iteration cause I had already read/listened to the things being said in the book. This took me about 6 days to finish.
The last 3 days prior to the exam I pretty much only solved mock tests and whatever questions that I could lay my hands on. I did three PrepCast tests, the test from openpm.org and the PMI mock test again. At this point I scored 81% average on PrepCast, 75% on the PMI test and 85% on the openpm test.
I took an in person test as the center was pretty close to my place and I did not want to take any chances with the proctored test from home. I was in the zone and just kept answering questions and I marked close to 60 questions for review in total. Used up all the 4 hours and I even had 3 more questions left to review when the test ended. Immediately the congratulations message pops up. Pretty underwhelming to be honest :P
My suggestions:
  1. Do atleast 3 iterations of the books of your choice; it doesn't necessarily have to be the same book 3 times. I did 2 rounds of Rita and one round of PMBOK. Each round the reading becomes easier and quicker and you will start noticing patterns and retain more information. I went through the topics in the syllabus around 5 times if I include the videos.
  2. Do not spend time memorizing ITTOs. It's just not worthwhile. There were absolutely no direct ITTO questions in the exam. I did not even memorize the planning processes that the Rita book advocated. As you spend time going through the syllabus multiple times, things become clearer to you.
  3. Solve at least 1000 good quality questions. The Rita book has 400 and you most definitely should take the PMI mock test.
  4. I felt the questions were more difficult than PrepCast. The grammar and style of writing is definitely much more different than PrepCast and more closer to the PMI mock test. But I think it was a good combination of easy questions and tough questions where multiple choices could be the answer.
  5. I read aloud when I was initially started reading the PMBOK. I think it helped me to stay awake through the process.
  6. The tips and tricks that the Rita book mentions are quite useful so make sure you go through them. I don't think there is any benefit in memorizing the planning process chart though. But do play the process game a few times and get to know what tasks go into which process group. It definitely helps.
  7. The math based questions on the exam are really really simple. If you know the logic behind the formulae, those questions are a cakewalk. I had about 4 to 5 such questions on the exam.
  8. Pay attention to the flow charts in the beginning of each ITTO in the PMBOK. Again, no need to memorize. Iterate multiple times to get the concepts right.
  9. READ THE QUESTIONS PROPERLY. This is really important. I noticed there were a lot of curveball questions on my exam.
Honestly speaking, if you do multiple iterations of study according to the exam outline in different mediums like books and videos and audio and solve about 1000 quality questions, you should be good. Your PM experience will definitely help but of course you need to keep in mind that you are working for a large project when you are taking the exam.
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2020.08.27 14:47 trifletruffles Clifford "Clifton" Walker-found murdered in his car on February 29, 1964 in Woodville, Mississippi-Closed Case under the Civil Rights Division Emmett Till Act

On February 29, 1964, in Woodville, Mississippi, 37 year old Clifford “Clifton” Walker was "killed by a close range shotgun blast to the head." Clifton was killed on his way home from a local bar which he visited after his work shift ended at the International Paper Company in Natchez, Mississippi. [Name redacted in the closing memorandum] was the last person to see Clifton alive; the man worked with Clifton and carpooled with him back to Woodville where he was dropped off at his at approximately 11:40 p.m. Clifton's body was was found the following afternoon in his car "which had been heavily damaged by shotgun blasts."
Clifton's body was "found" (quotation mark used similarly in the closing memorandum) in his car by Prentiss Mathis who flagged down a local patrolman, R. W. Palmertree. Patrolman Palmertree immediately notified Sheriff Charles T. Netterville of Wilkenson County, Mississippi, and an inquiry into the murder began. After initially processing the crime scene, Sheriff Neterville contacted the Mississippi Highway Patrol for assistance. Patrol investigators traveled to Woodville in February and March of 1964 to talk with witnesses and to review evidence. The last known MHP report from March of 1964 "identifies three prime suspects – Carl Cavin, Prentiss Mathiss and Red Metcalf – in the murder." The FBI, noted in its later investigation, that there is little available evidence linking Carl and Red to the murder. Aside from the fact that Prentiss found Clifton's body, the only other evidence linking Prentiss to the murder comes from investigators noting that Mathiss was “uncooperative and belligerent” throughout his interview with the highway patrol investigators, and that he had “an extreme dislike for Negros.” The FBI became involved in the matter when, on February 29, 1964, they received a report that Clifton had been shot and killed in Mississippi. The FBI monitored the investigation and ultimately closed its case in the winter of 1964. Clifton’s murder remains unsolved.
1964 Mississippi Highway Patrol (MHP) Investigation:
MHP began its investigation into Clifton's murder by interviewing Patrolman Palmertree, who was the first law enforcement officer to respond to the crime scene. Patrol Palmertree reported that Prentiss flagged him down at approximately 1 p.m. on February 29, 1964, and told him that there was a “dead man” in a car on Poor House Road, north of Woodville. When Patrolman Palmertree arrived at the scene, he noticed that Clifton's body was slumped to the right of the driver’s seat with his feet under the floor board. Patrolman Palmertree stated that "all of the windows of the vehicle were shot out, and that several shots had been fired into the body,” but could not advise how many." Patrolman Palmertree further noted that shotgun shells and wadding were found in Clifton's vehicle, which "remained in high gear despite the fact that the engine was off, and that the keys were stuck in the dash board compartment lock with the compartment swinging open." Inside the compartment was "a .38 caliber Smith and Wesson four-inch barrel, chrome-plated firearm."
MHP next spoke with Sheriff Netterville who surmised Clifton had been dead approximately twelve to fourteen hours when Patrolman Palmertree arrived on scene. Sheriff Netterville also reported that Clifton's wallet with $148.00 in cash was recovered from the scene.
At approximately 7:30 p.m. on February 29, 1964, MHP investigators were able to view Clifton's body noting that "it appeared that a full load of buck shot entered just under the left ear appearing to be fired at a very close range.” Another load "appeared to have entered Walker’s chin and mouth on the right side tearing away parts of the mouth, chin and neck."
MHP focused its investigation on trying to find a motive for the killings; accordingly, MHP interviewed people who worked with or knew Clifton in an effort to develop leads. Many of Clifton's co-workers reported that although the International Paper Company had recently integrated its facilities, there was no known conflict between Clifton and any white workers. Many of Clifton's co-workers "generally had a favorable opinion of his character and could not provide a motive for the killing."
MHP next interviewed [name redacted in the closing memorandum] who was the last known person to see Clifton alive. [Name redacted] advised that he was very close to Clifton, and that "if [Clifton] had trouble with anyone, he would have known about it." [Name redacted] indicated that on the night of Clifton's murder, he rode home with Clifton to the “car pool,” which was approximately one mile north of Poor House Road. The “car pool” refers to "a place where people would drop off their vehicles before carpooling with one another to work." From there, [Name redacted] followed Clifton down Highway 61 until Clifton's vehicle turned onto Poor House Road. [Name redacted] did not know who killed Clifton.
As the MHP investigation continued, investigators learned of rumors that Clifton "had been talking to white women, and that some white men took offense to this." It appears that MHP "attempted to substantiate these rumors, but the remnants of their case file show a disjointed investigation that failed to produce enough evidence to charge anyone in the murder." MHP "seemed particularly interested" in learning more about Clifton's interactions with white men and women at Nettles Truck Stop on Highway 61, six miles north of Woodville. One former employee, a white 40-year old woman named Geraldine Vines, reported that in September or October of 1963, Clifton commented to her “I sho does likes you,”; Geraldine reported the comment to Mildred Nettles who was the wife of the owner of the truck stop, Jennings B. Nettles. Jennings told Clifton to “get up and leave and to never darken the door of that place of business [again].”
Geraldine also reported that she had heard from Mildred “a few years back” that Clifton had tried to run Mildred into a ditch on Poor House Road. MHP contacted Mildred who advised that in 1956 or 1957, she was taking one of her employees home when Clifton's car almost ran her into a ditch on Poor House Road. Mildred reported that she knew it was Clifton's car vehicle because her employee remarked “there goes that damn smart alec negro Walker.” Immediately afterwards, Mildred drove to the truck stop and told her husband about her encounter with Clifton. Jennings and Mildred drove back to Poor House Road to look for Clifton, but by the time they arrived he was gone. When MHP interviewed Jennings, he said that Clifton was a “good negro with whom he had no complaints." The investigation files at the time noted that while this incident could have provided Jennings with a “motive to harm" Clifton, MHP did not uncover any evidence linking him to Clifton's murder. However, it appears that no efforts were made by MHP to account for Jennings' whereabouts on the night of the murder.
MHP further inquired about other alleged “inappropriate interactions" Clifton may have had with white women. Sheriff Netterville notified MHP that he had information that [Name redacted in the closing memorandum] was "overheard on the telephone trying to get Doris Dover to accompany her on a negro date." MHP followed up on this lead by briefly interviewing David Vines and a woman whose name was redacted in the memorandum. David recalled that on the day before his murder, Clifton showed up at Rita Lee Dover’s home where he was invited to come inside. MHP recorded no further information from David, and his relationship to Rita is not specified in the investigative reports. MHP also interviewed Rita and her father noting that they “failed to find that they were connected in anyway,” to Clifton's murder. [Name redacted who was overheard on the telephone] was interviewed, but MHP concluded that she was not connected in any way with the case.
The information received by MHP relating to Clifton's "interactions with white women in Wilkenson County was never fully developed and never produced a viable suspect in the murder." The only “suspects identified in MHP’s report were Carl Cavin, Prentiss Mathis and Red Metcalf." The only mention of Carl and Red in the 32 page report from MHP is a single paragraph that states that [name redacted] was with Carl on the night of Clifton's murder at approximately 1 a.m. and “appeared to be extremely nervous and drinking fairly heavily.” [Name redacted] further reported that Carl had been in the company of Red, at around 10:30 p.m. that evening and was seen “within one mile of the murder scene.” Despite listing the three men as suspects, MHP never interviewed Carl or Red, and there was no other information contained in their report linking Carl and Metcalf to the murder. MHP closed its investigation without making any arrests.
1964 FBI Investigation:
After learning of Clifton's death, the FBI opened a case to provide limited assistance to the Sheriff’s Office and MHP. The FBI monitored and tracked the information they received from MHP before ultimately closing the case when no "prosecutable suspects were identified."
2009 FBI Investigation
In 2009, the FBI initiated a review of the circumstances surrounding Walker’s death, pursuant to the Department of Justice’s “Cold Case” initiative and the “Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crime Act of 2007,” which charges the Department of Justice to investigate “violations of criminal civil rights statutes . . . result[ing] in death” that “occurred not later than December 31, 1969.” The FBI reviewed the original 1964 FBI case file and conducted research to determine whether any of the “subjects identified by MHP or other relevant individuals were still alive." Prentiss, Red, and Carl were determined to be deceased along with the other witnesses noted in the preceding paragraphs.
On September 27, 2010, the FBI contacted [name redacted] who indicated that he had information regarding Clifton's murder. [Name redacted] recalled that he observed G.B. Sproles sawing off the barrel off a shotgun. G.B. had been "flagged earlier in the [1964] investigation as someone who [Clifton] may have had contact with" but not further information was provided. [Name redacted] asked him why he was doing so to which Sproles responded that "he had something to do, and then shooed [Name redacted] away. When [Name redacted] heard about Clifton's murder a few days later, he thought G.B. was probably involved. [Name redacted] later "heard talk between the adults" that Clifton had been killed because "he was going with a white woman." He also heard that the gun used to kill Clifton was thrown off the Mississippi River bridge in Natchez. [Name redacted] further reported that G.B. was “as sorry as the day was long,” but did not elaborate further on this remark. [Name redacted] stated that he would not be surprised if G.B. was involved in the murder. G.B. died in 1996.
On February 14, 2013, the FBI located [Name redacted] and interviewed her about Clifton's murder. [Name redacted] was similarly referenced in MHP’s 1964 report as an individual who had information regarding Clifton but no information was gathered as she had stated " I know too much about this mess and I aint gonna get involved.” [Name Redacted] told agents that on the night of Clifton's death she was in Louisiana with her boyfriend and did not learn of the shooting until she arrived back in Centerville, Mississippi the following day. Upon returning, she learned that law enforcement was looking for her because they believed she had information about Clifton's death. [Name redacted] reported that she left Centerville because she did not want to get involved with the investigation even though she had no knowledge of who killed Walker. [Name Redacted] further noted that she was interviewed in Louisiana shortly after Clifton's murder by local investigators. She explained to the investigators that she did not know who killed Clifton.
Beginning in the fall of 2010, the FBI was in contact with Ben Greenberg, a freelance journalist who was working on gathering information regarding the Clifton and other civil rights era victims. From the fall of 2010 through the summer of 2011, Ben "repeatedly sought to exchange information he had regarding [Clifton's] murder for access to un-redacted FBI information." Ben "claimed to have information that would be valuable to the FBI’s investigation;" however, he was advised that he would not be able to “trade information" for access to un-redacted FBI files. In July 2011, Mark J. Kappelhoff, of the U.S. Department of Justice, sent a letter to Ben requesting any information that he had related to Clifton's murder. Ben never responded to the request, and in July of 2012, he published an article in the Clarion Ledger detailing his investigative efforts. No additional leads were identified in Ben's article.
The Department of Justice closed Clifton's case after noting that that "this matter does not constitute a prosecutable violation of the federal criminal civil rights statutes" as "there are no known surviving eyewitnesses and there is no available physical evidence to review....as such, there is no reasonable possibility that further investigation will lead to a prosecutable case." The Department of Justice also noted that "continued investigation would not lead to a viable prosecution of a living suspect."
Ben Greenberg's investigation in the Clarion Ledger:
The preceding paragraphs relay the information provided in the FBI's closing memorandum. I found Ben's Clarion Ledger article and it noted that Clifton's daughter, Catherine Walker Jones, received a letter from the Justice Department that the case had been closed. However, she was surprised since agents investigating the case had never spoken to anyone in her family. Catherine opined she has been "disappointed in the manner in which promises are made by the Justice Department to families that have not gotten closure for the death of their loved ones....it's like you make it sound real good with the Cold Case Initiative, but there was no substance to it, none whatsoever." She further remarks "no one did any time in jail for killing a human being, a father, a husband, an American citizen, a veteran...you have people going to jail for killing dogs today...and there he was, a human being."
In contrast to the FBI's contention that no additional leads were provided in the article, Ben's investigation reveals that a mob ambushed Clifton Earl Walker Sr. on Poor House Road; this was believed to be "the first slaying by Mississippi's homegrown White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan." It appears FBI was aware of the news article but it is unclear if they followed up on the leads noted within. Per Ben's investigation, Clifton was driving home when the mob stopped his car on the dirt road off U.S. 61 near Woodville, Mississippi. The men surrounded Clifton and shot him repeatedly in the face. In the hours that followed, "the 37-year-old World War II veteran bled to death." The International Paper Plant was known as a "hotbed for Ku Klux Klan recruitment." The White Knights of the KKK are believed to have been responsible for at least 10 killings including the 1964 killings of James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner.
After Clifton's body was found, three of Clifton's brothers-in-laws drove 55 miles south to Baton Rouge to see Ronnie Moore, who was Louisiana field secretary for the Council on Racial Equality. According to FBI documents, the three men talked to Ronnie, and he called and told the bureau that Clifton "had been shot down in Mississippi and that nothing had been done about it by local authorities." On March 1, 1964, FBI agents reported meeting with Ronnie and the three men. FBI Headquarters responded the next day with an order to "contact the Sheriff to ascertain if he is conducting any investigation of this matter and obtain any details available" and to send the bureau copies of any local newspaper coverage of the murder. The FBI opened the case, closed it a few months later, then briefly reopened it before moving on without resolution in December 1964, at which point MPH also closed the investigation.
The 2009 FBI investigation reviewed the 1964 files of both the MPH and FBI and determined there were no viable suspects. Accordingly, Clifton's murder remains unsolved.
Clifford "Clifton" Walker (1927-1964):
Born in 1927, Clifton was the last of nine children. Despite being the youngest, "his siblings respected him." According to his daughter, Catherine, when her father "saw [his siblings] arguing with their wives, he would pull his brothers on the side and tell them you don't talk to your wife that way...he was such a gentleman." His family called him "Man," and the nickname stuck. He met Ruby C. Phipps while walking home from Sunday school and married her two years later. He joined the army during World War II. Catherine and his other daughter Shirley recalled their father made sure "the family never went without" saying "we didn't have to cook on the wood stove...Daddy got a gas stove and a washing machine" remarking "he invested well, and [their mother] maintained their money well." Similarly, Shirley highlighted how her parents worked well "together as a unit...taking care of their children, teaching them what they needed to know to live in this world." In the 1950s, Clifton served in the army again during the Korean War. However, a knee injury sent him back home, and he started working at the nearby International Paper plant about 30 miles north of Woodville in southwest Mississippi.
In the days following the funeral, Ruby, "had a breakdown that frightened her children" with Catherine recalling "when Mama didn't recognize her children, I knew we were in trouble." Ruby recovered from the breakdown, but she had to take medication to sleep each night until her death in 1992 at the age of 65. Clifton's son, Cliff Jr., was 10 at the time of the slaying; Catherine opines Cliff Jr. "didn't realize or know Daddy...he was the kind of man a son really should have known."
Catherine says she has managed to survive saying "he's the sole reason that I'm alive today because his memory meant more to me than I meant to myself at one period." Overwhelmed with depression at times, she felt "it was just easier to die than live with the hurt and the agony of knowing that someone you loved more than the man you prayed to was gone...and it was a bitter, bitter struggle actually dealing with God because He could have prevented this and He didn't." Nevertheless, she "continues to believe justice is possible" opining "no justice has ever happened in dealing with my father, and if it doesn't happen during my time, I'm afraid it's not ever gonna happen."
I came across the Department of Justice’s cold case initiative while reading an article discussing journalists’ efforts to install a billboard on an Arkansas highway aimed at solving the 1954 lynching of Isadore Banks. The Civil Rights Division of the United States Department of Justice launched a website (linked above) to make information about the department’s investigation of cold cases from the Civil Rights Era more accessible to the public. Over the years, the Department “has assisted in prosecuting Edgar Ray Killen in 2005, making him the eighth defendant convicted for the 1964 murders of three civil rights workers in Philadelphia, Mississippi (the "Mississippi Burning" case); secured life sentences in 2003 against the perpetrators of the 1963 Sixteenth Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama; and secured a federal conviction and life sentence of James Ford Seale for the kidnapping and murder of two teenagers in Franklin County, Mississippi in 1964.” Congress recognized the importance of these federal efforts when it enacted the Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crime Act in 2008.
Unfortunately, in many cases “legal and evidentiary barriers prevent the Department from moving forward with prosecution." In each case that is not prosecutable, the Department of Justice wrote a closing memo explaining the investigative steps taken and the basis for their conclusion. To date, the Department of Justice has uploaded 115 closing memos. I hope to be able to post on all of the closed cases as I share in the belief with the Department of Justice that “these stories should be told [as] there is value in a public reckoning with the history of racial violence and the complicity of government officials.”
Other posts from the Department of Justice's Cold Case Initiative:
  1. Isadore Banks-unsolved murder in Marion, Arkansas-June 1954
  1. Willie Joe Sanford-unsolved murder in Hawkinsville, Georgia-March 1957
  1. Ann Thomas-unsolved murder in San Antonio, Texas-April 1969
  1. Thad Christian-murdered on August 30, 1965 in Central City, Alabama
  2. Silas Caston-killed on March 1, 1964 by a Hinds County Sheriff’s Office Deputy in Jackson, Mississippi
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2020.08.27 11:36 Jprhino84 Content Update: The Masked Singer, Quacks, and an unadvertised Bros documentary now available on BritBox UK

It’s another content Thursday and this time we have a balanced mixture of expected arrivals and unadvertised surprises.
Beginning with ITV, we have the runaway hit series The Masked Singer, which aired earlier this year and averaged over 6 million viewers. Mixing singing with celebrities and intrigue, all 8 episodes are now available for streaming. Here is the official description:
Smash-hit entertainment show. Who’s behind the mask? Rita Ora, Davina McCall, Jonathan Ross and co watch gripping performances from celebs in disguise. Can you work out who these mystery singers are? It’s Strictly singing on steroids...
Heading over to the BBC, 2017’s Quacks is headlined by Rory Kinnear and Rupert Everett and is a unique Victorian period comedy with an unapologetically gory edge. All 6 30-minute episodes are now available. The official synopsis is as follows:
Rory Kinnear and Rupert Everett star in this outrageous Victorian comedy about pioneering medics. Expect lots of blood. Gruesome but side-splitting stuff.
Finally, moving onto the surprise additions, we have another musically focused documentary, though this one isn’t outright affiliated with a television broadcaster. Bros: After the Screaming Stops chronicles the return of one of the most iconic bands/duos of the late 80s and early 90s. The film had an initial limited run in cinemas, a home video release and finally aired on BBC Four in December 2018. It should be noted that the film seems to have a roughly 2-year lease on the service, with a reliable third-party site listing the removal date as August 26th, 2022.
Nearly thirty years after Bros became famous, estranged brothers Matt and Luke reunite in the most talked-about documentary of 2018. As they rehearse for their sell-out show at the O2, can they put the past aside or will it come back to haunt them?
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2020.08.24 11:17 MonkeyNoStopMyShow A year ago I initiated this journey. Closed it today with 5 x AT

A year ago I initiated this journey. Closed it today with 5 x AT
It's finally over. A year has gone by and I have gotten my PMP certification.
I won't write down a detailed description, but some recommendations:
-Start with Vargas process' video before studying (wish I did that). Then I reviewed that video several more times throughout my study phase to help make it all click.
-Study materials of your preference (I used Andy's and Rita's book); Rita's book is sometimes a bit too detailed while Andy's book might be the opposite for certain areas. Depending on my mood/desire to study I'd pick either one of them.
-Didn't enjoy Philips Udemy course personally, just did it to complete the mandatory contact hours. In retrospect, I would have probably tried Prepcast's course.
-Set an examination date and work towards it, don't give yourself too much space for procrastination - that's the reason it took me one year.
-Study strategy: I read most of the aforementioned books, took a prepcast exam to establish a baseline and work on weak areas from there.
-Created an excel spreadsheet to keep track of my progress, it went from 78 down to 70 and back to 76%. This was really helpful in fine tuning my study strategy towards areas of weakness
Mock exam evaluation
-Didnt do the PMP trial exam cause of the horror stories, don't regret it, although I do share the sentiment over here that the real exam is more vague than Prepcast.
-I am surprised I got 5x AT given the above scores. I anticipated I'd pass, but not with ATs only, so that was a pleasant surprise.
-Paid little attention to formulas and needed none (logic let me pick the right answer) - so I wouldn't waste too much time memorising those (not for the sake of passing the exam anyway)
-2 Schedule netwerk diagrams were super easy, both on the critical path so no float.
Hope this helps aspirant PMP candidates :)

Edit: it sat the exam in a testing center.
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2020.08.24 01:36 user83827828 Passed!! Here's What I Did to Prepare:

Passed!! 5xAT!
You can do it too!! My Approach and resources are listed below if anyone's interested. Thanks for the info on this sub!
For me it was 7 Weeks from ordering my first book to exam day. Recommend taking anywhere from 6-8 weeks of focused serious study (Depending on your life situation and time available to study - I work full time but do not have kids at home. Your mileage may vary).
Apply for the exam as soon as you meet the eligibility requirements. Getting that out if the way early is one less thing to worry about, and removes the "but if they don't approve me then all this studying is for nothing..." excuse for not being serious about studying.
When writing out your Project Management experience for your months of experience, you should frame your experiences in the context of the project management principles and framework to demonstrate your job responsibilities included at least some of if not all of the main project management processes.
Pay for and Schedule your exam and give yourself a deadline and build your time line. This forces you to commit and not procrastinate or let things drag on and on.
Resources I used:
Joseph Phillips Udemy Course ($15) Head First PMP Book ($40) Andy Crowe Book ($70) Rita Book ($80) Vargas Video (Free) PrepCast Exams ($140) Total: ~$350
Check the Study Material linked on the About page of this sub. If you are a new user on Udemy you can usually get most courses at a reasonable price (<$20); don't pay exorbitant prices.
My Approach:
Read the new posts in this sub daily - take inspiration and advice from the successful posts and benefit from the lessons learned from the not-so-successful posts.
If you need the 35 contact hours to apply, Do the cheap Joseph Phillips Udemy Course ASAP, so you can apply to PMI for the exam. You can do it in tandem with reading the books below to break up the reading of you want. Udemy has an app so you download (over WiFi only!!) the course lectures and listen on your commute, working out, etc. The course is an ok introduction but not enough to fully prepare you in my opinion.
To start off, Read the Head First book first. Don't stress about memorizing, writing notes or flashcards, etc. at this point. Read this book and do the little activities just to understand concepts and get generally familiar with terms. For example at this point, Don't memorize that "SPI = EV/PV"; just understand the concept that if you haven't gotten as much work done at this point as you had planned to have done at this point in the schedule, that means your Schedule Performance is underperforming and the index being below one is bad, etc. This book is easy and quick to read (don't be intimidated by the page count, there is a lot of white space) and is a good intro to the concepts. Take the test in the back of the book.
Listen to the Vargas Video (linked on the About page of this subreddit) a couple of times. Understand the Knowledge Areas and understand the Process Groups and how they relate, intersect, iterate, and integrate. Understand that all the processes are not strictly linear and will be iterated or revisited in most cases as things change or progress (although there are some that come before others the first time through). Knowing what process group the situation described by a question is taking place in will really help you on the exam.
Read Andy Crowe next. Again, don't be intimidated by the page count, there is a lot of white space. Now really dig in this time around. Start remembering the formulas and terms. Take notes and stake making flash cards if that is your thing. Do the end of chapter questions and exercises as you go. Take the test in the back of the book when you finish (this one was considerably harder than the one in the back of the Head First book for me). I did not activate or use the website resources with the code provided in the back of the book. I thought his comment on this one practice test in the back of the book "The Best strategy for passing the exam is to take his one exam over and over until you get a 90%" was a little narcissistic. Do it once and study your missed answers and move on.
Start doing PrepCast Exams at this point. Take the full timed 200 question exams. My opinion is not to do the smaller quizzes, since they pull from the same master question pool. In other words if you do 20-50 question quizzes every day for weeks and then finally do the full "Exam 1" to assess your understanding, you will probably recognize many of the questions that you have already seen the correct answer to during the shorter quizzes and this can skew your score. If you really want to do quizzes, use the "unanswered questions only" filter when you set up your tests. You are not trying to memorize/recognize questions and answers, you're trying to assess your general understanding and knowledge. Do what works for you, but this is a big problem for me. I took all 7 of the non-ITTO PrepCast exams as full timed 200 question exams over the course several weekends (one per day on Sat and Sun) studying the explanations for ones I missed. If that is too much for you, do at least a couple of full timed 200 question exams to get a feel for having the dreaded doomsday clock counting down the minutes so you get a feel for pacing yourself. It's mentally draining to go through 200 question in 3-4 hours - don't let exam day be the first time you've ever experienced it... Study your wrong answers until you know why you missed them. PrepCast gives you good analysis tools for getting feedback on your practice exams. I didn't use any of the other videos or training from this site and web site did look a little sketchy, but the practice exam simulator is very very good and well worth the money.
The countdown clock on the real exam counts in minutes and seconds only (i.e., counts down from 240:00, 239:59 etc.) And the PrepCast timer counts down in hours, minutes, and seconds (i.e., 3:59:59). I got used to the PrepCast format for pacing myself and it took a minute for me to adjust, so just be ready for that slight difference.
Lastly, Read the Rita book. It's a little condescending but if you can get over its soap box it has some good material. This will be your third time reading the material - repetition helps your memory and getting different authors' perspectives and hearing things a little differently helps fill in any gaps (Ugh, now I'm saying it...) from one book to the next. This one has a lot of material (not as much white space as the first two books). Take the end of chapter questions as you go to reinforce the material (or save them all and do them all at once when you finish, your call). There's no big set of 200 questions for a "back of the book test".
I wish I had read the PMBOK too, but it was another nearly $100, and I had already spent around $350 on other resources and material which was pushing it already.
I did not drop thousands of dollars on any boot camps or in-person training. What is listed here are all I used.
I did not try to memorize all elevntymillion combinations of Inputs Tools Techniques Outputs (ITTO) for every process. Some of the unique ones are good to remember (like the initiating processes, etc.), but memorizing ALL of them is just too much.
At this point you should be getting close to your scheduled exam date. Keep reviewing areas you are weak in - reread those chapters, take knowledge area or process group focused practice exams if you need to, find additional sources to get new perspectives if you still don't understand something, look up a YouTube video to hear someone else explain something, etc.
My scores on full 200 question practice tests are below (only did each one once):
Back of Head First PMP Book: 85% Back of Andy Crowe PMP Book: 76%
PrepCast Exam 1: 79% PrepCast Exam 2: 84% PrepCast Exam 3: 87% PrepCast Exam 4: 79% PrepCast Exam 5: 84% PrepCast Exam 6: 84% PrepCast Exam 7: 86%
Exam Day:
Took the exam in a testing center.
Wearing a disposable mask for a few hours was annoying but not the end of the world.
Did not do a brain dump when starting the exam.
Ate a couple of protein bars before, nothing big - do what is best for you.
I had to drive an hour to get to the testing center so I listened to the Joseph udemy "blitz review" again in the car on the way, because why not?
Took the break just to go to the restroom then back at it. Finished at around the 3 hour mark
PMP Exam Attempt 1: PASS, AT/AT/AT/AT/AT
My Background (for context):
Master's degree, CISSP, and a few other IT certs. Never formally studied project management. I lead and manage small technical projects but have never worked with a PMO or large, more formal, multimillion dollar projects. This is my first time with the PMBOK or PMI material. I work full time but don't have kids at home. With Corona shutting the world down my social calendar was very sparce, so I had time to dedicate to study.
Resource References:
Head First PMP: A Learner's Companion to Passing the Project Management Professional Exam 4th Edition ISBN-13: 978-1492029649 ISBN-10: 1492029645
The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try Andy Crowe 6th Edition ISBN-13: 978-0990907473, ISBN-10: 0990907473
PMP® Exam Prep, Ninth Edition Rita Mulcahy (Couldn't buy this anywhere but on their web site which was really annoying - they charge like $17 for shipping on an $80 book...)
Other resources like PrepCast and Udemy are already listed and linked on the About page of this subreddit.
You got this!
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2020.08.23 14:40 incognithohshit Season 5 thoughts

10 minutes into Episode 2: good to see Jeppe in a stable and healthy relationship and not just getting the ol' sad gay story line
End of Episode 2: DAMMIT
Episode 5: FUCK OFF PIL. Wasn't ready to hate this character from the get-go, maybe she just saw a kindred spirit in Uffe (and him her) and they have an undeniable spark? But she went full-on into skanky ho mode gtfo
Episode 8: That was...really abrupt. It felt like there were 2 episodes of plot/development that got COVID'd and a resolution for every plotline was abruptly forced into the last episode. They set up marriage woes and distance straining Hjordis & Uffe and him pleading with her and her reticent to trust him and all of a sudden she lets him read her diary and he says I'm sorry and everything's OK again? We really expect Pil to stop ho'ing around Uffe? Hjordis forgives Uffe just like that when she's shown no inclination to before?
The whole Jeppe thing. He rubs himself in dirt then Ole is like aw shucks he's just like me and they live happily ever after?? Jeppe went from being in love with Alex, having his heart broken, then deciding he's totally in love with the very next guy he meets?? And I feel bad for pork farmer girl (and what was the merging farms thing? Was it literally introduced and resolved in one line of dialogue?). Felt more could've been explored with Jeppe being okay with himself being single and not just needing to be in a relationship and Ole finding some solace with himself/realizing his grandmother knows and doesn't care instead of a trite coming out immediately leading to a happily ever after resolution
We saw some growth with Jeppe, doing hard manual labor and the way he initially reacted to Ole on their first date (kinda just gawking at him after opening the door) to liking a guy who's maybe not conventionally attractive to Jeppe. I wish the payoff had either been Jeppe realizing he doesn't need to be in a relationship and instead figure out what he wants to do for a job or going back to school and just deleting Grindr or being OK with Ole making the decision to marry the girl, realizing Ole's his own person, and going back to the dating pool but being more open-minded about who he'll go out with. Instead the payoff was Jeppe begging for Ole to be his boyfriend, he still needs a relationship to feel whole.
In the course of 40 minutes two characters separately decide they're gonna make a drastic move to Copenhagen and then both characters independently have a second life revelation and decide to stay put instead???
Also the whole Rita overhears climate strike girl is being coerced by her parents to climate strike and resolves it all nicely was way too pat and neatly resolved
That said, season 1 is still my favorite (having chaotic, bull-headed Rita bounce off her normal kids was sorely lacking as they all moved away), season 2 was lesser than 1, season 3 was lesser than 2, 4 is better than 3, and 5 is better than 4. A lot of this season felt like a return to form just the last 2-3 episodes were so jarringly paced. What a shame it's the last season and I won't have a new season to binge in one-two years' time. Here's to American Rita being good (Lena Headey deserves something worthy of her talents after a season of drinks wine menacingly)
oh and that look-directly-to-camera as she shut the doors at the end was cheesy as hell (but the (imagined) scribbling on the bathroom stall was a cute throwback)
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2020.08.21 22:59 janetsnakeholemaclin Took me 7 months and a ride on an emotional roller coaster, but passed with 5AT!

My study process was a bit unconventional compared to how we're "meant" to study for this exam, but I think it worked for me. I went through periods of having the utmost confidence and knowing I'd definitely pass to thinking I would get NI on every group and fail. So, buckle up...
Study materials + ratings:
Study process:
Feb - May 2020 - My company had a weekly "study session" to get people prepared for the exam so I thought that would be a nice, structured way to get back into studying. We went through 1 knowledge area a week so I stuck with this schedule and went through Sandra Mitchell's course while following along in the PMBOK. This was a good way to slowly introduce myself to the material and start applying it to my job (and learn how to study again!). Since I only took about 3-5 hours a week doing this, and the pandemic made it so I couldn't be social anyway, I didn't mind longing it out.
June - Put PMP studies on hold. I did take some time to figure out my next course of action. I knew I was nowhere near ready to take the exam. I decided I needed Rita's book and Joseph's course (because of the recommendations from you all!) to really refine my knowledge and jump back into things.
July-Aug - A very nice Redditor sold me their Rita book, I bought the Udemy course when it was like $10, and did the same process as before: I watched the videos for each knowledge area in the video course, then read through that chapter in Rita's book. I didn't take any notes, but put some stickies in the book where I knew I'd want to review later. I watched the Joseph videos at 1.5 speed. The combination of reading + watching was a good 2nd review of the material (when I was awake).
Mid Aug - Once I finished going through the Rita book and the Joseph videos, I bought Prepcast (make sure to look for the coupon and get $10+ off!) and started taking practice quizzes. I took the PMI practice test and did horribly on it (only got to question 100 and gave up).
Was feeling so discouraged like there was no way I was going to ever be able to pass. I started making flashcards of all the vocab/concepts I either got questions wrong on or marked for review. I took quizzes for about a week and then took one Friday of work off and took a practice exam and PASSED! I was ecstatic! To make sure it wasn't a fluke, I took another practice exam on that Sunday and passed as well. I decided to schedule my test for the following Friday so I had something to work towards.
I continued taking practice quizzes in my lowest-scoring areas (go to "My statistics") and as soon as I improved one area, I moved on to the new lowest-scoring area. All the while making flashcards on my knowledge gaps. Took practice quizzes (ranging from 10-50 questions a quiz) up until the night before my exam and was passing them all.
Prior to test day:
Ran the system check twice on my personal Mac. Everything worked fine. Made sure everything was up-to-date and I restarted my computer the night before the exam.
Test day:
  1. Started check-in 30 minutes prior. Took all my photos, I was worried they wouldn't allow me to have my laptop stand, extra keyboard, mouse, and mouse pad, but no issues at all.
  2. Once Pearson Vue launched, nothing happened. I had a black screen with my video, "chat" and "whiteboard" at the top of the screen and my rainbow wheel of despair. That went on for 20 minutes. I panicked. I told the proctoFBI agent/whoever could hear me/was watching me that I was going to leave the screen to get my phone to call Pearson Vue.
  3. I called (make sure to use this number: 866-241-5527 if you're in the US; Pearson Vue has a bunch of different customer service numbers) and surprisingly quickly got through to someone (within 5 minutes of calling).
  4. While trying to explain my situaion to the support rep, I remembered reading this post about someone in a similar situation. With their experience in mind, I just shut my computer down.
  5. Started my computer back up launched Pearson Vue (didn't go through PMI.org) and... it worked! I was on the phone with tech support when the screen asked if I wanted to go through the tutorial. I hung up with support and then went through. No problems after that.
  6. Didn't hear from the proctor once. I constantly moved around in my chair, touched my face, stretched, looking out my window (which was behind my computer screen), closed my eyes, did some breathing exercises and didn't hear anything from the proctor.
  7. Finished the first 89 questions at a little over the hour mark. I was surprised at how easy some of them were. There were no long paragraphs. There were plenty of questions where I didn't have a clue, but a few that I was like "this is absolutely the right answer". There were a surprising amount of questions on closing. Lots of questions on change control. I reviewed my 89 questions, took my break, and got back to it.
  8. The next 110 questions seemed a bit more difficult (and I was getting tired). When I caught myself rereading the question 2-3 times, I closed my eyes and took 3 deep breaths. That helped me focus again.
  9. Reviewed those questions and had 70 minutes left. I was worried I went through it too quickly, but honestly, at that point, I just wanted it to be over. Submitted and got the congrats screen.
Lessons learned:
submitted by janetsnakeholemaclin to pmp [link] [comments]

2020.08.18 01:43 docinthefile Free pmp tests in accordance to pmbok 6e tests?

Hi all,
While preparing for the exam , I have completed Rita's book + quiz and Pmbok 6e. I really liked Rita's book and the explanations. Yesterday I tried the Oliver Lehmann PMP free Pmp test and scored really poor in it. 56% ! Is this test in accordance with the pmbok 6e? I felt the question style is older as compared to Rita's questions.
I have do not have any money to buy Prepcasts test after paying a high fee for the exam and pdus. I have scheduled a date for the exam in September end. I am anxious and getting worried.
Can someone please help to to find good free pmp tests (other than PMI org) which feels closer to the latest exam questions ?
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2020.08.17 01:59 Survivor31fan [S] Marooned: The Australian Outback

16 Americans are about to be abandoned in the heart of one of the most unforgiving places anywhere on earth… the Australian Outback. For the next 42 days they’ll be left to fend for themselves. Forced to work together while battling the elements and each other. They must learn to adapt or they’ll be voted from the tribe. In the end one will remain and claim the million dollar prize. 42 days, 16 people, 1 Survivor! This is Marooned: The Australian Outback!
The Cast:
Kucha Tribe
Ogakor Tribe
The Season
Episode 1: The 16 new castaways are dropped off in the middle of the outback by a military plane. They instantly run over to their tribe crate which is packed with supplies and has a map to their tribe camp. Once they have all their supplies they begin the grueling 4 mile trek to reach their tribe camps.
As soon as the Kucha tribe gets to their camp Herbie’s bluntness starts rubbing everyone in the tribe the wrong way. Even Randy who is able to see where Herbie’s coming from and understands he isn’t trying to offend people has a hard time being around him. Famesh, Randy, and Raven all see Herbie and his bluntness as an annoyance and try to stay away from him but others such as Rita view it as an opportunity. Rita knows that Herbie is going to be very loyal so she makes an alliance with him and in order to get a majority she has Ratafak, Sarah, and Troy all join the alliance too.
Over on the Ogakor tribe Dylan starts trying to play the game as soon as they get to camp. He begins trying to make alliances with everyone but most people see right through him and don’t trust him at all. As a high school math teacher Alex deals with kids like Dylan every day and knows exactly what Dylan is thinking. He has a long talk with Dylan during which he tells Dylan that he needs to calm down and stop over playing. Dylan is very receptive of what Alex is telling him and decides to stop playing so hard. By the end of the conversation Dylan and Alex agree to have a real alliance and watch each other's backs. Meanwhile Jamal starts feeling a strong connection with Winter and Sabrina. He says that the two of them remind him of two of his daughters. The three of them decide to make an alliance and keep eachother safe.
At the immunity challenge Kucha wins immunity sending Ogakor to the first tribal council. Back at the Ogakor camp Sabrina, Winter, and Jamal all want to get rid of Queenie because she is the oldest and weakest on the tribe. Word of their plans quickly spreads through the camp but Dylan and Alex don’t want to get rid of Queenie; they think that she could be a loyal vote down the line so they warn Queenie. This new three person alliance between Queenie, Dylan, and Alex agrees to target Jamal. Maybel and Xangetti become the swing votes. After thinking it through Maybel and Xangetti decide to stick with the original plan and at tribal council Queenie is voted out in a 5-3 vote.
Episode 2: After the last tribal council it’s clear that Dylan and Alex are at the bottom of the tribe. The two of them agree that it’s every man for himself and the two of them are going to have to campaign against each other. At the immunity challenge the Kucha tribe wins immunity once again. Back at the Ogakor camp Sabrina, Winter, and Jamal start acting extremely cocky. They think that they have complete control of the tribe. This cocky attitude quickly gets on the nerves of Maybel who decides that she’s done working with those three and is ready for a blindside. While Winter, Sabrina, and Jamal are away from camp Maybel forms a new four person alliance which includes herself, Xangetti, Alex, and Dylan and at tribal council this new alliance works together to blindside Winter. Winter, Sabrina, and Jamal are all completely shocked.
Episode 3: The Ogakor tribe begins worrying that they are the new pagong tribe and are going to lose nearly every immunity challenge. Sabrina and Jamal in particular are terrified of the thought of losing 5 immunity challenges in a row because they know they are on the bottom of the tribe and will likely be the next two picked off. At the immunity challenge Ogakor shocks Kucha when they come out on top and win immunity sending Kucha to their first tribal council. As soon as the Kucha tribe gets back to camp Herbie goes down to the river to wash off. The remaining seven all agree to vote out Herbie but Rita, Sarah, Troy, and Ratafak all know that for them this is a fake plan. Later on in the day Herbie, Rita, Sarah, Troy, and Ratafak all come together to discuss who they want to vote out. They end up coming to the conclusion that their best bet is to vote out Famesh because he is the biggest threat and at tribal council Famesh, Raven, and Randy are shocked when Herbie only receives 3 votes and Famesh is voted out of the tribe.
Episode 4: After the last tribal council Randy feels betrayed and throws a tantrum which causes the 5 people in the majority alliance of the Kucha tribe to agree that the next time they lose an immunity challenge he needs to be the one to go. At the immunity challenge Ogakor wins immunity and it seems clear that Randy is going to be the next voted out but before tribal council Sarah and Troy change their minds and try to convince their alliance to change the vote from Randy to Raven because Randy is much stronger in the challenges than Raven is. This causes the Kucha majority alliance to argue but in the end they decide to stick to the original plan and at tribal council Randy is voted out.
Episode 5: For the first time since day 3 the tribes are back even 6-6 and this leads to one of the most competitive challenges to date with both tribes desperate to get the upper hand. In the end it’s the Ogakor tribe who wins immunity, sending Kucha to tribal council for the 3rd time in a row. The vote is pretty obvious with the alliance of Rita, Herbie, Troy, Sarah, and Ratafak being the strongest they’ve ever been there was little to nothing Raven could do to save herself and at tribal council Raven is voted out unanimously.
Episode 6: Now that they’re down to just 5 Kucha is desperate to win the next immunity challenge in order to even the score but their determination alone is not enough and Ogakor manages to beat them sending Kucha back to tribal council for the fourth time in a row. Back at the Kucha camp things are very complicated. With only the 5 members of the Kucha majority alliance left on the tribe they are forced to turn on themselves. Everyone agrees that they need to vote out either Herbie or Ratafak because they are the weakest members of the tribe and if they don’t merge soon they’re going to need to be able to win challenges. Herbie argues that he should stay because he is stronger than Ratafak in challenges but in the end the tribe decides to vote out Herbie because of his sometimes rude personality and keep the kind Ratafak.
Episode 7: After 19 days of competing against each other Kucha and Ogakor merge and become the Barramundi tribe. After just a few hours of living together it becomes crystal clear that there is a tribe divide. All of the Ogakors agree to stick together until final 6 and pick off every single one of the Kucha people. At the immunity challenge Sabrina wins immunity guaranteeing herself a spot at the final 10. After the immunity challenge all of the Ogakor people gather together to decide who they want to vote out of the tribe. Jamal and Sabrina try to tell everyone that they want to vote out Troy because he’s going to be a challenge threat down the road but everyone ignores them and they instead agree to vote out Sarah because they think that she’s a brat. This is enough to make Sabrina and Jamal realize that they are on the bottom of the Ogakor alliance and if they stick with them they’re going to be picked off at the final 6 and final 5 so at tribal council they flip on the Ogakor people and work with the Kucha people to blindside Dylan in a 6-4 vote.
Episode 8: After the last tribal council Xangetti is pissed off at Sabrina and Jamal for flipping and wants to lash out at them but Maybel manages to calm him down because she knows their only shot at getting the numbers again is if they can convince Sabrina and Jamal to flip back to their side. Before the immunity challenge Sabrina complains that she feels sick but she still manages to go to the challenge and compete. Maybel ends up winning immunity ensuring herself a spot in the final 8. After the immunity challenge the castaways are walking back to camp when Sabrina suddenly passes out. The medics come and discover that she is severely dehydrated and malnourished. They end up coming to the conclusion that she can’t continue in the game and has to be medevaced.
Episode 9: Without his ally Sabrina, Jamal loses all of his confidence in himself and decides that he can’t continue making moves and switching alliances so he decides to go back to the Ogakor people and rejoin their alliance. This once again creates an Ogakor vs Kucha dynamic but this time both alliances are equal with four members each leaving everything up in the air. At the immunity challenge Troy wins immunity. After the immunity challenge things are extremely tense with the Ogakors staying on one side of the camp and the Kuchas staying on the other. Both alliances try to figure out who in the other alliance has the most previous votes cast against them. The Ogakor people figure that Sarah has the most previous votes cast against her because she sometimes acts like a brat and they know that she received 4 votes at the final 10. The Kucha people guessed that Xangetti had the most votes cast against him because of his sometimes off putting personality. At tribal council this led to a 4-4 tie between Xangetti and Sarah. On the revote it was 3-3 meaning it came down to who had the most previous votes cast against them. Xangetti had 0 previous votes cast against him meaning that with 4 previous votes cast against her Sarah is voted out of the game.
Episode 10: After the last tribal council the Kuchas are back down in numbers and they feel hopeless. The Ogakor people decide that Troy should be the first of the three Kucha people to leave because he is strong in challenges but at the immunity challenge Troy wins immunity ruining the Ogakor people’s plans and forcing them to switch their target from Troy to Rita. They choose Rita over Ratafak because Rita is more strategic and threatening overall. Rita realizes that she’s being targeted and scrambles to stay in the game by trying to convince Jamal to flip but Jamal refuses to flip and at tribal council Rita, the leader of the Kuchas is voted out.
Episode 11: At the reward challenge Xangetti wins an overnight stay at an outback cowboy camp. While he is away Troy and Ratafak try to convince Alex, Jamal, and Maybel to keep them for a few extra days and vote out Xangetti first but their pleas fall on completely deaf ears. At the immunity challenge Troy does everything he can to win but ends up falling short as Maybel wins immunity sealing Troy’s fate. At tribal council Troy is voted out in a 4-1-1 vote.
Episode 12: With Troy out of the game Ratafak is officially the last Kucha left in the game. Back at camp Alex makes a few rude comments that rub Maybel and Jamal the wrong way causing them to consider working with Ratafak to blindside Alex at the next tribal council but at the immunity challenge Alex wins immunity sealing Ratafak’s fate and at tribal council Ratafak is voted out unanimously.
Episode 13: With only the four Ogakor people left in the game things start to heat up as everyone jostles for a position in the final 2. Maybel wins immunity. Back at camp the two clear targets are Alex and Jamal. Alex because he has been rubbing people the wrong way the past few days and Jamal because he hasn’t always been loyal to Kucha. In the end Maybel and Xangetti side with Alex and Jamal is voted out of the game in a 3-1 vote.
Finale: The final 3 spend some time reflecting on their experience before heading to the final immunity challenge. Xangetti ends up winning the final immunity. He chooses to take Maybel to the end with him because the two of them have shared a close bond from the beginning and he doesn’t want to take Alex to the end because Alex annoys him greatly. Alex becomes the seventh and final member of the jury.
Final Tribal Council: Most of the jury expresses anger towards Xangetti because they don’t like the way he treated them in the game. Maybel on the other hand is loved by the jury. Almost every single jury member thinks that she played an incredible physical game winning 3 immunity challenges and an amazing strategic game too. In the end it is no surprise when Maybel becomes the winner of Marooned: The Australian Outback in a 7-0 vote.
My Thoughts: I thought that this was overall a pretty decent season but it could’ve been a lot better if things had played out a little bit differently. The pre-merge was a lot of fun and gave us the fantastic Famesh and Winter blindsides. The post merge started off really great with Sabrina and Jamal flipping on the Ogakor people and blindsiding Dylan. Sabrina getting medevaced was devastating and ultimately hurt the season a lot because without her there was nobody who was really willing to make moves. Why do my favorites always have to get medevaced? The final 8 was interesting because we got to see the Ogakor people and Kucha people fight against each other but that was pretty much the last good episode of the season. After that the final 7-5 was basically just a pagonging and at the final 4 it was clear Jamal would be voted out. It was no surprise when Xangetti chose to take Maybel to the final 2 because the two of them clearly had a final 2 deal for most of the game (Although I do think that Xangetti would’ve stood a much better chance against Alex in the final 2). I think that Maybel is an excellent winner. Her blindsiding Winter at the second tribal council was really cool and although she didn’t make any moves in the post merge she did a nice job of keeping her alliance in check and getting them to the end. She also had a pretty good physical game winning 3 immunities. Overall I’d probably rate this season a 7.7/10.
Potential All Stars: Maybel, Troy, Rita, Dylan, Sabrina, Jamal
Potential Second Chancers: Famesh, Winter, Xangetti
Previous Season: Borneo
Stay tune for our next season Marooned: Africa
I’d love to hear you guys’s thoughts on the season in the comments!
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'HOtt PiXX by Vic' Fashion-Model Ratings: Female Models from Rita G Photography Boys and Girls Who Dated Rita Ora 7-7-14 #ZoWhat? Morning Show - Interracial Dating - YouTube Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello - Señorita (Lyrics) - YouTube LOVE AFTER LOVE PT 1 MAMA G (CLASSIC NIGERIAN FILM) Don't Ignore These Signs When Dating (ft. Stacey Diaz ... GAY DATING APPS  Is It Really Worth It? - YouTube BLOOPERS: Dating a Power Ranger What It's Like Dating BEYONCE  Markian - YouTube Dating A Power Ranger - YouTube

Who is the Ex-Wife of NBA Player Patrick Ewing, Rita ...

  1. 'HOtt PiXX by Vic' Fashion-Model Ratings: Female Models from Rita G Photography
  2. Boys and Girls Who Dated Rita Ora
  3. 7-7-14 #ZoWhat? Morning Show - Interracial Dating - YouTube
  4. Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello - Señorita (Lyrics) - YouTube
  6. Don't Ignore These Signs When Dating (ft. Stacey Diaz ...
  7. GAY DATING APPS Is It Really Worth It? - YouTube
  8. BLOOPERS: Dating a Power Ranger
  9. What It's Like Dating BEYONCE Markian - YouTube
  10. Dating A Power Ranger - YouTube

Featured female models from Rita G Photography are featured. Featured male models are Brandon M. Perry, Santiago and Luke Pontius. ... Morning Show - Interracial Dating - Duration: 1:37:28 ... Thanks to Lionsgate for partnering with me & making some of my 90s kid dreams come true! BLOOPERS: http://bit.ly/2myed6v POWER RANGERS TRAILER: http://bit.ly... Power Rangers Ending Explained Breakdown And Recap - Power Ranger Sequels Confirmed! - Duration: 5:22. Fnga BANG Show Recommended for you Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello - Señorita (Lyrics) https://Senorita.lnk.to/OutNow Shawn Mendes: https://twitter.com/shawnmendes https://www.instagram.com/shawn... Follow us on Instagram! Markian - @markianb https://www.instagram.com/markianb/ Arianna - @Ariannajonae https://www.instagram.com/Ariannajonae/ Written by Al... Men and Women Rita Ora Dated! Rita Ora Hookups and Love Affairs! Rita Ora Dating History! Rita Ora Dating Who? Rita Ora New Boyfriend! Track : Diviners feat. Contacreast - Tropic Love [NCS Release ... Has Interracial dating/Marriage become a form of 'self-hate' for BLACKS, or a safe Haven for the Black man's woman? Join Zo, Geoff, and Dr. Mark along with s... ARE DATING APPS REALLY WORTH THE TIME? My experience and review with online dating. We spend a lot of time looking, swiping & chatting but do you actually go... Follow the Signs News - https://bzfd.it/2YuIbPX Special Thanks to Our Guests & Friends: Stacey Diaz a.k.a. BoomFAMF •YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Bo... mama g is dating...will her son allow? find out! vintage mama g movie as classic as they come! ... love after love pt 2 mama g/ rita dominic - duration: 56:52. nollysweettv 5,504 views. 56:52 ...